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Harry trying to name their kid--
  • Draco: No.
  • Harry: But--
  • Draco: No, I said no.
  • Harry: Why?!
  • Draco: Let's see... because I love our son?!
  • Harry: So do I!
  • Draco: DO YOU?! No loving parent would name their kid Albus-Severus!
  • Harry: They were two of the greatest wizards known to--
  • Draco: One of them lied to you all your life and raised you like a pig for slaughter. The other one despised the very sight of you.
  • Harry: Snape sacrificed himse--
  • Draco: He just wanted to fuck your mum, may her soul rest in peace!
  • Harry: Our son would command respect with a name like that!
  • Draco: He would literally never get laid. Ever.
  • Harry:
  • Harry: So, what did you have in mind? Scorpius? Scorpius is good.
Headcanons about Hogwarts as a school:

(Because JK left some things to the imagination and I like to fill the gaps…)

  • The whole castle adapts itself to the amount of students it’ll receive: Dorms show up, or get more spacious in years with more kids, and get smaller or disappear when there are fewer… Classrooms and bathrooms are added or disappear if needed (but that’s rare, as it’s usually enough to fit everyone’s needs without changing the castle’s structure).
  • Each dorm has its own bathrooms. Both the boys’ and the girl’s bathrooms have a basket of tampons and pads, for the menstruating students (After all, Hogwarts is there for all of its students).
  • One thing Harry says in fifth year led me to believing there are, perhaps, more students than we realize: He tells Simas to ask McGonagall if he could switch dorms. Now, that could be just a character error, or it could be that there was another dorm of Gryffindor boys their year (Or, at least, that other houses had more than one dorm per year, in some years, which matches my previous headcanon). That’s not really what I believe happened (Harry’s year, and probably Ginny’s as well, was probably very small, as they were born amongst war), but it’s interesting to consider (Also helps all of us still doing mental gymnastics to understand JK’s statement that  Hogwarts could have over 1000 students if each year only had about 40 students).
  • The school does have other options of sports for those not interested in Quidditch, like swimming, dancing, and the magical equivalent of a gym (that’s where Harry would spent a lot of his time in sixth year).
  • There are also a lot of clubs, like Potions club, art club, poetry club, transfiguration club, and study groups, usually lead by a prefect or two.
  • There are two factors that determine whether or not you’re approved in a subject: One is the grade (which goes from 0-10 until fifth and sixth year) and the other is class work, which’s the result of adding the grades of homework, practical activities and participation in class.  Adding it all, your overall must be above seven or you get retained.
  • They have a few classes about home charms, finances and healing charms/potions. They are mandatory and aren’t grade-worthy, but can add up a few extra points if you really excel.
  • Madame Pomfrey had been advocating for safe, accurate sex education, and even teaching it herself for those who sought out to her, for decades, because she saw the effects the lack of knowledge had on the kids, so when Teddy Lupin used every last ounce of his influence, contacts, eloquence and charm to make it happen, and taught it himself, she cried happy tears.
  • Peeves was at Hogwarts since the beginning, and knew the founders very well. The only time he ever gets serious and even emotional is when talking about them.
  • There’s a hidden painting of all four of the founders, in a secret door on the astronomy tower. It moves and only shows itself for those who are worthy. Harry found it on his seventh year and always talked to them. Newt Scamander, Neville Longbottom, The Marauders, Andromeda Tonks and Astoria Greengrass (to name a few) were other students who also found great comfort in talking to “the greatest wizards and witches of their time”.
  • The Sorting Hat likes to read the names of the students to-be first years before September 1st, and try to guess who will be sorted in which house, based on name, family, some of the astrology it had learned over the centuries, and sometimes on scrapes of conversation it overhears at the Headmaster’s office.

Twinkle, twinkle little star

Just in case people don’t know (like I didn’t)- did anyone here read Fangirl and lowkey fall in love with the characters from the fake book series that the protagonist was writing fanfics for? well APPARENTLY there is a REAL BOOK staring Simon and Baz. Maybe this is common knowledge, but I had no idea and it’s really goooooooooood

Harry Potter/Hogwarts AU Masterlist

all the way home i’ll be warm -  It takes Yuuri three Christmases (and one Phichit) to realise that Viktor has always spent his alone.

