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Halloween Asks
  • Bat: If you could transform into any kind of animal, what animal would you be?
  • Black Cat: Are you superstitious? If so, what are you superstitious about?
  • Broomstick: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
  • Candy Corn: What food disgusts you the most?
  • Cauldron: What is your favorite thing to cook?
  • Cobwebs: One place you would never want to get lost in in the dark?
  • Coffin: Are you claustrophobic?
  • Demon: What is your worst flaw?
  • Eerie: One thing that always creeps you out?
  • Fright: What is your biggest fear?
  • Ghost: If you could be reincarnated, would you come back as another human or an animal? If an animal, what kind?
  • Gravestone: Ideal way you'd like to die?
  • Haunted House: If you could be roommates with anyone of your choice, who would you pick?
  • Hocus Pocus: What is the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard?
  • Howel: Your favorite kind of dog?
  • Jack-o'-lantern: Do you have any scars? If so, how many?
  • Monster: What is your favorite scary movie to watch in the dark?
  • Mummy: Would you rather be buried or cremated when you die?
  • Potion: What is your favorite thing to drink? Alcoholic and non alcoholic?
  • Pumpkin: What is your favorite food around the holidays?
  • Scream: Easiest way to scare you?
  • Skeleton: Tell me one of your biggest secrets?
  • Spooky: What was your last nightmare about?
  • Trick or Treat: Tell me about the greatest prank you've ever pulled?
  • Vampire: Which one are you? Early bird or night owl?
  • Witch: If could have the power to cast any kind of spell, what kind of spell would you cast?
  • Zombie: What is one food you always overeat?
A Man Exploring An Abandoned Factory Captures A Very Horrifying Picture

So as he takes a picture in the dark he captures this…

External image

For some reason he decides to go towards the strange shadow-y figure

External image

Walks even closer….

External image

And comes face to face with the greatest prank ever

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Do You Feel It?

