Evan Peters- Liar

Word Count: 2035

Warning: heart break, cussing, and my weird writing.

A/N: I don’t really watch Evan Peters interviews and such , so I’m sorry if this isn’t the way he’ll act.
Calm down Y/N. You’ll be okay. You are gonna live your dream! He’ll be happy. You’ll come back. At least you’re at home and no-

I snapped out of thought when Evan tapped my shoulder.

“Are you okay babe?” Evan said to me

I looked at him and gave a light smile.

“Of course I am!” I said

“You looked scared.” He said with a frown, “Are you sure?”

“A little bit. I’m just have to tell you something.” I said putting my head down.

He grabbed my hands, “You can tell me anything and you know that.”

“Okay…” I took a deep breath, “I got the job I wanted.”

I looked up to see him smiling.

“That’s great ne-” I cut Evan off.

“It’s in England.” I said looking down.

He tried to speak words, but nothing came out.

“I’m sorry Evan…” I said on the verge of tears.

“Hey…” he said quietly, “Don’t cry. We’ll see each other soon. I can visit.” He said lifting my face up with a finger. He kissed me lightly.

“It’ll be alright…”


“It’ll be alright” was the only thing floating through my mind.

“Liar…” I said as I looked at the photo.

It was him and his co-worker, Emma, kissing.

“THAT FUCKING LIAR!” I screamed as I flung a paint brush across the room.

How could he. How could he do that to me. I thought he was the one! The one who wouldn’t hurt me.

I’m wrong.

I grabbed a canvas out of a box and painted my heart out.

All I could do was paint. All I could think of was the hurt and pain running through me.

I was crying as I painted. All the colors I used expressed my emotions. Each brush stroke expressed my pain. How they were shades of blue and maroon with rough and jagged strokes.
(A/N: I think that expresses sadness and anger.)

In the end it was an abstract painting of a girl  on her knees crying, ripping her chest open to reveal her broken heart. Her head was tilted back and her long hair was so jagged, but it flowed down.

I smiled weakly as I signed my name. I felt a bit better, but a hole was still in my chest. I felt nothing there. Where is used to feel a pulse. Now I feel nothing there. It hurt.

I checked the time.
3:00 am.
(A/N: I don’t know how to convert it.)

I just took off my clothes and slept. I was drained emotionally and physically.

-Le Next Day-

I woke up with a knock on my apartment, or flat is what they say here, door.

I got up an-

“I’m leaving today!” I said


I ran to a suitcase and grabbed a shirt and sweats. I got in the restroom and did stuff.

Someone was knocking.

“THE DOOR!” I yelled with my toothbrush in my mouth. I ran to it and opened it.

“Ms. Y/L/N your ride is ready to leave.” The man said in a very thick British accent, that sounded a bit like Matthew Lewis.

“I will be down in three minutes.” I said trying to smile with a toothbrush in my mouth.

“Will you need help?” The man said.

“Yes please, but not my green bag.” I said calmly.

“Yes ma'am.” He said with a smile.

I went back to the restroom and rinsed my mouth. I packed up my toiletries, and started to think.

Where am I going to stay? I’m not going back home. I need a plan.

Maybe Y/F/N will be able to let me stay at their place.

Or you can confront him!

No little voice. I will not confront that asshole.

Fine! Suit yourself.

I’m going crazy aren’t I?

Yes. You are talking to yourself.

Maybe that little voice is right. Maybe I should talk to him. Maybe it wasn’t what I thought of. Also that I need to get checked for any mental disorders.

“Ma'am. The car is ready and so are your luggage.” The man said.

I snapped my head to him.

“Thank you.” I smiled at him politely, “I will be out.”

He nodded and left.

Time to stop thinking and relax for an hours now.

-Time Skip brought by Jimmy Dean-

So that was a lie about not thinking. I thought a lot.

About life decisions and a lot about Evan.

Was he worth my tears?

I shook the thought of my head.


Who’s picking me up?

I got my carry on from the over head compartment, and exited the plane wearily. I went to baggage claim and got my bags. The others are going to be shipped to my house. Well our house.

I sighed I turned my phone on. Should of down that earlier. Whelp!

It took a couple minutes for it to turn on, but soon all the notifications came in.




One from MySpace.

19 missed phone calls and 20 messages from him.

I texted F/N to pick me up. Even if Evan came I won’t go with that asshat.

She said she’ll be there in 46 minutes because she lived close by and no traffic.

I went to sit and relaxed.

I went to my texts and said, “We are over. Don’t look for me. Don’t speak to me. We are over.”

My fingers hovered over the send button. I breathed in and hit send. It’s over. Time down the drain.
(A/N: Even my heart is hurting writing this.)

I stare at my phone noticing all these notifications. Mostly Twitter, so my curious mind decided to check.

So many people were bashing Evans and Emma. Whelp. Serves them right.

Some people say I deserved it and they saw it coming. Those soggy ass waffles.

I decided to respond.

“If I couldn’t see it coming then… How would you?” I tweeted.
(A/N: Cringe)

I turned off all notifications except my essentials. Messaging and phone calls. I just muted Evan. Simple.

Break down again! It’s healthy.

Not this again.

You made me up. This is you. I’m telling you what you tell your friends. You even say it’s good advice, so why not take it.

Because I don’t want to cry anymore!

I said to the little voice with an annoyed expression.

I got my earbuds out and decided to try and relax.

I put my Spotify songs on shuffle and let relaxation take over me.

I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match

Great.” I mumbled to myself taking a deep breath.

What a catch, what a catch
You’ll never catch us
So just let me be
Said I’ll be fine
‘Till the hospital or American Embassy
Miss Flack said I still want you back
Yeah, Miss Flack said I still want you back
I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch
And all I can think of
Is the way I’m the one
Who charmed the one
Who gave up on you
Who gave up on you
They say the captain
Goes down with the ship
So, when the world ends
Will God go down with it?
Miss Flack said I still want you back
Yeah, Miss Flack said I still want you back
I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch
And all I can think of
Is the way I’m the one
Who charmed the one
Who gave up on you
Who gave up on you
What a catch
What a catch
What a catch
What a catch
I will never end up like him
Behind my back, I already am
Keep a calendar
This way you will always know
I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch
And all I can think of
Is the way I’m the one
Who charmed the one
Who gave up on you
Who gave up on you
Where is your boy tonight?
I hope he is a gentleman
Maybe he won’t find out what I know
You were the last good thing
We’re going down, down in an earlier round
And sugar, we’re goin’ down swinging
Dance, dance, we’re falling apart to halftime
Dance, dance, and these are the lives you’d love to lead
Dance, this is the way they’d love
If they knew how misery loved me
This ain’t a scene, it’s a goddamn arms race
This ain’t a scene, it’s a goddamn arms race
One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren’t so great
He tastes like you, only sweeter
Growing up, growing up
I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch

I remained at the airport till my friend picked me up. I trusted them with my life, and sometimes I shouldn’t.

They took me in and they gave me everything I needed. They were great, but what lingered on my mind was.


-Time Skip: A week-

I opened the door and saw him. Why is he here!? I was about to close it, but he put his foot in the way.

“Y/N. Hear me out.”  I heard her voice say softly.

I nodded slowly unsure of what to say because if I did this would be a shit show.

“The article isn’t true.” He said to me, “We were going out to lunch together after a shoot with the cast. I was whispering something in her ear because I didn’t want others to hear, of course. They photoshopped to make us look like we were kissing. I swear. I would never hurt you. You make me so happy! You make me the happiest man!” He used small hand gestures. I looked in her eyes to see if he was lying, but he wasn’t, “I love everything about you. From how your hair smells to how sweet you are! I would never ever hurt you like this. I promised you.” He said with his voice cracking in the end.

“You really didn’t do any of it?” I said quietly.

He lightly grabbed my face.

I hesitated, but I grabbed one of his hands lightly.

“I would never lie to you for something this huge. Without you I don’t feel whole. I don’t feel me without knowing I can’t protect you. It hurts knowing I hurt you. It even hurts going home because I know you aren’t there.” He said looking me in the eye.

