The kiss that started it all <3

No one knew that the Clexa kiss on February 25th, 2015 would lead to not only a beautiful canon romance between soulmates, but also one of the most loved and most legendary tv relationship of all time <3 Clexa is 1 of only 3 wlw relationships to make the 50 Greatest TV Couples Ever :)

Have I mentioned how much I fucking LOVE Clexa <3 #We’veMadeIt

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lol at that anon. glee and more specifically klaine helped me accept who i am and my own sexuality, and i know i wasn't the only one. "gay shows" help me see the representation i've never had.

Kurt and Blaine are Glee’s legacy.  They showed LGBT+ youth that gay kids can have everything they want- friends, a career, a loving relationship, marriage, and kids. That there others out there just like them.  That it does get better. 

Further, Klaine showed so many others, who perhaps had not been exposed to many LGBT+ people in their communities that in fact Kurt and Blaine were people just like them. They laugh, they cry, and they love just like every other human.

Because of Klaine, and in large part because of Chris and Darren who played these characters with heart and soul, we saw that Kurt, the boy we grew to love over a season and a half, could have a crush on a beautiful boy, get his hopes up when he learns that Blaine knows his coffee order, just to have them crushed. And then to have said boy say “I have been looking for you forever” after which they shared a first kiss that was in my opinion one of the best first kisses ever portrayed on TV because Chris and Darren wanted to tell this story in a true and genuine way:

In an article published by AOL Entertainment,

“On last night’s ‘Glee,’ the New Directions won regionals after hitting the stage with a pair of original songs – a first for the series – but that isn’t what anyone is talking about this morning. After months of hints and winks, fans of FOX’s hit musical finally got what they’ve been waiting for: The characters of Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) kissed for the first time. And it wasn’t a peck. It also wasn’t overtly sexual or desperate, it wasn’t rushed or clouded with turmoil, and it certainly wasn’t played for laughs, the way many kisses between men are on TV. It was perfect.

“It’s hard to overstate the significance of the kiss between Kurt and Blaine on ‘Glee’ last night,” Michael Jensen, editor of Logo’s tells PopEater. “Even better, it wasn’t the sort of kiss we saw back in the 1990s where the guys pecked each other on the lips – or worse, the camera cutaway – but this was a real kiss that hinted there is much more to come in this relationship. If we still needed proof how far gay characters have come on network TV, 'Glee’ just gave it to us.”

“’Glee’ has raised the bar of what it means to be inclusive on TV, and viewers are tuning in by the millions, sending a clear message to networks that Americans not only accept gay and lesbian characters, but they are beginning to expect them,” GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios tells PopEater. “It’s stories like Kurt and Blaine’s that continue to remind gay youth everywhere that there’s nothing wrong with being who you are.”

Glee then went even further and tackled the issued of Kurt and Blaine losing their virginity, a story line that paralleled Finn and Rachel. Making the statement that Klaine’s first time was just as beautiful, just as relevant, just as significant, and just as full of love as the heterosexual couple on the show. And Chris and Darren’s scene was perfection:

Thanks to Glee, we saw Kurt and Blaine navigate high school, long distance relationships, angst and heartache. The show often got it wrong, but when it got it right, it do so spectacularly. And never as amazing as our Klaine engagement:

And while the wedding certainly left a little to be desired, Glee still allowed our beloved Kurt and Blaine to declare their love to the world and state their vows, at at time before same sex marriage was legal across the country. A time when they had to cross state borders to tie the know and make it legal. And while the creators of Glee left a lot to be desired, as always, Chris and Darren took what they were given and displayed nothing but love and happiness that they were finally husbands:

In 2013, Klaine was named the Greatest TV Couple of all time by Entertainment Weekly (X)  The article that accompanied their win described their relationship as:

a timeless, groundbreaking TV love story

On the morning of the finale, in an article entitled “The Gay Legacy of Glee” Klaine was described as follows:

In season two, Kurt met Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss). Not only did he get a boyfriend, but a bonafide, epic love story that’s spanned the remainder of the series. Blaine’s dreamy debut,  is the kind of hearts-aflutter teen romance usually reserved for straight kids on TV. They’ve made-out, broken-up, lost their virginity, gotten engaged, broke-up again and eventually got married. They’ve evolved into the central relationship and one of the greatest young love stories in mainstream television. (x)

Another article, written in the Fall of 2016 entitled “The Cultural Significance of Glee” stated:

This character [Kurt] attracted many people in the LGBTQ community in which many found comfort in the character, knowing that they are getting some representation.

