greatest show to ever exist


Everything is perfect in this show.

without a doubt atla was absolutely perfect, but most especially in how they addressed the non-benders. these were people who didn’t have any fancy abilities to manipulate any of the four elements. these were just regular people who capitalized on their strengths, honing them so well that they could be an asset, and even in some cases, better than benders. ty lee learned and was an expert in chi blocking. that’s like every bender’s worst nightmare in the form of a small, highly flexible girl. so many of the non-benders legitimately gave the experienced benders a difficult time in battle.

it’s such a great metaphor for how yeah some people can be born with amazing talents but that doesn’t mean others don’t have talents too, or that talents cannot be created over time. sokka started out as comic relief only to become a master swordsman. atla teaches that anyone can become a force to be reckoned with, and that’s just reason #84720 to love atla

I just ran to the living room because I remembered Monday my DVR kept saying SYTYCD wouldn’t record tonight because of some scheduling conflict and no one was home tonight while SYTYCD was on and I was literally about to start crying if it didn’t record but then I checked and all 2 hours recorded and omg I’m so happy. If you understand my love for SYTYCD you’ll understand how devastating those 2 minutes when I thought it wasn’t recorded were.

Cheesy, but I am incredibly sad to see Parks end.This was certainly my favorite show to ever exist, with the greatest cast of humans to ever exist.  Although I am sad, I am grateful for the joy and laughter that it has brought into my life. I also can watch it anytime I want on Netflix (thank goodness). I will miss it though, well, I will miss the characters and the people of Pawnee.  I hope that one day the people that I end up working with will be as great a family as the Parks Crew. 

I aspire to be as kind and passionate as Leslie, as self-loving as Donna, as ambitious as Tom, as fun and carefree as Andy, as strong as April, as independent as Ron, as supportive and loving as Ben, and even as warm-hearted and unembarrassed as Jerry, Larry, Terry, Barry, Garry. I am so thankful to the creators of this show for showing me all of this and also for making me pee my pants each week. Pawnee forever.