He really wasn’t lying.

You miss him. Go to him.

At this moment I didn’t hate this voice. It was right.

“I love you.” I said hugging him.

He hugged back almost instantly.

I pulled back and dragged him into the house.

Then I started thinking as I locked the door.

I turned back to him.

“What did you say to her?” I said to him.

He blushed.

Now it was his turn. He hesitated.

“I told her that I-I wa-wanted to m-marry you.” He said very nervously.

My eyes widened, but I smiled.

“You want to marry me?” I said sheepishly with a blush evident on my face.

“I still do.” He said confidently.

“Is that offer still up?” I said rubbing my arm.

I just got him back and I’m asking him to basically marry me.

He smiled widely and got down on one knee.

“Will you Y/N Y/L/N become my partner-in-crime for life, even in the afterlife?” He said pulling a a black box out with a beautiful ring inside.
(A/N: Imagine the ring because I don’t know your style at all.)

“Yes!” I said jumping on him.

I smashed my lips on him and he smiled into it. This kiss was a kiss that made up all the lost time.

He was my world. He made me so happy. His personality made me smile, and his looks made me smirk.

He was mine and I love him.
The next part will involve some naughty things.

omg peter parker dating someone who plays sports

aka kill me

omg this is my first ever headcanon??? pls request some bc they are so fun

  • let be honest he has absolutely NO CLUE whats going on like 99.99% of the time 
  • he gets there early to watch you warm up and because one time he overheard you talking to your teammate how you like to eat a protein bar before a game but always forget to bring it so peter freakin brings yOU A PROTIEN BAR
  • even though yall have been dating for some time he still gets nervous and blushy when he makes his way to you to give you the bar
  • bc he cant help but feel like everyone is staring at him even though nobody even cares except for ur closest friends on the team who “AWWWwwwWW” 
  • “h h here you go babe” and he freaking kisses ur forehead and tells you youre gonna do so great
  • he freakinG makes a sign with ur name and number on it and he’s like the loudEST fan ever 
  • peter forcing mj and ned to come to your games bc he knows you love when people come cheer you on  
  • you kinda roll ur eyes bc you can hear him arguing with the referee from his spot on the bleachers when he makes a unfavorable call even though he doesn’t know anything that’s happening
  • mj looks at him and says “peter that call was in our favor stop yelling”
  • “weLL IM SORRY THAT I gotta stand up for my girL” 
  • after the game he waits patiently after ned and mj had left, for you to get your stuff and have a short team meeting
  • he’s standing there by the bleachers awkwardly because everyone has pretty much left by now and he’s the only one standing there waiting 
  • you guys have never been much into PDA but you did sO WELL in your game and your team won and he’s looking at you as you walk towards him and you look so tired but also have this glint in your eyes bc you won and he knows this team means everything to you and you’re so passionate. and all he can think about is that he won too,,, bc he has you
  • and then he picks you up in a hug and you kinda protest bc you’re so sweaty and gross but then he freaKIN kisses you passionately bc he’s so in love with you and you looked to pretty and it totally catches you by surprise so you blush HARD BC HES SMOOCHING YOU INFRONT OF YOUR WHOLE TEAM and they kinda hoot and holler bc they know how happy he makes you!!!!
  • and your hair is in a messy bun and he carried ur bag for you and he grabs your hand as you walk to the subway and freAK WHY CANT I DATE PETER PARKER
Gryffindor! S.Coups

Part of the Hogwarts! Seventeen Series


Originally posted by seungcheofine

  • coming from a long line of great wizards he’d be so excited on the hogwarts express 
  • wearing his brother’s old robes which are now covered in orange cat hair bc he has an orange tabby cat named Carrot haha get it
  • with the sorting hat on his head he’d just be sweating so much and squirming around in excitement
  • when the hat says gryffindor he practically leaps off of his seat
  • a really big fan of quidditch!!!
  • He’d been playing it ever since he was a little® kid with his brother in his back yard k but imagine tiny cheol on a broom aw
  • he’d practically grown up on a broom so it was only natural for him to try out for the team 1st year
  • even though he technically wasn’t supposed to, damn the kid is a pro with a club
  • beater! seungcheol
  • won the first game of the season because he struck down the other team’s seeker in the first few minutes 
  • second year he and 95 line are best friends!!!!
  • Carrot and jeonghan’s cat are best friends what a concept
  • “we need to set the cats up on another play date. Just make sure you dont give carrot any pumpkin pasties again, they make his tummy hurt”
  • dubbed the “golden boy of gryffindor”  because he’s just that one guy everyone admires and looks up to
  • k imagine cheol in his uniform with the collar slightly undone and the tie loose around his neck with messy hair this is sin
  • cheol has a habit of rolling up his uniform sleeves when he’s studying or really concentrated
  • no one dares mess with the golden boy and he doesnt let anyone mess with him either
  • ya know except jeonghan but apparently “thats different” mhm yeah sure
  • top of his class in dueling! much to jihoon’s annoyance because they’re both really competative”
  • “NEVER”
  • in 4th year he’d make capitan of the quidditch team
  • honestly being both the star player and the captain of the gyffindor house team hed easily have accuired a fanclub of witches and wizards alike almost rivaling in size to jeonghan’s\
  • he wouldn’t let the popularity get to his head though and he’d still be as humble and kind as ever
  • he’d even stay behind in the corridors during his free periods just to help lost 1st years find their way to class
  • “Chan-ah you’re lost again? It’s the 4th time this week”
  • “sorry hyung the staircases just get me confused it’s not my fault they have to move all the time”
  • k but imagine cheol smiling down at lil’ chan and escorting him to class giving him a big hug before he pats his little head saying “off you go”
  • It’s no surprise to anyone when he’s nominated to be house prefect in 5th year
  • cheol sneaking out of the castle past curfew into the forest with friends so they can stare at the stars and talk about stuff without anyone hearing
  • during exam season he sneaks large batches of coffee to the library for all of the students pulling all nighters
  • he on the other hand barely studies for his exams tbh but he passes all of them easily
  • jihoon is like omg how’d you do that boi i haven’t slept for 3 days ugh 
  • imagine cheol getting a crush before the big finals game and he blows it bc goddamit hes a love sick puppy
  • hed try to get his mind off it by suddenly getting really into his studies
  • really bad at divination tho
  • but defense against the dark arts is great
  • hed at least find out that his patronous is a phoenix
  • his “happy memory” that he thinks of to conjure his patronus is the moment he got into gryffindor house
  • “I was so happy back then”
  • “aren’t you happy now?”
  • “of course I am… I’m in love…”

A/N: Oooooooooo cliff hanger~ feel free to interpret it however you like.This is for the anon that requested this! I hope you enjoyed it and it was a lot of fun to write! I just wanted to say I’m not going to be posting much for the next few days because I need to study for exams myself. Hope y’all can understand. So far, thank yall for all of the likes and reblogs! It really means a lot that you’re enjoying our content! If you have any more requests, don’t be shy and send them in. Thanks again ~Rika ♥

Christmas Break at Finn’s//Wyatt Oleff x Reader ~ Part Three

I don’t think you had ever had a better time in your entire life. The concert was in full swing and you were currently on Wyatt’s back belting out the lyrics to Immortals. Jaeden, Jack and Finn were all screaming the words too. You couldn’t see Wyatt’s face but you presumed he was singing. Despite the fact that one of the greatest bands ever was playing right in front of your eyes you couldn’t help but think about how brilliant of an idea this was. Not only did you get to see Fall Out Boy, you were currently sitting on Wyatt Oleff’s back.

As the next song began to play, Finn took his phone out and snapped a picture of you and Wyatt living it up. Not that either of you noticed it. You were too caught up.

One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories even though they weren’t so great
He tastes like you, only sweeter
One night, yeah, and one more time
(One night, one more time)
Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories
(For the memories, for the memories
See, he tastes like you, only sweeter

Yes, Wyatt, you thought, Thanks for the memories.
You were currently FREAKING out. After the show was over the band got word that you guys were in the audience and sent someone to invite you backstage. They didn’t know you as you didn’t act but they knew the boys and that was good enough for you. 

