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So, I’ve watched the new interview with Yuzu and the thing I recognize from the video was:

The Pilot FriXion Ball 4 in White (I believe he’s writing with 0.38 ink):

No, I am not sponsored by Jetpens. 

I swear, Yuzu really loves the Frixon line from Pilot (as expected of Mr. perfectionist.) He’s been using them for a while and the earliest I can tell is from High School. And what’s not to love about this pen line!? You can make mistakes with your pen and erase the ink!

I, myself, also use Frixon pens, which are a saving grace to me because I make a ton of mistakes while writing. PLUS, Pilot manufactures some of my most beloved fountain pens, the Vanishing Point and the Custom 823.

I haven’t posted fic in a bit, even though I’ve been writing a lot. So…. here’s a thing I typed up because Fuck The Cold.

Familiar!AU random fluff. 

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an old sketch for this was sitting around and while trying to fix it up my tablet threw a fit… i think it was supposed to be in addition to this post i made

mistenus  asked:

what was your favorite moments in princess tutu? :0

hghghghfhgjdfkgdfg the… moments w/ fakir and ahiru b/c ghHGHGHGFG it’s impossible not to ship them… they gave us so many cute moments….

and overall i like how the story flowed and how it wasn’t too formulaic :O lots of twists and surprises!! The concept of the story was really good and it wasn’t too cheesy, and I was really rooting for all the characters to successd TT__TT 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 aaaaaaaaa im full of a lot of feels right now

my shitposting self: who are you?

my meta self: I’m you, but stronger


drew some cozy comfy kids cus its snowin with the wrath of the gods rn lol

(i was gonna draw another one but i got lazy oops)

((just realized i didnt color the lines double oops))

Also, my Japanese professor had us write a brief report on our favorite song and I didn’t think anything of it so I wrote mine on Stammi Vicino but I was shook today cause I entered the class and she started playing that song and read my report out-loud. 


We’ve slowly seen a friendship. They’re such different kinds of characters. Big personalities, huge flaws, big secrets… And so I battle two instincts: one is that it’s really fun to see two people who kind of hated each other and become allies and you know the other instinct, which is it would be fun to kiss Chris Messina. -Mindy Kaling//PaleyFest 2014