The couple [Klaine} became one of the most popular couples on television. The couple go through the same obstacles than any other straight relationship would have, creating the image that there is no difference between a straight or gay relationship. The couple broke up twice, causing an uproar of extremely upset and mad fans. By the end of the of show’s seasons, the two end up marrying each other. The couple known as “Klaine” has been “leading TV’s gay-teen revolution”(Entertainment Weekly). The actors have claimed that they have received hundreds of letters from fans both gay and straight saying that the couple has changed their views positively and helped them to keep an open mind. The phenomenon that is “Klaine” definitely has a positive reaction on the majority of viewers. While these two characters are not the only gay men on the show, they have been the most impact.

Kurt and Blaine made a profound impact on society and greatly influenced how people saw members of the LGBT+ community. And that they play a significant part in enabling LGBT+ youth to know that they were not alone.

For everything Glee got wrong, it will always have its legacy- Klaine.  And that is mainly thanks to two extraordinary men who fully committed to their roles, Chris and Darren. 

And for anyone to minimize this, to state that Chris is not proud of what he and Darren accomplished on screen, clearly knows nothing about him.  And that is heartbreaking.

Anyone that’s new to Clexakru, welcome to the extra af fandom

Inspire a successful convention dedicated to wlw… check

Make the top 50 greatest tv couples ever… check

Absolutely dominate in polls… check

Call out the Bury Your Gays trope for all to see… check

Raise over $170k in charity for LGBTQ youth… check

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Get Clexa masterpiece displayed in a coffee shop… check

Can’t describe how amazing this is, just watch… check

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#ThankYouBones Week: Day 8 5 B&B moments that made you fall in love with them

The very first scene I watched of Bones was the one on the first gif (s01, The Woman in Limbo), not only Brennan broke my heart with her speech and almost made me cry, but I loved how that man was by her side just supporting her. I wouldn’t start watching Bones regularly until season 5 (I don’t know why, really), but the first thing I loved about this show was Brennan/Booth’s relationship: their chemistry, the tension between them, their fights, their support for each other, their bickering, their talks, their gazing at each other, their hugs, their friendship, their jokes, their evolution as characters and as a couple. They’ve always loved and supported each other. They complement each other perfectly without having to sacrifice their own personalities. They have grown together, and they have taught us that everything happens eventually. They will always be one of the greatest couples on TV, with a beautiful family, a loving healthy relationship and the most amazing chemistry I’ve seen on modern TV. Thanks for everything Brennan & Booth. 

Just a short list of our poll wins...

Vote For Most 2015:

1- Best TV Couple on American Series (Clexa)

2- Top TV Couple (Clexa)

The Best Poll 2015:

3- Best Couple on American TV (Clexa)

EOnline Best Ever 2015:

4- Best Kiss (Clexa)

5- Best Guest Star (Alycia)

EnStars 2015:

6- Which The LOO Ship Do You Want To See (Clexa)

Buzz Feed 2015:

7- Best CW Couple (Clexa)

EOnline Best Ever 2016:

8- Best Guest Star (Alycia)

9- Best Drama Actress (Eliza)

10- Best Fight (Lexa vs Roan)

11- Sexiest Moment (Clexa Making Love)

12- Most Heartbreaking Goodbye (Clexa)

13- Female Breakout Star (Alycia)

14- Throw Out Your TV Moment (Lexa’s Death)

15- Best Fandom (Clexakru)

16- Best Kiss (Clexa)

AfterEllen March Madness 2016:

17- Best Actress in a Queer Role (Alycia)

Pure Fandom 2016:

18- Best SciFi Series (The LOO, prior to 307)

19- Best Couple (Clexa)