A guy from security led you down twisting corridors, up staircases, and finally to the door which said Fall Out Boy. You stifled a squeal as he knocked and opened the door. 

“Come in!” A very familiar voice shouted from the inside

The door opened. Jaeden went in first, then Finn, then Jack, then you and then Wyatt. Standing in front of you was Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman. 

You greeted the band and had lots of photos taken. The guys didn’t mind that you were there of course. Agents had arrived with cameras and were taking pictures for social media, the latest Rocksound magazine, etcetera. It must have gotten around that you guys were going to be there. Probably thanks to Twitter.

“It’s really nice to meet you guys,” Patrick said, “I love Stranger Things, and IT. Scared the hell out of Pete though.”
Everyone laughed
“We’re big fans,” Finn replied, “Especially Y/N here. If it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t be standing here.”
“Well, thanks, Y/N. It’s really good to meet you.”
“Trust me the pleasure is all mine. I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember.”
“Favourite album?” Andy asked
“Folie a deux all the way.”
“No way!” Pete said, shocked, “Everyone usually picks Save Rock and Roll or American Beauty/American Psycho. ”
“No, I prefer the older stuff. But I’m loving your new sound. Champion is genius and The Last of The Real Ones? Now that is what you call a good bop.” Sorry I had to put this :)

The whole of the band smiled and launched into the story of how the songs came to be.

When you woke up the very first thing you did was check social media. Your follower count had quite literally gone up by thousands since last night. Wyatt took pictures of you hugging each of the band members, and every time you saw them your heart skipped a beat. There were pictures of you and the others on Fall Out Boy’s Instagram account which you never imagined would happen in your dizziest daydreams.

You scrolled through the pictures and videos on your camera roll and found loads that the boys had taken before the concert. They must have taken your phone when you went to the bathroom. Trying to stifle your laughter you uploaded a couple to your Instagram and tagged the boys. 

“You up already, Y/N?” Wyatt had just sat up and was looking at you with a huge smile on his face
“Yeah. I honestly can’t stop thinking about last night.”
“Shall we go downstairs and talk? That way we won’t wake the others and we can have coffee.”
“Good idea Noodles.”
“For fuck’s sake, you too?”
“Come on. I need coffee.” You both laughed as you put on jumpers. You were about to put yours on but you saw Wyatt’s Canada hoodie on the floor and put it on as he was leaving his room. Little did you know this would cause Wyatt to become a stuttering mess.

You finished up in the bathroom and ran downstairs to the kitchen. Wyatt was pouring the freshly made coffee. The house smelled wonderful. He looked up at you and immediately turned red.

“I-is that my s-sweater?”
“Uhm,” You looked down at your fluffy Christmas socks, “It looked better than mine and…I’ll take it off if you like I mean-”
“No, Y/N it’s fine. It looked better on you anyway. Now, come and drink this coffee before it gets cold.
So that’s just what you did.
Jaden, Finn and Jack were currently peeking from behind a wall. Y/N was drinking coffee and sitting on the kitchen counter with Wyatt in front of her saying something about a new movie.

“They are so into each other!” Jaeden whisper-shouted, “Look at the two of them being all gooey. It makes me sick.”
“Yeah well he may be a brother to me but if he hurts her I’ll fucking end him.” Finn didn’t take his eyes off of Wyatt and Y/N the whole time
“And if I walk in on the two of them getting it on.” Jack made a motion that I won’t repeat, “Then I will throw up all over them while they’re fu-”
“Alright, Jack?!” Jaeden hissed while Finn just gave him a disgusted look, “I think we get the idea. Also, I think Y/N is wearing Wyatt’s  sweater.”
“What the fuck?” Finn said, “So are they official or not? What is this?”
“How about we ask them.”

Jack strolled out into the kitchen like the Queen of England. 

“What are you two bitches gossiping about,” He said with a smirk, “The location for your late night randevu? Let us know where you decide because I’d rather not walk into the bathroom at three in the morning and find you two fucking in the bathtub. I’d go blind.”
“SERIOUSLY?!” You and Wyatt both shouted at the same time
“So,” Jaeden cleared his throat and tried to hide his smile, “How long have you two been up?”
“About half an hour,” You said, “We were wondering if you guys wanted to go out for breakfast?”
“Sure,” Finn said, “Where to?”
“I don’t know,” You said, “You guys decide. I’m going to get ready.”

You were currently sat across Wyatt enjoying your caramel waffle and sipping your hazelnut coffee. Finn noticed how much of it you were drinking.

“Y/N, if you drink one more cup of coffee you’re going to be bouncing off the walls. As your best friend, it’s my duty to cut you off. So,” Finn took your coffee away and poured you a glass of fresh orange juice, “I’m cutting you off.”
“Seriously Finn?” You whined, “We didn’t get back to the house until two this morning!”
“I seem to recall,” Jaeden said, “Waking up to find you and Wyatt talking at three in the morning a few nights ago. And you didn’t drink a hundred cups of coffee then. Correct me if I’m wrong but you were grinning the whole day.”
“Oh go fuck yourself Jaeden,” Wyatt said, “You sound just like Jack.”
“Calm down and eat your waffle,” Finn said with an eye roll, “We’ve got somewhere to be at 11.”
“Where?” Jack asked
“There’s someone Y/N needs to meet. So finish up. We have half an hour.”
You had no idea what he was talking about. But you sure as hell were intrigued.

Part Four coming soon!

Parts 1 & 2: https://riverdaletrash––
reasons why Zigmund Ortega from TF/TS deserves the world

so this is me and my trash series, I have nothing better to do and I’m putting off doing the shit I’m actually supposed to do,,, as usual. I therefore make this in honor of the fandom learning Zig’s last name. this is the result of my trashy creativity and terrible procrastination so it may very well suck :>

disclaimer that all of this is just as a joke, I’m kidding most of the time so if this offends you and you really have anything against something/everything in this entire dusty list, just tell me and I’ll mediate the situation for sure *salutes*

p.s. does anyone want some Zig in TRR or Zig in ES hcs because I love hcs but I dunno I get scared to post them lol I could do 384738473 hcs and not get tired of it tbh

  • have you ever looked at his hair, because it looks amazing all the damn time bless this man
  • E Y E B R O W S  O N  F L E E K  2 4 / 7  it shakes me
  • his half smile half smirk thing makes me cry even if he ain’t my LI ok someone send me to the hospital bc his smile kills me
  • has anyone noticed that he can pull off a white v-neck because that in itself is amazing, not all guys can do that so yes okay moving on
  • he literally respects women so much, there is actual evidence of this so he ain’t no thug, fuck off abbie
  • if you still think he’s a thug then just look at the number of people in the fandom who love him
  • to some people he’s the only reason why they’re still playing this dusty book

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Yoon Jisung Best Friends to Lovers!

request: Idk if you planned to do best friends to lovers for all the members of wanna one can i req one for jisung? I love him so much lmao thankyou! Your writings are amazing btw

request: Best friends to lovers with Yoon Jisung?

i’m actually terrible at endings omg sdjklfka

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I Still Get Jealous (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

Hey everyone. I know, I know, this was supposed to be out like, two days ago? But you guys know me so… But here it is. And for the anon who requested this: sorry if I took to long but I hope you like it. I hope everybody like it btw.

A/N: You can find the prompt list on my masterlist :)


- Cut that my love
- I won’t cut it. That guy was shamelessly flirting with you
- He wasn’t flirting, he was being nice
- I don’t need him to be nice with my wife
- Oh Bruce stop with that

Yes, he was jealous, like always. He was stubborn by life, but when he was jealous he was even worse.

Early that day:

You two went to a restaurant, actually you went to a restaurant to meet him for lunch as usual, you were reading your book when your heard someone talking to you

- Excuse ma'am, can I join you for a moment?
- Uh, yes?
- I’m sorry to bother you like that but I was watching you over there and I felt an urgency to come here and talk to you, you look so familiar
- Maybe you saw me one day here? I constantly coming here
- I think I would’ve remember if I did so. I’m Josh by the way
- Y/N
- It’s a real pleasure to meet you Y/N. May I ask what a beautiful woman like you are doing here all alone?
- I’m not alone now that you are here interrupting my reading and I’m actually waiting for someone
- Oh really? May I ask who?
- Me!

