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God I love this !!! The most honnest 5 min in TV show’s history ! I must watch this show seriously ! CC America

Red Planet Diaries + GMW

Remember this is just speculation

Okay, so there something i noticed on the latest episode (GM My Monster) they brought back the show Rilaya like to watch, Red Planet Diaries, what i noticed was that they use the show to connect what was happening with Riley and Topanga and it wasn’t the only time they were doing that. There was a lot of fourth wall breaking, how this is a TV show, this won’t happen to us even though they are in TV ect ect

This comparison got me thinking about the classroom scene and where everyone talk how great the season finale episode was. There was a lot of meta moments of the writers frustration with the fandom with how Farkle was like “it was so good that even i won’t try to spoiled it” and than there is Rilaya reaction. But i also took something from this scene 

Farkle: “The greatest finale in history of Television”

This part what took my interest because remember how a scene before they were all about comparing RPD with Riley in that moment with her mom. I thought maybe they are also comparing RPD finale to this season of GMW finale. Maybe they are telling us there is something we didn’t see coming, like we were spoil in some parts of what might happen this season finale but we never truly know as a whole and many people always take the spoilers out of context. 

Here it’s where i will make it about a ship, we know Rilaya is so important for the show. Their friendship is number one BUT the whole fandom as a whole are all about the hetero ship that they can’t seem to believe that Rilaya can happen even when there is many parallel of any canon couple in GMW. Even when the whole show is all about these two girls, not Riley and L*cas or Maya and L*cas. It’s about Riley and Maya and then people around them. 

Here where the plot twist in RPD come into play, where farkle says Blurp (i think that’s the character name) was the human but everywhere around this character was the Martian. Then we have Riley and Maya be like, “how is that possible, blurp had this appearance” and then farkle answer and this sentence caught my attention:

“It was the audience who was mind wipe” 

It’s the idea that the audience didn’t see it coming, the idea that the audience were in the wrong of the assumption what intrigue me. We know how this fandom and any other always assumes that the straight ship is always the endgame. Maybe this is the plot twist for Riley and Maya characters that they aren’t straight that the audience as a whole didn’t see it. That maybe Rilaya is the possible romantic endgame. 

We know from the writers how in Ski Lodge there two couple that happen, R*cus and somewhat J*sh*y* and with that a third couple will happen. We know it can’t be with F*rkle because he is dating Smackle and it was deny from the writers, don’t know about Zay but it be more surprising if the third couple is Rilaya. 

Like all season long rilaya are getting really domestic and Riley is officially dating L*cas but they haven’t had much of a moments as a couple than Riley does with Maya. 

So,here is my two cents, i might took something out of proportion but a girl can dream. 

Me in the year 2067: “Listen, grandchildren, have I already told you about early 2017 when television history happened ....”

There was this widely famous TV show “BBC Sherlock”, which you today know as a classic, whose makers pulled off THE BIGGEST COUP ever in the history of television. They have built us up over the timespan of no less than 6 years before, convincing us that they were the greatest Sherlock-fanboys themselves.

They put tons of subtext in their seasons 1-3 that clearly said Sherlock Holmes and John Watson was actually a love story - yeah, grandchildren, you’re laughing now, but this was not at all set yet in 2017 - but some casual viewers didn’t get it, and there were even some people who were decidedly against Johnlock. The writers then went even one step further and created a lovely special - yes, you’re right, this is TAB, which I just watched with you two weeks ago - where they explicitly wrote the connection between Victorian Sherlock Holmes and 21th Century Sherlock Holmes, and stated that Victorian Sherlock Holmes was how John Watson presented him to the public, but NOT WHO HE REALLY WAS. Then even went a step further and declared that Victorian Holmes thought that he and Watson would be very much at home in the 21th century, and that it is always the two of them. Grandchildren, can you image there were some viewers who didn’t get it then? Unfortunately, yes, there were.

So, ‘What should we do?’, the writers asked themselves. ‘We want to correct this, we want to establish canon Johnlock, but how? We don’t want casuals and antis to turn away from our beloved show..’


They wrote episode 1 of season 4 in a way that seemed quite strange during some parts. But their TJLC community was clever, they ranted for one day about how crappy and strange the episode was, then they went back to rewatch it and actually came up with SO MUCH META about it in just three days even the writers were impressed by it, as they’ve later stated in many interviews. To the TJLC community it was fixed that this episode was somehow fucky, but that it would be so easy to pick up on a great alibi plot from there and reveal this plot in the remaining two episodes of the season. 

Then, in the second episode, they ONCE MORE took Sherlock’s and John’s relationship to a higher level, ending on the most beautiful hug scene in filmmaking, now famously known just as THE HUG. In the aftermath of this episode, more and more casual viewers, anti-johnlockers and shippers of other pairings slowly started to get it.

