Evan Peters- Liar

Word Count: 2035

Warning: heart break, cussing, and my weird writing.

A/N: I don’t really watch Evan Peters interviews and such , so I’m sorry if this isn’t the way he’ll act.
Calm down Y/N. You’ll be okay. You are gonna live your dream! He’ll be happy. You’ll come back. At least you’re at home and no-

I snapped out of thought when Evan tapped my shoulder.

“Are you okay babe?” Evan said to me

I looked at him and gave a light smile.

“Of course I am!” I said

“You looked scared.” He said with a frown, “Are you sure?”

“A little bit. I’m just have to tell you something.” I said putting my head down.

He grabbed my hands, “You can tell me anything and you know that.”

“Okay…” I took a deep breath, “I got the job I wanted.”

I looked up to see him smiling.

“That’s great ne-” I cut Evan off.

“It’s in England.” I said looking down.

He tried to speak words, but nothing came out.

“I’m sorry Evan…” I said on the verge of tears.

“Hey…” he said quietly, “Don’t cry. We’ll see each other soon. I can visit.” He said lifting my face up with a finger. He kissed me lightly.

“It’ll be alright…”


“It’ll be alright” was the only thing floating through my mind.

“Liar…” I said as I looked at the photo.

It was him and his co-worker, Emma, kissing.

“THAT FUCKING LIAR!” I screamed as I flung a paint brush across the room.

How could he. How could he do that to me. I thought he was the one! The one who wouldn’t hurt me.

I’m wrong.

I grabbed a canvas out of a box and painted my heart out.

All I could do was paint. All I could think of was the hurt and pain running through me.

I was crying as I painted. All the colors I used expressed my emotions. Each brush stroke expressed my pain. How they were shades of blue and maroon with rough and jagged strokes.
(A/N: I think that expresses sadness and anger.)

In the end it was an abstract painting of a girl  on her knees crying, ripping her chest open to reveal her broken heart. Her head was tilted back and her long hair was so jagged, but it flowed down.

I smiled weakly as I signed my name. I felt a bit better, but a hole was still in my chest. I felt nothing there. Where is used to feel a pulse. Now I feel nothing there. It hurt.

I checked the time.
3:00 am.
(A/N: I don’t know how to convert it.)

I just took off my clothes and slept. I was drained emotionally and physically.

-Le Next Day-

I woke up with a knock on my apartment, or flat is what they say here, door.

I got up an-

“I’m leaving today!” I said


I ran to a suitcase and grabbed a shirt and sweats. I got in the restroom and did stuff.

Someone was knocking.

“THE DOOR!” I yelled with my toothbrush in my mouth. I ran to it and opened it.

“Ms. Y/L/N your ride is ready to leave.” The man said in a very thick British accent, that sounded a bit like Matthew Lewis.

“I will be down in three minutes.” I said trying to smile with a toothbrush in my mouth.

“Will you need help?” The man said.

“Yes please, but not my green bag.” I said calmly.

“Yes ma'am.” He said with a smile.

I went back to the restroom and rinsed my mouth. I packed up my toiletries, and started to think.

Where am I going to stay? I’m not going back home. I need a plan.

Maybe Y/F/N will be able to let me stay at their place.

Or you can confront him!

No little voice. I will not confront that asshole.

Fine! Suit yourself.

I’m going crazy aren’t I?

Yes. You are talking to yourself.

Maybe that little voice is right. Maybe I should talk to him. Maybe it wasn’t what I thought of. Also that I need to get checked for any mental disorders.

“Ma'am. The car is ready and so are your luggage.” The man said.

I snapped my head to him.

“Thank you.” I smiled at him politely, “I will be out.”

He nodded and left.

Time to stop thinking and relax for an hours now.

-Time Skip brought by Jimmy Dean-

So that was a lie about not thinking. I thought a lot.

About life decisions and a lot about Evan.

Was he worth my tears?

I shook the thought of my head.


Who’s picking me up?

I got my carry on from the over head compartment, and exited the plane wearily. I went to baggage claim and got my bags. The others are going to be shipped to my house. Well our house.

I sighed I turned my phone on. Should of down that earlier. Whelp!

It took a couple minutes for it to turn on, but soon all the notifications came in.




One from MySpace.

19 missed phone calls and 20 messages from him.

I texted F/N to pick me up. Even if Evan came I won’t go with that asshat.

She said she’ll be there in 46 minutes because she lived close by and no traffic.

I went to sit and relaxed.

I went to my texts and said, “We are over. Don’t look for me. Don’t speak to me. We are over.”

My fingers hovered over the send button. I breathed in and hit send. It’s over. Time down the drain.
(A/N: Even my heart is hurting writing this.)

I stare at my phone noticing all these notifications. Mostly Twitter, so my curious mind decided to check.

So many people were bashing Evans and Emma. Whelp. Serves them right.

Some people say I deserved it and they saw it coming. Those soggy ass waffles.

I decided to respond.

“If I couldn’t see it coming then… How would you?” I tweeted.
(A/N: Cringe)

I turned off all notifications except my essentials. Messaging and phone calls. I just muted Evan. Simple.

Break down again! It’s healthy.

Not this again.

You made me up. This is you. I’m telling you what you tell your friends. You even say it’s good advice, so why not take it.

Because I don’t want to cry anymore!

I said to the little voice with an annoyed expression.

I got my earbuds out and decided to try and relax.

I put my Spotify songs on shuffle and let relaxation take over me.

I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match

Great.” I mumbled to myself taking a deep breath.

What a catch, what a catch
You’ll never catch us
So just let me be
Said I’ll be fine
‘Till the hospital or American Embassy
Miss Flack said I still want you back
Yeah, Miss Flack said I still want you back
I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch
And all I can think of
Is the way I’m the one
Who charmed the one
Who gave up on you
Who gave up on you
They say the captain
Goes down with the ship
So, when the world ends
Will God go down with it?
Miss Flack said I still want you back
Yeah, Miss Flack said I still want you back
I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch
And all I can think of
Is the way I’m the one
Who charmed the one
Who gave up on you
Who gave up on you
What a catch
What a catch
What a catch
What a catch
I will never end up like him
Behind my back, I already am
Keep a calendar
This way you will always know
I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch
And all I can think of
Is the way I’m the one
Who charmed the one
Who gave up on you
Who gave up on you
Where is your boy tonight?
I hope he is a gentleman
Maybe he won’t find out what I know
You were the last good thing
We’re going down, down in an earlier round
And sugar, we’re goin’ down swinging
Dance, dance, we’re falling apart to halftime
Dance, dance, and these are the lives you’d love to lead
Dance, this is the way they’d love
If they knew how misery loved me
This ain’t a scene, it’s a goddamn arms race
This ain’t a scene, it’s a goddamn arms race
One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren’t so great
He tastes like you, only sweeter
Growing up, growing up
I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch

I remained at the airport till my friend picked me up. I trusted them with my life, and sometimes I shouldn’t.

They took me in and they gave me everything I needed. They were great, but what lingered on my mind was.


-Time Skip: A week-

I opened the door and saw him. Why is he here!? I was about to close it, but he put his foot in the way.

“Y/N. Hear me out.”  I heard her voice say softly.

I nodded slowly unsure of what to say because if I did this would be a shit show.

“The article isn’t true.” He said to me, “We were going out to lunch together after a shoot with the cast. I was whispering something in her ear because I didn’t want others to hear, of course. They photoshopped to make us look like we were kissing. I swear. I would never hurt you. You make me so happy! You make me the happiest man!” He used small hand gestures. I looked in her eyes to see if he was lying, but he wasn’t, “I love everything about you. From how your hair smells to how sweet you are! I would never ever hurt you like this. I promised you.” He said with his voice cracking in the end.

“You really didn’t do any of it?” I said quietly.

He lightly grabbed my face.

I hesitated, but I grabbed one of his hands lightly.

“I would never lie to you for something this huge. Without you I don’t feel whole. I don’t feel me without knowing I can’t protect you. It hurts knowing I hurt you. It even hurts going home because I know you aren’t there.” He said looking me in the eye.

He really wasn’t lying.

You miss him. Go to him.

At this moment I didn’t hate this voice. It was right.

“I love you.” I said hugging him.

He hugged back almost instantly.

I pulled back and dragged him into the house.

Then I started thinking as I locked the door.

I turned back to him.

“What did you say to her?” I said to him.

He blushed.

Now it was his turn. He hesitated.

“I told her that I-I wa-wanted to m-marry you.” He said very nervously.

My eyes widened, but I smiled.

“You want to marry me?” I said sheepishly with a blush evident on my face.

“I still do.” He said confidently.

“Is that offer still up?” I said rubbing my arm.

