greatness recognize greatness

I realize I grew up in a very privileged situation and I think instead of me just being happy for myself, I want to give that to people that don’t necessarily get that opportunity.

Tobin Heath - CSN Tomboy

i would like to retroactively create a new tony category for Best Ensemble just so it can go to great comet

im not a fan of Matt/Allura but seeing people erase his attraction to her in favor of literally editing her out of her own scenes is again, the same racist fandom bs I sit through in pretty much any show involving a black girl/woman. 

yall cant stand it. Seeing someone fawn over a black person boils your blood. It irritates the shit out of yall. 

Its literally been one day and i have already seen post where it was either shiro or lance he was actually looking at or pissing and raging over the fact that Matt dared to be sexually attracted to Allura while Shiro and Lance stood right there. 

Allura is a beautiful and I hope the show continues to recognize that and that it continues to allow little black kids to seem themselves as the beautiful princess/it girl that I never got to see when I was a kid. 

So, I’ve watched the new interview with Yuzu and the thing I recognize from the video was:

The Pilot FriXion Ball 4 in White (I believe he’s writing with 0.38 ink):

No, I am not sponsored by Jetpens. 

I swear, Yuzu really loves the Frixon line from Pilot (as expected of Mr. perfectionist.) He’s been using them for a while and the earliest I can tell is from High School. And what’s not to love about this pen line!? You can make mistakes with your pen and erase the ink!

I, myself, also use Frixon pens, which are a saving grace to me because I make a ton of mistakes while writing. PLUS, Pilot manufactures some of my most beloved fountain pens, the Vanishing Point and the Custom 823.

I haven’t posted fic in a bit, even though I’ve been writing a lot. So…. here’s a thing I typed up because Fuck The Cold.

Familiar!AU random fluff. 

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an old sketch for this was sitting around and while trying to fix it up my tablet threw a fit… i think it was supposed to be in addition to this post i made

This time I’m not coming with a doodle, but with an aesthetic! It’s about the fanfiction “The A-Mei-Zing Outback Adventure” by @funkyfluff-fiction which is actually my favorite reading! (Can’t wait to see the next chapter) If you look at every picture you’ll recognize some of the ingredients/scenes of this great Meihem story 💙


Honestly, I still can’t believe our boys got to be in the BBMAS and win Top Social Artist. I’m so proud and have watched them grow since their debut days. Armies and just the kpop fandom in general was able to make this happen tonight. Bts made history tonight for kpop and I hope that they will never lose their original intentions from their debut. I truly wish they grow as artists and continue to be my down-to-earth, silly group of living memes. Bts, I really admire you guys and hope that this opens up opportunities for other kpop groups. Let’s continue supporting our kpop groups and hope that people world wide will recognize the amount of talent these groups have.

-sincerely a Exo-L/Army/Carat/Fantasy/Ahgase (I’m just multi fandom lol)

ok so my sister is officially the cutest human being to ever walk the earth - whenever she’s happy about something (good food, a compliment, a happy story someone tells her…) she does an unconscious little dance-wiggle with her torso. when I told her about it she was surprised, she really didn’t realize that she was doing it. it’s barely there and you probably wouldn’t notice it if you didn’t know her that well but trust me that it’s super adorable.

anyway, the point to this is - Lance totally does the happy wiggle too. he sometimes flat out dances when he’s happy, he’s absolutely the type to unconsciously show his feelings like that :P 💙

im going through and unfollowing blogs that havent updated in 1-4 years and it’s like *clenches fist* ‘you did it, you escaped’ and there’s like this sinister feeling of hopelessness associated with it… like am i too late to find the exit to this hellscape