greatful of every single thing in my life

“Both my parents were Italian immigrants. We grew up in the Marlboro projects. My dad was a butcher. He was very ‘old country.’ I don’t think he once told me that he was proud of me. But it didn’t bother me. He taught me that you have to earn every single thing you get in life. On my twenty-fifth birthday, my Dad ran into one of my coworkers. I’d just been promoted to deputy foreman. They told him how great of a job I was doing. My dad came home, grabbed me by the neck, pulled me toward him, and kissed me on the forehead. There were tears in his eyes. He told me how proud he was of me. And that meant more to me than anything I’d done until then. It’ll probably be another twenty-five years before I hear it again.”

Guys…. Yesterday I lashed out a tiny bit and my ask box was getting heavy and I was so afraid to even open it. So I asked my friend to take a look at the messages for me and she told me it was safe to look because pretty much every single message and comment of all those dozens that I received yesterday were the most heartwarming. So I went ahead and read them all and broke down weeping uncontrollably because you are all so so so sweet and wonderful and kind, I cannot even explain it… thank you so much with all my heart for being so understanding and supportive. Whenever I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed or begin feeling pressured, you help me remember how amazing it is to be part of this community, and my gratefulness is not only brought back to the surface but also multiplies a million times. Really. I’m just some random sad nerd who fell in love with a fictional world and wants to recreate it out of my imagination, and you are here being with me and loving it. Thank you so so so SOOOoooosnsdsfehgu much. Really. Truly. Love you all, even if you don’t really care that much, I still love you and am grateful for you. You don’t have to be here, but you are, and you appreciate whatever I manage to give. Thank you ❤

P.S. I’ll try to respond to the off-anon messages as soon as I have time!!

My whole life I’ve heard the saying
“Good things take time”
But now I’d disagree by saying
“Great things happen in the blink of an eye”

You came into my life when I least expected
And although the timing wasn’t right somehow it turned out perfect

What were the odds that you’d stumble on to me
What are the chances that you’d be exactly what I need
Who could’ve predicted that you’d take my breath away
With every subtle touch, with every single kiss, Each moment that I’m with you feels like complete bliss

You’re one in a million
And you and I are a million to one
If I had to gamble on a couple
My money would always be on us.

—  Rafelina Michelle

this is just some scattered ichiruki thoughts;

- i find it great that the blade that finally defeated yhwach is his original shikai form. not any of the latter powered-up forms of zangetsu. it’s the shikai form that he achieved when he wanted to rescue rukia back during ss arc.

- it just blows my mind how beautifully studio pierrot animate rukia. how lovingly they craft every single thing about her. i feel like they stop doing bleach because rukia stops appearing regularly in the manga and because the quality of the story at that point starts heading for the toilet.

- the bleach musical (and i’m only talking about the first gen of the musical here) is so shippy it makes me supremely happy. especially how EVERYONE ships ichiruki, like they just go ‘yep, those two are together no doubt’. AND MIKI SATO IS BASICALLY RUKIA ?? she is everything godly.

- about the bleach ending, it occurs to me the other day that NO RELATIONSHIP IN BLEACH ENDS HAPPILY ?? like,

  • isshin + masaki = dead!masaki
  • ryuken + kanae = dead!kanae
  • gin + rangiku = dead!gin
  • byakuya + hisana = dead!hisana
  • kaien + miyako = dead!both
  • kaname + shinigami lady = dead!both
  • etc

does kubo hate a thriving, happy relationship? we will never know but it would explain the renruki/ichihime

- i love how rukia is able to snap ichigo out of his funks every. single. time. i love how healthy and supportive their relationship is. i love how ichigo’s flashbacks of rukia would always be this incredibly beautiful image of her: expressive, large eyes, flowing black hair framing her petite face, and it would instantly gives him clarity. i love how his family members defer to her and love her as if she’s one of them. 

- thank god for ichiruki tbh.

mes-lunettes  asked:

My favorite thing from all your fics is Yuuri's retorts to Victor's Extra tendencies. Seriously, the way you write your character dialogues gives me life, witty and the humor touch is 1000% me. I love every single of your fics and I can't wait to read the latest one! (once the last chapter is out because I like to binge in one go rather than waiting, I'm terrible, I know : ( ) Thank you for writing such great fics!!!