A/N: I absolutely LOVE the “seeing wings = soulmates!” troupe. However, the fics I’ve come across for Gabriel always seem to have him getting super excited super quickly. I feel like it would be a more emotional moment that takes a moment to adjust to. I wanted to see him vulnerable and flustered. Here’s my take on the idea of wings and soulmates. 
Pairing: Gabriel/Reader 
Warnings: fluffy fluff 
Synopsis: “Angles have this…thing. About angels. And angel wings.”
Gabriel. The name was familiar, obviously. Besides perhaps Lucifer, he was the most well known Angel, even if I hadn’t been raised Christian. I’d learned about the Archangel Gabriel in the same breath I’d learned about Jesus, seeing how he announced Jesus’s existence to the Virgin Mary. His name was spoken in a reverence by every religious figure I’d met growing up, he was a biblical fixture in my life. Which is why I was left a bit short for words when Sam and Dean announced his impending arrival with undisguised disdain.
“Gabriel. THE Gabriel. Is coming here? To help us with a hunt?”
Sam gave a disgruntled sigh, “yeah. Hopefully he won’t be here long and we won’t have to deal with him too much.”
I knew the stories about the boys’ run-ins with the angel. As much of a show as they put on, they didn’t seem to hate him as much as they hated some of the other angels. There was a deep-seated distrust and vague annoyance, but their faces didn’t darken at his name like it did with others, which I took to be a good sign.
Honestly, I loved the stories about Gabriel. While misguided, he seemed to have a good heart and sense of humor. I mean, come on, trapped in TV? It’s the single-greatest prank I’d ever heard of. The Mystery Spot mess was perhaps a little overboard, but the point he was tying to make to Sam was with good intention. Surely he’d redeemed himself, at least somewhat, in their eyes when he helped them against Lucifer. It had broken my heart to think he’d almost died, even though I’d never met him. It was several years later that the boys found me hunting a rugaroo solo and had taken me in. I’d been with them for about a year now, so it surprised me that I hadn’t met Gabriel. I was quite looking forward to it, much to the apparent annoyance on the Winchesters’ faces. If they’d expected me to be sulky about this interesting turn of events and expansion into my hunting life, they were sorely disappointed.
“(Y/n) really, he’s not that big of a deal, and if you act like he is, it’s going to go straight to his head and make him even more of an annoying jerk than he already is.”
Dean piped up, “Not to mention he did technically kill me, like, a lot. No matter what funny façade he presents, you can’t afford to forget how dangerous he can be. In fact…maybe it’s best if you aren’t here when he comes. The less he knows about you, the better, if you ask me.”
“Are you kidding me, Dean?” I turned to Sam, who had an expression that was starting to mirror Dean’s. “Sam, you’ve got to be kidding me! I am a grown woman, the two of you are not my keepers!” They may have taken the place of surrogate brothers in my life, but they most certainly did not have any authority over me. “If I want to meet the infamous Archangel Gabriel, I will, and you cannot stop me. Dean, no-” Dean had opened his mouth, about to argue. “I was hunting for YEARS before I met the two of you. I’ve met every monster imaginable and my religion is one of the only things I’ve held on to from my pre-hunting life. I’ve been around Cas a ton and hell, I’ve literally met Mr. Call Me Chuck himself! You say Gabriel has information that could help us, by Chuck, I’m going to be there to meet him with you and there’s nothing you can do about it!” I finished, a little childishly, just short of stomping my foot and sticking out my tongue.
“This one’s firey, I like her. Where’d you find her?”
Startled, the three of us whipped around. Standing in the middle of the library behind us was a (rather attractive) man. He was much shorter than the boys, but a couple inches taller than me. He had golden blonde hair and caramel-colored eyes that seemed to constantly sparkle like he was mid-laugh. His face was upturned in an amused smirk. He noticed me watching him and gave me a wink. “Gabriel, Archangel of the Lord, but I believe you’ve figured that out.” He turned to the boys, “No holy fire? No pre-drawn angel banishing sigils? Boys, I don’t know whether to be disappointed in your lack of preparedness or impressed with your increasing capacity for trusting people. What can I do you for?”
The boys begrudgingly began explaining to Gabriel the details of the case. We suspected the witch we’d been tracking had somehow gotten hold of a Hand of God. With Gabriel’s attention fixed on the boys (or, mostly fixed. Every so often he would glance at me, almost like he was sizing me up. It was both intriguing and intimidating) I took a moment to examine the most incredible feature of my new acquaintance: the six massive golden wings protruding from his shoulder blades. They seemed to fill the entire room. They looked like they were spun with pure gold. Not only did they reflect light, they seemed to radiate light and warmth. There was an edge of one of the wings near me. I resisted the urge to reach out and stroke it. I wanted to know if they were as soft as they looked, but I didn’t want to overstep any weird angel boundaries. I couldn’t help but be a little confused. I’d been around Cas a hundred times. I’d met Hannah and Balthazar. Why had they kept their wings hidden? Gabriel seemed to be proud of his, showing them off like he was. Every so often he would give them a gentle shake, as if he was adjusting them, causing the light to ripple down his feathers. The effect was mesmerizing. If Cas’ wings were half as beautiful, surely he’d want to show them off, too.
“–(y/n)? (Y/n), you there?” I shook my head a little and turned to the three pairs of eyes watching me, waiting for a response. I wasn’t sure whether or not mentioning an angel’s wings was acceptable or appropriate, so I decided to keep my thoughts on their beauty to myself.
“Sorry, I got lost in thought for a minute there. What were you saying?”
Dean replied, “we were saying that we need hard proof before we go charging in, just in case this is the real deal. You ready to tank this bitch tomorrow?”
“Sure,” I replied. “The three of us? Or…all of us?” I tried to ask innocently, glancing at Gabriel. With all my heart I wanted Gabriel to be there, too. However, I had only just met the man. I hadn’t even spoken to him yet. Why I so desperately wanted him to stay I didn’t know and I didn’t want to be…weird. Gabriel was watching me, dear Chuck I hoped he wasn’t reading my mind.
“You, me, and Dean tomorrow,” came Sam’s reply. “We need to cover our bases and find out everything we can about what we’re dealing with tonight. If this truly is a Hand of God, we need to be prepared.”
“I’ll be on standby,” Gabriel added. “Just a quick prayer and I’m there. Now, who’s hungry?”
Gabriel ended up spending the afternoon at the bunker. After he popped in six pizzas (two topped with chocolate sauce and candy. It looked awful but according to him “candy goes good with everything”) Gabriel half-helped the boys research and half-spent his time talking to me. I tried to help research with the boys, but I couldn’t help myself talking to Gabriel. There was this strange pull I was feeling toward the angel. Perhaps it’s because he’s an archangel. Against my normal thorough hunter’s training, my head was only halfway in the researching while he sat across from me talking about his favorite biblical misconceptions and telling me stories about the boys from before I’d met them.
