greatest show in okay show history

do mj and disney not see what a huge opportunity they’re missing by not making rilaya canon? it would literally become one of the most iconic relationships on disney, if not the most, and not just for being the first main wlw couple on disney, but because their love story is so fucking beautiful and organic, everything about it is wonderful. it would show that disney truly does support the lgbtq+ community, and it would be such amazing representation for children all over the world. rilaya shows that it’s not only okay to fall in love w/ your same-sex best friend, but that it’s incredible and beautiful. it would bring gmw out into its own. people in the fandom keep talking about breaking through the bmw assumptions? this would do it. girl meets world would stop being the show known for cory and topanga’s daughter and start being the show known for riley and maya, just like how bmw was the show known for cory and topanga.

not making rilaya canon would be one of the greatest missed opportunities mj and disney will ever make. 

“don’t let your history be one of missed opportunities”