20- Best Kiss (Clexa)

21- Most Missed Character (Lexa)

22- Favorite TV Couple (Clexa)

23- The LOO Ship You’re Most Excited to See in S3 (Clexa)

People’s Choice 2016:

24- Which Character Would You Bring Back ASAP (Lexa)

Spoiler TV 2016:

25- Which Couple from “The LOO” Do You Ship (Clexa)

26- Outstanding Actress for January 2016 (Alycia)

27- Outstanding Actress for February 2016 (Alycia)

28- Outstanding Actress for March 2016 (Eliza)

29- Greatest TV Power Couple of All Time (Clexa)

RadioTimes 2016:

30- Favorite SciFi/Fantasy Actress (Alycia)

EOnline 2016:

31- TV’s Top Couple (Clexa)

Zimbio TV Couples March Madness 2016:

32- Best TV Couple (Clexa)

Voice of TV 2016:

33- Super Couple of the Year (Clexa)

34- Most “Oh no you didn’t” Moment (Lexa’s Death)

35- Most Heartbreaking Death (Lexa)

36- Best Actress (Alycia)

37- TV Show That Let You Down (The LOO)

38- What Do You Want To See in The LOO (Better S3, Lexa lives)

Best of TV Awards 2016:

39- Best Recurring Actress (Alycia)

Geekiary 2016:

40- Fiercest Female Lead (Eliza)

MTV Fandom Awards 2016:

41- Fan Freakout of the Year (Lexa’s Death)

Yahooies 2016:

42- Most Painful Death (Lexa)

Zimbio 2016:

43- Gone Too Soon (Lexa)

CarterMatt Awards:

44- Top Actress (Alycia)

45- Best Couple (Clexa)

Playbuzz 2016:

46- The LOO Favorite Character (Lexa)

47- The LOO Favorite Ship (Clexa)

48- Favorite Clarke Scene (Making Love to Lexa)

49- The LOO Saddest Death (Lexa)

50- Best Match For Clarke (Lexa)

Tumblr Top Trends 2016:

51- 2016 Top Ship (Clexa)

52- 2016 Top Actresses (Alycia)

Spoiler TV Best of 2016:

53- Favorite Couple (Clexa)

54- Character You Will Miss The Most (Lexa)

55- Most Painful Character Death (Lexa)

56- Scene That Left You Shocked (Lexa’s Death)

57- Scene That Made You Cry (Lexa’s Death)

58- Favorite Actress (Alycia)

59- Best Love Story (Clexa)

Vote For Most 2016:

60- Most Beautiful American TV Series Actress (Alycia)

61- Best American TV Series Couple 2016 (Clexa)

62- Most Beautiful Hollywood Actress (Alycia)

63- Best LGBT TV Series Couple of All Time (Clexa)

64- Best LGBT TV Series Character of All Time (Lexa)

65- Best American TV Couple of All Time (Clexa)

66- Best The LOO Character (Lexa)

Book Trib 2016:

67- Who’s The Best Match for Clarke (Lexa)

Hypable 2016:

68- Clarke’s OTP (Lexa)

EW’s TV Season Finale Awards 2016:

69- Most Unforgettable Line (“Our fight is not over.” -Lexa)

70- Best Shipper Moment (Clexa Making Love)

71- Best Return By A Character (Lexa)

Playbuzz 2017:

72- The LOO Best Female Character (Lexa)

A Little Nerd Music 2017:

73- Who Do You Ship (Clexa)

Zimbio TV Couples March Madness 2017:

74- Best TV Couple (Clexa)

Pure Fandom Shipper Showdown 2017:

75- Favorite The LOO Ship (Clexa)

76- Shipper Showdown Champion (Clexa)

Post Apocalyptic Media 2017:

77- Best Post Apocalyptic Ship (Clexa)

Buzzfeed 2017:

78- The LOO Saddest Death (Lexa)

79- Who Does Clarke Belong With (Lexa)

80- The LOO Best Season (S2)

81- The LOO Worst Season (S4)

Vote For Most 2017:

82- Most Beautiful Hollywood Actress (Alycia)