“Here’s a thought,” I said two hours later after closing the book I’d been attempting to read from. “Why don’t we simply…ask Chuck?”
“Well, we don’t exactly have him on speed-dial,” replied Sam.
“Besides,” added Dean, “He split after the whole Amara thing, remember? ‘The world has you’ and all that bullshit. I doubt he’d answer even if we could call him.” I nodded my head, conceding to the reasonable argument. I grabbed another book and pulled it toward me. I could feel eyes on me. I looked up and my eyes met Gabriel’s. He was watching me with an intensity that almost made me uncomfortable. Instead of opening the book, I stood up, breaking eye contact.
“I need some fresh air. I’m going for a walk.”
The boys didn’t look up from the books they were engrossed in. Dean grunted and Sam gave a vague wave of acknowledgment. Determinedly not looking at the angel, I grabbed my jacket and walked across the room and up the stairs to the door. Making sure I had my key, I stepped out into the cool evening air.
I took a deep breath and began walking. I barely paid attention to where I was headed, vaguely west toward the sunset. I had walked a radius around the bunker of a few miles in every direction during the year I’d spent here and my feet took me to one of my favorite spots: a small clearing in a grove of trees on a hillside, perfect for watching the sunset. I sat down and surveyed my surroundings. The air was definitely helping me clear my head. What was wrong with me? It was like Gabriel was clogging my senses, making my head fuzzy and warm. It was a strangely comfortable suffocation, one that was equal parts invited and confusing as hell. I had literally only met him this afternoon! I had never developed feelings for anyone this quickly, especially feelings this strong! It didn’t make any sense!
“You feel it too, don’t you?”
I stood up quickly, turning to the voice behind me. I relaxed immediately once I saw Gabriel. Which was also wrong! I was a hunter! What was I doing relaxing at the sight of a potentially dangerous creature that I barely knew? Gabriel seemed to read the mix of emotions on my face.
“It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you. I…don’t think I even could. I have this…weird pull toward you. Am I crazy? Do you feel it?”
It was almost unnerving seeing him so vulnerable, asking for reassurance. The stories I’d read and learned about for as long as I could remember were of this mythical and intimidating figure of Heaven. The stories the boys had told me were of this powerful and annoyingly pretentious asshole. The man before me was…a man.
He reached his hand up to awkwardly scratch the back of his neck, obviously uncomfortable with my silence. His wings twitched, causing the light from the setting sun to dance with the golden luminescence of his feathers. The movement caught my eye, which he noticed. His hand froze on his neck and his eyes widened. I met his eyes and his eyebrows cinched, mouth slightly agape. He shook one of his wings purposefully. I glanced toward the movement and back to his face, confusion I’m sure was evident on mine. His hand dropped from his neck and he released a long breath he had been holding. He took a step backward as if in shock and asked in a quiet voice, “…you can see them, can’t you?”
Slowly, I nodded. “Gabriel…why can I see your wings, but not Castiel’s? Hannah’s? Balthazar’s? Do they keep theirs hidden?”
Gabriel’s focus on me was intense as he seemed to gather himself. He cleared his throat and took a couple steps toward me. His hands looked like they were attempting to reach out and take my arms, but he was holding himself back. “Um…no. Not technically. There’s this…thing. About angels. And angel wings. Even we can’t see each other’s wings.”
This surprised me, but it only deepened my confusion. Angels couldn’t see each other’s wings? So, why could I?
“I guess that’s not entirely true,” he amended. “In certain…circumstances, we can. It’s simply one of those things. Showing your wings is kinda like showing your privates. It’s an intimate thing. Only reserved for special…partners…” he trailed off. I stepped toward him. We were inches apart. The fuzziness in my head was starting to return, along with a strange clarity.
“Partners?” I pressed.
“Well, more like…mates. Like…soul mates. It sounds cheesy, but only an angel’s soul mate is able to see an angel’s wings. You can’t see Castiel’s because he’s not your soulmate.”
“But I can see yours. So that must mean…”
“Yeah.” He closed the distance between us, allowing his hands to wrap around my back and hold me closer to him for a fiercely passionate kiss. I returned it with fervor. His hands trailed up my arms to cradle my face. My hands found their way to his hips and our bodies pressed against one another. Every cell in my body was on fire. Every ounce of my being was screaming how perfect this felt, how natural and overwhelmingly right. I wanted to kiss him for the rest of my life.
I started to giggle while we kissed. He broke away and rested his forehead against mine. “What, in the name of my father, could be so funny at a moment like this?” He teased.
I grinned at him. “I’m standing on a hill in a field kissing THE literal archangel Gabriel whom happens to somehow be my soulmate. If my mother could see me now…” he chuckled and kissed my nose. His wings, unbeknownst to me, had wrapped around us, forming a sort of cocoon around us both. I started to reach my hand toward the feathers close to me, but stopped. I glanced at Gabriel, who gave an almost imperceptible nod of permission. I continued my reach and stroked the feathers. They felt like clouds woven into a fabric. Their softness was indescribable and the warmth was comforting to the touch. Gabriel let out a hissing gasp the moment I made contact. I pulled my hand away and looked to him immediately, terrified that I had somehow managed to hurt him. He noticed my distress and kissed my forehead.
“It’s okay. I’ve just…never felt anyone touch my wings before. It’s like if you suddenly had nerve endings in your hair. It’s startling, but extremely pleasant.”
Just then, my cellphone began to buzz in my pocket. I pulled it out and glanced at the screen.
“The boys seem to be getting worried…how long have we been out here?” I couldn’t see the sunset behind Gabe’s wings. When he pulled them back, I learned that not only had the sun gone down long ago, but the heat radiating from his wings had effectively blocked off the chill of the night. I was immediately onslaught by cold air and wrapped my arms around myself, shivering at the temperature difference. Gabriel noticed and held me in his arms.
“Hold on tight, sugar,” he whispered in my ear before snapping us into the bunker’s living room. Dean and Sam, who had been sitting on the couch and in an armchair respectively, both jumped up as we materialized in front of them, concern evident in their faces. Concern that quickly turned into confusion and apprehension as they took in the protective and possessive way Gabriel was standing with his arms around me, and the comfortable way I was leaning my back against his front. Dean’s eyebrow slowly raised as he caught my eye.
Grinning sheepishly, I looked at the two of them and said, “boys…you may want to sit down. I believe you both need a break from research and there’s some…things….that need to be talked about.”