Hahaha thank you!!!! :D :D :D I’m so glad you like the way that I write dialogue ^.^

Hahaha don’t worry I’m the exact same way with binging!! I hope you enjoy it, and thank you again <3 <3 <3

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! 💖💖💖 WOOOOO!!!! We made it to 5k guys!!! ✨❤️I seriously cannot thank you guys enough. Accomplishing a goal like this is a huge deal for me, it tells me that I am going in the right direction with my art, and more importantly– with my life. We all go through things that make us feel discouraged or unsure about our futures, and this account has allowed me the great honor of displaying my work for you all to see. I’m not always sure about my art, some days I peak with confidence, and others, quite the opposite. Every little bit counts, every critique, every adorably kind comment(which I don’t always get to reply to, but I promise I read every single one– you guys are the sweetest!), and every like has brought us all here today. I owe all of it to no one other than each and every one of you. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. <3 :’) Thank you for making me feel like my dreams are achievable! Thank you for all the support, advice, laughs, smiles, and tears of joy. I love you all so much, please keep on being the amazing humans that you are. <3 #thankingfollowers #followers #youguysarethebest! #vision #visionxwanda #wandaxvision #otp #civilwarcaptainamerica #civilwar #couples #thankyou!!! #maliadoodles

Brain: Eating is overrated.

Brain: Every single day is a repetition of the previous one, and is utterly boring.

Brain: I wish I could sleep like, forever.

Brain: What’s the meaning of…


Brain: Existence is meaningless and I…


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Brain: Are these puppies wearing bowties?

Me: YES.

Brain: What the hell just happened to me? Life is great!


I was tagged by my incredible mutual @tactileintrovertedace! Thank you so much!! I love being tagged in things :D

1. coke or pepsi: I’ll drink whatever, I’m not picky

2. disney or dreamworks: B O T H

3. coffee or tea: tea lattes 5ever (but coffee is great too)

4. books or movies: books are my life

5. windows or mac: windows!

6. dc or marvel: marvel


8. dragon age or mass effect: mass effect is my baby

9. night owl or early riser: night owl, definitely

10. cards or chess: either!

11. chocolate or vanilla: vanilla

12. vans or converse: i could not care less

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: ????????????

14. fluff or angst: fluff or fluffy angst

15. beach or forest: both!

16. dogs or cats: B O T H

17. clear skies or rain: clear skies are nice sometimes, but rain is my fave!

18. cooking or eating out: I am not a chef at all so usually eating out… sometimes a home cooked meal is great though

19. spicy food or mild food: I AM TOO WHITE FOR SPICE

20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: I love them both but christmas is probably my favorite!

21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: forever too cold… I absolutely HATE being sweaty. I’d rather be chilly.

22. if you could have any superpower, what would it be?: I honestly don’t know… reading minds would help my anxiety a lot but also make it worse I think??? so I’m not sure

23. animation or live action: both!!

24. paragon or renegade: paragon with a LIL BIT OF RENEGADE TO SPICE THINGS UP

25. baths or showers: showers… baths overheat me

26. team cap or team ironman: team cap all the way

27: fantasy or sci-fi: both! they’re both so fantastic

28. do you have three or four favourite quotes, if so what are they:

“Overwatch/Eggs/Pro wrestling made me gay” - me

“People like grapes” - Gavin Free

“All the world will be your enemy, Prince With a Thousand Enemies. And when they catch you, they will kill you. But first, they must catch you.” - Watership Down by Richard Adams

29. netflix or youtube: I love me some Netflix, but Youtube is probably my fave

30. harry potter or percy jackson: DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE

31. when you feel accomplished: when I’ve made one of my friends feel better, or when I’ve gotten a good grade on a test/quiz/assignment

32. star wars or star trek: star wars… so long nerds

33. paperback or hardback: paperback because they don’t (usually) cost $129429423942

34. horror or rom-com: B O T H

35: tv shows or movies: both??????