EOnline Tv Scoop Awards 2017:

83- Best Fandom (Clexakru)

Radio Times 2017:

84- Favorite SciFi Actress (Eliza)

*This list is to the best of my knowledge. This is all from a fandom that only had 16 episodes and just 4 hours total screen time with our ship. It’s been over 520 days without Clexa and we’re still winning polls, 84+ between 2015-2017 and we still have a third of the year left. In 2018 we’ll still be winning polls for our girls :D 

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CS: Destined Since Season 1

I remember watching OUAT during season 1 and thinking how different it was for a show’s main character not to have an established potential love interest. It looked like something could happen with Graham and then he died. It looked like there was potential with August, but they always seemed better as friends.

And then that pirate walked onto my screen during season 2 and everything changed. We now know that A&E wanted Hook to be on the show since season 1, but had problems getting the rights. And we know they always intended to make him Emma’s love interest. So when I think back to that first season, I realize now that they didn’t start the show without having a potential love interest for their main character. He just hadn’t shown up yet.

Who could have guessed that they would become one of the greatest TV couples and have one of the best romances ever? I just think the fact that Emma had to wait 28 years until season 2 to meet him and Hook had to survive over 200 hundred years to find her shows that they were always destined.

And now they are getting married! They have both come so far, independently and as a couple. I can’t wait to see them take this huge step together! They started by each other’s side on that beanstalk and that is where they will be forever now!

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21 Things To Love About Parks and Recreation.

Let’s face it, this list could be infinite because this show is the best thing since sliced Calzone, but after approximately my 17th watch, I’ve managed to pick out some of my absolute favourite things about Parks and Recreation (spoilers ahoy).

#1. The Much Improved Changes From Season 1.

Similarly to Breaking Bad, I was not a great lover of the first season of Parks and Rec. It had some funny moments (Leslie falling into the pit is golden) but I see it more as an extended pilot rather than an actual series, with Season 2 coming back so, so much better.

Leslie is so much more likable when they change her annoying David Brent ridiculousness into sweet, hardworking hyperactive-ness. Andy’s switch from ‘Ann’s annoying boyfriend’ to Loveable idiot is great, and they finally use Retta properly because Donna is exceptional.

#2. Pawnee.

I wish it was real because it sounds amazing: The slogans (“It’s safe to be here now”), the murals (“a lively fisting”) the obesity, it just seems so weird and brilliant. Leslie even manages to get into a heated poo fight with some local youths.

#3. The Rude Venezuelans.

Sister City is pretty much the episode that made me fall in love with the show. The visiting Venezuela’s are so rude and awful and it’s wonderful.

#4. Ben being awkward and tragic.

There are so many moments that back this up, but his breakdown during Media Blitz is a particular highlight (‘WHO HASN’T HAD GAY THOUGHTS?!’). As is his depressive foray into the world of Claymation: Requiem for a Tuesday is approximately six seconds of comedic gold.

#5. Treat Yo Self!

I’m not the biggest Tom fan, but I always like him more when he’s with Donna because she’s brilliant. The Treat Yo Self episode is so good, and the acupuncture screnes are amazing.

#6. Ben and Leslie.

Ben and Leslie as a couple are just perfect. Their wedding is so lovely and funny and they had a brilliantly bumpy road getting there (The model UN fight is terrifying). I don’t get involved in Tumblr’s shipping obsession usually, but I wanted them to be together so badly.

#7. The Saperstein twins.

Mona Lisa and Jean Ralphio are, in his words, the wooo-ooooo-rrr-stttt. And the best. And it’s brilliant.

#8. Ann and Leslie’s friendship.

Ann and Leslie are one of the greatest couples in TV history. Way back when Mark Brander-quitz was a thing I was sure the storyline was going to be them feuding with each other over him, but brilliantly, that never happened. There was no wedge between them, with them both putting their love for each other over a bloke. They just support and love each other so much and that’s honestly really nice and refreshing to see. Ann leaving mid-season six (a mistake in my eyes because she’s the best) still makes me get a bit watery every time.

#9. April and Andy.

