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so I was scrolling through your fic tag and stumbled upon the one where dean and cas watched Hercules with sam and they finally confessed to each other because of it. The parallels!!!!

Right? That’s one of my faves! Ah, I need to make a miniature meta-ish post now :P 

Hercules, the Hero: Zeus & Hera’s son, who is born as a God until Hades’ minions feed him the potion that strips him of his divinity. Adopted by mortal parents, Hercules is lost and doesn’t know where he belongs.

 Searching for answers, he does everything he possibly can to redeem himself as a God in the eyes of his father, Zeus. 

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Megara, the Damsel in Distress: human, has trust issues because of previous unsuccessful relationships, and is found to have sold her soul to Hades to save an unfaithful lover. Hades then manipulates her in order to defeat Hercules. She’s also the anti-Damsel who refuses Hercules’ help when he first comes to rescue her from a Centaur. 

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Meg falls in love with him, yet is adamant on keeping her feelings to herself.

The gist…

Hercules becomes a celebrity after slaying many monsters, but Zeus tells him it isn’t enough to restore his Godhood. He confides in Meg.

On the night of Hades’ World Domination, Hades makes Hercules a deal: give up his powers for 24 hours. He accepts on the condition that Meg stays safe. He is heartbroken when Hades reveals that Meg was his tool the entire time.

The Titans are unleashed, and during this Hades Apocalypse, Meg – consumed by guilt (and of course, her love for Hercules) – is critically injured when she saves him from a falling pillar. This breaks Hades’ agreement on Meg being unharmed, and Hercules gets his powers back. 

^Dean will say this in S13 #myS13wishlist

He frees the gods and saves Zeus, but Meg dies before he’s able to return to her. 

Wikipedia continuation: With Meg’s soul now Hades’ property, Hercules breaks into the Underworld where he negotiates with Hades to free Meg from the Styx River in exchange for his own life. His willingness to sacrifice his life restores his godhood and immortality before the life-draining river can kill him; he rescues Meg and punches Hades into the Styx, where souls flush him under. After reviving Meg, she and Hercules are summoned to Olympus, where Zeus and Hera welcome their son home. However, Hercules chooses to remain on Earth with Meg, in merit of immortality.

I mean, the clear parallels/reverse parallels and romance tropes Smack-Dabb you in the face here! 

Hercules and Meg were each other’s weaknesses. 

Hades knew this, and he used it to his advantage. Sound familiar? 

Who has been mocked and criticized for Falling from Grace – for falling in love with ‘Humanity’

Who has endured years of soul-searching: unsure of his true place both on Earth and in Heaven?

Who, after seasons and seasons of phenomenal character build-up, is destined to make the same choice Hercules did

Who will “sacrifice” or shed his divinity (and HAS sacrificed, many times) for the one human he has always prioritized over everything else? The one human he loves the most? The one human who is his weakness?

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Who used to desperately initiate demon deals, selling their soul? 

Who experienced past toxic mental and emotional struggles of the self and dealt with their own trust issues?

Who was manipulated by Evil forces, then ‘saved’ by the one they love?

Who doesn’t say he’s in love, but shows it instead (and is ready to use his words this time, now that he tore down his internal walls)? 

Who does Meg – Hercules’ Resilient Human Lover – symbolize quite accurately?

Just like Hercules and Meg…

Dean and Cas are each other’s weaknesses. 

I’m a complete sucker for Disney Love Story Parallels because Destiel is also narratively written as a romance, and it still blows my mind that you can match them to nearly every famous love story/romance trope out there! 

So, I expect S13 to be the season where all of these romantic storytelling elements grow more and more obvious to casual viewers as we enter the Endgame Destiel homestretch (12x19 onwards). The cake is baked. We’re just waiting for the icing to dry until the glittery finishing touches are added.

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Hi, random question, but is Hannibal actually about Will being gay with Hanni, or is kinda like what happens with sterek and teen wolf? When lots of people watched it cause they thought it was going to be about stiles and Derek. What is Hannibal actually about?

Well I’ve never watched Teen Wolf, so I won’t be able to confirm or deny any similarities there, but I wouldn’t say that Hannibal is about anyone “being gay” with anyone else. The show is about love and human connection, with Will and Hannibal’s relationship being the focus of the show, all shown through the lens of #aesthetic horror. Sexuality and sexual fluidity are certainly a part of that, Hannibal is aesthetically a very queer show, but more often than not this is explored via metaphor and subtext.

That being said, Will and Hannibal’s relationship is canonically romantic, and the homoerotic undertones are very explicit. Bryan Fuller set out to explore a heterosexual male friendship between the two of them, but that’s not at all where they ended up. It was always intended to be a love story, but even the king of all things queer couldn’t have predicted that the chemistry between Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy would result in one of the greatest romances to ever grace our televisions.

Will and Hannibal’s story is a love story, and it is a love story that has sexuality threaded throughout, always lurking just beneath the surface, always coming to light via clever editing and heated glances and the occasional human topiary. But it’s not a traditional love story, and the sexuality that is present is not the focus of their love. Think Greek tragedy. Think the most toxic yet irresistible sort of love that you can imagine. Think obsession that reaches beyond the bounds of logic or morality.

I don’t want to get too spoilery, because I do sincerely hope you will make the decision to watch all 39 episodes on your own, but Will and Hannibal are canonically in love, and by the end of season 3 the nature of that love is textual. As of the end of the series’ run on NBC, there was no kiss or a romp between the sheets for the two of them, but it is canon all the same. And, hey, there’s always season 4. 

So, and as much as I hate using this word, you don’t have to worry about being ~queerbaited by this show. If anything, Bryan Fuller heterobaited himself when he actually thought he could put these two men together on screen

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and not wind up telling the most epic queer love story of our time.

tl;dr Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter are in love and everything is tragic and twisted and horrific and beautiful.