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This is the greatest animated scene of all time

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hi!! can you give me a quick summary of hook and emma from beginning to most current? thanks love !!

Once upon a time there was a lonely cupcake Savior who had walls miles high, and after dangers untold and hardships unnumbered- oops, detoured to The Labyrinth, my bad. Anyway, our Lonely Cupcake discovered she was the Lost Princess of Misthaven and broke a curse with TLK with her son, found her family, fell thru a portal, met her pirate soulmate, kissed him so hard in Neverland she helped him move past his vengeance and gave him something more to live for, but then they got cursed again and she lost her memories because FUCKING PETER PAN, she and Henry (her son) lived in New York for a year, was found by her pirate soulmate and brought back home…

*takes a deep breath* Fell thru another portal, but not just any portal, a TIME portal, accidentally messed up her parents meeting, met her pirate soulmate’s past self and made his present self JEALOUS (tee-hee), danced at ball and was swept off her feet by said pirate soulmate, fixed what she done fucked up, came back home aND FOUND OUT PIRATE SOULMATE TRADED HIS SHIP FOR HER BECAUSE LE TRUE LOVE (BUT WE WON’T DISCOVER THAT’S TRUE TIL SEASON FIIIIIIVE).

There was domestic bliss for six weeks and the best relationship development to ever develop (DON’T YOU KNOW, EMMA??? IT’S YOU), also grilled cheese and onion rings, I can’t even talk about it. Then some dumb ass author showed up and wrote an AU, but we should say thanks, I guess, because we got to watch CS meet for the first time AGAIN and Killian was shy and awestruck and drank goat’s milk and Emma was hearteyez AF and eyelash fluttery, also the Gods of ABC blessed us with “muscle memory” aka one of the greatest scenes OF. ALL.TIME. Sorry Taylor Swift, OF. ALL. TIME. And then Killian died to protect Emma and she admitted that sHE LOVED HIM SO HARD STAB ME IN THE EYE OH MY GOD. Then she done helped fix the author’s fuck up and everything went back to normal and then she saw Killian and tackle-hugged him to the bed (OH MY GOD PUNCH ME) and said she needed to tell him something (spoiler alert, it was, “I love you”) and Killian was like, “MMHMM. YES, SWAN. I AM LISTENING, WHAT IS IT, I KNOW BUT TELL ME PLEASE BECAUSE REASONS.” But then Emma chickened out and didn’t say it and she smooshed her forehead to his instead. T-T *takes another deep breath* And then Emma took on The DarknessTM but not before telling Killian she loved him HAHAHAH It was painfully awesome.

Then came the birth of Dark SwanTM and Dark HookTM with a bunch of CUTE AF CS SCENES OH MY GOD IT WAS DISGUSTINGLY AMAZING SERIOUSLY CAMELOT WAS SO GOOD TO US. Hook sacrificed himself to Save EmmaTM and then Emma was like, FUCK THAT NOISE I WILL DO ANYTHING TO PROTECT MY HUSBAND, and then she went to the Underworld to Save KillianTM. Hades was a dick and things we’re looking pretty bad for CS and there was this awful goodbye scene at the elevator where Killian made Emma go back without him because there was no way for him to leave, and when I say awful, it was the best thing to ever happen to me. Anyway, Zeus pardoned Killian and returned him to where he belonged – with Emma :’)))) HAHAHAH I KNOW, IT’S TOO MUCH PERFECTION.

Now CS is living together and they are continuing to fight for each other and their Happy Ending, oh and Killian wants to propose, AND EMMA GON SAY YIS AND WE GON HAVE A MUSICAL WEDDING. The End. And ofc they’re going to live Happily Ever After, FIGHT ME.


#watchfuturama meme [8/10 scenes]: Greatest Opera of All Time Sucks

“Your lyrics lack subtlety! You can’t just your characters announce how they feel! That makes me feel angry!” 