sofeyhh  asked:

Hey Jungkook, do you and Tae ever play pranks in class? (Amazing blog btw!) if so, what's the greatest prank you've ever pulled?

JK: Eh, not really, I’m not that immature.

TH: Operation: “Spike Jimin’s milk with Catnip” was a lot better than I expected, actually. Like he did all the work for us, I just had to create the best genetic code for catnip, and Kookie had to put it in his drink…. Jimin ended up destroying everybody’s phone chargers, and knocking down at least 26 lamps. 

JK: It was fine because we said “It’s just a prank” tho

TH: I’ve taught you well  

YG: B a b y  n o

(Rip so I forgot about the second half of the question until I was done drawing this so I guess the biggest prank they pulled was SpikeJimin’sMilk.)(Jungkook just likes messing with people, while Taehyung plans his pranks out. Usually Tae needs Jungkook’s speed to get certain things done quickly.) 

(And yes I shoehorn Sugakookie into everything.) (Sorry not sorry)

Halloween Asks

taken from here and here.

send me one of the following for my response.

Vampire: Someone offers you a chance at immortality. Do you take it, and why or why not?
Werewolf: If you had to spend your life with just one person, who would it be?
Moon: If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
Twilight: Do you have any regrets?
Frankenstein: Is someone telling you how to live your life, or are you an independent person?
Zombie: Do you miss anyone right now?
Faerie: If you could get away with anything, what would you do?
Nymph: What are you like when you’re by yourself?
Mermaid: How far would you go to keep the one you love?
Shapeshifter: What would you change about yourself?
Banshee: If you knew one of your loved ones/best friends had only one day left to live, how would you spend that last day with them?
Siren: If you could make anyone do anything, what would you make them do?
Genie: If you had one wish that would come true and couldn’t be reversed, what would you ask for?
Fury: What is a word/phrase that you dread to hear?
Incubus: What would someone have to do to get in your pants?
Succubus: What’s one thing you can’t live without?

Bat: If you could transform into any kind of animal, what animal would you be?
Black Cat: Are you superstitious? If so, what are you superstitious about?
Broomstick: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
Candy Corn: What food disgusts you the most?
Cauldron: What is your favorite thing to cook?
Cobwebs: One place you would never want to get lost in in the dark?
Coffin: Are you claustrophobic?
Demon: What is your worst flaw?
Eerie: One thing that always creeps you out?
Fright: What is your biggest fear?
Ghost: If you could be reincarnated, would you come back as another human or an animal? If an animal, what kind?
Haunted House: If you could be roommates with anyone of your choice, who would you pick?
Hocus Pocus: What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard?
Jack-o’-lantern: Do you have any scars? If so, how many?
Monster: What is your favorite scary movie to watch in the dark?
Potion: What is your favorite thing to drink? Alcoholic and non alcoholic?
Pumpkin: What is your favorite food around the holidays?
Scream: Easiest way to scare you?
Skeleton: Tell me one of your biggest secrets?
Spooky: What was your last nightmare about?
Trick or Treat: Tell me about the greatest prank you’ve ever pulled?
Witch: If could have the power to cast any kind of spell, what kind of spell would you cast?Undead: What is one food you always overeat? 

Fred Weasley Imagine Cupboard Kisses

“Yes!” Fred shouted and you backed away from the successful prank, as Fred and George celebrated their triumph. You watched Fred, as he talked to George with a wide smile on his face and bit your lip. 

“Was that the greatest prank you’ve ever seen (Y/N)?” George asked and he swung an arm around your shoulder. Fred narrowed his eyes at the gesture, but you missed it. 

“It’s definitely up there. But we’ll see if you get caught first.” You replied, as the sound of Filch’s voice rang down the corridor. The three of you took of running and you noticed that Fred had instinctively grabbed your hand. George ran down one corridor and Fred pulled you down another, as Filch seemed to get closer. 

“Quick, think of something.” You whispered and Fred stared at the rooms on the corridor. Swiftly, he opened one and you rushed inside. It was a cupboard and you realised that you’d have to stand close to him. 

“How long do you think we’ll have to stay in here?” You whispered and Fred shrugged. He was still holding your hand and you were reluctant to pull away. 



“We’re, um, we’re still holding hands.” You mumbled and his eyes flicked down to your entwined hands. A blush dusted his cheeks and his eyes moved back to yours. 

“So we are. Is that a problem, love?” He asked and moved closer, which meant you were pressed against the wall of the small room. 

“N-no, but I-” Before you could finish, Fred captured your lips with his and you squeaked in surprise. Hesitantly, you kissed back and when you pulled away Fred smirked at you. 

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that?” Fred asked quietly and you shook your head. 

“Probably for as long as I have.” You replied and Fred raised an eyebrow in surprise at your comment. 

“If I’d known I would’ve done something before now.” He muttered and you cupped his face. 

“Well, we’ve got time now.” You leaned in and kissed him again, as the door swung open. The two of you stumbled away from each other, as you saw George smirking in the doorway. 

“I didn’t mean to disturb you two lovebirds, but the coast is clear and I think we’d better get out of here before Filch finds us.” He walked out and you grabbed Fred’s hand, as he moved away. 

“We’re not done here.” Fred grinned and nodded, before the two of you followed George into the corridor.

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bipptybobbityboo  asked:

Gravestone and trick or treat?

Gravestone: Ideal way you’d like to die?

I wanna be shot doing something awesome tbh. what a lük.

Trick or Treat: Tell me about the greatest prank you’ve ever pulled?

in high school there were two gym teachers, a dude and a woman. the dude was alright but the woman was awful, like, literally bullied kids awful, and when she had to take some leave because of a leg injury she made sure to appoint someone she highly recommended, who was of course just as bad as she was. we heard this from another class, which had been mostly girls, and one of the things we heard was that she was very strict about dress code. she was making the girls take out hair ties if they were the wrong colour, talking shit about how their hair wasn’t styled right, even insulting things people couldn’t change like their hair cut. I decided to play a prank.

my mum had this wig left over from a fancy dress party, a long, straight, blonde one from when she went as a hippie. it had a flowery band tied around it, like, sewn into the wig. I asked her if she was using it anymore and she said no, so I cut it into the worst and longest style a boy could get away with with my school’s dress code. boys at my school had to have hair short enough that it didn’t touch the collar of our shirts, so I cut it a millimetre away, in a bob haircut. I kiiinda looked like the villain from No Country For Old Men or whatever. it was bad, is what you need to know. 

so the new teacher takes us for gym, which is last two periods. I slip away at lunch and affix the wig. she has never had our class before so she doesn’t know what I look like. my class is all in on it, all of them having had friends or girlfriends insulted by her in the other class. we’re ready to rock. because she’s never had us before, she has no way of knowing that my hair is fake. from the way she looked at me, I think she maybe suspected, but who the fuck is gonna accuse someone of wearing a wig if there’s a chance they might be wrong? I was just getting on as normal, and my class, top lads, were all doing their usual warmups. no one was sniggering or giving me away. everything looked normal. the teacher stared at me for a long while, in my terrible blond bob, and then seized upon the only thing she could.

