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Stargate is honestly the greatest Sci-fi series of all time and i will fight you on this

Samantha Carter and Janet Fraiser are two of the greatest female role models in scifi canon. Both are brilliant, super competent at their jobs, not sexualised but not desexualised, and they’re friends with and support each other.  Both are ranking members of the US airforce, and have a core belief of helping people and doing the right thing. But they’re both human. They get to be fallible, they get to be angry, and frustrated, and sad, and flustered, and it never invalidates their abilities or importance.

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Daniel Jackson is the scifi hero we all deserve. He’s kind, gentle, and so damn excited about learning. Just learning more. His life has been so crap any other show would have turned him into a broody mess but no, not Daniel. Even at his lowest and sourest, he still desperatly wants to help others, to preserve other cultures, and save people. He literally dies for it. Multiple times. He’s a scifi explorer who honestly loves exploring. He truly loves it

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And then Jack again could have been the most grizzled anti hero imaginable (hello movie!jack), but instead we have this kind, kooky, sarcastic space hero who just wants to be everyone’s dad and protect people from bad things. But at the same time he never folds on his principles, or who he is.

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Teal’c could have been this hostile angry alien, or this overplayed goofball who doesn’t ‘get’ humanity. But instead they gave us someone serene and gentle, but proud and fierce. Someone who actually believed that they might loose their fight against his oppressors, but was willing to die trying, and willing to help others along the way. 

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And finally general Hammond. He could have been an obstructive burocrat, a pencil pusher with no respect for the other races they encounter, but instead he is the most sensible and level headed man in the series. and he cares  This is a man who has the president on speed dial 2, behind his granddaughters, but he will miss his granddaughters recital if one of his team is missing in the field. This is a man who loves his team so much that he all but admits he would rather have Teal’c die than hand him over to the tortures of the goverment when he goes evil, because he ‘won’t do that to him’. He never over plays it into incompitence though. He is always logical and practicle about his decisions. This is a man who continously strives to do the right thing not just for his people, but for his planet, and his galaxy. 

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I could write a billion love letters to this perfect series that is an example of how amazing Sci-Fi can be if you just have characters who care.

Top Figure Skating Routines of All Time

there are so many incredible routines, routines that make me laugh, ones that make me cry, smile, fall in love but there are some routines that transcend and have become truly something special, in their own class. 

I’m going to go with top 3 all time then top 3 all time for each division, I’m going with top 3 to limit myself because otherwise it’d get wayyyyy too long.

Top 3 figure skating routines of all time

1: “Winter” Alexei Yagudin

This routine man I just don’t know how to explain but the reason it’s in my top 3 is because it is everything a figure skating routine should be, it is engaging and creative, there is a clear character and concept and Yagudin pulls it off so beautifully. My coach calls this the greatest of all time and I would have to say I definitely don’t disagree.

2: “Poeta” Stephane Lambiel

I used this version because he really settled into the routine the longer he did it and here is a beautiful performance regardless of the jumps. This program. It has a story, a clear defined story that Stephane portrays so wonderfully it’s just mesmerising. It has character, it has creativity and it is hypnotizing (the eyeBROW THE E Y E B R O W)

I have to add this in but he performed it 10 years later and it’s just as amazing as it was back then 

3: “Bolero” Torvill and Dean

Truly GOAT, Torvil and Dean’s Bolero will go down in history as one of the most memorable and famous programs ever. It has such a strong and beautiful character, they use the building repetition of the music so well and their skating builds and moves to match it. Everything about this program is phenomenal and It truly deserves the GOAT title.

Honourable mentions include: Yuna Kim’s Les Mis, Gershwin and Send in the Clowns, Plushenko’s Nijnsky, Davis and White’s Notre Dames, Yuzuru Hanyu’s SEIMEI and Shoma Uno’s Loco

Top 3 Men’s routines of all time 

1: “Winter” Alexei Yagudin

see above

2: “Poeta” Stephane Lambiel

see above

3: “SEIMEI” Yuzuru Hanyu

This program, heart on his sleeve and a love letter to his country and culture, it has such a compelling character to it. The small details of the choreography, the movements of his hands in the spins and the glorious step sequence on the final climax of the music!! Everything is just so hypnotising.