For the Hannah Montana AU
  • Nino: Mari. Mari? Mari.
  • Marinette: *enter daydream, sexy jazz music plays*
  • Marinette: *rushes across hallway, sweeps Chloe and Lila aside with one arm* Move over girls.
  • Marinette: *grabs Adrien by the shirt and pulls him towards her* Listen Chat, and listen good. There's only one dame in the world who's right for a guy like you and you're looking at her.
  • Adrien: *tosses hair* What took you so long, baby?
  • Marinette: Traffic! Now plant one on me and make me remember why I waste my time with you. *pulls him in for a kiss*
  • Nino: Mari. MARI.
  • Marinette: *end daydream* What?!

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Could castlevania be one of the first "video game to animation" adaptions that is actually good??????~!!!?!?!?!?!!111one

Are you implying that the Super Mario Bros. Super Show wasn’t the greatest video game adaptation of all time? With scenes like this?


But in all seriousness, it does look promising!

'Orphan Black' A to Z: Dive Into the Show's DNA Before Its Final Season

‘Orphan Black’ A to Z: Dive Into the Show’s DNA Before Its Final Season

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Source: Entertainment Weekly

A: Alison Hendrix

She’s just your everyday suburbanite mom — aside from the drug dealing and gun toting she does when she’s not crafting, acting in musicals, or running for school trustee. She’s also fiercely protective of her husband (and former monitor), Donnie, and their two children.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

B: Body Double

How does Maslany manage to play so many integral roles on the series? Kathryn Alexandre has been the star’s stand-in for Orphan Black’s entire run. Once the show’s invisible secret weapon, she was eventually rewarded with a minor onscreen role, playing Alexis.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

C: Cosima

Cosima Niehaus, one of the original Clone Club members, is a pot-smoking, board-game-playing former Ph.D. student specializing in evolutionary developmental biology. She puts her science smarts to use, researching her sisters’ origins and trying to find a cure for the respiratory illness that threatens the lives of almost all Leda clones — including her own.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

D: Dance Party

The season 2 finale brought Sarah, Helena, Alison, and Cosima together for the first time, and after all they’d endured, the sestras (“sisters” in show parlance) took a moment to cut loose. But it wasn’t all fun and games; shooting the complex clone dance party took two days. The result: Orphan Black’s most memorable scene.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

E: Episode Titles

The ethics of cloning isn’t the only topic on Orphan Black that requires analysis. Each season has taken its episode names from specific texts (season 1 used Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species; season 2 borrowed from the works of Sir Francis Bacon; then Dwight D. Eisenhower and Donna Haraway followed, with season 5 set to use the poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox). The titles are sometimes ominous, often telling, and always open to interpretation.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

F: Felix

Honorary Clone Club member Felix Dawkins (Jordan Gavaris) is Sarah Manning’s foster brother and a loyal ally to her sestras. When he’s not risking his neck to save their lives, he can be found turning tricks or painting graphic murals in the buff. Despite his frequent forays into territory that’s not strictly legal, Felix serves as a voice of reason.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

G: Genetics

Questions about DNA and identity are the very center of Orphan Black. The clones are exact genetic copies — so why are they so different from one another? Their DNA is patented — so what rights do they have to their own lives? Their creators meddle with genes in an effort to direct evolution — but at what point are they crossing an ethical line?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

H: Helena

Introduced in the third episode as “the killer clone,” Helena was raised by the Proletheans to be an assassin on the hunt for her fellow clones. Fast-­forward to now, and she’s become an integral (and deadly) part of the Clone Club, helping her earn the distinction as the most vicious, hilarious, and pregnant clone.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

I: Impersonation

Let’s be honest: There are some real negatives to being a clone (see: the whole conspiracy thing). But the best aspect — besides having ride-or-die sestras — has to be duping bad guys or undecided school-trustee voters by pretending to be another clone.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

J: John Fawcett and Graeme Manson

Susan and Ethan Duncan may have spearheaded Project Leda, but these two television masterminds are the true creators of our favorite band of clones. Manson serves as the primary writer, and Fawcett has directed 17 episodes, including every season finale.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

K: Kira

Kira Manning (Skyler Wexler) is the young daughter of clone Sarah, which is pretty miraculous considering the clones were genetically programmed to be sterile — the unexpected side effect of which is a deadly respiratory illness. Kira’s stem cells may offer the key to a cure. She also seems to have an unexplained knack for predicting the future.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