Apple of his Eye - Everything has to start from somewhere.
It is unlike Newton where an apple falls on his head one day and inspires all of his works that shaped the current world.Viktor, however, well…

The Art of Broomstick Waxing - "You wanted to know what I was doing this morning, right?“ JJ winks at Minami. "Just ask your Captain."Seungil shoots him a glare that’s somewhere between I’m going to hex you and shut up or no sex for a month.In which Seungil burns JJ’s "Don’t flirt with me, my boyfriend is an Auror!” shirt, JJ becomes the subject of target practice, and trouble brews amidst the UK Quidditch Cup.

Black and Gold - Yuri!!! On Ice Hogwarts AU. Yuuri is in his seventh and final year at Hogwarts when the next Triwizard Tournament takes place, allowing him to meet his idol, Viktor Nikiforov, for the first time.More pairings and relationships will be added as the story progresses.

Catch Me If You Can -  Yuuri Katsuki is 13 when he gets into the Hogwarts exchange student program. It’s everything that he’s ever imagined it would be and more. There’re pasties and mermaids and butterbeer and centaurs and Quidditch, Quidditch, Quidditch! But probably the best thing about being here is getting to see his longtime idol and renowned Seeker on the Russian national team, Victor Nikiforov, in the flesh. A few chance encounters and not-so chance encounters and maybe, just maybe, can Victor finally notice one of his biggest fans?

champion of the cup, victor of the heart -  Three champions, two hearts, one victor.
Let the Triwizard Tournament begin!

charm -  Yuuri is now in his sixth year at Hogwarts and the victim of his secret affections, Victor, approaches him one day during Charms. Growing and changing isn’t something Yuuri likes to do, but he soon realizes it’s a crucial part to living.

Colder -  It’s the beginning of Guang-Hong Ji’s fifth year at Hogwarts, and it seems like it’ll be alright. He’s got good classmates, good (if sometimes questionable) friends, and overall, life is pretty steady. Especially with Leo by his side.
But this year is also turning out to be one full of changes - everybody’s starting to fall in love. And that “everybody” might just include Guang-Hong, with the one person he didn’t want to.

darling, we both know - You can grow up with someone and be simultaneously better and worse for it.(Or: the HP Wizarding World (not set in Hogwarts!) AU where they meet as preteens, fuck as teenagers, fall in love as adults, and occasionally find time to magically figure skate.)

Don’t fly past me, darling (I’ve been in love with you since the beginning) - Gryffindor Seeker Yuuri Katsuki Pulls Off Dangerous Nikiforov Spiral, the article had been titled.Of course Viktor wanted a word with him. No one in their right mind attempted the Nikiforov Spiral— especially not bumbling, overweight Hogwarts students who weren’t Gryffindor Seekers anymore, no matter what the article implied. He’d been three sheets to the wind, under the influence of Madam Chulanot’s finest Odgen’s Old Firewhiskey, and flown with half a brain.

Entwining Fates - Imagine if Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, after the demise of you-know-who, started accepting foreign students in an effort for greater unity among wizarding communities around the world. Imagine that, in this changing climate of diversity and social acceptance, Hogwarts also decided to host an exchange programme with select students from Durmstrang Institute and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic for a semester.Imagine, then, if a young Japanese wizard by the name of Yuuri Katsuki had transferred to Hogwarts to escape his past, just in time to meet a Russian Quidditch player who would blow open the very doors he was trying so desperately to close.A story of love, magic, and teenagers trying to find themselves.

The Eros of Magic - He was just an ordinary wizard with a great fondness for magical creatures. He had no serious goals in his life and he was content traveling the world to help with handling and finding new homes for the beings he adored with his whole heart. He did not have great expectations from the future.Until his long time idol, the great Viktor Nikiforov crashed into his life and turned everything upside down.Literally.Or the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them AU no one asked for.

Exchange Student - (Harry Potter AU) Yuuri goes to Mahoutokoro School of Magic in Japan with his friends, Yuuko and Takeshi. One day, it is announced that there will be exchange students from Thailand, China, and Russia visiting from various wizarding schools. It just so happens that one of Russia’s greatest wizard prodigies, Viktor Nikiforov, is one of those students. What happens when Yuuri and Viktor meet for the first time and change each other’s worlds?