36. spotify or pandora: spotify

37. zootopia or inside out: inside out, because I still haven’t watched zootopia

38. favourite book: I have so many favorites but one that really stands out to me is Watership Down by Richard Adams

39. favourite flower: orchids, roses, daisies

40. what field of study are you in (or aspire to be in): forensic anthropology… it’s what I’m studying, and at my dream school!

41. favourite subject: anything anthropology/biology related

42. gale or peeta: peeta 5ever

43. favourite disney princess: belle, mulan, or ariel!

44: wholesome or offensive memes? wholesome memes 5ever

45: favorite season and why?: fall because IT’S GORGEOUS AND THE TEMPERATURE IS PERFECT

46: glee or high school musical? high school musical!

Anyone who wants to can do this and say that I tagged them!

I was really stressed about my new job for a while because I’ve never waitresses before and I’ve made some mistakes but then I had two very freeing thoughts:

A) I do not have to be great at every single thing that I do. I should try my best but I don’t have to be THE best


B) I don’t NEED this job at all, it’s completely supplementary, and if my managers wanna give me a hard time about bullshit I can totally just be like “okay, that’s totally fine, I respect that but also I don’t need it in my life” so YUP. I’m taking two consecutive weekends off in May for job fairs and my career>side job so if they don’t approve them I’ll literally just be like “lol okay guess I won’t work any days anymore” I HAVE THE POWER it’s very nice. That’s not really something I would do but I’m not going to be bullied or pushed around soooo!

Things I’d do if I was friends with a girl who loved being tickled in real life #12

Tickle Games!
That’s right. All sorts of different events for you to compete in! The “Don’t Laugh While I Tickle You So Softly And Coo At You” event. The “Keep Your Arms Up As Long As You Can While I Glide My Fingers Over Your Underarms” event. The “Call A Friend And Try Maintain A Conversation While I Tickle Your Feet” event! All of these and more. The great thing about my little tickling Olympics is it doesn’t just come once ever 4 years. It rolls around every. Single. Day.
 Incidently, every time you laugh, the duration of the event increases dramatically. Hey, I don’t make the rules! (I do in fact make the rules)

Told you wonderfuls I was a gamer.

Sam says Create

Another year came around and I was still sat at the same desk, drinking from the same mug and driving the same route home. I absolutely love doing my job but being stuck in the same routine every single day, makes even the happiest things in life, so boring. So I decided that this year, I was going to change…

My New Year resolutions were going to mean something this time. They were going to be achievable and allow me to reach a goal and feel great about myself. Obviously I wrote down the usual, “get healthy”, “exercise more” malarky - which I am still trying - but this time I was going to be more… me? I love everything design and I’ve always wanted to use my design skills to make a difference, whether it through teaching others; influencing people or to bring joy to someone’s life (a little deep, I know!). So the next top thing on my list was to be more creative… A little varied I know, but it left me sub-objectives on my list too. My boyfriend will laugh because he knows I love making lists!

Be more creative:
- Print my own curtains
- Learn to sew a cushion
- Create my own prints for my house
- Design some fabric patterns

I knew these objectives were achievable and fun skills to accomplish. So, one day as I was sat at home waiting for the plumber to arrive, I started to draw. I never thought anything of it until I posted my stuff on instagram and I started getting lovely comments. It was such a compliment and I was quite taken back by the reaction of my friends and family.

I created Sam says Create on Facebook to publish my work and to use it as a social platform, and since then I’ve had numerous requests that’s kept me nice and busy at the weekends. I’ve absolutely loved designing for people who’ve appreciated my work, and felt honoured to do so. I’ve baked cakes, drawn animals, flowers and painted people. It’s kept my mind ticking around for new ideas and I’ve felt challenged with every task faced. I feel like I’ve brought some happiness not only to the person purchasing my designs, but to myself. 

I’ll carry on with doing my thing, and hope that my thing progresses into something bigger. Exciting times ahead!