I just got him back and I’m asking him to basically marry me.

He smiled widely and got down on one knee.

“Will you Y/N Y/L/N become my partner-in-crime for life, even in the afterlife?” He said pulling a a black box out with a beautiful ring inside.
(A/N: Imagine the ring because I don’t know your style at all.)

“Yes!” I said jumping on him.

I smashed my lips on him and he smiled into it. This kiss was a kiss that made up all the lost time.

He was my world. He made me so happy. His personality made me smile, and his looks made me smirk.

He was mine and I love him.
The next part will involve some naughty things.

miyakokurono  asked:

Can I get a request where MC and Zen have date day and night, and MC is super romantic and loving towards him, what would happen on the date and after, also MC recently cut her hair short but to make up for it she got a really nice dress (even though she rarely wears them she rocks this one)? I also hope your exams go well for you ☺

I’m assuming by this you meant mc showing up to the date with short hair? if that’s not what you were trying to ask for I’m really sorry! also thankyou!

  • He’s pretty shocked when you show up to the date with short hair
  • It definitely wasn’t what he was expecting
  • But it looks really good on you so he isn’t going to complain
  • Spends ages showering you with compliments
  • He loves your outfit and your hair and all of the rest of you too
  • At multiple points during the day he stops to take selfies with you because he thinks that both you and himself look great
  • He keeps kissing you on the forehead at random points and running his hands through your hair
  • He may be a little bit obsessed with your new hairstyle
  • He probably takes you out for a meal somewhere
  • The people sitting near you are probably completely done because you spend the entire time being stupidly romantic with each other
  • Like ‘lady and the tramp spaghetti moment’ romantic
  • Every bit of affection you show him is returned tenfold
  • He keeps calling you his princess and insists on giving you his coat when you leave the place you’re eating at so you won’t get cold in your dress
  • What a gentleman
  • The sweetness and romanticism continues when you get back home because Zen probably keeps insisting on cuddling with you
  • Can you really complain though?
  • The two of you fall asleep on the couch together because you’re both too tired to move after spending all day out and about
  • Sleeping on the couch probably wasn’t the best idea because by the time you both wake up neither of you can feel your limbs

anonymous asked:

hey hiya howdy!! could i request headcanons for the RFA finding out that MC was a plus sized model for some famous fashion company?

Oh hell yeah girl rock your stuff!! chubby girls unite!!

Also I put in some general chubby MC headcanons in there because I love them okay 


  • HE’S!!!!! SO!!!!! HYPE
  • You’re so beautiful, so it makes sense that you would be a model.
  • Honestly, you two would probably work on projects together! Like, he’d be photoshoots with you and your relationship would be all over the magazines.
  • 10/10 hottest couple
  • People flirt with you all the time and he just swoops in and twirls you around and flips the flirter off as you two fucking strut your stuff.
  • He gets even more angry, however, when people flirt with him while you’re out together. It’s super fucking frustrating when people assume you’re just friends?? Like what the fuck???
  • He’d kiss you all the time and just?? He loves you so much and thinks it’s super cool that you’re a model.


  • He would do anything for a pin-up calendar with you for every month tbh
  • He has pictures of you all over his house because you’re just??? So beautiful??
  • He keeps your magazines in his office to look at on breaks.
  • Kind of jealous that anyone can see you like that.
  • ESPECIALLY the swimsuit pictures.
  • He keeps some of them next to the tissue box if you know what I mean ;) ;) ;)
  • But like everyone can see them :(
  • He’s not going to complain to you about it though because this is something you love!
  • Honestly?? Your companies are 100% going to do some sort of thing together. What? Did you expect him to not?
  • He’s not going to fuck you guys over like he does to most other companies, though.
  • He loves you a lot and is glad to know that others appreciate you, too.


  • When he saw you on the cover of a magazine, he was in awe!
  • You look so fucking good! Like, he knows that they photoshop the shit out of pictures, but still. You look amazing in real life, so they must not have had to do a lot of photoshop.
  • He’d put his head on your belly all the time because chubby bellies are great and soft and he loves!
  • He knows you look fine as fuck too and he’s this short, scrawny little guy so he’s like??? Why are you attracted to him???
  • He talks about you to his LOLOL friends a lot. Like… A Lot.
  • He loves you so much and he wants everyone to know it!!


  • She loves it! She’s so happy you can do what you love and she’s even more happy that you’re super confident in your body! Not many people are and she’s happy that you are!
  • You’re so beautiful!! 
  • She’s really impressed by you being a part of such a big company! Like that’s awesome! You deserve to get to work at a big company like that and have them promote your pictures!
  • If you try to get her to do some modeling with her she gets so flustered and she’s kind of awkward, but you two look so good together! And because you’re a couple, you work well together and can have a really great time doing something you love.


  • When he found out you were a model, he immediately looked up pictures of you and oh boy he was NOT disappointed.
  • Damn girl!
  • He loves that you like to dress up! You guys dress up together and take a bunch of kind of blurry pictures together.
  • You post a lot of the blurry photos on Instagram and people can see that, even though the pictures aren’t good, your relationship is.
  • He calls you “hot stuff” all the time and smacks your ass when he walks by you.
  • He thinks your pictures are the BOMB (get it? cause there was…a … bomb… in the apartment… I’ll see myself out)


  • The perfect couple tbh, a model and a photographer.
  • He’s going to want to take a lot of pictures of you, too!
  • They come out better than the company’s pictures.
  • Psst… get him a job there… it would be great
  • He loves you so much. And you’re so much kinder to him and much more gentle than Rika was. He doesn’t really know what to do.
  • He’s just soft and gentle back to you!
  • He really likes it when you wear pretty, flowy sundresses! You look so perfect and he can’t stand it. He might have a stroke. 

anonymous asked:


  • when you first tell him, he immediately just hugs you because he loves you so much and this doesn’t change anything in his mind. you are still you and you are just as amazing as when he met you 
    • if you didn’t grow up with supportive parents then he is considering going over there with hamilton and letting hamilton just start a rap battle with them because he is not okay with the fact that they treated you/treat you badly because of who you are 
  • he doesn’t think about leaving you, no matter what other people may try to tell him that he should before he reminds them that this is his relationship and you are his lovely s/o and he didn’t ask for their opinion so if they would kindly leave the premises, that would be appreciated
    • if he is inside their house then he will leave immediately but not before telling them that if they could stay out of his life, it would be great
  • he is super protective of you (not that he wasn’t before but man if anyone says something rude i’d hate to be them) now and he is ready to fight anyone at anytime
    • if you have a dead name and someone uses it when they know that you don’t go by that name anymore then he just goes really silent because hey that isn’t cool, you’re making my s/o uncomfortable and i understand if you forgot but please try and not forget thanks
  • his feelings or opinion of you doesn’t change at all
    • if they did, he views you as much stronger now because it takes real courage to be who you are and he admires you so much- again, not that he didn’t before
  • if you have dysphoria, he really tries his best to help in anyway he can because he loves you so so much and you don’t deserve to feel that way, you deserve to be happy and he tries to remind you of that 

lungkook  asked:

could you do some hc of credence and reader just laying in bed together? nothing sexual, just .. just there taking comfort in each others presence. i am stressed n depressed and i think i need this

i sure can, honey :-)

  • credence likes to lie in bed with you before bed so that you can talk and spend some nice, quiet time together before sleeping
  • it helps him unwind and relax a little, allowing him to feel a sense of calm wash over him
  • you alternate choosing the music to play while you lie in bed, often things neither of you really knew so that you can experience new things together
  • he likes to watch your face when you listen to something you like
  • and vice versa
  • his skin is always kind of cold for whatever reason so you scoot close to him to keep the heat under the blankets for being too great
  • he likes to rest his forehead on yours and tangle your legs together while you listen
  • he keeps his eyes open because you close yours, but it doesn’t keep the light from your face when you listen to those songs you like
  • and he likes to breathe down your face a little because it makes your hair flutter and tickles your face, which causes you to giggle
  • which is his favorite sound in the world
  • you always open your eyes to play glare at him (which doesn’t worry him anymore) and he thinks that’s adorable too
  • when you’re looking at him from so close though, he can’t help but flush an adorable shade of pink, still not quite used to being positively scrutinized
  • when you two decide to sleep, you like to tuck the covers around your joined bodies which like,, isn’t practical probably, but you both love the security of that feeling
  • when you wake up in the morning, he has usually drifted slightly down and rests his head on your chest
  • you like to watch him for a second when you wake up first: the fluttering of his eyelashes and the way his face has relaxed
  • you remember a time when his nightmares never ceased and when that kind of relaxed expression seemed unattainable for him
  • so you like to take pleasure in those nights where he seems to have slept peacefully
  • and when he wakes up and immediately lets his eyes drift up to your face, and this tiny smile crosses his face every time before he tightens his grip just slightly on you
  • he pulls himself up to be face-to-face with you again, now that he’s more comfortable with this arrangement, and likes to blink sleep from his eyes while he looks at you
  • neither of you say anything for a while most mornings, just admiring the other’s company and the closeness of your bodies
  • you like to kiss his nose in this position because it always forces a gentle scoffing chuckle from him that you love, and he turns pink again
  • always cute
  • when you two do decide to get up, it’s so that you can make breakfast together and enjoy the day together
  • but credence always looks forward to returning to bed because he doesn’t have to share you with anyone else and he can really relax
  • in bed, with you, is his favorite place to be

anonymous asked:

Headcanon for the boys & Candy at a sleepover party before starting their relationship? :)

Hello lovely ^^
Thank you so much for requesting, I really hope you enjoy these headcanons.
Also, I don’t know if I really got what you wanted, but I really hope I did?!
Anyways, if this wasn’t what you wanted feel free to request, I won’t feel bothered. :P

Here it comes :D

GERAL HEADCANON: First, maybe (almost) the whole class went to someone’s summer house or something next to a beach (let’s imagine that) during a weekend.
Also, boys and girls were sleeping in different rooms but there wasn’t an expecific rule about not being able to enter in each others rooms unless someone was naked… 

(if you wanted a sleepover just between the two of them, pls tell me sweetheart)


  • So, Nathaniel really didn’t want to go but since he heard you’d go and you were the one who was inviting him, he went.
  • Believe me, this kid was determined to get your eye as much as he could, and would do subtle things to get your attention.
  • Everyone was on the boy’s room playing some games like: truth or dare, etc.
  • The things were getting funny, but he really didn’t seem to be paying attention to these games, he was REALLY interested in admiring you
  • And since you weren’t doing much as well, you two started to talk and laugh together 
  • So he would just grab your and take you out of the room
  • They were having so much fun they didn’t even realise you two had left the room
  • You were in the balcony talking while looking at the moon (cliche?)
  • After talking and laughing for so long, you could tell how much of a great person he was
  • He couldn’t deny his feelings for you grew even bigger that night
  • There was a kind of silence for a while
  • His eyes were on you and how gorgeous you were while watching the moon
  • “You really are the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever met…” these words slips Nath’s mouth accidentally
  • Oooppss?? 
  • You both got as red as Castiel’s hair tbh
  • And since you weren’t really far from each other
  • tbh, you were a bit too close
  • You turned your head so you could face him while he was still admiring you
  • You really thought it was cute 
  • “Really? Thanks” you answered in a low tone
  • “Really.” he says in a raspy voice getting a bit closer
  • You both realised what you were doing and turned your faces like really quickly
  • He will think about it all night and day, how stupid of him… he should have kissed you
  • You got up and gave him a hand, that he accepts quickly
  • You both get to the corridor next to your rooms, and look at each other
  • “Have a good night Candy.” he says placing a kiss on your forehead
  • And then you both get in your rooms
  • And you’re both going to have a lot of questions and eyebrows wiggles from your friends, great hu?


  • Well, if Nathaniel didn’t want to go, imagine Castiel
  • But since Iris and Lysander insisted with him, he went
  • He also couldn’t leave you alone with all those idiots, they will droll all over you
  • He also would never admit he went because Iris said that you’d feel lonely
  • That day, he was pretty calm (i know, wow) and didn’t mess with people in general
  • Not even Candy
  • He also learned that you weren’t that much of an ironing board
  • Actually, you were hot as fuck, and he’ll never get over the fact that you didn’t take your shirt because you were ashamed to
  • But the fact that you told him that makes him feel warm because you trusted him enough to tell him that
  • So that’s why it is 11PM and he is still dreaming about you in a corner of the boy’s room while everyone is making a mess
  • He was staring at you too, so he could make sure no one would get too close to you
  • But after a while you were the one who sat really close next to him and started a conversation
  • At first he was shocked, like he didn’t expect you to leave your friends and your laughs to talk with him
  • So he’ll ask you about it
  • So you tell him you’re worried since he hasn’t been in a bad mood that day (ironically ofc)
  • And that you find it worrying that he doesn’t want to see other people doing stupid things and make sassy remarks
  • But in the end you were really worried, his face was slightly red and he was really quiet
  • “Hey, being serious, are you sick?” you ask with a worried face
  • “No?” he asks (?)
  • You place a hand on his forehead and cheeks and suddenly he turns his head away
  • But he is really pleased ~~
  • He calms himself in seconds and pushes you lightly
  • “I’m fine, I’m just tired because of the beach, you know…” he says.
  • Then you agree with him, it was tiring but a lot of fun
  • You decided to stay there with him talking 
  • I mean, he was a sweetheart on inside
  • But he just wants to keep that “cold” person outside
  • And you can help but find it cute 
  • And you told him straight in the fucking face
  • “Jesus, I really find you cute!”
  • He was talking normally with you but after this his heart started to beat soooo fast it almost came out through his mouth
  • The girls started to go to their rooms and called you so you gave him a kiss on his cheek and went


  • I really think he is a conservative person but I believe he would want to go this time
  • Not only because his loved one was also going but because he wants to go somewhere besides their small village
  • He is a pretty calm person but I can see him getting jealous really easily
  • And it would show off a bit but you find it amusing
  • Like you were helping Nathaniel washing the dishes after dinner and he would look at you two and “kill him with his eyes”
  • He would ask if you needed help but you didn’t get he was jealous nor upset so you said no
  • Because if you knew you’d totally tell him that you needed help
  • But you got that he was acting weird, he was sitting away from everyone in the balcony probably writing something on his notepad (is that how you call it in mcl/sweet crush servers???) distracted from the world
  • You came and placed a hand on his shoulder and sat really close to him
  • You really enjoyed being around him and you were afraid you were starting to fall in love with him
  • You started the conversation and he answered but he seemed upset
  • You got a bit sad over it and asked if everything was okay
  • He didn’t say anything so you slowly started to get away from him
  • But he grabbed your wrist and pulled you really close
  • He loved to be by your side, only the two of you together
  • He dreamed about the day he’d feel your lips against his and love each other together, he really couldn’t handle you standing with another man besides him
  • He held your hand and apologized for acting rude
  • You placed your head against his shoulder while he caressed your hand
  • Both of your hearts were almost bursting, let’s be fucking honest
  • You loved each other’s company so much
  • You were silently sharing this moment alone and to be honest it has been the best moment of this trip
  • But you weren’t feeling that well
  • You sneezed several times and you were feeling cold with maybe 38ºC
  • Lysandre took you to the girls room and you just laid there covering yourself
  • And you dragged the boy to be next to you, just like a little child
  • He was having the time of his life (but feeling bad because his baby aka you was sick)
  • So he could check if your temperature was high he placed his lips agains your forehead
  • You blushed a lot don’t deny it
  • He gave you some medicine his mother tells him to carry around “just in case” and turned off the lights
  • He then sat on the floor next to your bed and he had his hands on your hair, caressing it untill you were asleep
  • He also kissed your forehead a few times singing something to you
  • Even though you started to feel sick out of nowhere, you felt glad to have a person like him by your side
  • You grabbed his hand and kissed it before falling asleep
  • And he couldn’t stop admiring your beauty
  • And how much of an angel you were
  • He loved you and he hoped to have you soon as his girl
  • He would write a song about these kind of moments too
  • or a poem


  • This child only went to have fun with you and with his friend
  • He hates sun and summer, so going to beaches with sun on summer it’s like hell (or something worst)
  • However, he would have a lot of fun
  • Teasing you was just a hobby of this trip
  • But he got you mad…
  • Boy, even though he has a crush on you he never thought his jokes would offend you
  • Like he really liked you and didn’t meant to hurt you and felt so sad
  • He really didn’t know what to do, so he started to apologize
  • But you pretended you didn’t heard
  • So he locked you both in the kitchen
  • You didn’t want to talk to him so he came to you and hugged from behind
  • Like that idea passed through his head when he walked to you and he did it
  • His voice was sounding really sweet saying sorry 
  • And believe me he was sorry
  • Tbh you got mad over nothing what he said was nothing that offensive
  • You were blushing a lot
  • But you said sorry to him too
  • And since you both love games he invited you to play with him 
  • You said yes but he said only if you promised to don’t get mad at jokes
  • be honest, you wanted his attention ~~ 
  • He was being a sweet child, showing you a game he really loves and you never played it
  • So you hug his arm asking him for teaching you
  • He blushed, congrats
  • You sat in the middle of his legs (idk how to explain) and he was the happiest person alive
  • I mean, how many people beside the 5 boys mentioned in these headcanons have their crush liking them/hugging them
  • His hands were on the top of yours and your fingers were a bit intertwined
  • You laid back and kissed his cheek
  • This shit was lame, why the fuck did you get mad at him you could’ve been hugging him all day
  • And you played all night long I guess
  • And had a lot of fun
  • i love armin and lysander too much to write good things for them i’m so sorry, why am i like thissssss!