You saw the guy froze, you smiled, recognizing the owner of the voice you heard coming behind you

- She’s waitng for me

Yep, it was definitly your Bruce

- This is my husband, Bruce. Bruce this is…I’m sorry, what’s your name again?
- J-J-Josh. Now I know why you look so familiar, you are Bruce Wayne’s wife
- Indeed I am

You felt Bruce’s arm goes around your waist

- I think I need to go now. It was nice to meet you Mr. Wayne

He left so fast that if the Flash retires one day that guy could totally be his susbistute. You looked to Bruce, he didn’t see very happy

- Something wrong?
- Who the fuck was this guy?
- I don’t know, I was reading and he came talking
- About what?
- Just talking honey, don’t start with a jealousy crise right now
- A random guy comes out of nowhere and starting hitting on my wife and you want me to act cool with that?
- Did I say he was hitting on me?
- You don’t need to, I know


- Next time you won’t go anywhere without me
- Excuse me?
- That’s right
- First, you’re my husband, not my owner, and second, why are you so jealous? don’t you know I only have eyes for one person and that person is you?
- I know but…
- But but but but, always a but, it’s so hard for you the accept that I love you?
- You know that I get crazy when I see someone hitting on you
- Again, he was just being nice. Bruce my love, every time, every single time. You are so annoying when you are jealous
- Honey I…
- I’m talking right now, you just shut up and listen. You forget that right now, okay? I love YOU. YOU BRUCE. YOU, got it? I love you. Stop being a jealousy bitch honey
- Alright, maybe you’re right
- Maybe?
- Yes! Maybe. I’m sorry okay? I’m sorry for my behavior
- Are you really apologizing? For real
- Yeah
- Oh my
- Stop it
- That’s a thing I don’t see too much, I’m in shock
- You’re so funny
- I know I am honey
- I love you Y/N
- I know that Mr. Wayne
- Do you?
- Yes I do, you remind me this everyday

You put your hands on his neck and he puts his on your waist

- But seriously, I’m sorry, I always get so nervous when I see other guy next to you, I’m so afraid of losing you some day
- That will never happen, I’m sorry but you were the one who married me, so you will have to stand me for the rest of your life
- That won’t be a problem

Before you can say anythig he kissed you. It was a magical kiss, like the best ever, he always did things differently when he was jealous. Kiss were better. Sex was better. Everything was better. Now wouldn’t be different. He left your lips and started tracing kisses all over your neck

- What about we skip dinner?
- I’m cool with this
- Great

He started kissing you again, he hands goes behind your tights lifting you, you put your legs around his waist, your hands on his hair. You two were on a full make out session when you heard the door of your shared bedroom gets open

- Parents, will youOH MY GOD, FOR FUCK SAKES YOU TWO

It was your oldest son, Dick, who was covering his eyes with his hand, you couldn’t help but laugh from the current situation, you jump off of Bruce, who was the first to speak

- What the hell Dick, don’t you know how to knock?
- How am I supposed to know that I’d find you two like that? It’s dinner time for God’s sake, we always have dinner together, everybody’s waiting downstairs and I’m going back to join them, I’ve seen enough for a week

- Let’s go
- Where?
- Have dinner
- You say we would skip it
- Come on Bruce, Dickboy has a point, we always have dinner together
- Can’t we just skip one night?
- What’s the hurry honey?

You got even closer to him when whispered in his ear

- After dinner I’m all yours
- Damn woman, you’re lucky that I love you
- I love you too, now let’s go join our babies

Dinner was great, but what happened after was greater, you indeed showed Bruce that you are all his, and he all yours.

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Can you do DR 1 boys dancing with their s/o thanks!

Righty so I know very little on dancy stuffs other than I learn some for fun and watch Strictly Come Dancing (Whoop British Pride) so I hope this is okay xD

DR1 Boys Dancing with S/O

Makoto Naegi

  • He wouldn’t really know what he was doing
  • He would just put his arm around your waist
  • That’s what most couples did right
  • But that means you’re leading the dance Makoto
  • Huh
  • He tries to follow your moves
  • And happily detaches from you when you tell him to
  • Showing him the moves
  • He would try to mirror it
  • But with a two second delay
  • It would be really funny for you both though
  • He didn’t mind humiliating himself

Byakuya Togami

  • High key would go to ballroom classes
  • With you
  • You weren’t complaining
  • But he would be so graceful?
  • And take it so seriously?
  • He would lead you
  • And be internally thrilled when you matches the dance
  • Learning it fast
  • He would randomly start dancing with you at home too
  • Unable to hide the smirk sliding across his lips when he caught sight of your reflection
  • Admiring how great you two looked together

Mondo Owada

  • Probably has two left feet
  • Though that ain’t gunna stop him from trying
  • When he sees you dancing to the radio he just
  • Shuffles into the room
  • Busts out some old man dance moves
  • And then watches as you fall into hysteria
  • He would just continue though
  • Not really knowing what to do
  • Even if you tried to teach him his body wouldn’t comply
  • He’d be stiff af because of all his muscle
  • So you just let him do his thing

Kiyotaka Ishimaru

  • Would just step in behind you
  • And dance with you
  • Having great rhythm
  • He’d easily dance with you
  • And tbh it’d be great
  • He could do any style you wanted
  • And he would definitely put one song’s dance to another song
  • E.g. doing the Macarena to some expressive piece
  • Completely poker faced
  • And staring at you when you didn’t join in with him

Chihiro Fujisaki

  • Would be more shy about dancing
  • But when it was just the two of you
  • At home
  • He would definitely join in
  • Most probably taking your hands
  • And just dancing around you
  • He’d be really good at fast dances
  • Dancing an impressive burst of movement and then collapsing
  • With a laugh
  • Just choosing to watch you dance instead

Leon Kuwata

  • He’d probably also be stiff af
  • He would have good rhythm though
  • He knew the moves
  • And would definitely throw in a freestyle with you
  • Take your arm
  • And spin you around
  • Before breaking into his own little routine
  • Though he would laugh at himself
  • Not being able to take it seriously
  • He would just enjoy having a good dance around with you
  • With no particular movements just bouncing to the beat

Hifumi Yamada

  • Also a great dancer
  • Like outta nowhere you’d be dancing
  • And he would be pulling the best moves
  • His body would just bend to the music
  • He would love to dance with you and spin you around
  • Or lift you up and carry you
  • Would definitely try the Dirty Dancing move
  • And make sure you did it until you nailed it
  • He love the times when you danced together

Yasuhiro Hagakure

  • Would be lost dancing
  • Like he could keep beat
  • He just didn’t know what to do
  • If his arms were doing something his legs would be lost
  • And vice versa
  • It was too much to think about
  • So often he would just bounce beside you
  • Or pull out some strange move
  • Wobbling his arms like a jellyfish
  • Or whipping his hair around

Sincerely Three x Reader who writes them poetry/their reaction

((This is more centered around one particular time that you write them a specific poem btw. Not as headcanon-y))