Has being a Lesbian lead to me getting fucked over in many ways? Hell yeah. But I’m not about to say being a Lesbian is bad. Being a Lesbian is fucking great. Being a Lesbian is the most fulfilling, wonderful thing to be in my life and every single womyn deserves Lesbianism. To experiences the freedom, rage, closeness and sameness that is Lesbianism is such a blessing.


i finally got nagasone this morning, i just stared in shock at my screen for a whole minute before starting crying… i have every single sword now… this is the greatest accomplishment of my entire life…

i figured i would share a few tips so everyone can also make this happen ♡

drops have always been the way to go for me! unlike smithing, which relies heavily on luck & waste of ressources, farming maps for drops is just patience & hard work at no cost! it definitely takes a lot of time, but playing on one half of the screen while watching TV shows, movies or even visual novels proved productive for me LMFAO

5-4. just. 5-4. i’ve probably done ten times more sorties on this map than all the others combined LOL every single rare-ish sword other than kogitsunemaru drops on several nodes here, there are 0 nakigitsune, and unlike 5-3, you’ll rarely take the wrong path to the boss node! this is where i got jijii, kosetsu, uguisu, hotaru, ichigo & half a dozen of iwatooshi, each oodachi and each yari. my nagasone also dropped here, altho i doubt that is related!

speed training new or low leveled swords! while i am all for Who Needs Stats When You’ve Got Love ((see: ookurikara and mitsutada being on my LV90+ main team besides rarer swords)) training rare, strong swords is extremely useful, especially for KBC fights. if you’re impatient like me, making a LV1 sword the leader of your main high leveled team and tackling world 5 maps works wonders. i get swords to LV30+ within a few hours thanks to this LOL

you get 500 FREE DMM coins simply from inputting your credit card number on your DMM profile. i used said coins to buy a bunch of ema, and finally managed to forge kogitsunemaru thanks to a fuji ema! …the only good forge of my entire tourabu career LMFAO but kogi is hell to get to drop, so!!

an oodachi filled team is the way to go to destroy the KBC! if you have at least two oodachi at the level of your KBC team, there is nothing to fear!! and with today’s update that makes the kotetsu brothers drop 10 times more frequently after KBC fights, i’m sure everyone can get their own hot shinsengumi dad sword~

Life lately. 

Work. Things have been extremely stressful and busy at work, but not without it’s rewards. Hard work has been paying off, and I’m excited to see where this continues. It feels really great to love my job, feel like I’m good at my job, and know that other people recognize and believe in me in my job, too. 

Family. My baby nephews are growing up so quickly and I can hardly believe how fast time goes by. Every single picture my sister sends me seems like years have passed and the boys are ready to start arguing and breaking hearts and being less interested in their auntie. But they’re so ridiculously adorable, they melt my heart. Seeing the family a couple of weeks ago was the exact recharge I needed to feel like myself again. That’s the one hard thing about living in NYC, but it sure makes time with them that much more meaningful.

Boyfriend. You heard that right; it’s official: JessCole has a boyfriend and he’s probably reading this right now. Just about a week or so before Valentine’s Day, I found myself swiping on Tinder and not thinking much of it. Then, I got a match, I messaged him, and we’ve been dating for the past few weeks…and it’s been pretty great. So without gushing too much over him, I’ll just say this: I’m really, really happy.

Traveling. My schedule has been all over the place recently, more so than usual, causing me to see glimpses of places here and there. The majority of it is for work, but my next trip is for play - San Diego, here I come! littlejandthecity​ and I will be heading west for an extended weekend trip for some fun, sun, and friends. I’ve never been, so I’m really looking forward to it. 

Fitness. I’ve been getting back on track with my fitness game recently, and I’m getting really excited. I’ve started to really appreciate my balanced workout schedule, noticing how my bootcamp and spin classes are really complimented by some yoga days. Plus, it really helps my body and mind feel refreshed and controlled. Stay tuned for my next marathon: Fall 2015!

Moving. In just over a month, I’ll be saying goodbye to my first, real apartment in NYC, and becoming the new roommate of littlejandthecity​. I’ll be moving exactly four blocks away, and I’m really excited to get it going. Just in time for Spring to show it’s face!

