greatest show ever made

reasons why The Party (s1 ep16) is the single greatest brooklyn nine nine - nay, comedy tv show - episode ever made and i’ll probably never ever get tired of watching it:

- strong underlying plot surrounding the discrimination against race and sexuality perpetuated by the NYPD and how awful and hurtful and gross that behaviour is

- zero dancing around the above subject, even going so far as to bluntly describe the perpetrators of the discrimination as “many of whom look exactly like you” to the white cishet male protagonist

- consequent acknowledgement of said protagonist of the crappiness of the behaviour even though he himself has never expressed even a hint of being prejudiced (he doesn’t get defensive, or scoff and brush it off, or say “Well, NOT ME”; Jake’s uncomfortable with emotions, sure, and says so, but not once in that scene does he dismiss Kevin’s concerns as not applying to him - rather, he demonstrates with his actions how much he (and the rest of the squad) care about and respect Captain Holt)

- kevin cozner is unfortunately not the star of danzes with wolvez

- [terrible falsetto] “Raymond, those slacks are a knockout!”

- the entire trope setup of the squad being in a Super Affluent Adult Situation, suddenly magnifying their collective weirdo-ness by showing how whacky their regular shenanigans really are in a normal Real World setting

- a party, no less

- for their boss’s birthday

- oh man

- “don’t move in a group! you’re not gazels!!”

- Charles having to put on Terry’s fifty-sizes-too-big cardigan to hide the massive salsa stain on his shirt

- “this fits so well, Terry, we have such similar physiques!”

- the hecnking. the fact that to any outside observer who did not Know amy santiago and jake peralta, watching them sneak upstairs one right after the other with no context could have only been interpreted as “they’re gonna go bang”, when, in fact, banging was the last thing on either of their minds

- they were instead concerned with trying to either a) back the unfortunate pro-slavery stance they’d accidentally backed themselves into or b) heinously violate the captain’s privacy by cataloguing the presence of “how it’s made: contact lenses” on his DVR, oh my God

- “we’re could have been really cool people! we weren’t, but we could have been!”

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Happy 20th Anniversary, Buffy!

Happy 20th Anniversary to my all-time favorite show, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER! Yep, it’s already been 20 years since the first episode of the show that changed my life aired. Buffy is the ultimate underdog show in several different ways, not only it completely blew out genre TV and horror movie conventions, but we’re talking about a show based on a failed movie, premiering on a network nobody watched. Regardless, creator Joss Whedon managed to reinvent the face of television mixing drama, comedy and horror to a heavy Comic Book influence, with amazing storytelling, clever dialogue, envelope-pushing ideas and truly compelling characters. Its influence is felt in basically every fantasy show ‘til today. Joss wanted to create a strong female cultural icon and he accomplished it, creating THE strongest one since Wonder Woman, imho. 20 Years teaching girls to be brave, to stand tall and fight back.
Unforgettable stories were told, such as Hush, a scary silent horror tale; The Body, a claustrophobic music-free episode about death; Restless, a trippy surrealistic episode; The Gift, my definition of sacrifice and what it means to be a hero to this day; and Once More With Feeling, a truly full of heart musical episode which I believe it’s the single GREATEST episode of any show ever!
However, what made it the best show ever for me was what it made me feel. I usually say I didn’t watch it, I LIVED Buffy. I was in High School when the Scoobies were in High School. I stayed with them as we’ve been together through college, first romantic and sexual experiences, heartbreaks, mourning… we’ve been through life together. I laughed with them, cried with them, and they’ve helped me during dark times. I’ve never felt that connection to a show and probably won’t ever experience it again. I’ve learned more about life, feminism, love, growing up, equality, tolerance, prejudice, respect and several other subjects with this show and its clever metaphors than anywhere else. I have no doubt I would be a completely different (and lesser) person without this show in my life. And for that, I will be forever grateful. Happy 20th Anniversary, Buffy. You saved my life. A lot. ❤️

victorious is the greatest show ever made in herstory of tv shows it invented television it invented the concept of tv it literally invented the concept of acting and musicals and having people interact on screen and whomever disagrees is fcking wrong cause i know what im talking about

It’s sad that few will ever understand how Scream Queens is one of the greatest and funniest TV shows ever made.

Christ, Emma Roberts is basically Regina George on acid. She’s insane. She knows she is. (But it’s implied her parents drove her that way.)

Abigail Breslin is sad and lonely because she’s “fat” (but she isn’t really.) 

Then there’s Billie Lourd’s blank, passive and dead-eyed stare to all the horror that is occurring all around her. (She doesn’t give a shit.) 

IMO, this show has a lot to say about feminism, teen movies and the horror film genre in general. 

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prompt: Killian goes grocery shopping with Emma, finds condoms, and she has to explain them to him there in the store.