  • Poetry being exchanged between you and Connor would be a common occurrence
  • You’d be the only person he’d share it with. Ever.
  • But this time you were nervous to share this particular poem with him
  • You knew you loved Connor and you didn’t know how else to express it except through poetry
  • You glared at the poem for like thirty minutes
  • You were terrified to read it to Connor
  • Lots of pacing
  • You looked at the page for a solid thirty minutes before stomping over to the Murphy’s house knowing that no one was home except for Connor
  • You marched right and up to Connor’s room where he’d be laying on his bed
  • Probably reading like Catcher in the Rye or something bc he’s deep
  • “Y/n? What’s going on? Are you okay?” Very concerned lil babe
  • He’s immediately up out of bed, holding you against his chest like he always does when you get a little bit flustered
  • “ Woah woah hey, I’m not gunna be an asshole and push you to read it, but I would love to hear it”
  • Well now you have to read it
  • Damn his support
  • You look down at the page and then at him and he’s giving you that sweet and supportive smile he always gives you
  • The one where his mouth is closed but his cheeks look really adorable
  • You know the one
  • You start reading it and you’re so concentrated on the page that you don’t see the tears well up in Connor’s eyes and his face turning beet red
  • You love him? YOU love HIM? 
  • You must be lying. He’s him and you’re you. 
  • He’s a fuck up and you’re standing there spilling out these beautiful words about how you fell in love with him the first time you saw him smile
  • And he’s sitting there, about to cry and maybe pass out?
  • The person he loves, loves him back
  • You finish and you look up at him like ?????
  • He. Is. Speechless
  • “Are you fucking serious?”
  • You almost cried right there on the spot
  • “I’m just….gunna go…”
  • He’s never got up so quickly in his life to stop you from leaving
  • “Y/N wAIT NO HOLD ON….fuck” sweet lil boy doesn’t know how to handle this iTS NEVER HAPPENED
  • He’d start pacing and you’d, again, just ?????
  • “You actually love me back?”
  • “GOD yes if course i do, connor! i just wrote you a whole poem ab-wait….love you bAck?”
  • He’d go and dig through his bedside drawer and grab his notebook and he’d open up to a page
  • “i was gunna read mine to you tomorrow”
  • Poetry is how you guys tell each other the big stuff and it’s artsy and beautiful


  • Before you met Evan, you’d like to write your poetry about people you saw when you were out and about and nature and all that beautiful stuff
  • When you did meet Evan, your subject matter changed 
  • You’d find yourself writing sonnets about your guy’s walk in the park or the time he smiled at you from across home room
  • When you and evan started dating however
  • You started writing about his lips, or the way his nose crinkles when he laughs
  • Evan would be having a particularly bad day and you’d notice right away
  • More quiet than usual
  • More hunched over than usual 
  • You’d be sitting at the dining room table with him doing homework and he wouldn’t have said a word for the last ten minutes
  • “You doin okay, Ev?”
  • “huh? o-oh i’m yeah i’m uh fine yeah i’m great!”
  • Poor Boy
  • Couldn’t lie to save his life
  • You’d put your hand on top of his and you could see his breathing increase
  • “You can talk to me, babe”
  • He would be so red and panicky 
  • “it’s just not-uhm it’s just n-not a good day i guess”
  • You’d look down at your bag, not sure if you were ready to share your poetry with him yet
  • Then you heard his uneven breath and you’d immediately grabbed your journal
  • “Can i read you something, Evan?”
  • “What? o-oh uhm yeah, of course y/n”
  • You’d decide to read him the poem you wrote the day he asked you to be his S.O
  • You’d hold his hand while you read it
  • He liked to hold your hand when he wasn’t feeling great
  • He likes feeling that you’re there
  • sweet bb :’)
  • Anyhow
  • Evan would squeeze your hand as you got to the part where you beautifully described the way he looked at you when he asked you
  • He’d be doing the crinkle nose smile 100% and that little chuckle he does
  • Once you’d finish he would kiss your hand a bUNCH
  • He loves doing that
  • “You’re really special to me, Evan. I just wanted you to know that, okay?”
  • He. would. be. beaming 
  • “I d-don’t know what i’d do without y-you, y/n”
  • He grabs your face and he kisses you
  • And he kisses! you! good!
  • Then he’d do the cute thing where he rests his forehead on yours and his eyes would still be closed
  • He does this mostly every time after you kiss bc he just needs to take in the fact that you’re real
  • You’d read him your poetry from then on
  • He would ask most of the time bc it soothes him a lot
  • Heidi would sometimes catch you reading to him with his head in your lap and she would be so thankful that her little boy has you :’)


  • Jared would not know at all that you write poetry
  • You didn’t know if Jared even liked poetry
  • Let alone if he even read that much
  • He would find your journal poking out of your backpack at lunch and being the little knob that he is, He’d be too curious not to look
  • Zoe would see him grabbing it and she’d call him out
  • “What are you doing with y/n’s poetry book?”
  • “Poetry?” He’d be so confused? 
  • You write poetry? Why didn’t you tell him?
  • “Yeah? they write poetry like all the time Jared…”
  • He would be a little upset that you didn’t tell him
  • He’d put your journal in your backpack before you came back and he’d drop it until later
  • You’d go to his house after school as per usual 
  • Doing homework on his bed while he pretended to do homework and played Clash of Clans or something
  • Yes he still plays that
  • “Hey y/n…?”
  • He’d be abnormally timid
  • He’d be afraid that you’d yell at him for snooping
  • You’d look up at him with your sweet adorable smile he loves so much
  • “How come you didn’t tell me that you write poetry?”
  • You’d be taken back. How’d he find out?
  • “Wha-How did you fi-”
  • “Your journal was poking out of your backpack at school and i thought it was like your science journal or something so i picked it up and Zoe told me it was your poetry journal….I WASN’T SNOOPING I SWEAR TO GOD”
  • “God damn zoe and her big mouth”
  • “She said that you’re pretty good too…how come you didn’t tell me?”
  • He’d have the sad puppy dog eyes 
  • You’d look at your hands and start playing with them to avoid his eyes 
  • He’d grab your hands 
  • “You can trust me with anything, y/n. Don’t you know that?”
  • “I know that, Jared. I do. I just thought, i don’t know…that you’d think my poetry was stupid or lame…”
  • He would feel his heart bREak
  • “You’d really believe that i would think that about anything you do? God yn i love you for christ’s sake!!”
  • You’d grab his chubby wonderful cheeks
  • “You’re right. You’re absolutely right. i love you so much and i’m so sorry, babe….do you uh, want me to read you one?”
  • “Only if you want to” 
  • He’d be a little sassy with you bc he’d still be a little upset
  • You’d read him the one you wrote about your guy’s first time
  • It was your absolute favorite
  • It wasn’t explicit, it was just really pretty
  • Homeboy would be fighting the blush that was starting to take over his entire fuckin body bc like
  • He remembered every part of that night 
  • but hearing it through your interpretation brought it all back in a different way
  • You’d set your book down and before you could say anything he’d be oN YOU
  • Kissing you all over your face and down your neck and stuff
  • In between kisses he would be like
  • You *kiss* are *kiss* so *kiss* fucking *kiss* amazing *kiss*
  • Lets just say he’d give you something else to write about
w/ a s/o that gets sensory overload

headcanons for lucio, reaper, zenyatta, and doomfist with a significant other that experiences a lot of sensory overload and doesn’t like to be touched very often ?? (best wishes to you and your writing again, dove <3<3) - @velveteendeath

boss’ memo : thank you dove <3 ! also i think you meant separately, so i did them separately (so these are shorter !!) ALSO this doesn’t cover the full range of experiences you might have during sensory overload but i did my best =)


  • sensory overload is different for everyone, so helping is different as well, but lucio is kind of familiar with it ! familiar to the degree that he can kinda get the idea of what he needs to do in order to help you out, at least!
  • he always tends to carry around noise-cancelling headphones for you, but if by any chance he doesn’t have ‘em on him, he just gives you his own and plays your favorite music
    • if you want him near you, let him know !! if you’re the type who needs pressure, he’s willing to hold you after he turns off the lights
    • but unless instructed, he’ll just linger by and ensure you’re not bothered,, he’s a bit nervous and is trying to hide how he feels by moving around (he’d normally nervous-ramble, but the last thing he wants is to make it worse)
  • he always does his best to ensure that the two of you avoid crowded places and people, and has a check system !!
    • holding up one finger means you’re good, two means you’re Decent, and three means You’re Really Feeling It Now And It’s Not Great
    • he set it up after he learned you can sometimes go nonverbal !!