“you need to take that headband off.”

bait: taken.

I tell her I can’t, that I won’t, etc. we have a bit of a back and forth about it. she’s threatening detention, I’m saying it’ll keep my hair out of my face, she’s telling me it’s not very manly of me to be wearing a flowery headband, my friend helpfully pipes up “are you saying that because he’s gay?” (I’m bi, but the effort was appreciated), the argument goes on. finally she does something I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams. I was planning on pulling the wig off and running, but she grabbed the headband and tried to pull it.

I didn’t realise she was going to do this because it’s not really allowed, but clearly she didn’t care. it’s probably the last time she ever laid hands on a student, because the look on her face as my hair came off was priceless. she gasped and dropped it to the ground, I gave a very realistic shriek of terror, the rest of the glass gasped and yelled and cried “you pulled his hair off!”, it was a merry time.

I got like a week of detentions but fuck it was worth it.

Let Me Protect You Chapter 25/?

Pairings: Chris Evans x OFC Emilia

Word Count: 1,525

Warnings: FLUFF!!!! Swearing, Sexual Tension

Rating: PG-13

Summary: After Emilia’s fiancé cheats on her, she moves to California to live with her brother Eric, who just so happens to be good friends with Chris Evans.  Follow Emilia and her roller coaster life through heartbreak, love, and emotional trauma. Will Emilia choose to let Chris into her heart, or will she remain broken and alone forever?

Chris grabbed your bags from the backset of the SUV as you stood there, taking in the glory that was his childhood home.  You felt Chris wrap his chilled hand into yours and he squeezed it tightly, giving you reassurance.  The two of you walked hand in hand up the driveway towards the front door.  Chris didn’t even need to knock because the second you two landed on the top step, the door flung open to reveal his mother.

“Oh my dear boy!  I’m so happy you made it here” Lisa said as she grabbed Chris by the arm, pulling him into her for a big hug.  

“Hey Ma, it’s good to see you” Chris responded.  Even though his back was to you as he hugged his mother, you could tell he had a big smile plastered on his face; it showed in his voice.  

Lisa opened her eyes and they landed on you as an even bigger grin appeared on her face. Letting go of Chris, she turned to you. “You must be Emilia.  Oh it’s so good to finally meet you dear” she said as she held out her arms to you.  Giving her a gracious smile, you nodded your head and made your way into her loving embrace. You felt immediate warmth in her arms, a way a child always felt in the arms of their mother.  It made you feel safe, just like being in Chris’ arms. “It’s so nice to meet you too Ms. Evans” you said, still embraced in her arms.  “Oh no need for the formalities Emilia, you can call me Lisa, or Mom” she stated with a laugh which in turn made you giggle.

Lisa helped the two of you inside where you shrugged off your coat and took off your boots.  She said Shana, Carly and the kids weren’t back yet as they had some last minute Christmas shopping; she suggested Chris show you around and to his room where you two would be staying while she finished up dinner.  

The two of you made your way upstairs, stopping every few steps to look at the pictures that lined the wall as Chris would tell you stories behind them.  It was wonderful to be in his childhood home, and to be able to hear stories of him and his siblings growing up, just as he heard about you and Eric and your childhood.  It made your heart swell the way his eyes lit up talking about his family; making you fall deeper in love with him than before.  You just didn’t know if he felt the same way with you just yet; not knowing if he loved you or was in love with you.  You wanted to tell him, and not bottle up your feelings again, but you didn’t want to ruin such a great thing in your life; didn’t want him running away.  

He stood in front of a door and gave you a warmhearted smile.  “This is us” he said, his thumb pointing to the door, “my bedroom” he finished with a wink.  You shoved him playfully as you returned his smile.  “You are such a doofus Chris.”

Chris opened the door and gestured for you to enter first; him right behind you with your bags. Looking around the room you gathered it looked just like any regular boys room growing up.  There was a full bed in the far corner pushed up against the wall and a nightstand next to it.  The opposite wall from his bed had a desk with some papers piled on it, and finally a dresser.  His walls were a light blue color and still had a bunch of posters from the 90’s littering them.  

Chris moved around you and went to take a seat on his bed.  He let out a content sigh as he did.  “And this is where none of the magic happened” he said with mock sadness. You burst out laughing, almost falling to the ground.  When you looked back up to see Chris, his mouth was wide open as if he was shocked. “You poor poor baby.  How ever did you survive?” you cooed as you walked towards him and straddled his lap.  Your hands started to trail over his chest which was covered in a grey sweater and it made his eyes pop even more.  Up and over his shoulders your hands trailed, never wanting to stop touching him.  As your hands reached his head, you pulled off his baseball hat and your nails scratched his scalp.  He hummed in approval at your motion and you leaned in to seal his lips with yours.  His lips were so soft and warm, even in the cooler state of weather.  Chris’ hands made their own journey over your body, starting at your shoulders and making their way south before they finally gripped your ass and gave it a squeeze.  You squealed at his ministrations and ground your hips into him earning a rather sexual groan from him.  He withdrew his lips from yours with a sigh as he leaned his forehead to yours. “Fuck baby…you’re makin this real difficult not to rip your clothes from your body and take you right here.”  The way in which he said that to you, his voice husky and full of lust, made you wet promptly.  “You started it” you replied bashfully to him.  His body started shaking as a laugh emerged from his lips.