I think those are the main points right now, so there you have it. Thanks for listening, and, Happy Monday!

“Recently, people have been talking about social class, saying there are people born with silver spoons in their mouths. Personally, I think whether or not you have a lot of wealth is not important. When I was running a small Western goods import store, things weren’t going very well, but because I wanted to give my kids a good education, I sacrificed my life to the business. At the same time, I made every single side dish for my kids’ lunches every morning with great care. Children eat their parent’s love, not their parents’ possessions.”

“요즘 금수저다 뭐다 말이 많잖아요. 저는 재산이 많고 적은 건 중요하지 않다고 생각해요. 작은 양품가게 하나 하면서 내내 형편이 어려웠지만, 우리 아이들 좋은 교육 받게 하려고 목숨을 걸고 장사를 했어요. 그러면서도 매일 아침 도시락 반찬 하나하나에 얼마나 정성을 들였는데요. 자식은 부모의 정성 먹고 크는 거지 재산 먹고 크는 게 아니거든요.”

I want to thank every single one of you for making my 2015 such a great year and for fangirling with me. This year we saw our beautiful children debut and release two albums. Also this year I made one of the best decision in my life which was making this blog. By making this blog I met so many amazing people and learned so many amazing thing and I truly want to thank every single one of you. Thanks for making my 2015 one of the best years ever and my all your wishes and goals come true for 2016. (✿◠‿◠)

Italic = Faves


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todays haul from bif(brighton illustraion fair) and i had a great time! i got to meet withapencilinhand and ryan is super great and very nicely let me hog a lot of his time talking and looked through every single sketch book he brought and gave me a lot of very good advice! i got a great print from luxuryflush/Eero Lampinen and wai wai pang and also a nice cap.

I think I am finally Clean.

Hi. My name’s Areeba, and I just wanted to tell you something. So I’ve been hesitant to post this for a while but i decided to just do it.

April 15, 2015, was the day that I finally became clean. I finally stopped waking up hating myself and my life. I finally stopped having bad thoughts all the time. I finally stopped feeling so alone and feeling like I had no one. I finally felt genuinely happy. And it felt great.

I remember one specific thing from this day that i can never forget. I remember when i looked up at the sky, how the sky seemed so much bluer than before and how i smiled just looking up at it. That was the first time in a while.

For months, I felt horrible and sad every single day. I wanted to just disappear. I had bad thoughts that I just couldn’t control. I felt so alone… I didn’t have any real friends and I had to fake my happiness everyday.


Someone who is a very big part of helping me find happiness is taylorswift .

Taylor if you are reading this, you have helped me through all those months of pain. Listening to your music and what you do on tumblr and everything else you do has helped me drastically. Listening to New Romantics at the end of a hard day instantly made me smile. You helped me escape my dark world. It was you who took my hand and dragged me out of there. I have more confidence now because of you. You inspire me every single day and push me forward to fight harder to be happy, and for that I am forever grateful. Even though I’ve never actually met you, you are the nicest, funniest, most beautiful person inside and out that I have ever seen. You are the light in my life. You’re my best friend. I just want to say Thank You, for everything you have ever done for me. For now, I’m telling you this on tumblr, but in the future, I will tell you this in person. I love you. I just love you so much. 💕

 -With love, Areeba.

A huge thank you to anyone who decided to follow this mess of a blog!!!! I swear all it ever is is me crying over kbieksa, manny, sid, hot dads or french-canadians. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

A little bit of mushy gushy always has to come along with a ff, so here it is. Some of the people I’ve met on this website have changed my life. This past year has been one of the roughest out of my 19 years of existence, and I don’t know where I would be without the love and support some of the amazing friends I made here gave me. There’s been alot of ups and downs, learning & growth with me the past few years and I truly want to let every single person who stuck around, follows me, interacts with me, talks to me, or even just reblogs my posts that I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!!! You’re all beautiful humans to your very core and I’m blessed to know each and every one of you. 

So stopping the rambling now, here is my 3000 follower + 3-year follow forever: 


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