reaper | gabriel

  • immediately drags you somewhere more private–for both your comfort and his own
    • he doesn’t quite know what to do, though. all he knows is that you seem distressed, and you may have to sign (which he understands) or write on your phone, if you can manage it
  • he gets aggravated with himself the longer this goes on, since he hates feeling helpless and hates that he doesn’t know what to do
    • but he’ll calm himself, since the last thing he wants to do is have you feel his stress radiating off of him. you’d swear you’ve never heard his voice softer when he says, “help me help you.” (there’s an unspoken ‘please’ there, somewhere)
    • the first few times, he does talk. his voice can be a bit harsh if you’re having sensory overload, so he’s aware of this and tries to make it sound as gentle as possible
  • when he gets more accustomed to them happening, he’ll give you his coat–it’s pretty heavy and should help if you feel like you’re floating away
  • if you have a stim toy, you’ll find that it’ll magically appear in your hands
    • also, he’ll take off his claw gloves if he needs to interact with you
  • just say the word–he’s here to help you

doomfist | akande

  • he’s a blessing because he can read you well enough just by knowing your body language that you don’t have to vocally express that something is wrong
    • he’ll get you out of there AND no one will even know anything was wrong,, even if they approach and ask, he’ll act like it’s not a big problem so you don’t have to worry. if anything, he can just give them A Look and they’ll go
  • akande’s the best at keeping his cool–he places your personal items close to you and sits himself down nearby to wait it out
    • he sits not too close that he’s in your personal space, of course, but close enough that you could reach out and get his attention if needed
    • his gauntlet’s pretty cold, if you need to touch something so that you can feel grounded
  • also? don’t feel ashamed if you need to stim / have echolalia !
  • he can’t imagine what sensory overload is like, and he thinks you’re incredibly strong for managing to push through each time !!
    • (he’s v proud of you)


  • meditation tends to work for him, but he knows it might not work for you since everyone’s different. still, if you’re willing, he’s willing to try if it’ll help
    • if you’re the type to lash out as a result, he’s used to it–genji used to get violent as a result of trauma, so he knows how to help
  • similarly to akande’s gauntlet, he’s pretty cold to the touch if you need to feel grounded
  • he does tend to stay in dim, quiet places as he finds they’re the best for him–as a result, he’ll likely bring you over to one
  • he doesn’t have head / earphones like the others, but he has started to carry around ear plugs !
    • though, of course, if you prefer the two former options, he’s willing to bring them for you
  • you’re never bothering him with this, please don’t worry !! he understands that this is not something you can control, and that there’s nothing to be ashamed about !!

Rent A Boyfriend!Jeonghan

Originally posted by visual-17

  • Yoon Jeonghan: the show off type, when you really just want to show off your handsome date, his good looks will cause your friends and every girl or guy to swoon.extra services include arriving in a helicopter just to show he’s better than all your friend’s dates.
  • Loves his job so much
  • Jeonghan loves it so much because he gets spoiled with expensive things
  • He gets expensive clothes, expensive food, and the pay is great
  • He knows he’s good looking, why else would he be the show off type, and he wholeheartedly throws himself in his role
  • When he’s working, he’ll give off this cocky vibe like he owns the whole room, and he’ll even force the other guys to play a part in his role
  • Showed up to a date in a limo (the client asked of this service) and you would think it’s just him but oh no, there’s Wonwoo acting as a personal chauffeur, and just as you think he’s going to come out of the car, Soonyoung from the passenger side has run out to open the door, and just as you think he’s finally getting out no, the rest of the boys are climbing out, and they’re all decked out in black suits with fake ear pieces like they’re bodyguards.
  • Jeonghan really is an extra rent a boyfriend, clients don’t even have to buy extra services because he does it himself
  • Most of the jobs he receives are high end jobs, mostly because that’s what he wants to do
  • So he’s had the taste of the high life, with all the champagne, and the fake laughter, and all the caviar
  • And because he works a lot with the wealthy, he gets paid a lot, like a lot, like the other guys complain that he has a higher wage
  • Did indeed arrive to an event in a helicopter
  • And it wasn’t like he was landing on top of a building, nah, he was landing down on the street, it caused a lot of commotion but he really did steal the show, and his date was highly impressed that she requested him another five times
  • Now Jeonghan doesn’t only stick to this role, often times when the other guys are booked, he has to step in as other roles, or sometimes just an entirely different role.
  • His schedule is mostly set for him to work evenings, to do dinner dates and late night events, he does the occasional afternoon but mostly evening.
  • Jeonghan spends his morning and afternoon sleeping in one of the rest rooms of the company building.
  • Occasionally goes to the make up room and dress rooms to mess with the other guys
  • Like he sits in there and just judges them
  • But will always help Joshua pick what to wear, and helps lil Chan work on his role
  • He dotes on Chan so much, actually gives Chan’s clients a lil ‘talk’ about treating Chan right
  • ‘Pls stop Jeonghan’
  • Met you in the company building
  • It was valentine’s day weekend so everyone was busy, most of the rent a dates were booked either for a whole day, the whole weekend, or they had to quickly switch dates in the middle of the day
  • Jeonghan was one that had to switch dates in a day, and so after a very successful late lunch date, he’s on his way into the building to change
  • And the whole building is a mess okay, everyone’s running, screaming, people are switching clothes and jewlery on the spot
  • But Jeonghan sees you, you’re standing in the middle of the chaos, phone in hand, a tight black dress hugging your body with a neckline that’s just ungodly low, your lips are decorated with a deep red, hair ironed to perfect curls
  • Jeonghan’s walking but he’s still staring at you, your eyes catch his and there’s this strong eye contact before you look at your phone and you’re out the door getting into a pretty expensive looking car
  • It was a pretty chaotic weekend, the thought of you drifted his mind as he was being rushed into the changing rooms
  • So he doesn’t see you again until a week later
  • He meets you in the game room, you’re in there with Chan and some of the other boys, but he walks in to see you pinching the younger’s cheek, cooing at him for looking so good since he had just come back from a job
  • Chan is sighing ‘y/n’ he’s whining your name and you’re laughing
  • And Jeonghan thinks ‘why not join in’
  • And it’s so entertaining for you, because Chan’s expression is so cute with the both of you teasing and cooing at him
  • “Ah!!” Chan is screaming “I’m going now!!!”
  • You and Jeonghan are watching Chan leave with his annoyed expression and you two can’t help but burst into laughter
  • That’s how you two officially meet. You two enjoy each other’s company so much, your personalities often line up the same so joking with each other becomes your guy’s thing
  • Your friendship with Jeonghan develops quickly, it’s one of those friendships where two people just get along so well that it’s like they’ve been friends for years.
  • You and Jeonghan are always teasing and messing with the other guys, like you two had Mingyu coming in and out of the dressing over ten times because you guys were ‘helping’ him
  • Jeongan will sit with you in the makeup room when you’re getting ready for a date, and you two just have these really long conversations about anything
  • He really likes watching you get ready, the transformations always have him in aw at how beautiful you were
  • He likes you a lot, but he really didn’t know it yet, he always knew something felt off whenever you wore a pretty dress and bid him a farewell to do your job
  • But he really didn’t realize it until he was helping you with your final touches. He was helping pick out jewelry, and you handed him a necklace to put on you, and just seeing you pull up your hair, just the light touch of his fingers lightly brushing on yours, he knew it then and there when you turned around smiling, asking if it looked good and you looked so small, so cute to him that he wanted to just kiss you
  • Jeonghan seems like a very upfront type of person, he jokes around alot, but he knows what he wants and doesn’t beat around the bush
  • So when he saw you the next time, resting alone in one of the empty rooms, donned in casual clothing and your hair straightened, he told you.
  • “I like you.”
  • You couldn’t deny that you didn’t like him either, he was always there for you, helping you, talking to you, joking around with you, and every time you were with him, he always felt like home, like you could be yourself
  • When you two started dating, the guys could just feel what a power couple you two were gonna be, you two were these confident independant people, and together, you two were even more confident
  • For his birthday, the company had forced Jeonghan into taking a job. They told him it was a high paying customer and they were not going to lose a customer like this. And he apologized to you because you acted disappointed saying you had stuff planned
  • The day came, and oddly, Jeonghan was just told to find his date a cafe nearby and when he enters the cafe, there’s only one person sitting and their back is turned so Jeonghan puts on his best face and approaches them
  • When he finally comes face to face with them, he has the most confused expression because well, he’s staring at you who is giggling at his expression
  • “Gosh, I can’t believe I had to rent my own boyfriend for his birthday.”
  • He’s the happiest man alive that day, because you even got the other guys to play waiter, and so you two are having fun bossing them around and they’re all getting slightly irritated but they can’t say anything since it’s Jeonghan’s birthday
  • Jeonghan really doesn’t care if people saw how affectionate he was with you, he’d hug and hold you in front of the guys and wouldn’t even care if they were complaining
  • Your jobs really don’t affect much of your relationship, it was a question the other girls would always ask you and you’d always reply ‘we love each other. At the end of the day, we both know we’re dating each other.’
  • Jeonghan actually picks you up from your dates, he’ll be standing outside of the place, still dressed in his own work outfit, and because he looks so good, he’s really getting the attention from other people, but really, he’s just staring at the door, smiling as he sees you walk out with your date
  • Literally complains with you about the job.
  • “I swear Jeonghan, he got so drunk in the end, I thought I was going to have to carry him out.”
  • “Okay but my date spent twenty minutes taking pictures of her food, I was so close to asking her to pay an extra service fee for taking forever.”
  • You two end up working the next Valentine’s day weekend. And even though it’s so chaotic, and you two are spending it separately, it doesn’t stop Jeonghan from bringing you flowers in the makeup room, and even perhaps ruining your lipstick
  • The comment only makes Jeonghan kiss you more to piss them off
  • But, all in all, he loves you so much. He loves seeing you decked out in fancy clothing, knowing that when you get home you’re just going to put on jeans. He loves just how much you dote on Chan, and just how much you dote on him. And if his confidence wasn’t high already before, now it’s higher with you squishing his face and telling him he’s so handsome.