Expomise -  Expomise: a transformation spell that bonds two objects together.
/ Yuuri is at Hogwarts. So is everyone else./

Fantastic Friends (and Maybe a Boyfriend) and Where to Find Them -  The origin and adventure of our favorite smol bean (Yuuri Katsuki) going to our favorite magical school: Mahoutokoro Hogwarts.

Fundamental Laws of Magic and Attraction - "By the time classes start again, everyone at Hogwarts has heard the story about how Lee Seungil, the Hogwarts Champion, was dramatically played and dumped by Jean-Jacques Leroy, the Durmstrang Champion.“In which the Triwizard Tournament returns to Hogwarts, Hufflepuffs control the student-run rumor mill, more than one person attempts to hex JJ, and Professor Katsuki is hiding something Very Important.

I’d rather be skating - Sometimes, when a muggle child gets an acceptance letter from a wizarding school, they say no.Victor Nikiforov would rather be skating. Yuuri Katsuki would rather be normal.

if these wings could fly - Already, the announcer’s taken the chance to sneak in some snide commentary. Viktor tunes it out by watching Yuuri weave between the Slytherin Beaters expertly, his features tense with concentration as he pulls off a complicated manoeuvre and dodges a Bludger while stealing the Quaffle from one of Slytherin’s Chasers. The early advantage for Gryffindor nets Yuuri loud cheers from three Houses, and Viktor spots Phichit waving a banner charmed to morph between several different cute drawings of Yuuri telling himself words of encouragement. Even from down here, close to the ground, Viktor can see the real Yuuri’s joy and determination as he faces the pumped-up spectators.In that moment, with Yuuri soaring upward, framed by the clear skies and roars from the stands, Viktor finally understands that his friend belongs to a place where he can never follow.

Snape was secretly a magic genius

How is it that Harry Potter talks so little about how Snape is probably the third most powerful wizard in the world?

It would seem that he had an interest in the dark arts from a young age, probably because of his parents. Not only this, but he was controlling magic even before he entered school. “Snape knew more curses when he arrived at school than half the kids in Seventh year” says Sirius. 

When he gets to school, he’s a damn good student.  In his DADA exams he writes way more than any of his peers.

That’s Hermione Granger shit right there.  But even beyond Hermione, he’s correcting his damn textbooks.

The standard potion books seem to be set in stone, and haven’t changed from being the set N.E.W.T. texts in 20 years.  And here’s this 15 year old motherfucker correcting errors in them.  Even Hermione wasn’t this advanced, and she’s definitely gifted.

But that wasn’t enough for Snape. He was also inventing his own damn spells.

The guy could cast magic nonverbally. He was a master at Legilimens, casting it nonverbally and wandlessly.

He turned spy for Dumbledore, and - to quote him - “fooled the Dark Lord, the greatest wizard, the most accomplished Legilimens the world has ever seen” That’s some next level shit right there.

Not only this, but he saved Dumbledore’s life, containing the ring’s curse in his own freakin hand. I’m not sure if even Dumbledore could have done this, seeing as he admitted that Snape knew WAY more about dark magic than he did.

He also could FLY, showing that even while betraying the guy, Snape was eager to learn, and master, anything that Voldemort could teach him.

All this while being 25-30 years younger than Dumbledore/Voldemort?

If Snape hadn’t died so young, despite being a creepy pissbaby, he probably would’ve been among the greatest wizards that ever lived.

Owe (Credence x Reader)

Anon: reader x credence where it’s been a while since all that stuff happened and after all the reader has helped him through he wants to return the favor and he’s just super soft and sweet and caring one night and just treats her the way he thinks she deserves? like super fluffy.

A/N: I am kinda sad at the moment so this really helped, I am not particularly happy with this one but I hope you guys liked it, also vanilla chi tea is amazing especially in my FBAWTFT mug. Hope you guys enjoyed! Keep sending prompts because I absolutely love doing them.

Word count: 1,178


Credence never knew true compassion until he met you. He was so scared, so broken when you found him. You were Newts assistant, young, beautiful, thirsty for knowledge and wanted to make an impact in the wizarding world. Whether that would be doing little things or fighting a war if it meant you helped the world become a better place, you would do it. 

