greatest thing ive ever read

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Geoff is 100% teaching Jeremy how to metalbend. Like Jeremy showed up one day and politely sat down in front of Geoff and was like "ive heard tales that you bent the golden door of a rich lord's home because he wouldnt let you in from the rain. Im willing to train hard and take whatever you throw at me. Please master teach me how to metal bend." And geoff was like "aight first lesson is to step back a second bc ray's gonna bend that shot of whiskey at me and im gonna try to catch it in my mouth"


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i'd always been a kind of casual naruto reader (ended up dropping it around chapter 450 mostly just because im lazy and can only binge things) but i had no idea about it's reputation within fandom until later. like, i dont think it's the greatest thing ive ever read, but it certainly wasnt bad by any means. it really had me scratching my head ahaha... i think it's because a lot of children liked it, so it became associated with childishness and immaturity

I guess so? I always hear people bemoaning their Naruto phase and bashing it and its characters, and like… I’m as far as the Chunin exams, right now (anyone who says Sakura and Ino aren’t badass is lying) and it seems perfectly fine? Like you said, not the best ever, but the characters are fascinating, the relationships are wonderful, and the battle scenes are only occasionally confusing.

If I had to guess, it was largely one of those ‘ten-year-old boy’ type things - I ignored a lot of books with that rep, like Animorphs and A Series of Unfortunate Events, which I regret now.

I like to think I know a little better now; frankly, if something is popular, there’s probably a really good reason for it.