  • Kentin went because you went, simple
  • If he could get your company he was great
  • He was more than in love with you and he was having a lot of fun with you
  • Like you ran the whole beach during the day and found really pretty things and views
  • He was really surprised to see you that happy around him
  • You also played in the water too
  • You were happy, and he was radiant
  • This boy couldn’t take the smile from his face
  • You both were really tired and everyone decided to watch a movie
  • You two sat together and since you were really tired you leaned on him
  • Like “yea boy im going to sleep be my cushion or smth”
  • JK!
  • The movie was something romantic, tbh, he enjoyed things like that but he didn’t say it outloud
  • But damn girl you knew
  • Either ways you feel asleep on him, so he layed a bit back on the sofa and placed you on top of him hugging you
  • He then covered you with something
  • Maybe his jacket
  • He caressed you and hugged you
  • and tbh he didn’t fucking care about who was around if he was with you
  • Like he feels so secure and safe when he’s with you its just adorable
  • Everyone went to their beds and you two fell asleep together laying on the couch
  • Hugged
  • And loving each other
  • What could be better?


hope you like it tbh
i really like them toooooo much to make good things
Also, i’m sorry bcz sometimes i get on/in/at confused
i’m not an english native person


- diana xx

woozisgirl  asked:

Can I request a dating woozi scenario? 💖🤗 thanks!

Thanks for the request! (It’s a bit short I know, I’m sorry..)

  • Aww dating him would be great
  • He may seem a bit distant at first but, as time goes on he’d become more affectionate
  • Will always hate pda tho
  • will only hold you hand/kiss you in private
  • Its mainly cause he’s a lil shy but also isn’t into making your relationship known by random people
  • Not because he isn’t proud to have you as a s/o (he defiantly is)
  • It’s just that he’s not really into the attention that comes along with it
  • As you guys grow close he’ll be more open to pda with you
  • Just hand holding tho
  • In private he’ll give you kisses and play with your hair a lot
  • He’ll write songs about you and not tell you that’s it’s about you lol
  • You figure it out cause he’s so obvious about it
  • I feel like he’d teach you a bit about composing music if you showed interest in it
  • And he would get all excited and giddy if you ask
  • Also you’d be the only person allowed to call him cute
  • Although, he would still side eye you when you do
  • Playing video games together!
  • He’s the type to let you win
  • But, if your actually good at it he’ll try to beat you lol
  • It’ll get competitive af, ending with him pouting if you beat him
  • You’ll go on really chill dates like to the aquarium or an art museum
  • You will make a lot of memories together
  • And experience a lot of things that will bring you guys closer together


I knew seeing Alina betwen Mal, the Darling, and Nikolai reminded me of something!!! You could say she has the patience of a saint between all three of them!!!

Sirius Black Imagine - A Transfer From Ilvermorny Dating Sirius Black Would Include (Would Include December)

A/N: I’ve had a really shitty day you know. Anyways, please continue to request would includes! 


A Transfer From IIvermorny Dating Sirius Black Would Include:

  • You would have come to Hogwarts at the beginning of fifth year
  • You would’ve been sorted with the first years, which you honestly found a bit humiliating
  • There would’ve been a lot of whispers and murmurs as you walked in with the first years
  • It was mainly just, “She looks a bit old to be a first year.”
  • You would’ve been sorted at the end which you found very humiliating
  • The Sorting Hat would’ve taken a while to sort you, but would eventually sort you into Gryffindor
  • You would’ve been in Pukwudgie (or whichever house)
  • The new houses being very confusing
  • You would’ve sat at the end of the table with all the first years
  • That would’ve been your worst night at Hogwarts
  • When you got into the Common Room, you would’ve just sat in there in front of the fire for a while
  • It was very hard moving countries
  • You had to leave all your family and friends in America
  • All because your mum got a job here
  • And now you have to start this new school and you have a different accent to theirs
  • You would’ve been so caught up in your thoughts you wouldn’t notice  a girl with red hair coming down the stairs
  • “It’s late why are you still up?”
  • “Why are you still up?”
  • “I have Prefect duties.”
  • “Well, I just moved countries.”
  • “Oh, so you’re the new girl.”
  • You would have rolled your eyes at that
  • But that didn’t stop you and Lily becoming great friends
  • You were also squeezed into her dorm which was great
  • This meant she made you sit with her for breakfast
  • This is where you would meet the Marauders for the first time
  • James probably wouldn’t even notice you until Remus said something
  • “Hey, are you the new girl?”
  • “How do people know I’m the new girl?”
  • “Well sweetheart, Hogwarts likes to know when pretty new girls show up.”
  • That was Sirius
  • Admittedly, it made you blush
  • But you thought it was quite obnoxious that he pushed Lily away to sit next to you
  • “Don’t listen to him.”
  • “Are you trying to say that… that… “
  • “Y/N.”
  • “That Y/N isn’t pretty, Evans?”
  • “I’m Sirius Black by the way.”
  • He winked at you and started piling food onto his plate
  • Lily was upset to know your first class wasn’t with her, but it was with Sirius
  • “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll protect you.”
  • He winked again making you internally scream
  • The whole lesson he just joked around
  • And he made fun of your accent
  • But you made fun of his accent
  • It was great
  • He was very laid back
  • He was also very funny
  • You found out a lot about Hogwarts (and Sirius) during that one lesson
  • That night, you were going to tell Lily that you thought Sirius was quite hot
  • But she beat you to it telling you, “That Black is no good.”
  • So you kept quiet
  • Sirius kept flirting with you
  • But you were very inexperienced when it came to these things
  • So you just went along with it, not saying anything, mainly just blushing
  • You and Sirius had another session together, but this time you told him about IIvermorny and about yourself
  • Although you had only known him for a few days, you knew he was quite energetic, but he really listened to you and showed interest
  • Which only made you like him even more
  • Was it even normal to like a guy within a few days?
  • Well it would be if it was Sirius Black A.K.A The Greek God
  • Throughout the year you became closer and it was filled with lots of jokes
  • The next year you noticed Sirius didn’t really have that twinkle in his eye as much
  • You didn’t really want to ask because that was his business
  • One day, he got dared to ask you out (not as a prank, but in a ‘dude, you really like her, just ask her out’ kind of way)
  • So he did
  • You went to Hogsmeade (there was nowhere else you could really go when you thought of it)
  • It was great
  • It was filled with laughter and even a few kisses towards the end
  • The next day Sirius asked you to be his girlfriend
  • You obviously said yes
  • One night you were just talking in the Common Room
  • And you asked him why he seemed a bit different this year
  • You instantly regretting it
  • But he sighed and told you about his family life
  • You suddenly getting this urge to protect him from everything and everyone
  • Telling him he is welcome at your house anytime
  • He would also trust you enough to tell you about his animagus form
  • Which made you very impressed
  • You telling him about how much you miss America and all your friends and family
  • Lots of late night talks
  • “You know, I think you’re starting to lose your accent.”
  • “What?!”
  • “No, no you’re not, just my imagination.”
  • But hey, now that you were dating, Sirius didn’t feel as bad about teasing you about which school was better
  • And teasing you about your not-so-much-existent-anymore accent
  • He could just make it up with lots of kisses
  • He would definitely attack your face with kisses
  • And tickle you
  • He would also love to flirt with you
  • Even though you’re already going out
  • He would definitely come over your house during holidays
  • Which you loved
  • You would be the only one he would tell everything to (about his family life and everything else in general)
  • You both felt intensely safe in each others arms
  • You would get married after school
  • And save his ass from Azkaban
  • Meaning you had children
  • When the first child was around ten years old you would definitely ask, “So, we moving to America so they can go to the better wizarding school?”
boyfriend hyungwon

A/N: wow look at me go!!! posting these consistently!!! this probably won’t last but i hope you enjoy the posts!!! masterlist!!!

