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Serena won her first Grand Slam at 17. She’s part of the only pair to win a Career Doubles Golden Slam.

She was the 5th woman to hold all four Grand Slam singles titles simultaneously.

She was the only player in history to win three Grand Slam singles titles by beating top two ranked players.

She has the most hardcourt grand slam singles titles. She’s the oldest player to hold all four Grand Slam singles titles.

She’s the first player ever to win 80+ matches at 3 of the 4 grand slam events. Has “Roger” done that?

Serena greatest athlete ever! Definitely no one close in tennis.


i never thought that i might actually say this one day, but I LOVE THE FINAL PROBLEM.

(calm down..i’m talking about the acd canon, not the hell that was the bbc sherlock series finale)

if this isn’t one of the most beautiful and purest  love stories ever, i don’t want to hear anything about love ever again.

MCR speech:

Right now I’m just thinking back to the first time I listened to the Black Parade album (it was like 2 and a half months ago) and just wow. I was a totally different person then. And now I know about this frickin amazing band that has created the greatest music I have ever frickin heard and im so grateful holy shit im gonna go cry now.

Just thinking about the first time i even heard welcome to the black parade while i listen to it and it just makes me so fucking happy that i found this band. I wouldnt be me without this band oh my god. Why is it so amazing. Like how. How did i not know about it before? Honestly whats wrong with me. They are just so amazing oh my fuckin god my chest hurts. It feels like someone has stabbed me and twisted the knife.

MCR… you kill me, yet revive me. You scare me, yet intrigue me. How. Like what genetic chance made these beautiful humans that came together to make this music that literally transports my soul to another dimension.

These last 2 months have been a rollercoaster of emotions oh my god im so grateful.
Like is it possible to just give everything i have to the boys for making these masterpieces of beautiful musical creation. Oh wait… it wouldn’t be enough. NOTHING WOULD BE ENOUGH BECAUSE WHAT THEY HAVE CREATED IS SO AMAZING AND NOW I WANNA DIE OK BYE

captain underpants is gay culture because 1) messy lesbians like myself thought it was the greatest shit ever and still do 2) harold is gay 3) best friends doing dumb shit and making each other laugh is gay culture


If Jonathan wasn’t a figure skater, he would be a dancer and follow his mothers footsteps, but nope, Christophe came into his life and now he spends his days training to become France’s top skater to compete against other skaters (x)

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My review of the Supergirl/Flash musical crossover:

By far the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life, and I’m saying this is in an age where we are getting a Godzilla/Kong Cinematic Universe. I could not wipe an incredibly goofy grin off my face the entire time. Track it down and watch it. Twice.

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Geeze anon no need to be a jerk about it. GG isn't the greatest singer I've ever heard but I enjoy his voice. GG has a smooth candor and he always puts a lot of emotion (especially in this song for Iris) in the songs he sings. I doubt CP would cry during rehearsal if GG was that bad of a singer smh.

That song was in his wheelhouse and I think he sounded good

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Oh oh oh! So I'm in choir, and we're kind of like this happy-crazy family, and today one of the baritones had food poisoning but he showed up for practice anyway even though he really wasn't up for much other than curling up on the floor behind all the stands and he's basically everyone's fav brother so we made him a nest out of our coats and there was like a rotation of people checking in on him every so often because we were all really worried and the teacher got kind of annoyed since 1/2

2/2 we kept on sneaking to the back when we were supposed to be focusing but family first y'know? He left halfway to throw up in the bathroom and he was like ten shades whiter when he came back and there was an actual literal chorus (not the singing kind) of “are you okay??!!” and it was the greatest thing ever i swear. but yeah anyway choir is awesome like that.

Oh my god!! It’s so sweet that you all looked after him! Omg! This actually reminds me of a similar thing that happened to me when I was in 5th year choir (although mine involved my choir mistress not believing that one of the tenors was feeling sick until he literally threw up and that didn’t end well….)

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I don't like that john rollo boy

suck my board bitch, don’t say shit about my marble princess, he is hilarious and pure and like the greatest human being ever #protectjohnrolloatallcosts