L: Leda

Named after the Greek myth of Leda and the Swan, Project Leda is the code name for the Dyad Institute program that created Beth, Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, and the other female clones. With the exception of the villainous Rachel, the Leda clones were raised without any awareness of the nature of their birth and DNA.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

M: Monitors

Spying on the clones for Dyad should be an unforgivable sin. Yet Delphine Cormier (Evelyne Brochu), Paul Dierden (Dylan Bruce), and Donnie Hendrix (Kristian Bruun) have all managed to redeem themselves over the course of the series, whether it be through love, sacrifice, or humor. Plus, how can we hold a grudge against half of the duo behind TV’s all-time greatest twerking scene?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

N: Neolution

Darwin this isn’t — Neolution is a movement that believes mankind can use scientific knowledge to advance its evolution as a species. It has a corporate face in the Dyad Institute but will be best remembered for its body-­modified believers.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

O: Original

All the clones — female and male — originate from one woman: Kendall Malone (Alison Steadman). She absorbed her twin brother in the womb and possessed both male and female DNA, which scientists harvested while she was in prison. Kendall is also the mother of Siobhan (Maria Doyle Kennedy), who raised Sarah and Felix.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

P: Proletheans

A secretive group that believes synthetic biology should only be carried out in God’s name, their views on clones are divided — ­traditionalists see them as abominations, but another sect, which saw them as miracles, kidnapped and forcibly impregnated Helena.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Q: Queer

Orphan Black has been embraced by the LGBTQ community because of its treatment of queer characters, including Felix, bisexual Cosima, and transgender clone Tony Sawicki (Maslany).

Source: Entertainment Weekly

R: Rachel

Unlike her fellow Leda clones, Rachel was brought up knowing that she’s part of an experiment, and she works for her creators. Ruthless, manipulative, and cold, underestimate her at your own peril.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

S: Sarah

Brash, British, and totally badass, Sarah Manning began her journey to discovering her clone identity on that fated train platform where she crossed paths with Beth Childs. What’s come next has included deep levels of conspiracy and intrigue, not to mention high doses of danger, but it also gave her (plus Felix, Kira, and all the Orphan Black fans) the best sisterhood — or should we say sestrahood? — around.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

T: Tatiana Maslany

Arguably the hardest-­working actor on TV, Maslany’s played nearly a dozen characters so far on Orphan Black, including the five distinctive women at the heart of the story. Her performance earned her one Emmy, but she deserves a trophy for each one of the clones.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

U: Unknowns

Orphan Black has revealed a lot about Neolution and the clones’ origins, but there are plenty of unanswered questions: How many more clones are out there? What’s up with Kira’s prescient abilities? Is there a cure for the illness that threatens Cosima and her sisters? Here’s hoping season 5 offers some answers.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

V: Village

Yet another quandary for the clones to unravel is this mysterious colony on the show’s very own Island of Dr. Moreau, whose inhabitants include a man seen in Rachel’s visions. Who they are, why they’re there, and why Delphine is with them will be among the questions fans will be looking to have answered before the series’ end.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

W: Westmorland

The clones’ long and often perilous journey has led them to 170-year-old Neolution founder P.T. Westmorland (Stephen McHattie). Described by co-creator Manson as the “most evil man in the world,” the mysterious figure is finally stepping into the spotlight in Orphan Black’s final season.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

X: Experiments

Cloning may be Orphan Black’s signature scientific foray, but it’s not the only one. Neolutionists push the boundaries of human evolution — and our stomachs —­ with wild body modifications and implanted “maggot-bots,” while Cosima logs ample time in the lab searching to cure her own health issues before it’s too late.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Y: Y Chromosome

Clone Club was an all-girls’ club no longer when Ari Millen arrived in season 2 to play Project Castor’s Mark, Rudy, Seth, Miller, and last (known) man standing Ira, Rachel’s brother and adoptive mother’s boyfriend (you read that right).

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Z: Zygotes

Sarah and Helena, who shared a surrogate birth mother, also share a genetic mutation that allows them to have children, unlike their sestras. Helena is currently carrying twins — and still kicking ass. (Don’t mess with her babies.)

Source: Entertainment Weekly