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  • please love this noodle with all yah hart an sole
  • (what do you mean that meme is out of style?)
  • seriously this child,,,,,he just has a special place in my heart okay don’t hurt him
  • let’s just get this out of the way
  • he is such a hoe for couple naps
  • want to hang out after practice? come to the dorm so he can nap with you. want to have a movie night? perfect because he wants to use you as an adorable pillow.
  • he may be asleep for 75% of your relationship but i promise he is always dreaming of you fingers crossed he sleep talks a lil and smiles and says your name aw
  • he tries his best to be awake when he sees you even if he’s tired because you energize him so much !!! he will probably still be sleepy af but his eyes will be alive
  • i can see him really into playing with your hands and having you play with his
  • like you’ll be talking with the rest of monsta x and he’ll simply take a hold of your hand and make your fingers dance on the palm of his hand or something cute and childish like that
  • and when you look at him like “bro???” he just shrugs and smiles and you let him continue because who can resist this PrEciOUs BoY
  • also forehead kisses will be abundant because height 
  • please kiss his forehead too though okay brush his hair out of his face and make him feel smol even though he’s tol too
  • lots of eye contact!!! always!!! 
  • he wants you to know you are his world so he will give you his undivided attention and react to whatever you’re doing
  • and by react i mean replying or sassing you but both are great
  • he would be so savage and he would LIVE for the times you were roasted so bad that you were rendered speechless and he would hold this bluffing face for a few seconds and then let out a chuckle and ruffle your hair before kissing your forehead
  • speaking of things he lives for
  • hyungwon? more like hyungmeme am i right ladies !!!1!!!!11! sorry i had to
  • this kid uses derp faces irl but oh man he probably has a folder of reaction gifs and memes on his folder and laptop like a loser not that i have one too or anything
  • literally you will be so well-versed in internet culture just by dating hyungwon
  • half of the time your text conversations aren’t even words they’re just pictures
  • and when they are words they are references to memes
  • please make him into a meme or better yet make your couple into a meme like wow that must be hyungwon’s dream and if it isn’t well it is now
  • honestly he’s the kind of guy to sit and talk to you while you get dressed or do your hair and makeup or something and he’ll just stare at you in awe because wow how did he get so lucky to get the ethereal being that is you
  • probably a cheese master
  • so much grease all the time
  • probably shoots finger guns a lot too?? idk he’s a loser
  • gives the BEST hugs!!!!!!!!! 
  • imagine that lanky linguini stumbling in after a long day of schedules and when you stand up to greet him he wraps his limbs all around you and the both of you are completely intertwined and he lets out this really big sigh because he is so relieved to be at home with the person he loves most
  • whispers “i love you” in your ear ALL THE TIME especially in public because he loves seeing you smile or blush or react every time and it’s like a lil secret that only you two understand because that’s what your relationship is like
  • lots of blankets in the relationship dont be surprised if he buys you pajamas and a blanket because he already thinks you’re cute when you’re sleepy but this would make you even cuter
  • on the rare occasions when he is awake while you are asleep oh man that boy is going to have his eyes glued to you like he wants to memorize every angle and dip of your face
  • because wow he loves sleep and he loves you and those two things together???????? actually heaven
  • also please enjoy his morning voice and his really late night sleepy voice because i can only imagine
  • he will sing to you!!! lowkey shy about it but dammit you better tell him how precious he is and how much talent he has and how much you love his voice because if you dont tell him these things i will be so sad
  • he’s lowkey extra so don’t be surprised if after you tell him you love his voice he becomes determined to learn your favorite songs and sing them while you two cook together and slide around the kitchen in your socks
  • something about hyungwon makes me feel warm like he is your source of warmth and he reminds you of home somehow
  • will love it if you tell him these sentimental cheesy things like he’ll probably make a ridiculous face in reply but after the joke is over he’ll squeeze you really tight and whisper “thank you”
  • all in all hyungwon is a precious memechild and he is so relaxing to be around and together you two will have found your matching peace (and piece lol) and he will share his deepest thoughts with you because he knows you understand him more truthfully than anyone and he will make sure you feel like you are sparkling every single day because wow behind all the memes there’s a lot of meaning 
happy trc childhood headcanons

i always see incredibly tragic childhood headcanons for the raven gang, which is fair because most of them had tragic childhoods in one way or another, but i want to imagine that at some point they had some happiness, or at least not full sadness, so…


  • listen, adam parrish was the matilda of his school library. he was the shy little seven-year-old kid that snuck in during recess and read as many books as he could get his hands on. the librarian slowly grew very fond of him. little adam parrish reaching up to the circulation desk with a pile of kids’ science books about dinosaurs, space, rocks, plants, physics, anything that interested him. staying up late with a tiny reader flashlight that he got for free at the scholastic book fair or something. dragging stepstools over to the shelves so he could reach books on the top shelf by himself
  • legit every dog in the trailer park loved adam. he greeted them all after school. as like a ten-year-old, he got a job walking all the dogs. (the money went straight to his parents, but he was happy to spend time with the dogs anyway). one time one of his neighbors’ dogs had a litter of puppies and before they gave them all away, adam went over and gave them each a hug and played with them for a few hours
  • adam got crushes on boys and girls both from a young age because he was always full of love and affection that was reaching outward looking for someone to land on. he had a huge crush on his kindergarten teacher, who was this young blond lady who totally knew that adam liked her and thought it was adorable and let him hold her hand on field trips and stuff. he had a crush on his reading buddy when he was in first grade- it was a fourth grade boy, and he was actually not as good at spelling as adam was, but adam was too shy to correct his spelling
  • adam loved cars since he was little. it was possibly the only thing he did at home that gave him joy. the first time he fixed an engine (or whatever you do with cars idk) he felt like his whole heart was lighting up and he was doing exactly what he was supposed to be. the next day at the library he asked the librarian for books about car engines and he found out that there were jobs where you could do more than just fix cars, you could invent whole machines and engineer how they worked, and he was filled with determination to get to a place where he could do that


  • orla was like seven or eight when blue was born, so the fox way household had to deal with two terrifying children at the same time. for a while when they were little, orla and blue were the dream team of mischief. they watched the parent trap and were inspired by all the pranks and attempted to play a prank on the whole household. unfortunately, living in a house full of psychics makes it difficult to effectively play pranks, so they got caught by calla while attempting to cover all the adults’ bedrooms in toilet paper. they got in huge trouble for wasting toilet paper but were also weirdly rewarded for being clever and independent
  • blue learned about academic feminist stuff at a young age from all the women in her house. so she was the Resident SJW of her elementary school. when she was required to make valentine’s day cards for everyone in her class, she made ones with lil feminist cartoons talking about heteronormative misogynist traditions. in kindergarten she punched a boy in her class for saying something sexist. she tried to stage a protest against the school dress code in fifth grade. when she got in trouble for it, maura raised hell with the school
  • maggie’s said before that none of them had any friends before meeting each other, which I mean they probably had *some* pseudo-friends at some point or other, but it’s likely that Blue spent a lot of recesses alone. her solution was to go around to every tree on the playground and get to know it. everyone thought she was weird anyway, so it was easy to get away with holding long conversations with the trees. she gave each of them a human name and they each had a personality. on arbor day she brought them gifts that she made at home
  • she was always trying to make her own clothes, but she learned all her sewing and knitting skills one summer when she went to a free class at the public library. until then she used all sorts of different methods, not all of which worked. she was a menace to any fabric that entered the door of 300 Fox Way. it was a bad idea to let her watch the sound of music and see the scene where maria makes dresses out of the curtains. maura saw the light in blue’s eyes the second she saw that scene and took down all the curtains in the house and hid them, because she didn’t believe in telling blue not to make clothes out of the curtains, but she also didn’t believe in having her curtains torn to shreds


  • this child picked flowers for his mother all the time, i guarantee it. for a while there they thought he was gonna be a florist. i promise ronan lynch brought five gabillion bouquets of wildflowers into the house for his mother
  • he wrote short stories as a kid. his fourth grade class had a creative writing week and they all had to write books. he came up with wild, creative stories, not based on dreams or dreamers or anything from his life at the Barns, but shitty ones like all kids write. he wrote about a racecar who was best friends with a cow and how they learned to get along even though one was fast and one was slow, things like that. his mother read all his stories and told him they were great
  • he was a Big Fan of shit like nancy drew and sherlock holmes because he thought it was so cool how they solved mysteries, so he roped matthew into joining him in becoming a detective. there weren’t too many mysteries to solve… i guess this IS gonna get sad but obviously there were mysteries to solve re: what the fuck his dad was doing but declan didn’t want ronan to have to know about that, so he would make up fake mysteries by like stealing stuff from the kitchen. eventually ronan caught on to the fact that the culprit in every mystery was always declan and he realized he didn’t want to be a detective anyway
  • also i want to imagine that ronan was that kid who changed what he wanted to be when he grew up like, a lot. one week he was DEFINITELY gonna be a racecar driver. another week he wanted to be a bullfighter, but then he changed his mind when he found out they killed the bulls because he is the friend to all cows of course. another week he wanted to be an artist, and another week he wanted to be a farmer, and another week he wanted to be a forest ranger, etc etc.