You were sent out by Newt to go and find Credence. “Y/N I have a very important job for you” Newt said to you, more serious than he normally was “What’s wrong Newt?? What do you need?” You asked slightly worried he was going to ask you to retrieve his pocket watch from the nifflers nest again, Just the thought of that ran a shiver down your spine. “You know Credence?” He asked curiously “Well yes I do, But wasn’t he killed?” You ask now very confused at what Newt was trying to get at.

“I saw something in the subway and I believe that he survived or the obscurus did, I want to find him or it and bring it back here. If we find Credence we are taking him in and teaching him how to control his magic if we find the obscurus we are going to capture it and study it” Newt said pacing in front of her, Hands on his chin thinking thoughtfully “Well what are we waiting for?? Let’s go” You say and start climbing out of the suitcase into New York city to find the broken boy.

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I may be the greatest ice wizard in the country. 

I am the living legend, the conqueror. 

I stand on top of all people and no one can ever beats me. However without you, I will be nothing but a hollow shell. 

Please, stay close to me, do not go. 

There are places that can only be reached if we go together. Histories can only be made if we work together. 

Hold my hands tightly, and let’s start the journey to the endless world. ____________________________________________ 

The official AU of Shingeki no Bahamut (at least I call it) struck my heart so much that I can’t stop my imaginations. So here comes a little passage.

For Day 4 of @victuuri-week: Free for all.

A moment of appreciation

…for the absolute balls of brass that teenage Severus Snape must’ve had to stand outside Gryffindor Tower on the evening of Snape’s Worst Memory.

A few hours earlier, he was attacked - without provocation - by a group of Gryffindor lads who routinely bullied him.  Yet, he stood outside their tower and begged to speak to his friend.

In the midst of the attack, he called one of their housemates an awful, terrible slur - and yet, that evening, he stood outside their tower and begged for the opportunity to make amends..

We don’t know if James did go as far as to strip Snape naked.  But when Snape went up to Gryffindor tower, he didn’t go to retaliate.  He didn’t get a gang of Slytherins to help him wreak revenge.  He went alone to face a house that hated him, and it wasn’t James or Sirius that he looked for - he went up there to apologise to Lily.

We know from what Lily says that he’s been pestering other students to get Lily to come out and talk to him, probably making a nuisance of himself; running the risk of James, or Sirius, or Peter feeling justified in going out and attacking him, just as they did a few hours earlier.

He threatened to sleep outside, which would see him breaking curfew, risking the teachers’ ire - and he meant it.  

His actions that afternoon were less than stellar, but surely it should’ve been apparent from his actions that evening that he would grow into the bravest man Harry ever knew.  

As an adult, he sought out Dumbledore whilst he was a Death Eater, and he repeatedly lied to the greatest Legilimens the wizarding world has ever seen.  

But the signs were already there when, as a teenager, he dared walk alone to the common room of a house full of students who despised him, who were furious at him - and, most terrifying of all, which contained the boys who had utterly humiliated him that afternoon…and he refused to go away until he’d had the opportunity to try and put things right.

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hey you know that callout about giving a growing child a bracer? well after going to the medical wing he came to me (greatest wizard, taako from tv) and asked if i had a spell for it. i burnt all my spell slots trying to get it off and almost killed us both twice. please help i am going to fight the director.



hp headcanons: welsh wizarding school

Ysgol Myrddin o Hudoliaeth a Dewiniaeth [Merlin School of Witchcraft and Wizardry] is located in the valleys of South Wales and is named after arguably the greatest Welsh wizard, Merlin Emrys. Founded in 1416 after the persecution of the Welsh by the English and inspired by the disappearance of the last Prince of Wales Owain Glyndŵr, the school was created to help keep the Welsh language alive, and therefore subjects are taught through the medium of Welsh. This is also reflected in the school motto ‘Cenedl heb iaith, cenedl heb galon’ [A nation without language, a nation without heart]. Though the sport of quidditch takes pride of place in the school, Care of Magical Creatures is of great importance as well with dragons being an important symbol of patriotism to wizards and muggles alike.