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you know what i love about my dirk gently ships? i love the character dynamics so much no matter whether they’re romantic or platonic. literally i just ship the characters in every way possible and even though i have a bias towards writing romance in my stories i would equally sell my soul just to see them all best friends forever. brotzly? could be hella gay, could also be a beautiful example of soft and emotionally validating male friendship. faranda? badass adorable gfs or badass adorable bffs, both good! bart and ken? either the cutest (and weirdest) damn couple in the universe or the beautiful hilarious pure male/female friendship we’ve all been waiting for. amanda and the rowdy 3? either wholesome polyamorous goodness or wholesome found family goodness. there are no wrong ways to ship anyone!!! beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the-great-and-powerful-animegan  asked:

Hey,, can you tell us abt some of that fefnep,, because your designs are beautiful and I'd love to hear you talk abt the girls

heck yea, i’ll put it under a read more since it’s gonna be long lmao

(also i’ll be answering the other asks bout the rest of the humanstucks soon but i am trying to keep it relatively organised and not bombard everyone with a huge post lmao thank you for your interest tho it makes me happy)

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akise  asked:

top ten anime characters go!

This is pretty tough, that’s a lot of characters to pick from 

1. Holo

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2. Kraft Lawrence

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3. Spike Speigel

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4. Kujo Jotaro

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5. Oshino Shinobu / Kiss-shot Acerola Orion Heart Underblade

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6. Gon Freecss

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7. Akemi Homura

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8. Kaiki Deshu

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9. Hiiragi Kagami

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10. Ayaname Rei

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powerfulpomegranate  asked:

Sarge finds a dog or dog-esque alien thing and falls in love with it and Simmons is jealous about the attention it gets until he spends some time with it.

me: i love red team!!

also me: i love dogs!!!

powerfulpomegranate: what if you wrote about red team AND dogs


Read on Ao3 [here] (with two bonus scenes I couldn’t fit anywhere else) or continued on tumblr under the cut

(no warning tags except for canon-typical language)

First, the dog blows up Blue Base. Then it pisses on the Blue flag. Then it chews through Tucker’s porn mags.

“How come this dog is better than all my soldiers combined?!” Sarge demands. “And someone get this unauthorized mutt off the battlefield, it’s stealing my thunder!”

The dog pisses on Grif’s foot. Grif yells.

“Oh! A true soldier of the Red Army,” Sarge says, with tears in his voice.

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            The blush of dawn before sunrise had become his companion long before he’d even known the meaning of the word.

            It’d accompanied him on sleepless nights near the harbors of Novis, when the light would spill over the grooves of sheets and shadows of the walls — a tiny little room, it was, shared by all five of his siblings. Though crowded and cramped, the blur of morning red had always entranced him to see otherwise ; leading toward a love that could not be ignored.

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