A definite case of opposites attract, but they really love each other and they really work. Her hatred or almost everything and his overwhelming optimism contrast brilliantly. Watching them get together is really cute.

#10. Ron Bleeping Swanson.

EVERYTHING about Ron is gold.  He’s probably the overall funniest character in my book, and he’s also secretly a real softy. I hated that he and Leslie fell out for two years (even though episodically it lasted but four episodes) but it’s worth it for the Ron and Leslie episode that features some brilliant Billy Joel moments. It’s possibly the finest example of Parks brilliantly sewing together comedy with genuinely lovely moments.  

#11. The Tammy’s.

The Tammy’s are a genius comedy creation, as both of Ron’s ex-wives are completely terrible in different ways.  You know that any episode featuring a Tammy is going to be brilliant, and when I realised Ron and Tammy 2 are married in real life it makes it even better.

#12. Flu season.

I love when the Parks crew play ill. “What are you doing?” “Cartwheels. Am I not doing them?”

#13. Also any time they play drunk.

The Snake Juice episode is possibly my favourite ever.

We’ve all been there, Ludgate.

#14. “Is she going to powder her vagina?”

Joan Callamezo is one steaming hot train wreck of a woman, and I adore her.

#15. Donna’s wedding.

Aside from the Bridesmaids dresses being so on point (totally stealing that when me and Frank Grillo tie the knot) the wedding itself is lovely and funny. “want me to shut that down?” “No, I like it. Let the little man dance.”

#16. Chris Trager.

Literally the greatest character Rob Lowe will ever play. Is there anything more brilliantly terrifying than his declaration: “in college, I was in a nude production of cats.” Majestic.

#17. *Does the classic Chris finger point* Ann Perkins.

Possibly the most underappreciated Parks and Rec character, she’s a lovely and kind human being and also her exceptionally beautiful face masks something brilliantly awkward and tragic. (“I salsa your face.” Anyone?). She also just gets it. “Jogging is the worst, Chris. I know it keeps you healthy, but god, at what cost?” Life. She just gets it.

#18. Jerry’s fart attack.

Which awakened my inner seven year old and I couldn’t stop giggling.

#19. The Calzone food poisoning.

Which not only leads to probably the best Parks and Rec physical comedy (Ben flailing around like a tragic salmon is majestic) but also the single greatest one liner from masculine, moustachioed Adonis Ron Swanson:  “I did not sleep for one second last night, and I cracked the bottom of the toilet bowl.” This line fills my heart with joy.

#20. The best cameo in anything ever.

Bill Murray is in the final season! As a corpse! In an open casket! God my love of this show is infinite.

#21. The Finale.

Which Is so completely, utterly perfect. A good finale should always make you cry and feel sad and happy and satisfied, and this ticks every single box. It also revels in the relentless optimism and positivity that makes Parks and Recreation such an addictive pleasure to watch, perfectly merging funny and poignant, as THIS brilliant Buzzfeed post shows.

Now excuse me whilst I divulge in my seven thousandth binge watch, because this shiz is straight up deloyshush.  

Can’t win them all Clexakru...

But we damn sure have won the majority of them and we only had our ship for 2 years :D We won polls in 2015, we dominated polls in 2016, and we’re still winning polls in 2017 a year after Lexa’s death… #OsoGonpleiNouSteOdon

Vote For Most 2015:

1- Best TV Couple on American Series (Clexa)

2- Top TV Couple (Clexa)

The Best Poll 2015:

3- Best Couple on American TV (Clexa)

EOnline Best Ever 2015:

4- Best Kiss (Clexa)

5- Best Guest Star (Alycia)

EOnline Best Ever 2016:

6- Best Kiss (Clexa)

7- Best Guest Star (Alycia)

8- Best Drama Actress (Eliza)

9- Best Fight (Lexa vs Roan)

10- Sexiest Moment (Clexa)

11- Most Heartbreaking Goodbye (Clexa)

12- Female Breakout Star (Alycia)

13- Throw Out Your TV Moment (Lexa’s Death)

14- Best Fandom (Clexakru)


15- Best Actress in a Queer Role (Alycia)