  • gansey was the kid who is so polite you think he’s a tiny adult. you know how sometimes like four-year-old kids say shit like “excuse me, ma’am, would you like me to take your coat?” and it’s like what the fuck… he was that kid. it was partially because it was sort of bred into him and partially because he adored when adults would give him little smiles and ruffle his hair and tell him that he was very polite and well-behaved. actually helen hated this because she wasn’t nearly as well-behaved and she would scowl every time her little brother got complimented for his manners
  • speaking of helen, she and gansey were NOT always little angels at the fancy parties their parents held. they loved to play games there. helen’s favorite was to steal little trinkets without anyone being able to tell, gansey’s favorite was scavenger hunts where he would pretend he was on a noble quest in the ballroom
  • i feel like gansey would have loved indiana jones movies. i know this for a fact. when he got older he realized that they were ‘not accurate to the true experience of archaeology’ or whatever, but they still held a special place in his heart (bonus: he both idolized and was attracted to young harrison ford probably)
  • the ganseys took their children to museums to Enrich Their Minds. this might have been a bad idea though, because gansey was Struck and Bedazzled in Wonderment at every museum he saw. he was the kid who actually read the signs on each exhibit and did the weird educational activities that the museum offered. he listened to the audio tours. he came home babbling about what he learned for hours. take this time to imagine gansey at the cloisters in new york (which if you don’t know is like a medieval monastery they shipped over brick by brick from europe and filled with medieval art) just LOSING it. in the room of unicorn tapestries he feels like he’s being imbued with Destiny. he is eight goddamn years old


  • little henry loved the whole world. he loved little inchworms that he found in the backyard and he gave them names (mostly he named them after pop divas. britney spears the caterpillar was a member of the cheng household for a while). he loved every kid in his kindergarten class and tried to play with all of them during recess. he was just full of love and wonder
  • actually, to expand on the recess thing, henry cheng was the king of recess. he was the kid who organized the Great Game of Tag, famous among all the third graders, a game that stretched over months of recess and only ended when the snow forced all the kids inside. there were elaborate rules, rivalries begun, glorious battles fought over this game of tag
  • he was in ESL because his first language was korean, but he got the hang of english pretty quickly- he’s a fast learner. he just didn’t speak it all that often for the first few years of elementary school, because he liked listening more than speaking, so the teachers thought he wasn’t good at it. in the end it was his love of belting out top 40 songs on the playground that made them realize that he was actually fluent in english. (although i know you can know songs well without knowing the language, but he would often change the lyrics to be about his personal life)
  • he organized political protests from a young age. he protested the school administration in, like, fourth grade, for not having an adequate meal plan for kids who couldn’t afford lunch. one time he tried to protest his parents for making him clean his room, but i won’t get into that because his parents were not great, but it seems like the type of thing he would do


  • i firmly believe that noah dressed in his sister’s clothes until the age of nine or so, he just wore dresses and didn’t care. people made fun of him but he just rolled with it. he only stopped because his tastes changed and he wanted to be more skater punk
  • he was a huge stan of 90s boy bands like n’sync or whatever, i don’t even know if i spelled that right i just know that he was a Nineties Kid TM and he loved all that crap.
  • his favorite class was art class. he was, however, not the favorite student of his third grade art teacher, who liked to keep the room tidy, because he made gigantic fucking messes in the pursuit of creativity. i’m talking fingerpainting, collages, glitter, ripped up construction paper, wild sculptures, glue everywhere. (listen I taught a crafts class for little kids and let me tell you, noah was one of a specific type of four-year-old who takes a liquid glue container and pours it ALL OVER EVERYTHING with a manic glee in his eyes) luckily in fourth grade they switched art teachers to a hippie type who loved creative messes and she encouraged him to the point that he organized an art gallery for the whole school in the gymnasium. it was very successful and exciting
  • noah ate every goddamn Novelty Nineties Food that you could find on some dumb Buzzfeed nostalgia list. Dunkaroos, Gushers, dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, Scooby Doo mac-n-cheese, Kidz Cuisine, green ketchup or whatever. the more gross and artificial and neon colored and totally awful, the more Noah loved it. he RAN lunchtime snack swaps, he had every item you could possibly want, the envy of every other lunchbox carrier in the school. (on halloween he and his friends were those kids who made like a three-hour-long plan to hit every house they could and make a ridiculous candy haul) (but noah always donated half of his candy haul to charity)

feel free to add more if you think of more!


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Boyfriend!Hyung Line : S.Coups / Jeonghan / Joshua

A/N: hey special s/o to @thirteen-oppas for this boyfriend!joshua ~ hope you like this, smol joshua stan :-)

  • this sweet dude istg
  • love going out with him on street food dates
  • you both bought the same thing just strolling around the neighborhood, sharing stories and being cute together and whatnot
  • he likes to toast your fattening treats before you bite into them together
  • on your second buy you both get something different
  • and he goes “hey, Y/N do you wanna try mine?”
  • next thing you know he’s feeding you his really delicious thing you’ve never had before
  • and you’re going nuts because of the way he looks at you when he fed you
  • he’s got that sparkle in his eye you know?
  • like he’s soo proud he did that and also just enjoying the way you look when you’re eating, even if you think its dorky
  • imagine this you either listen to underground artists more so you two are compatible in liking similar artists
  • or you find yourself mostly listening to mainstream artists and he introduces you to some really good artists and albums you’d never 
  • excuse me but who ever has arguments with this man?
  • he’s so extremely understanding its hard to show how much you love that about him
  • literally him getting mad is practically an urban legend
  • hey remember that beach date he talked about?
  • you two went on one
  • and it ended up being probably one of the most fun dates
  • you guys went onto the beach looking like the cutest couple
  • so get this, you were walking together holding hands on the boardwalk and you two shared an ice cream 
  • by the end of the boardwalk you two were just finishing up the ice cream and enjoying the beautiful beach view with a nice easy breeze
  • and then he hugs you from behind and kisses you on your cheek!!
  • you don’t see it but he’s smiling so hard and kind of giggles because he’s so great
  • he practices the guitar around you
  • it ends up with you getting almost embarrassingly serenaded 
  • your curious to see all the ends of your boyfriend
  • and him being mad was something you would want to actually observe
  • at some point you kind of get desperate to see that
  • you start asking members if they know ANYTHIGN that sets him off
  • it’s basically really simple since he’s a person but he doesn’t lash out at all really
  • and like you finally see him mad…and its the most underwhelming thing ever
  • soonyoung literally didn’t buy him anything for his birthday after he gifted hoshi a nice pair of shoes for hoshi’s birthday and like?
  • hoshi is still alive! they’re still friends like you wouldn’t believe! 
  • how is someone that chill? is it genetic?
  • maybe he’s just so scary when he’s mad people do things behind the scenes to keep him from breaking…
  • you lowkey become a conspiracy theorist about that aspect of him
  • anyways you love him a lot
  • sometimes when you’re walking together he pulls you closer to his side
  • and you are graced with his forehead kisses maybe while you’re waiting to cross a street
  • just at any good time
  • cuuute cuddles and kisses when you’re alone
  • he kisses you so warmly and sweetly
  • you know those kisses where the pair just kind of sighs into
  • eyes fluttering shut
  • that sort of really relaxing kisses that make you want more by the end of them because you’re taken to a different place of your own
  • his hands are so gentle when they caress you or touch you
  • (if you want him to be ;-))
  • he’s really good at adapting to you
  • you may have small pet peeves and it’s easy for him to not do it (most of the time since no one is perfect)
  • and you do the same for him, but he really doesn’t have too much
  • he’s just a good boyfriend who you eat well with 
  • what more could one ask for?

daniel-howells-eyelash  asked:

Hello~ I don't know if you're going to see this but if you do, I would love to ask you for a headcanon. How would the boys + jaehee react when MC tells them they're pregnant,pls? I love your blog BTW <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 never stop~!


  • he’s sitting in his desk, playing a bit of LOLOL afer working in the clinic all day
  • MC walks in and hugs him from the back, surprising Yoosung
  • in all truth, they’d been trying for a baby for a while now, but it had just…
  • sorta escaped his mind??
  • so when MC whispers they’re pregnant in his ear while hugging him he just
  • whatohmygodforreal???
  • he freezes and gets killed in LOLOL so all his guild members are like “Yoosung are u ok??”
  • “guys oh my god I’m going to be a father gotta log off”
  • he’s so happy like he can’t even contain himself he’s cheering


  • she’s sitting on the couch, watching TV
  • MC walks in the room, and sits down next to her
  • it seems like a normal evening to her
  • but then MC starts giggling and smiling a lot
  • ?? why??
  • eventually Jaehee gives up and decides to just ask MC
  • “MC, you’re awfully happy, are you?”
  • MC smiles broadly
  • “Well, you should be happy too. You’re going to be a mom, Jaehee!”
  • immediately her hands fly to her mouth
  • this has to be a dream- this is too good to be happening- but she doesn’t want to wake up
  • hugs MC and almost cries from happiness because… She never dreamt she could lead such a nice life?? form a family with someone she loved?? 