Mwhahahaahaha. For you, love. Only for you.

Health & Beauty

Poloxamer 407? What the hell?

Emma turns the carton over, scrunching her nose at the shiny packaging. 


She puts down the box, picks up another. Carrageenan? “Hmmmm?” 

“Swan?” Louder, this time.

“Killian,” she sighs, deep, long-suffering “For the last time. I am not buying you anymore Nutella.”

“No, love. What use does one have for,” he pauses to look at the container in his hand, “Trojans?”

The thud of the toothpaste carton hitting the tile floor echoes through the grocery store, and Emma feels her mouth gape open and shut.

Looking for all the world like he is perusing the latest issue of The Economist, there is Hook, standing in the middle of the Health & Beauty aisle in his leather jacket, intently reading the back of a box of condoms.

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What Legend of Korra Should Have Been

I’ve been rewatching A:TLA with my husband, as he had never seen it before, and was just awed by the beauty of it. I genuinely believe that Avatar: The Last Airbender is the greatest show ever made, if not one of the greatest stories ever told.

Which means, if you’re like me, that you too were disappointed with Legend of Korra. It had nothing of A:TLA’s scope, no heart, the characters were less compelling. It sacrificed the storytelling mastery and themes of hope for a shittier, “grittier” tale. So, I thought I might write a… different version. 

This is the first episode of the Legend of Korra that Should Have Been.

Pale light trickles in through the glassless windows of the restored Eastern Air Temple. No longer are its walls marred by thorny vines and the ashes of airbenders past. 100 years have done much to bring the temple to its former glory. 

And there is Avatar Aang, lying in his boyhood bed, surrounded by all his family. Children, grandchildren, the drooling faces of a few great-grandchildren that are too young to understand the magnitude of today. Beside him, the wrinkled face of Katara smiles gently. Her eyes are wet, but she does not mourn like the others. Aang, his sight blurring and fading, somehow sees her crystal clear. She looks as beautiful as the day he first stepped out of the ice.

“I’ll be with you shortly,” Katara says, whispering so the rest of the family can’t hear. She knows her time is come. But she won’t rest until Aang is asleep. She’s always been like that - unable to rest until his tossing and turning ceases, until his nightmares fade away and she’s thoroughly soaked that nagging scar on his back. Sokka, Suki, Toph and Zuko - they’ve all long passed. Katara and Aang have outlasted them all, but for today.

Aang smiles. His eyes sparkle, then close, and his last breath of air leaves him.

In the Southern Water Tribe, a baby girl is born, squawling and red-faced from screaming. Her mother sighs in exhaustion, grateful to be done with a hard labor. The mother takes her child, and notes the bright, bright blue eyes glaring up at her, a contentious furrow to her infant brow.

The mother has a strange sense that her troubles have only just begun.

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Hey! I can't find too much about it but it seems like sheath and the TFIL guys are doing a show called 'Fill in the Prank' which could be kind of cool and explains why Heath might be slacking in the uploading department haha

ok this is so weird because that show is old…but none of them ever talked about it?! Elton posted a photo on instagram last October(!) of him, Heath, Amanda, Sam, Colby, and a camera crew with the caption “We just finished filming our first TV show! The crew I got to work with was ridiculously awesome. So excited for ya’ll to see it. Stay tuned in January 😊😊😊 ” x . Unless i’m mistaken, none of them talked about a show in January. Every episode of “Fill in the Prank” is online and i have no idea why Elton wouldn’t talk about it because it’s actually good? like it’s not the greatest show ever made but it’s a lot like his vines and older Youtube videos. Something weird had to have happened with this show…and Elton and Scott just finished filming a new show a few days ago, i wonder if it’s a continuation of this or if it’s something completely different.

“Andrea’s death is the greatest mistake the show ever made. And I don’t get the hate. Glenn’s praised for keeping his humanity yet Andrea is hated for it? For wanting 2 communities to survive? The argument of her sleeping with The Governor is stupid too. She didn’t know & when she did, it ended. She tried to do the right thing. People slut shame her but Abraham flirts with Sasha in a relationship & fans call him “awesome” for it. The extreme double standards & sexism in this fandom is astounding.”

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Things you said when you thought i was asleep. Jikook please

Jungkook was very tempted to take a picture of Jimin in his current state.

The older had knocked out in the midst of their binge-watching of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, which at first offended Jungkook because nobody falls asleep on one of the greatest shows ever made in the 21st Century.

But just as he was about to start scolding Jimin, Jungkook glanced at said person, whose head was resting on the younger’s lap, and thought he looked adorable.

“Hyung actually isn’t half-bad looking when he’s asleep and not being annoying,” Jungkook mumbled in slight awe.

“Thanks,” Jimin suddenly said, opening his eyes, which may or may not have given the younger a mini heart attack.

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