“Chris, Emilia, dinner is ready!” Lisa shouted from downstairs; pulling you away from Chris. His lips captured yours in a chaste kiss once more before standing up.  “Are you ready to meet everyone?” he asked, amusement in his voice and a playful smile on his face.  “You bet your ass I’m ready!” you answered merrily.

Meeting Shanna, Carly, and Scott was a bit overwhelming you had to admit.  All three of them trying to get hugs with you and then passing you to the next one; but overall it was great.  You also got to meet all of Chris’ nieces and nephews which was adorable to witness.  They all clamored to be with Chris as they missed him so much.  Chris finally got them all settled down for dinner at the kids table and he came to sit next to you for dinner.  

All six of you adults sat around and talked aimlessly about anything and everything.  They all wanted to get to know you better so you told them about growing up in Minnesota and what led you to LA.  His siblings were telling you embarrassing stories of Chris growing up and you couldn’t count how many times you almost peed yourself laughing. Chris got his revenge however as he told the story of the greatest prank he ever pulled on Scott.  You vaguely remember seeing that interview on Jimmy Fallon, but it was way better hearing it straight from Chris as you were surrounded by his family.  

His family was so welcoming of you and it made you feel fortunate to be around them for Christmas. Christmastime was all about being enveloped with those you love and those who love you.  The minute you walked into this house, it felt of love and now you were a part of it.  A smile didn’t leave your face the entire first night you spent there.  

After dinner and dessert was over, you helped Lisa clean up the kitchen even though she kept saying she had it taken care of.  You were raised to help clean up after a dinner and you weren’t going to back down now. You and Lisa exchanged more stories while washing the dishes as Chris looked on from the living room; love filling his eyes.

It was a very long day and before you knew it, yawns kept escaping your mouth that you just could not hide anymore.  Everyone was surrounded in the living room watching a Christmas movie and your eyes kept drooping down.  Chris noticed and whispered to you that the two of you should head to bed.  You said your goodnights to everyone and made your way up the stairs, half tripping on steps from your tiredness.  

Chris being the gentleman that he was helped you get into your pajamas as your limbs felt like they were made of lead.  He stripped you of your clothes and your body was met with the warm flannel of your pajamas. You crooned in approval as you felt warm and cozy on a cool December night on the east coast.  Chris gave you a loving smile as he quickly put his pajamas on before making his way into bed to nuzzle up to you.  He extended his arm under your pillow so you could snuggle up to his side as his arm came around to gently graze your back.  

Chris and you quietly exchanged words back and forth until the two of you were too exhausted to even talk.  You felt his soft lips press to your forehead and you gave a lazy smile; your eyes shutting, and body relaxing into the arms of your boyfriend as sleep took over.

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Harry Potter Ask Meme

Harry: Most traumatic event of your life

Ron: Biggest insecurity?

Hermione: Favourite book?

Snape: Have you ever loved someone in secret?

Molly: Do you want to have children?

Draco: What is the bravest thing you ever had to do?

Luna: Weirdest hobbie?

Neville: Any secret talent?

Sirius: One ambition you had but was never fulfilled

Dumbledore: For you, what is the most precious thing in the world?

Hagrid: One unpopular opinion

Bellatrix: Biggest guilty pleassure?

Lupin: A lie you told to protect somone you loved

Lily: Would you die for someone? Who?

James: What thing from your past do you regret the most?

McGonagall: In which aspect of your life are you stricter?

Ginny: Favourite football team? (Or any other sport)

Fred and George: Greatest prank you ever did?

Hedwig: Do you have any pets?

Dobby: One person who has always been loyal to you

Tonks: What is the craziest thing you would do for love

Trelawney: How do you see yourself in five years?

Umbridge: A flaw you can’t stand in people

Nagini: How many languages do you speak?

Voldemort: Do you hate someone? Who?

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My Lord, what is the greatest prank you've ever pulled on your caretakers?

There was the aforementioned invisibility one. There was one time I opened all the doors in the Imperial Palace during a Blood Games. There was another time I made the Captain-General’s armor purple. 

It’s been a long ten-thousand years, I’ve pulled a few on them, but I think the greatest one so far was when I made the doors to the Armory into walls, every last one of them. It was funny to watch them scramble around looking for a door that should be there but wasn’t.

the interview. (chris evans x reader)

pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

summary: Chris and the reader are starring together in the new Avengers movie, and the reader gets quite the surprise when Chris shows up during one of her interviews.

word count: 2066

trigger warnings: none. pure fluff.

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why the signs were arrested on halloween
  • aries: didn't get their treats, tricked too hard
  • taurus: got into a fight when someone took their candy from them
  • gemini: planned the greatest halloween prank ever
  • cancer: they weren't. made someone take the blame for them
  • leo: was arrested on cancer's place
  • virgo: was planning a murder
  • libra: they weren't. stayed home watching addams family and giving people treats
  • scorpio: actually murdered somebody
  • sagittarius: their costume was butt-naked
  • capricorn: scared the shit out of the kids trick or treating
  • aquarius: entered area 51
  • pisces: misunderstood when trying to stop taurus from fighting

Oh man, as someone who was there when her April Fools Day debut occurred, I need to tell all of you johnny-come-latelies all about Mysterious Heroine X:

First off, she’s not just a Saberface. She literally IS Artoria in a paper-thin disguise. That’s part of the whole joke here you see. Her Assassin class is also part of the joke.