  • MC woke up earlier than usual to make him breakfast in bed
  • but instead of making two normal-sized plates, they made one plate for zen and two mini plates for themselves
  • when Zen wakes up to breakfast he’s super happy
  • “Why did you serve your food on two small plates? Were all the normal ones dirty?”
  • MC smiles and shakes their head
  • “No, because I’m eating for two now.”
  • Zen opens his mouth and quickly processes the information
  • and then he’s SO HAPPY
  • he jumps to hug MC but he’s also rlly gentle because babe there’s a baby in you omg


  • he invites MC on one of his usual wine evenings
  • aka staring out the window with Elizabeth 3rd in his lap drinking wine
  • but MC says they can’t have wine
  • ?? did they grow to dislike wine?? what??
  • “It’s no good for the baby, Jumin.”
  • Jumin inhales sharply and blinks twice
  • MC smiles as Jumin stares at them, mouth agape
  • “You’re going to be a father, Jumin Han!”
  • he wordlessly stands up and kisses MC
  • honestly… He’s never felt so blessed in his life like this is it. he’s leading the best life he could ever have


  • he’s eating with MC, and they ask him to bring them a glass of water
  • “Please I’m thirsty”
  • He just laughs a bit at MC’s childish tone, and stand up to get the water when MC stops him
  • “Oh come on you were supposed to reply with “Hi thirsty I’m Seven” and now the joke’s ruined”
  • “No MC that’s a dad joke. I am not qualified to make such jokes-”
  • MC laughs and smiles as he says that, and Seven raises his eyebrows
  • “Hi Not Qualified To Make Such Jokes, I’m pregnant. And that makes you a dad.”
  • hwat
  • he RUNS TO MC
  • FOR REAL?”
  • yes seven for real
  • McFreaking Happy 
  • also prepare for an unholy amount of dad jokes it’s your fault MC you made him feel entitled for them

anonymous asked:

Phichit and Georgis S/o asking to do their makeup?

hHAHA i love this one

i hope you like them! x



  • at first he doesn’t know what to say but he becomes sO EXCITED 
  • super on board
  • his eyes are sparkling the entire time bc he is just pumPED
  • but once he starts he gets v confused
  • ‘does this go on your face?’ ‘that’s eyeshadow,’ ‘oH’
  • ‘omg do i put this near your eye!?’ ‘yeaaa?’ ‘bUT-’
  • actually super into it though
  • sO focused and is trying his best to not make his s/o look like a clown
  • probably makes an even bigger mess with the makeup wipes when trying to fix the mess he made
  • he’s just precious okay
  • he and his s/o just laugh at the mess
  • he’s hellbent on finishing their makeup though
  • sO excited when he’s finished like he’s so ready for his s/o to see because he thinks he did an amAzing job
  • it took probably an hour and a half but he did gREAT ???
  • his s/o is just amazed
  • ‘it looks great, riiighhhtt?’
  • so precious
  • will want to try a lot of makeup looks on his s/o


  • immediately agrees bc he thinks it’ll be good fun; he also just likes to cute couple stuff like that
  • he has his shit together
  • pays v close attention to the detail
  • like if the eyeliner is slightly wonky he wiLL fix it
  • honestly knows everything
  • eyebrows, winged eyeliner, contour and blending 10/10
  • prefers a more toned down makeup look on his s/o
  • after all they’re not the one who’s performing as a witch
  • mostly neutral tones but daMN his s/o looks great
  • he rEALLY enjoys doing his s/o’s makeup but he does prefer them without it; he likes it when they’re just their natural self  - like genuinely prefers no make to make up that looks like there’s no makeup - but he is 110% supportive if they want to wear makeup because they find it fun or because it helps their confidence
  • he just thinks they’re absolutely gorgeous either way
  • and his s/o looks like a goddess
Office Worker!Performance Unit

Anonymous asked:

Hello, I see aus are open. you’ve done highschool and college au, how about officeworkers!svt? thanks hehe


  • Job title: Receptionist
  • Years experience: 2
  • Salary: $17.50 per hour
  • This guy really is quite the character I’ll tell you that right now
  • Actually the last thing he wanted was an office job
  • He thought it would be really boring and he would just be sitting around all day making spreadsheets
  • But he was mindlessly browsing Craigslist one day and came across an ad for the perfect job for him
  • So now he sits around all day and talks to people on the phone!
  • Fun!!!!
  • In all seriousness though it’s actually a great job for him because they were specifically looking for someone who is bilingual
  • The company really didn’t even need another receptionist because they already hired receptionist!Seokmin who pretty much built the company’s entire reputation by himself
  • But Seokmin doesn’t know how to speak Chinese
  • Plus they were interested to see Jun’s unique style
  • And boy is it……….. unique……..
  • For starters, just know that Jun has never kept a record book of any kind in his entire life
  • He’s literally the least organized person at the office
  • Which is actually pretty sad seeing as mail clerk!Vernon walks around the office with coffee rings on his shirts
  • Jun also has a tendency to get really lazy
  • Like he finds it really tedious that he has to keep physical records of peoples’ appointments and then go log it in the computer database
  • Basically he’s a giant weenie and gets really annoyed at the slightest inconvenience
  • His favorite part of the job by far is actually talking to people
  • His strategy for that is pretty much just to relentlessly flirt with and/or compliment the client until they hang up
  • And that actually isn’t a shock to anyone since his favorite pastimes at the office include winking at people, making 18+ jokes, and eating other peoples’ snacks
  • His best friend at the office is probably payroll clerk!The8 though he’s close with all the other guys too
  • The other employees at the office seem to think he’s some weird flirt robot that only knows how to make terrible pun pickup lines
  • So the other guys are pretty much the only ones that know what he’s really like
  • Even though he never checks the group chat and it really annoys webmaster!Soonyoung because he’s sent some a1 pics of Jun mid-sneeze in there
  • He also loves tuning into the hot goss at the water cooler with human resources representative!Seungkwan
  • Even though everyone knows that Jun is lover not a fighter
  • He’d never confront anyone about anything
  • Although he does know how to fight since he likes going to the gym on his days off
  • Guys… let’s stay on task here.. resist the urge to picture Jun at the gym
  • But yeah he’s pretty much just a five-year-old wearing a tie and even though that’s really unusual for someone with an office job it’s cool because he hasn’t turned into a coffee addicted insomniac zombie yet


  • Job title: Webmaster
  • Years experience: 2
  • Salary: $22 per hour
  • No one can believe he actually works at the office tbh
  • He has pretty much no useful skills other than computer programming and is about as organized as the inside of a vacuum cleaner
  • But even though he is just about the weirdest person to ever walk the face of the earth and also a giant weeb, no one can argue that he’s not brilliant
  • Except maybe him tbh he’s probably the only person that doesn’t see it
  • He actually never applied for a job at the office
  • And even if he did apply he probably wouldn’t qualify for anything
  • He majored in dance at university and started a website where he’d post videos of himself dancing
  • After college he kinda just sat around for a few months with nothing else to do but maintain the site
  • And the company contacted him because they thought his website was cool
  • He was pretty much like !!!!!!!?!!? but he accepted the job offer since he needed cash
  • So now his job is to build and run websites for the company
  • He started out just working from home but then he signed a more long term contract so now he works in the office building with all his equally memey friends awww :’)
  • Some of his best friends include receptionist!Seokmin and secretary!Joshua
  • And unlike most of the other employees at the office, Soonyoung doesn’t really have to spend all day in front of his computer because as long as the websites are running smoothly he’s pretty much good to go
  • So this means he has ample free time to prank literally everyone :-)
  • This guy is literally a prankster’s prankster though like he’s pulled just about every prank in the book
  • His favorite is probably the classic bubble wrap around the office supplies
  • But when he does that he goes all out like he once bubble wrapped everything on human resources representative!Seungkwan’s desk
  • Even the pencils
  • Like ??????????
  • He also loves taking candids of the other guys and sending them in the group chat with no context
  • And that might explain why he and Seungkwan are currently locked in a weird meme battle in the group chat
  • But I mean what about Soonyoung isn’t just slightly weird
  • We’re talking about the guy who dances in the elevator with his earbuds in and the music so loud that he doesn’t even notice when the boss walks in on him
  • At least he’s smart
  • And cute
  • …….moving on……..
  • For some unfathomable reason Soonyoung is also on the planning committee for the company holiday parties
  • Christmas, New Year’s, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc.
  • I have no idea why they would trust him with that but yeah that’s something he does
  • But to be fair, the committee is only made up of like 4 people and Soonyoung is pretty much the only one that remembers to show up to the meetings
  • He’s also in the process of pushing for an April Fool’s Day party but knowing him it won’t even be a party it’ll just be an excuse for him to hang pictures of memes around the office and rickroll Seokmin
  • Baby Hosh Hosh is just too happy for his own good and he needs to be protected at all costs