Pure Fandom:

16- Favorite TV Couple (Clexa)

People’s Choice:

17- Which Character Would You Bring Back ASAP (Lexa)

Spoiler TV:

18- Greatest TV Power Couple of All Time (Clexa)

19- Which Couple from “The LOO” Do You Ship (Clexa)

20- Outstanding Actress for January 2016 (Alycia)

21- Outstanding Actress for February 2016 (Alycia)

22- Outstanding Actress for March 2016 (Eliza)


23- Best SciFi/Fantasy Character (Alycia)


24- TV’s Top Couple 2016 (Clexa)


25- Best TV Couple 2016 (Clexa)

Voice of TV:

26- Super Couple of the Year (Clexa)

27- Most “Oh no you didn’t” Moment (Lexa killed by stray bullet)

28- Most Heartbreaking Death (Lexa)

29- Best Actress (Alycia)

30- TV Show That Let You Down (The LOO)

31- What Do You Want To See In S4 of The LOO (A better S3)

Best of TV Awards:

32- Best Recurring Actress (Alycia)


33- Fiercest Female Lead (Eliza)

MTV Fandom Awards:

34- Fan Freakout of the Year (Lexa’s Death)


35- Most Painful Death (Lexa)


36- Gone Too Soon (Lexa)

CarterMatt Awards:

37- Top Actress (Alycia)

38- Best Couple (Clexa)


39- The LOO Favorite Character & Ship (Lexa & Clexa)


40- 2016 Top Ship (Clexa)

41- 2016 Top Actresses (Alycia #1, Eliza #3)

Spoiler TV Best of 2016:

42- Favorite Couple (Clexa)

43- Character You Will Miss The Most (Lexa)

44- Most Painful Character Death (Lexa)

45- Scene That Left You Shocked (Lexa’s Death)

46- Scene That Made You Cry (Lexa’s Death)

47- Favorite Actress (Alycia)

48- Best Love Story (Clexa)

Vote For Most:

49- Most Beautiful American TV Series Actress (Alycia 1st, Eliza 2nd)

50- Best American TV Series Couple (Clexa)

51- Most Beautiful Hollywood Actress (Alycia)

52- Best LGBT TV Series Couple of All Time (Clexa)

53- Best LGBT TV Series Character of All Time (Lexa)

54- Best American TV Couple of All Time (Clexa)

55- Best The LOO Character (Lexa 1st, Clarke 2nd)

A Little Nerd Music:

56- Who Do You Ship (Clexa)

We already won E’s Top Tv Couple last year, a poll many ships never even win once, and we made it all the way to the Elite 8 this year with part of our fandom not voting because E didn’t give our girls their awards last year. The “bellarke shit” fandom stay anti-voting us because they can never get past the first round of a poll anyway Lmao The fact that other fandoms have to gang up together to beat us is hilarious, they can’t win one on one against a “half dead” ship lol We still have Couples March Madness coming up, one of the biggest “couples” polls of the year, we came in 2nd place in 2015, then won 1st place in 2016…


One of the best videos I’ve seen of one of, if not the, greatest tv couple ever! All I can think of when I watch this is the quote from Toni Graphia, something along the lines of, “How many shows can you say you’ve seen where the woman is standing by her mans side ready to go into battle?”. love it
The 20 Greatest TV Couples of All Time
They took fans on several seasons of a will-they-or-won’t-they emotional roller coaster, but Jim and Pam finally got together in season four (see ya never, Roy) and all was right with the world. As Pam pursued her dream of being an artist and Jim made moves away from Dunder Mifflin, the two never stopped supporting each other (or devising genius plans to prank Dwight). And be honest, we know you cried a little when Jim said he bought her ring a week after they started dating.

“Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl

As dysfunctional as their relationship was, no couple on Gossip Girl could ever compare to Chuck and Blair, mainly because they were the perfect example of two people who really were better together. In the beginning, Chuck was nothing but a womanizer while Blair would do pretty much anything to defend her title as Queen B. We can all agree that, individually, they were two people no one wanted as enemies, but they ended up bringing out the best in each other.”