See, back in 2013-ish, Type Moon released one of their greatest April Fools pranks ever, one that only the Type Moon Twitter Chaos of 2015 could outdo. The joke was basically a webpage for a joke project involving Satsuki and the Back Alley Alliance from the general Tsukihime/Melty Blood part of things going around and beating up “Gold Heroines” (main heroines from various Type Moon works) after getting word from a probably dead guy (either Shirou or Avenger, don’t quite remember which) that they can ascend to the rank of Gold Heroine if they beat up all the actual Gold Heroines and rob them of their titles (The Back Alley Alliance are known for being unpopular semi-minor characters and Type Moon makes fun of them for this all the fucking time, with Satsuki in particular being a character who should have gotten a route yet does not and thus gets the brunt of it).

Besides the Back Alley Alliance, the party included Ciel (also from Tsukihime/Melty Blood), who is already a Gold Heroine yet is with them for some reason (I forget what), and, of course, the Mysterious Heroine X, who is obviously Saber in disguise, and is joining them in their quest in order to “get rid of” all the assorted Saberfaces they come across (this is why she is an Assassin-class Servant in F/GO). They then go off on what is quite possibly the strangest Saint Seiya parody ever, with Pokemon-style battles against Type Moon heroines in wacky costumes based on the Eastern zodiac (have you ever seen Dark Sakura dressed up as a rooster because boy let me tell you)

The whole thing was really silly (it ended with Satsuki beating up another Satsuki who was a blatant parody of Ultimate Madoka from PMMM for one thing) but was epic since each chapter opened up over the course of the day (it even leaked over into the Fate/apocrypha website, where Jeanne’s portrait changed to magical doggy girl Jeanne). Totally-Not-Saber was a side character, but a very memorable one, which is why she is back again. The entire thing was one of those hilariously epic events where you just had to be there to really appreciate it. Point is, Heroine X isn’t just some random Saberface, she has HISTORY behind her, which makes things even better.

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Bts reaction to their gf pulling a april fools prank on them (doesn't really matter what kind)

Okay, like, I don’t know how these turned out so long?? Because I didn’t really plan on doing them at all??? But they turned out to be some of the longest I’ve done, and I hope you like them~ Happy April Fools Day, you guys~

Gifs aren’t mine

You and Seokjin would probably be playing small pranks on each other all day; he’d bake you cookies, but he’d use salt instead of sugar, though he’d have a good batch close by for you to wash the taste out with. You’d tell him you liked the ones made with salt better, and that you really didn’t like his cooking much anyways, and he’d pout until you said April Fools. Then you’d call him cute, say April Fools, watch him pout, then tell him he looked cute every day, and he’d do the same to you later. He would look at his phone, start rushing to get ready as he told you he had to rush to practice, tell you he had no time to give you a kiss goodbye, then stop once he got to the door, say he forgot something, and move to kiss you, saying April Fools just before his lips pressed against yours. Just as you were settling back down into your seats, the alarm you’d set on your phone after putting food in the oven went off, and when Seokjin asked what it was, you told him it was time for your other boyfriend to come over, so he could either join in get out, and yet he only laughed; there was no way you were going to find a boy prettier than him, so there was no way you were cheating. The day would be full of pranks like that, making both of you smile all day long.

Yoongi didn’t like being pranked, and he’d told you that. But your prank wasn’t what the boys would consider a prank; it was much tamer and sweeter than the ones they pulled, and you’d thought that Yoongi wouldn’t mind it. And, in all honesty, he liked the prank, but he wasn’t going to let you know that. He’d told you that he would be angry if you pranked him, and you’d done it anyways, so he had to be angry; it was the principle of the thing. Despite his best efforts, though, you could tell he wasn’t all that mad; Yoongi wasn’t the greatest actor. He tried to look angry, but anyone could tell that he was faking, and he didn’t want to actually make you upset, so he didn’t ignore you like he normally would if he was angry. That night, however, you were wishing you’d listened to him and refrained from pulling even the sweetest prank. Yoongi stayed over, which you were sure meant that he hadn’t minded the prank at all, and you’d thought that the fact that the two of you weren’t just sleeping meant that he’d enjoyed the prank. And then, just as you felt yourself getting close, seconds away from moaning his name, he pulled away, forced a yawn, and rolled over to go to sleep. Of course, once you’d whined enough, he’d finish what he’d started, muttering a small, “April Fools,” as he did so.

Hoseok was pulling pranks left and right, though they were more funny than anything. And most of the time, he was pranking the other members, though an occasional prank was directed towards you. No one had managed to prank him back, not even when you’d teamed up with the other members to try to create the ultimate prank; he’d found out about it and concocted an even bigger one by himself. And then, miraculously, you pranked him. It wasn’t anything extravagant like the ones he was pulling, which was what made it work; he hadn’t been expecting anything that tame. And, despite the pout on his face, followed by the promise or threat that he’d get you back, he was proud of you; he really hadn’t expected anyone to be able to prank him, and he knew the two of you would be the greatest pranking duo Bangtan had ever had the misfortune of knowing. But he was flying solo this year, and you were a target, so he had to prank you back, no matter how proud he was. But, by that night, he hadn’t pranked you; he’d actually gotten sweeter, kissing your neck whenever he got the chance and smiling brightly whenever he saw you. It wasn’t until you glanced in the mirror that night that you realized why his smile had been as bright as it was; there was an incredibly obvious, impressively incredibly large hickey on your neck, and you knew you’d have to wear a scarf the next day if you had any hope of covering it.