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hey hiya howdy!! could i request headcanons for the RFA finding out that MC was a plus sized model for some famous fashion company?

Oh hell yeah girl rock your stuff!! chubby girls unite!!

Also I put in some general chubby MC headcanons in there because I love them okay 


  • HE’S!!!!! SO!!!!! HYPE
  • You’re so beautiful, so it makes sense that you would be a model.
  • Honestly, you two would probably work on projects together! Like, he’d be photoshoots with you and your relationship would be all over the magazines.
  • 10/10 hottest couple
  • People flirt with you all the time and he just swoops in and twirls you around and flips the flirter off as you two fucking strut your stuff.
  • He gets even more angry, however, when people flirt with him while you’re out together. It’s super fucking frustrating when people assume you’re just friends?? Like what the fuck???
  • He’d kiss you all the time and just?? He loves you so much and thinks it’s super cool that you’re a model.


  • He would do anything for a pin-up calendar with you for every month tbh
  • He has pictures of you all over his house because you’re just??? So beautiful??
  • He keeps your magazines in his office to look at on breaks.
  • Kind of jealous that anyone can see you like that.
  • ESPECIALLY the swimsuit pictures.
  • He keeps some of them next to the tissue box if you know what I mean ;) ;) ;)
  • But like everyone can see them :(
  • He’s not going to complain to you about it though because this is something you love!
  • Honestly?? Your companies are 100% going to do some sort of thing together. What? Did you expect him to not?
  • He’s not going to fuck you guys over like he does to most other companies, though.
  • He loves you a lot and is glad to know that others appreciate you, too.


  • When he saw you on the cover of a magazine, he was in awe!
  • You look so fucking good! Like, he knows that they photoshop the shit out of pictures, but still. You look amazing in real life, so they must not have had to do a lot of photoshop.
  • He’d put his head on your belly all the time because chubby bellies are great and soft and he loves!
  • He knows you look fine as fuck too and he’s this short, scrawny little guy so he’s like??? Why are you attracted to him???
  • He talks about you to his LOLOL friends a lot. Like… A Lot.
  • He loves you so much and he wants everyone to know it!!


  • She loves it! She’s so happy you can do what you love and she’s even more happy that you’re super confident in your body! Not many people are and she’s happy that you are!
  • You’re so beautiful!! 
  • She’s really impressed by you being a part of such a big company! Like that’s awesome! You deserve to get to work at a big company like that and have them promote your pictures!
  • If you try to get her to do some modeling with her she gets so flustered and she’s kind of awkward, but you two look so good together! And because you’re a couple, you work well together and can have a really great time doing something you love.


  • When he found out you were a model, he immediately looked up pictures of you and oh boy he was NOT disappointed.
  • Damn girl!
  • He loves that you like to dress up! You guys dress up together and take a bunch of kind of blurry pictures together.
  • You post a lot of the blurry photos on Instagram and people can see that, even though the pictures aren’t good, your relationship is.
  • He calls you “hot stuff” all the time and smacks your ass when he walks by you.
  • He thinks your pictures are the BOMB (get it? cause there was…a … bomb… in the apartment… I’ll see myself out)


  • The perfect couple tbh, a model and a photographer.
  • He’s going to want to take a lot of pictures of you, too!
  • They come out better than the company’s pictures.
  • Psst… get him a job there… it would be great
  • He loves you so much. And you’re so much kinder to him and much more gentle than Rika was. He doesn’t really know what to do.
  • He’s just soft and gentle back to you!
  • He really likes it when you wear pretty, flowy sundresses! You look so perfect and he can’t stand it. He might have a stroke. 
Daddy’s New Date (Tony Stark x Reader!daughter)

This fic was suposed to be out 3 days ago, I explained here why I’m posting today. I wrote this in less than 30 minutes, and I think it’s pretty shit (tbh everything I write it’s pretty shit, lol) but I hope you like it anyway :)


It’s having been difficult for you since your dad and Pepper decided to take a break at their relationship. You understood her, dating Tony Stark it was easy, difficult was to date the Iron Man, she couldn’t stand this, not for too long. You never really met your mom, your saw her a couple times but for you, Pepper was your mom, since you entered in Tony Stark’s life she had been taking care of you, like you were her own daughter.

When your dad told you their decision you got a bit sad. When he told you that he was kind interested in another woman you freaked out, you freaked out more yet when he told you that you two were having dinner with her and her nephew. But when you discoverd that the woman was the aunt of your friend Peter Parker you lost your shit out.

-Aunt May? Really dad? REALLY?

-Do you know her?


-Oh yeah, I’ve already forgot this detail. Actually this make the things pretty easier don’t you think?


-Now, first of all, would mind stop yelling at me? 


-You’re being dramatic (y/n)


-Hey, what did I just told you about yelling?

-Sorry again. I’m not being dramatic. I just don’t want you to date Aunt May

-We’re not dating , we’re just… knowing each other

-I see

-Okay, I gotta go now. Be in the dining room at 7, please 

-Do I have another choice?

-No you don't 

-Then okay, I’ll be there


He placed a kiss in your forehead

-And honey


-Be nice

-I’m always nice

-Miss Stark?

-Yes Jarvis

-Your father requires your presence in the dining room

-I’m on my way, thanks Jarvis

-You are always welcome Miss Stark

“Even if you don’t like this idea, try not to fuck up with everything” thats what was passing in your mind. You made your way to the dining room. You father was there with May and Peter. Great. As soon as Peter see you coming into the room he says



-You’re looking pretty…

He makes a pause and look to your father who is starting at him with a murderous look


The boy smiles

-Thanks Peter, you’re so sweet. May, it’s so good to have you here

-Thanks (y/n), you’re always no nice

You look to your father

-I told you, didn’t I?

He rolls his eyes and said

-C'mon, let’s eat

-How are the things at school Peter?

-Great Mr. Stark, thanks for asking

-You’re welcome, remember, studies comes in first place. I always say this to (y/n) as well

-You’re absolutely right mr. Stark

-Oh May, please, call me Tony

He smiled at her and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes.

-And how about you (y/n), how school is going 

-Pretty well May. Next week is my graduation 

-Really? Congratulations then

-Thank you

-She got the brains from me and the beauty of her mother

-Then you mother must be really beautiful 

-She is indeed.