Honourable Mentions: Stephane Lambiel’s William Tell and Four seasons (everything except the costume), Plushenko’s Bolero and Njinsky

Ladies, Ice Dance and Pairs coming next

Top Figure Skating Programs of All Time

Top 3 Ladies Programs of All Time

1: “Les Miserables” Yuna Kim

This is such a beautiful and emotional performance, I had a hard time deciding which program out of Kiss of the Vampire, Gershwin, Homage to Korea and This but I ultimately decided to go with this because the emotion in it makes me feel things everytime I watch it. Her 3lz is incredible and her movements so beautiful I just love her a lot.

2: “Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto no.2″ Mao Asada.

The sheer emotion in this performance, the gorgeous spiral, the twizzles and the amazing step sequence at the end are all phenomenal. But the context is what truly cements this for me. Mao’s reaction at the end just shows how monumental this program was for her and for fans and it was an historic moment.

3: “An Angel Ave Maria” Carolina Kostner

She truly is an angel, this program goes down as my favourite Ave Maria and one of my favourite routines because Carolina is so compellingly and mesmerisingly beautiful that I tear up everytime. The look on her face on the end pose is just… celestial.

I just had to go with the holy trinity for this.

Honourable mentions: Michelle Kwan’s East of Eden, Sasha Cohen’s Swan Lake, Mao Asada Liebestraume, Yuna Kim’s Gershwin and everything else, and I also adore Ashley Wagner’s Exogenisis. 

Top Ice Dance programs of all time

1: “La Quete” Delobel/Schoenfelder

What are they doing here? They’re telling me a story. The message, the characters, the story itself and the beautiful way they skate it, and above all the personal significance of this routine all make it my favourite ice dance program ever. Skating together since they were 12, former world champions, plagued by injuries, Delobel had had a child, they went in wanting the gold but by the free dance they knew that was out of reach so they were able to skate this so freely. Their goodbye to competition, this was the last time they skated this routine and the first. The story of their career told as they close the book. I have so much emotion over this whole thing and it makes me cry without fail every-time.

I leave you with the words my friend gave me when she 1st showed me this “she had a surprise for you”

2: “Bolero” Torvil and Dean

Truly GOAT, Torvil and Dean’s Bolero will go down in history as one of the most memorable and famous programs ever. It has such a strong and beautiful character, they use the building repetition of the music so well and their skating builds and moves to match it. Everything about this program is phenomenal and It truly deserves the GOAT title.

Reasons I think Fablehaven is a grossly underappreciated series

I’ve been a huge fan of this series ever since my parents bought me the books about 8 years ago or so, but sadly, in the light of the final novels for the Harry Potter series making their debut, other fantasy novels were lost to the wind in the tidal wave of fame HP received. So I’m just going to make a big appreciation post for one of the greatest novel series of all time (in my opinion - and I’m going to keep it as spoiler free as possible). If you read this series, or heard of it, you might understand what I talk about, and you are now my friend.

Here’s a list of things that, as a writer, I appreciate:

  • The story context. The idea of a preserve for magical creatures is just baller, okay? Tell me that doesn’t sound epic.
  • The protagonists. Not only are there two main protagonists, who share the attention of the plotline equally, but they are also SIBLINGS. The brother, Seth, is a bit of a troublemaker, and is the catalyst for a lot of crazy interactions (though he rarely takes things too far if he can help it). He’s got high levels of sass, and his lines are some of the best I’ve ever seen in writing. He’s enjoyable, but also knows when it’s time to cut the crap. Since he’s rarely serious, that makes the impact all the greater when he DOES get his act together. Kendra, the older sister by one year, is a stickler for keeping to the rules, but will often cave in and follow her brother around at the promise of a little fun, even though most of the time she’s making sure he just doesn’t hurt himself. While more sensitive than her brother in some cases, she’s often the stronger of the two, in that she gets. Sh*t. DONE. It is so rare for me to find novels and written works that have protagonists who are also close siblings and maintain their relationship as brother and sister realistically throughout the series, and their personalities bounce off of each other SO WELL. They’re easy to follow, but still intelligent. A good balance that respects the characters as well as the reader for not dumbing down their speech when unnecessary.
  • The writing. The style is beautiful, it absolutely paints pictures in your head. Which is great, since actual illustrations are hardly ever present in the book - only 2-3 full-page images per book that aren’t the small titlecards to the chapter at the top of the page, which only serve the purpose of showing the location of the current chapter. A lot of care and attention went into the writing of these novels - the pacing is perfect to keep you absorbed and not bore you, but also not too fast so as to be throwing things at you when you need a break from the insanity. And trust me. There will be insanity.
  • The Fables. They’re not technically called ‘Fables’ in the books, it’s just easier for me to call them that - in reality, I’m referring to EVERY SINGLE FANTASTICAL CREATURE. Not just the classics - demons, dragons, fairies, centaurs - but also the incredible variety and the sheer scale of it all. Fablehaven incorporates legends from all over the world, it truly gives you the feeling that there is magic everywhere, to the point where you almost can’t escape it. I swear to god, I started checking everywhere to look for magical animals when I was done reading these novels, and I was sixteen when I finished them - these books are that good, people. Egyptian/African mythological creatures? Got ‘em. Native American legends? Those too. Australian terrors? Yep. Nordic mythical creatures? Absolutely. Outlandish and surreal new monsters you haven’t thought of? Definitely. You want it? Fablehaven probably has it.
  • The risk. There is no pussyfooting around with this series. They establish right away in the very first book that literally anything can kill you. ANYTHING. Clay golem = deadly as hell. Water nymphs = oh their goal in life is to kill you because it’s ‘funny’. Fairies = mess with them, they will wreck your shit. Cursed plants = have been known to leave no survivors. Floating balloon-like bulbs = yeah those are filled with an extremely acidic gas that will fill the air instantly and melt you like butter if they pop, which can happen if you so much as touch them. The sense of danger being everywhere is very potent, and keeps you on edge for something to go down all the time.
  • The villains. Oh, there’s no way in hell I’m telling you who the villains are. Because you will never see it coming when you find out. Half of the series, you don’t even know who the villains are, and sometimes you even question which is morally right or wrong. Which makes it all the more disturbing when you find out who. But I will tell you this. The villains are some of the most bone-chilling I’ve ever read about, and this is coming from a second-year college student. This isn’t Scooby Doo, kiddies. The author doesn’t BS around and treats it as real life, and by god does it work.
  • The plot twists. Once again, I ain’t telling you jack. You have to find out for yourself. The writers and editors for these books were geniuses. Only when you hit the plot twists and the bombs are dropped on you do you realize that they were being hinted to at all.
  • THE MOTHERF%$#ING DRAGONS. DUDE. Fablehaven has one of the BEST. THE BEST. INTERPRETATION OF DRAGONS I’VE EVER SEEN. Dragons aren’t just beasts to be slain, or ridden like steeds - the dragons are magical beings of incredible power, revered and allowed to live freely in secret magical preserves. Not because they’re hunted, oh no. Because if they were allowed to be released into the world, they would cause massive chaos when attacked by humans who don’t understand them. The dragons are NOT to be trifled with - in fact, if you tried to ride one, they would kill you on the spot. To put a skeleton of one on display is practically blasphemous, so trophy hunters beware. And since their powers vary by species and individual, they aren’t just stereotypical firebreathers. There’s dragons who can turn into human form, there’s dragons who are made entirely of poison to the point where being in the same room as them would be instant death, dragons who can do nothing but turn invisible, even a six-legged Quetzalcoatl-like dragon who breathes a gas that forces people to tell the truth. Just. Mother. F*&^ing. DRAGONS.
  • The Fairy Trader. If you’re not even slightly amused by the fact that the magical preserve owners purchase and trade fairies with an Indiana Jones-type guy whose job is to travel the world and capture rare fairies to swap like Pokemon cards, our friendship is in jeopardy.
  • The drama. The moments when shit starts to get real, I can guarantee you will never forget. I can recall every moment from every book when things started getting heavy and dangerous, practically by heart. I draw a lot of inspiration from them, too. And harkening back to the variety of magical creatures that I mentioned before, that gives me a LOT of great source material from around the world.

And these are just some of the things! I can’t tell you any more of the things I want to gush about because they would be spoilers. But if this post doesn’t at least poke at your interest, well, I enjoyed writing it anyway.

