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For my birthday, Work Squish got me this ridiculous vintage cookbook (copyright 1963) because we’ve talked a few times about how I’m trying to be better about making actual food. Thought I’d share some of the ridiculous, hilarious, and horrifying things about it. Click on the pictures for snarky commentary!

Also, not gonna lie, as I was paging through this I was definitely thinking “oh, hey, old-timey recipes and cooking with gelatin - bet @copperbadge would get a kick out of this!”

Ardor [Jin]

{{ noun // great warmth of feeling ; intense enthusiasm, zeal ; burning heat }}

Add two cups of flour, half a cup of sugar, and a whole lot of hidden feelings.

Fluff. College AU. 3,319 words.

Joie De Vivre Series: a holiday collab with @dreamscript​ and @zephyoongist

Seokjin / Yoongi + Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook

!! CO-WRITTEN BY @dreamscript​​ AND @zephyoongist​​  !!


“Girl, I’m all for dressing for comfort but I’m ninety-nine percent sure you won’t make it past the bouncer in those.” Your suitemate, Kara, raises her perfectly trimmed brow, not bothering to hide the silent judging as she stares at your sweatshirt and pajama pants as though they’re something entirely alien compared to her skin tight glittering red dress.

“Yeah, uh, I’m not going. I forgot I had a project to work on… It’s due three days from now.” The last part, thankfully, manages to convince her as you wave your phone in the air as indication that you’ve just found out from your friend; the open chat says it all.

Or at least you hope. Because the blue bubbles of the message sent to you definitely do not mention any pending project or anything close to college matters. The only guarantee you get of her not seeing the text is her state of half-blind as she refuses to wear glasses outside of lectures, that, and one of the contacts are missing. She hasn’t gotten around to visiting the optometrist yet.

“Hm, I’m sure.” Krystal grins knowingly as she walks out of her room, having heard your earlier statement. “Ken texted me saying Jin had something come up too.”

Kara lets out a not so subtle, ooh, that turns into an aww, followed by a teasing, “When’s the wedding?”

So much for trying to keep it a secret.

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Cute unconventional pairings

Aries and Capricorn

- Very ambitious and together this two can achieve anything they want. Aries can show a more energetic side of life to capricorn and capricorn can teach aries how to be more patient and collected when needed and also LOTS and lots of sex.

Taurus and Libra

- Very romantic and beautiful couple, taurus is all about financial stability and libra is all about the balance between every aspect of life, together they can have a lot of fun shopping together the most expensive and breathtaking clothing and accessories, going out to dinner at expensive places and being romantic and flawless together with a lot of cuddling.

Gemini and Pisces

- Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy. This two can entertain each other with laughs and intellectual connection, gemini is very interested in learning and god knows how huge pisces wisdom is, pisces can show gemini everything they like and gemini will love it since they love to learn new things, gemini can make pisces comfortable and those two can go around the city at night alone to look at the stars together.

Cancer and Sagittarius

- Very hot pairing, cancer can become less shy in social settings with sagittarius and sagittarius will become more homely learning the greatest cooking recipes they will ever imagine, a lot of dancing, funny conversations and kisses.

Leo and Virgo

- Spicy combination, virgo will most likely become more open about silly little things and leo will do anything possible to make their virgo happy, very loyal couple, with a lot of confidence and self-love, these two can host perfect parties with a lot of important details and incredible music and food to eat.

Scorpio and Aquarius

- Now this one if the one, aquarius and scorpio is the poster for loyalty, scorpio will see that aquarius is the one to trust and be involved with and aquarius would feel warmer and comfortable to be a weirdo with scorpio, these two can have a lot of night talking about conspiracy theories and dress ready to slay anyone else with a lot of black, purple and heavy eyeliner.