May noticed the you got a little discomforted with the subject

-Oh I’m sorry, did I say something wrong?

-No, no, no. It’s just…I, I never met my mother, I mean, I encountered with her a couple times but. It’s like we a totally strangers to each other.

-I’m so sorry (y/n). You father did a great job raising you but I know the importance of a mother figure in someone’s life

-But I do have a mother figure in my life

-Do you?

-Yes! Pepper.

You father kicked you leg, he knew you was about to start

-Pepper was always my mother figure. Actually, to me, she is my mother, she’s with us since ever. Without her me and daddy couldn’t work

-You’re exaggerating babygirl

-No, I’m not. Without her nothing works

-She must be very important to you

-She’s exagg…

You cut you father before he can finish

-YES, she is. She is beyond important for us

-I thought you two broke up

May said with a surprised face

-We did

You father said kicking your leg one more time

-They didn’t break up. They just took a break, I’m pretty sure they still love each other

-Can we change the subject. Please?

-As your wish father.

All of you stayed in silence for a minute

-Well, uh, Peter, tell us how your internship at Starks going?

-Is the best internship, it’s great. Great. Thanks for the opportunity Mr. Stark

-You’re a great intern Peter

-What about you (y/n)? Do you work somewhere?

-No I don’t. Actually, I wanted to work somewhere, but dad don’t let me

-Why Mr. Stark?

-Please May, call me Tony

-Tony. Why?

-Why would I let her work? She doesn’t need it. And also, she doesn’t really want to work, she only wants a reason to stay out all day

-Thats not true

-Yes it is. Now, changing the subject, again, I was thinking of dinner out with (y/n) after her graduation ceremony next week, you guys are more than welcome to join us, if it is okay for you honey

-Of course it is

-Good, wanna sugest a restaurant?

-I have no one in mind

-Can I sugest one?

-Of course May

-What about that one nearby the Hotel? the food is great and it has a awesome view to the ocean

-I know this one. It’s great

-Your father took me there once

-Oh he did?


You look to your father surprised. why he didn’t tell you this

-It is a great restaurant indeed, I too you there once honey, don’t you remeber?

-Of course I remember dad, Pepper went with us as well, you were going to propose to her that day

Tony kicked your leg once again

-Wait, you were going to propose for Pepper?

May asked, almost not believing

-Yes, he were, but he was so scared that he didn’t

-I wasn’t scare, I just thought it wasn’t the right moment

-Liar. you talked about the proposal the whole week. 

Tony kicked your leg once more, he did this so many times that you were sure your leg as already red

-Thats not true

-Yes it is

And again another awkard silence

-Well, the dinner was great but I think we should go. It’s getting late

-Oh please. Stay a little bit

-I’m sorry Mr. Stark 


-Tony, I’m sorry but we have to go. Peter has class tomorrow and I have to go to work as well, so… thanks for everything but we have to go. It’s was great to see you (y/n). Bye sweet

-Bye May

-Mr. Stark


-Tony, thanks for the dinner

-You’re welcome May. Bye Peter

-Bye Mr. Stark. Bye bye (y/n). See you tomorrow?

-Of course Pete. Bye

They left and your father started to leave the dining room, you see that your he was upset. Yes, you messed up with everything.


-What now?

-I, I’m sorry. Really. I messed it up, I don’t know why I said those things about you and Pepper 

-Yes you know. And I know too

-Do you?

-Yes I do. You did this because you still hope that Pepper and I can go back together, and you know what? I have the same hope

He hugged you. He has the best hug in the whole world.

-So you aren’t mad with me?

-Oh but I am, I’m very mad at you. But I love you, and I love Pepper too

-Then call her, say this to her

-I will, now, go to your room, you’re grounded

-You heard me

-Are you mocking me?

-No, I’m not. You think you can get way with acting like a brat?


-That’s right. To your room

-You are unbelievable daddy

-So as you. Now go

You are climbing the stairs when you heard Tony calling you


-Yes dad?

-I love you babygirl

-I love you better

-I loved you first. Have a good night.

-You too daddy

You were about about the climb again

-And dad


-Call her

-I will


-Goodnight honey

anonymous asked:

Could I get Russia with a s/o who feels broken because they feel like they drive everyone away, and have p bad abandonment issues? Thank you!

Gonna give you headcanons becasue this doesn’t sound like a scenario request?))

  • It wouldn’t take him long to recognize this issues, but it will take time for him to ask about them
  • Obviously if you don’t want to tell him why these issues developed then he understands, but will remain curious, though not pushy
  • Once you do tell him, he is tempted to confront whomever is at fault, if he can
  • Maybe violently, depending on the stories you yell
  • When the information is out, he definitely takes steps to adjust any behavior that might ware on you
  • He’s…intimidating to most so the fact you want his attention, at a constant, is pretty…great
  • He knows he shouldn’t think that becasue the implications that came before that caused the dependence but…ya know
  • He is ready and willing to provide reassurances that he’s not going anywhere and that you’re going to be together for the long haul
  • He’ll admit it can be hard of you do get into a mood that ends up pushing him away, but he won’t go away
  • And that you’re not broken
  • This not a flaw from you, it’s not an issue

hjeon  asked:

could you do some hc of credence and reader just laying in bed together? nothing sexual, just .. just there taking comfort in each others presence. i am stressed n depressed and i think i need this

i sure can, honey :-)

  • credence likes to lie in bed with you before bed so that you can talk and spend some nice, quiet time together before sleeping
  • it helps him unwind and relax a little, allowing him to feel a sense of calm wash over him
  • you alternate choosing the music to play while you lie in bed, often things neither of you really knew so that you can experience new things together
  • he likes to watch your face when you listen to something you like
  • and vice versa
  • his skin is always kind of cold for whatever reason so you scoot close to him to keep the heat under the blankets for being too great
  • he likes to rest his forehead on yours and tangle your legs together while you listen
  • he keeps his eyes open because you close yours, but it doesn’t keep the light from your face when you listen to those songs you like
  • and he likes to breathe down your face a little because it makes your hair flutter and tickles your face, which causes you to giggle
  • which is his favorite sound in the world
  • you always open your eyes to play glare at him (which doesn’t worry him anymore) and he thinks that’s adorable too
  • when you’re looking at him from so close though, he can’t help but flush an adorable shade of pink, still not quite used to being positively scrutinized
  • when you two decide to sleep, you like to tuck the covers around your joined bodies which like,, isn’t practical probably, but you both love the security of that feeling
  • when you wake up in the morning, he has usually drifted slightly down and rests his head on your chest
  • you like to watch him for a second when you wake up first: the fluttering of his eyelashes and the way his face has relaxed
  • you remember a time when his nightmares never ceased and when that kind of relaxed expression seemed unattainable for him
  • so you like to take pleasure in those nights where he seems to have slept peacefully
  • and when he wakes up and immediately lets his eyes drift up to your face, and this tiny smile crosses his face every time before he tightens his grip just slightly on you
  • he pulls himself up to be face-to-face with you again, now that he’s more comfortable with this arrangement, and likes to blink sleep from his eyes while he looks at you
  • neither of you say anything for a while most mornings, just admiring the other’s company and the closeness of your bodies
  • you like to kiss his nose in this position because it always forces a gentle scoffing chuckle from him that you love, and he turns pink again
  • always cute
  • when you two do decide to get up, it’s so that you can make breakfast together and enjoy the day together
  • but credence always looks forward to returning to bed because he doesn’t have to share you with anyone else and he can really relax
  • in bed, with you, is his favorite place to be

anonymous asked:

Hello there~ May i request some relationship hc's for tamaki if you didn't do some already? I need more of this precious angel ♥

amajiki tamaki

  • he is very very anxious so it would take time for him to even initiate something
  • you would need to reassure him in everything since he thinks he messes up everything he does
  • he is pretty cuddly since he curls back into himself when he thinks he messed up his day
  • you can get him to calm down by rubbing his back and just telling him that he did great
  • he remembers things you tell him and buys you things based off of them