However, this was not yet enough for the writers - THEIR PLAN WAS ALWAYS THAT EVERY VIEWER DEMANDS CANON JOHNLOCK

So, the stage was set for The Final Problem.

They deliberately released an episode that was SO WRONG on SO MANY LEVELS that even the most casual viewer got it that something is wrong. Grandchildren, since you have not lived through that time, you surely cannot completely relate to it, but the following few days after this episode aired were CRUEL. Critic’s reviews of the episode were - rightly - catastrophic, viewer’s reviews on rating sites were demolishing. 

And what did the writers and producers do? NOTHING. THEY WAITED. They sat through it, they allowed for the shitstorm to rise and form and truly get to them. 

They waited and let it sink in to EVERY VIEWER that this writers and producers who supposedly LOVE SHERLOCK HOLMES cannot be serious at all with this episode and this ending to the season or the series in total.

They created a united front of all fans of the show, regardless their age, gender, sexuality, ship, rising up and telling them: “NO, this isn’t right. YOU GO BACK and FUCKING FIX THIS.”

And so, after they’ve got EVERYONE’s attention, they did. And, grandchildren, you know the result of this. They did THE MOST groundbreaking act of television history, something that’s never been done before, by exposing themselves to the hate by creating one hell of a shitty fake episode, just so they could get EVERYONE to WANT them to MAKE IT RIGHT. 



“All those things [meaning works of art] have given me the greatest satisfaction and contentment because they are not only for the honor of God but are likewise for my own remembrance”

• Attributed to Cosimo de’ Medici by Salviati; as cited in Taylor, F.H. (1948). The taste of angels, a history of art collecting from Rameses to Napoleon. Boston: Little, Brown. pp. 65–66


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Count Constantine F. C. DeVolney, Ruins of Empires, l890

in a few months we’ll have a Sherlock/John kiss gif to put next to this

and I mean, imagine the contrast, like Sherlock will finally be Going For It, I’m so happy the most awkward kiss in the history of television will be on the same show as the greatest kiss in the history of television


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[1/5] Favorite Male Characters: Zuko, Avatar: The Last Airbender

“Growing up we were taught that the Fire Nation was the greatest civilization in history. And somehow, the war was our way of sharing our greatness with the rest of the world. What an amazing lie that was. The people of the world are terrified by the Fire Nation! They don’t see our greatness, they hate us! And we deserve it. We created an era of fear in the world. And if we don’t want the world to destroy itself, we need to replace it with an era of peace and kindness.”

There’s a lot riding on Season Seven
The Walking Dead aired one of the greatest premiere episodes in TV history back in 2010, followed by two wildly uneven seasons where the writers seemed more interested in wallowing in existential misery than in white-knuckle zombie-killing adventure.
But it kept growing in popularity, and by the start of year three in 2012, it had become one of the most-watched shows on television — broadcast or cable — and one of the most reliably entertaining to boot. The fifth season ended on such a creative and Nielsen high that show-runner Scott M. Gimple may have felt emboldened to take some chances with the sixth, in terms of how he parceled-out Kirkman’s story.
But the results of those experiments have been mixed. The ratings, while still impressive, trended downward after the mid-season hiatus; and prominent TV critics have grumbled noisily about Gimple’s choices.

There’s enough material in the comics to support at least another two or three seasons (and maybe more, given that Kirkman’s still churning out a new issue every month).
But unless Gimple and his staff can re-engage the segment of the audience who feel like these past 16 episodes have jerked them around too much, then the show might keep shedding viewers — especially given that the next stretch of its story moves even further away from the undead monsters who first captured America’s imagination.
At its best, this is still an exciting, enjoyably nerve-wracking show.
But if the writers can’t stop toying with their fans, then ultimately, who got killed in last night’s episode may not matter as much as how many people will still care enough to tune in for the answer next fall.
The 30 Greatest Fox Shows Ever
Thirty years ago this week, the Fox network began broadcasting… and TV was never the same. Joining ABC, CBS and NBC on the broadcast dial on Oct. 9, 1986 (back when we actually used a dial to change the channel), Fox was the brash upstart, attracting a young audience with groundbreaking shows that pushed the boundaries of acceptable content. Three decades later, Fox is an elder statesman — and has given us some of the best and most beloved shows in TV history.


(1993-2002, 2016)

It brought geeky sci-fi into the mainstream (topping 20 million viewers at times), it originated the concept of “shipping” with Mulder and Scully (really, look it up), and its dense alien mythology blazed a trail for serialized dramas like Lost to follow. Plus, it was damn good TV. This year’s revival might have disappointed some fans, but enduring love for The X-Files, like the truth, is always out there.