  • Job title: Payroll Clerk
  • Years experience: ½
  • Salary: $20 per hour
  • This poor baby ok here we go
  • You probably already knew this but I’ll say it again: THIS BOY IS A CINNAMON ROLL, TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD, TOO PURE
  • There’s always that one person at the office whose name no one else ever remembers
  • Unfortunately it’s Minggo :/
  • He’s just so nice and quiet and cares so much about everyone else even if they don’t know who he is
  • He chose to go into payroll even though it’s clearly the most boring department so he could make sure everyone gets their fair pay
  • I’m telling you this kid is the definition of nice
  • But when he’s around his friends at the office he does actually have the capacity to roast all of them
  • He closest to receptionist!Junhui but he does have other friends and he’s in the squad group chat
  • The group chat in itself was probably a huge mistake tbh what goes on in there is pure chaos
  • Graphic designer!Mingyu started this thing where every time he sees Minghao around the office he immediately tries to freestyle rap battle him
  • But one day Minghao started rapping back
  • So now if the other employees even know Minghao at all they know him as that new kid that always rap battles the other new kid
  • What a legacy :’)
  • Minghao also likes dancing as a hobby so he was able to bond a lot with webmaster!Soonyoung over that and he was pretty much the one that introduced Minghao to the other guys
  • Even though now Jun and Minghao are pretty much inseparable
  • And they’re constantly laughing some about weird inside jokes they have in Chinese and everyone else is like “what happened to the quiet new kid”
  • Also did I mention that Minghao always dresses abnormally well for work?
  • No?
  • Ok well that’s a thing
  • People in payroll and mail can usually get away with just wearing polo shirts and khakis
  • But Minghao goes all out every day
  • Button-ups, funky patterned ties, oxfords, and suit pants that are probably a little too tight on him
  • But it’s not like anyone minds haha………. I wouldn’t..
  • Also his hair always looks great
  • He actually would just look great all the time though so don’t question me on this ok
  • And he’s that guy that either smiles at or greets everyone he walks past
  • Like even if he’s in the worst mood no one would be able to tell because he always walks around smiling to himself and humming without a care in the world
  • And he shares his food with other people too
  • But even if they don’t ask and just take it @Jun he’s fine with it
  • Unless the person is Mingyu then he would probably fight him
  • But like aside from beef that he has with some people as joke, literally everyone likes him
  • I mean how could you not though???
  • He’s so soft and unproblematic?????????


  • Job title: Intern
  • Years experience: 1/12
  • Salary: N/A
  • Every office needs an unpaid intern that automatically becomes the butt of every joke
  • And Chan’s arguably the best butt for the job!!
  • .. ok that sounded weirder than i meant it to yikes
  • He’s still in college so he took up the internship to get credits
  • But in addition to that, he also got a rowdy new group of friends that literally can’t let him do anything without turning it into some kind of meme
  • Ah friendship :’)
  • Like that’s not even exaggerating one time webmaster!Soonyoung sent a candid of Chan drinking water in the group chat and from then on every time the guys saw him they always asked “how thirsty are you today?”
  • Not to mention that whole “whose baby are you” thing
  • One time events planner!Jeonghan actually asked him that in front of the boss
  • And that was just one of many times Chan found himself thanking every deity of every religion that he’s not actually working there
  • But he does have a job to accomplish and he is interning at that specific company for a reason
  • He’s majoring in computer engineering so he mostly just hangs around webmaster!Soonyoung and computer repair specialist!Seungcheol
  • He looks up to them a lot and he wants to be like them in the future but in all honesty their jobs seem really high stress to him
  • He kinda doesn’t know if he can handle it
  • That in combination with the fact that some of the older women who work in the office like to pinch his cheeks in the break room just really scares him tbh
  • Actually the correct answer to “whose baby are you” is: literally everyone’s
  • Pretty much every single person at the office calls him their grandson
  • Besides getting emotionally attacked, the main other thing Chan does is help Seungcheol out with maintenance work
  • Every time some old guy’s monitor goes to sleep or a middle aged mom can’t figure out how to do something, Seungcheol is the guy that gets called
  • And by extension, Chan!!!!
  • Because they’re the dream team now
  • The company’s got some pretty state of the art technology so nothing major ever really goes wrong
  • So that basically just means that most of Chan’s work pretty much just involves turning the computer off then on again
  • Pretty riveting stuff tbh
  • But then the real fun starts when the person who called asked why the problem happened and Seungcheol pretends to get another call so Chan has to explain everything
  • Even though he pretty much gets bullied at the office and his supervisor is a complete weirdo, he loves it there and he loves the guys
  • And I love him…….
  • Ok never mind bye

-Written by Admin Cali

anonymous asked:

RFA reaction to the MC being a newly debuted popstar? I love your blog so much, you have no idea. Your writing is incredible! Thanks for all your hard work!


  • shook
  • he, a humble and poor college student, cannot believe he can even breath the same air as someone on MC’s level???
  • zen doesn’t count shut up zen
  • he’s freaking out because oh god what if MC meets a super atractive popstar and falls in love he needs to step up his game what should he do should he start acting like a popstar-
  • it takes him a while to be convinced that MC fell in love with him as he is and won’t be falling out of love anytime soon
  • in public he’s always clutching MC’s hand because he’s lowkey in love with the attention from the media 
  • also: his LOLOL guild members are Tired of hearing MC’s music in the background when they play bc sure the songs are nice but Yoosung is always playing the same playlist over and over for hours in a row and literally everyone knows the song by hard at the time and he won’t cHANGE THE GODDAMN SONG TO ANOTHER SONG


  • instant worry
  • “MC your career could go downhill if you were seen with me… Oh God, should I lay low? Do you want to head out alone from now on?”
  • Jaehee no please MC loves you
  • In interviews she always brings up her girlfriend because ayo if you’re MC’s fan you have to love Jaehee too it’s a rule
  • also MC mERCH??? SING HER UP
  • she’s so humbled that MC gets her limited edition merch of themselves???
  • life is weird when your girlfriend owns a cup with your face on it but it’s nice 


  • if someone makes fanart of him and MC he’s going to scream and then save it to his phone
  • he makes sure he’s always next to MC in public because then when the paparazzi take pics they’ll end up taking cute couple photos of them and they can’t do anything about it
  • on friday nights it’s karaoke night which means he brings out the beer and sings MC’s son from the top of his lungs
  • MC also sings Zen’s song but a little lower to avoid being sent to jail for being too loud


  • who needs zen when he has MC
  • no really
  • MC can be the face of his company p lease
  • get ready to be in 1,348 cat-related ads
  • since the ads are everywhere people start finding out about MC and their popularity increases
  • people who knew jumin just can’t understand?? how this emotionless cold man ended up with this popular and cute popstar like??? please teach me your ways Jumin??
  • he doesn’t like it when he sees those comments that are like “MC is so pretty I wish they’d step on my face I’d say thank you if they did” 


  • he sends a link of one of MC’s newest music videos instead of telling the group MC is a popstar. just send the link sure they’ll understand
  • at first he’s kinda too flustered. oh god. look at what you did. you fell in love with a popstar isn’t this great
  • he seriously tries to hold back his feelings at first because?? he’s a person meant to never be found out and MC is just….. a shining star for everyone to see
  • it’s like how he feels towards Zen but multiplied by ten
  • he’d make a new virus but with samples of MC’s songs and suddenly there was an increase of people buying their album?
  • once he’s certain that yes, MC loves him, it’s all ok and they’ll be together forever he’s so…. constantly chummy and happy
  • also someone on the internet once called him “the tomatohead that dates MC” and he took it as a compliment
My Boyfriend DK

“Whats’ your boyfriend like?”

He’s my sunshine

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My angel

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His smile lights up my world

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He’s funny

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Always making me smile

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His vocals are great

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He likes to mess around

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He goes from nice to meet you sir to your daughter calls me daddy too

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He’s a big goof ball

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And he’s good at dancing

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“He sounds amazing”

“He is”


Next member: Mingyu