This is one of those splash pages that’s forever iconic, and I can’t tell you how much that fucking DELIGHTS me. Over the years I’ve seen this image parodied dozens of times, even extending outside of the comic book medium. SO OF COURSE I CAN’T REMEMBER OR FIND A SINGLE FUCKING EXAMPLE, but I do promise you that they exist.

It’s fascinating to me how this image is so well-loved and so often recreated. So RESONANT. It’s from a thirty-four year old stand-alone bridge issue where nothing earth-shattering happens, no major comic book characters are introduced, there’s a fight but it’s over and done quickly and, beyond its character work, is largely forgettable.

So why does this image persist?

It’s part of what made the X-Men the greatest comic book series of its time (and ALL time, in my view): the humanity and raw emotion behind it. This is Kitty Pryde, fourteen years old and FURIOUS (for reasons I’ll explain in a minute), fighting back against her father figure. It’s the combination of adult anger and teenage wording. It’s the TRUTH of it. Not just in how Professor Xavier is a jerk (HE IS), but in how every single one of us have had that moment where we KNOW our parent figures are being unreasonable and underestimating us.

This issue is about Kitty’s refusal to let others decide her path and her determination to fight back. As a young Jewish girl and mutant, it’s a such an important issue for the woman she’ll grow to be, and this is her first return volley in that fight.

We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when…

Gravity Falls has made quite the impact on my life ever since my brother introduced it to me four years ago. A week after it has ended and my heart still aches. It’s basically one of my favourite animated series. I’m tremendously sad to see it go and I’m going to miss all the characters, but ultimately I’m just glad it happened and that it ended on a high note.

This piece is a huge thank you to the Gravtiy Falls team for making one of the funniest, cleverest, weirdest and greatest cartoon series of all time! Know that you have made something truly amazing and that you all, like the rest of us, will continue to find more weird and wonderful adventures.

No it wasn’t, Jake Goldman. The girls already had distinct personalities. All you guys did was change two of the main characters into copies of Simpsons characters (Buttercup and Blossom are Bart and Lisa now because you didn’t even bother to see how the two acted in the original series). You made one of the greatest side characters of all time (Robin Schneider) act and sound like a complete idiot. You got rid of a female character who was the smartest, most competent character in the entire series because she had boobs. You’re already being transmisogynist, misogynist, misandrist… all the -ists. You have so far done nothing to improve upon any of the characters of this series. You have no clue how to structure narratives and your episodes just jump all over the place.

And worst of all? You’re trying to separate the girls. Yeah, they have their personalities, but they’re the strongest as a team. And you’ve totally destroyed the team dynamic by so far constantly having Bubbles and Blossom in peril and Buttercup as the gallant hero who saves these two damsels.

You’re delusional. You’re not adding spokes. You’ve driven a car into what worked and pushed it off of a cliff and sent it to its fiery death.

do u ever take a selfie and don’t know what to do with ur hands??

well here are some suggestions to take a great selfie with no awkward hand!

1. hold a fake dog

2. hold a real cat

3. puppet show!

4. read a good book

5. (if u like it then u should have) put a ring on it

6. smoke em out with ur hot deck

and finally 7. pose with the greatest film series of all time

i hope this helps you all to take great selfies! 

Why is it better start Hokuto no Ken with manga?

Exploding heads, boiling testosterone, lame badassery – these were my impressions after bumping into Hokuto no Ken, an oldschool anime series from 1984, for the first time. Of course I didn’t have an intent to watch the show because of it’s silliness, but once the boredom hit me hard I decided to check it again. Luckly, my internet connection happened to be too weak to load an episode, so I decided to look into the manga instead. I’ve got sucked in quickly and discovered wonderful story not about mindless bloodbath, but tenderness and compassion. I wouldn’t say this is technically the greatest series of all time, but defenitely one of my favourites, which makes me coming back over and over due to it’s vital values. Obviously I would want this series to be more popular… but I can see why it’s hard to promote it.

