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This scene. It’s not only heart-breaking because *ugly sobs comprehensible only by the fandom*. It actually finally gave me something that’s been hinted on but almost never touched upon till season 5. 

I liked that in the novel Norman had this third personality, the Boy Norman, let’s put it, born out of childhood traumas and everything. It just explained so perfectly his humbleness and inability to stand up to Mother, his obedience and dread, the impulses to sit by her burying face in her dress as opposed to his harsh resistance and otherwise full awareness of actions he had to take to keep Her a secret. He was just a little boy at times, and mother knew best. 

Guys. The lost little boy came home. Norman came home. 

*ugly sobs comprehensible only by the fandom*

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tell us about holster when he played for the schooners!

oh my god. thank you. i will literally talk about this anytime, anywhere.

his nickname is holt and sometimes holtzy and he’s actually SO RIDICULOUS. people don’t really know what to think about him because in postgame interviews he’s grumpy and pretty serious and like, obviously tired with 0% patience to talk to reporters who ask him the same question over and over and over again


the schooners have an AMAZING social media presence - think the canadiens youtube videos and the snapchat of the detriot redwings. people get to know the players incredibly well, and holster goes from this grumpy rookie to this lovable dork who DESTROYS at movie trivia and is always singing in the background of snapchats from practice. they mic him up during a game and it’s pretty much him singing ‘under pressure’ and quoting TV shows.

greatest hits include:

  • from it’s always sunny in philadelphia:
    • “I don’t know how many more seasons in the NHL I’ve got left. I’m gonna get weird with it.”
      • people get real emo about this one after he’s injured
    • ”It’s like, do I listen to the linesman who’s gonna blast me in the ass, or the referee who’s blasting my ass?” 
    • after a check: “wildcard!”  
    • on his way to the penalty box: “later, boners.”
  • from the office:
    • when he’s asked a particularly stupid question after a game: “wow, i wish i had prepared something to say. god guide you in your quest”
    • “Ref, you ignorant slut”
    • when a penalty is reversed: “how the turntables”
  • from arrested development:
    • at various points throughout his career “steve holt!”
    • once again during an interview: “I don’t understand the question and I won’t respond to it.”
      • this is his crowning achievement.

there’s a youtube video of him that’s called “every time birkholtz looks into the camera like he’s on the office” and it’s a beautifully edited compilation of game footage and sure enough he does the jim face when he’s sitting in the penalty box, before face offs, when he’s on the bench, literally ALL THE TIME. no one knows how he always manages to track the camera

tumblr loves him. i don’t make the rules ok. he’s always quoting tv shows and musicals and grows up literally in front of people and i’m not saying ransom has a sideblog dedicated to him but he honestly might 

so whenever i got sick i would binge watch the outsiders tv show on youtube but than i found out there was a movie of the tv show or at least there was meant to be one??? like i’ve been looking for actual years like a weirdo but could never find anything on it. like am i insane and it was all a fever dream since i only watched it when i was sick or does anyone else actually remember/know something about this cause i know for a fact i’m not the only one like come on