Thanks to my initial reaction to the anime, I understand why people judge Hokuto no Ken as dumb, schematic and absurd. It’s somewhat upsetting, since the main problem lies not in the story itself, but in the execution. The animated version, especially the begining of it could be extremely misleading to the audience and even scare viewers off. Here I’m going to point out what made anime so hard to bear for newcomers and why they should rather start with the manga. So enjoy my little (spoiler free) rant.

Do you know how many episodes out of first 22 faithfully follow events from the first arc in the manga? 2, the first one and the last one. Other than that we have 11 actual fillers, in which main character, Kenshiro, is forced to fight bizarre and exotic opponents including wailing necromancer with giant pink afro, guy who evidently belongs to leather subculture, fire-breathing man straight from ancient Near East, lady who ended up with two big beads in her eye sockets and war machinery – because apparently all of these fits in the same universe. It’s all put in formulatic and repetitive plots. The concept is to introduce new enemy and make him or her be spectacularly killed by Ken as fast as possible, so it can be told in 22 minutes. This obsession to provide at least one fight during each episode (excluding flashback ones) only slows the pacing down. The rest of the season is just taking various elements and subplots from manga and adjust them into this scheme. Oh, and all of these bosses our main character have to slay are minions of Shin. Because of this huge build-up you could think that he is some kind of an ultimate threat to Kenshiro, but no, he dies in the very beginning of the manga (this could hardly be called a spoiler). In fact, the arc starring him as a main villian includes only 11 chapters of the manga. For some reason they decided to make a big deal out of him and even dedicated half of the opening sequence to him and his snarky grins.

Filler episodes from season 1 have also weird tendency to point out what kind of badass Kenshiro is on every possible occassion. He has superspeed, ability to (almost) fly, is indestructible, at some point he even wrecks a tank by punching it. Sure, most of these stories are absurdly over the top and due to that fact, hilarious, but at the same time they are giving wrong idea about the series to the new audience, as well as the featured repetitive formula in general. Not to mention most of these fillers make Ken looks bad, not like a savior he’s supposed to be. In each of them at least one person has to die before he decides to do anything to protect the innocents.

Speaking of looking bad – the quality of animation and artstyle can be atrocious in this series. We have already presented some of the worst of it, but believe me, it’s just a tip of the iceberg. Most of the series have moments in which animation is tacky and expressions are derpish, but it’s especially unfair when we are talking about Hokuto no Ken. It’s manga has one of the greatest, if not the best, drawings that you can find in japanese comics and it’s solely enough to check this title out.

In Hokuto no Ken anime post-apocaliptic universe all lives are in danger, so you can die in the blink of an eye… unless you are a woman or a child. While manga doesn’t hesitate to kill them, anime decides to spare the most innocent ones. I believe that’s what we all want to see, but it kinda ruins the dramatic mood. Overall, the manga is more brutal and graphic. In the original you’ll expierience sight of skeletons popping out of the bodies, flying internal organs and more than that, while the animated version stops on blood and censored, grotesque head explosions. Aside of visual aspects of the massacre, there’s also psychological terror which is strongly exploited in the manga. Although Hokuto no Ken is known for it’s gory imagery, the authors never consider it as series’ crucial advantage, neither do I. But if you do – look up to the manga, there’s a lot of creative killings and gruesome themes to be find in it.

The last, but not the least – the storyline presented in the anime is not complete. Aside of what was included in the anime, there’re 35 additional chapters that may interest you. Some fans bash it, but I think these extras feature perfect closure to the story, which allows you to fully appreciate characters’ development through the series.

So… didn’t anime make anything right?

However it’s not the best adaptation ever, it’s still, in my opinion, the best we’ve got so far. The fillers still appear later in the series, they become more tolerable after the first season. Anime contains some extra interactions between characters, the most notable is Ken’s relationship with kids which is nicely extended. You also can’t fully enjoy Hokuto no Ken without hearing wonderful voice acting the animated version provided – aside of unforgettable Akira Kamiya’s performance as Kenshiro there’s also huge cast of characters with unique voices. What is also pleasant to hear is the solid, memorable soundtrack with catchy and sentimental opening and ending themes. I would recommend it, but only if you’re already familiar with basis of the series.

me: oh ya hxh is ok,, was cute, great charas w good development,, the yorknew arc was intriguing,, 10/10 a Good Time all around

togashi: im back from the dead w the pariging manifesto