Namjoon was pretty much just along for the ride; he mainly just teased the other members lightly to make everyone laugh. It wasn’t as if he were going to pull some elaborate prank on the boys he led, though he did kind of want to; they were all pranking one another, the pranks getting more wild and unruly as time went on, and Namjoon did want to join in. However, the boys joked that he would ruin the prank, and the moment he tried to prove them wrong, he dropped the bucket of honey onto himself as he tried to put it up on top of the door. He thought it was just as funny as everyone else did, but then you decided to take it one step further; you and Jungkook locked eyes, and when the maknae nodded towards you, you knew what he was planning. You moved to grab one of the towels on the opposite side of the room, then called Namjoon over. Namjoon, not realizing what you were doing, approached you, and Jungkook flipped a fan on so the feathers on the table in front of him blew onto Namjoon, and the room erupted into laughter once more. Namjoon wasn’t laughing though; you didn’t know whether to be turned on or terrified by his smirk, but you managed to be a mixture of both as he chased you from the room. Eventually, you ended up back at your apartment, and Namjoon told you that a “nap” would make up for your prank. You didn’t realize he was going to “prank” you back; he would make sure you didn’t orgasm, denying you until you couldn’t take it before finally giving you the relief you needed, smirking all the while.

Jimin wasn’t the best at pranks; if he did try to prank, it normally failed unless he’d partnered up with someone else - normally another member of the maknae line - to pull it off. His favorite thing about April Fools Day was actually watching other people pull pranks, especially if it resulted in a big mess that left Jin hating the prank even more. And he was normally a good sport about being pranked. In fact, whenever any of the boys pranked him, he ended up laughing just as much as they did, faking a bit of anger and threatening to get them back. So, with the way he was reacting to everyone else’s pranks, you figured he wouldn’t mind you pranking him. And yet, you found that the opposite appeared to be true. You pranked him in front of the other boys, and they all groaned and told you what you’d done wasn’t a prank - it wasn’t messy or embarrassing enough - and you just rolled your eyes at them and told them to keep their opinions to themselves. Then you turned to Jimin, expecting to find him grinning or laughing, and instead you found him staring off at the wall, eyes narrowed in irritation and mouth pressed into a thin line. You asked him what was wrong, but he ignored you. You asked again, moving closer, and he turned to one of his band mates and spoke to them instead. You were starting to get worried, so you placed a hand on his shoulder to draw his attention and tried to apologize, only for him to cut you off by yelling, “April Fools!” before pulling you into a hug and laughing at his own prank.

Taehyung loved April Fools Day. Everyone was just as goofy as he normally was, so he got to be even goofier. He was all over the place, bouncing from prank to prank, not really caring that people were pranking him back. He found all of it funny, and he liked making other people laugh, so there really wasn’t anything that could bring down his mood. Of course, he made sure all of his pranks weren’t things that would actually hurt people’s feelings, and he scolded those that pulled mean pranks on the people he cared about. He was determined to make everyone he came across that day smile, and yet you weren’t let him going to get away with pranking you, even if his prank had left you grinning from ear to ear. So you pranked him back. It was a prank that you’d thought was as harmless as his, and yet his reaction was the opposite of what you were expecting; he looked at you, shocked, and his eyes started to gloss over with tears. But, despite the fact that he was a phenomenal actor, you knew he was faking; he cocked his head to the side and stuck his bottom lip out in a pout, and he never did that if he was actually upset. Still, his pouting was something you wanted to avoid, so you rolled your eyes and apologized as sarcastically as you could, unable to hold back a laugh when he excitedly yelled, “April Fools!” as if you didn’t already know it was a “prank.”

Pranking Jungkook wouldn’t really work out in your favor. Or, if it did, you wouldn’t be standing proud for very long; if you pranked him, he wouldn’t hesitate to prank you back. It would start of simple, with just a good morning text in which he told you he had practice and couldn’t see you, which you followed up with, “Then I guess it’s a good thing I woke up with a random guy beside me,” and it quickly progressed from there. The pranks would continue over texts until the two of you finally met up, and then you were pranking each other back and forth, with each prank being more extravagant than the last. And then the two of you went to hang out with his hyungs, and for a while the two of you pranked them together. Until Jungkook teamed up with Jimin to prank you. Each member ended up taking sides, three of them with you and three with Jungkook, and a war was started in the dorms. Nowhere was safe, and no one could be trusted. The boy that delivered the food Namjoon had ordered ended up getting pulled into the battle for a bit before managing to escape with his clothes now slightly askew. That continued until the dorm looked like a war zone, and Jin and Yoongi teamed up to scold everyone for the mess they’d made - even though they’d been a part of it - and forced you all to clean up. You realized after a while that they were “pranking” you, and new teams were formed as the prank war started back up, and this continued until midnight, when it was no longer April Fools Day and pranks weren’t allowed.

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Hi! I love all your fics! Could you do one where Ginny or Harry are doing an interview and don't mean to answer anything but end up gushing about the other. Thanks!

A/N: Thank you so much!  Combined this with a couple other prompts and I’m pretty happy with the result.  It’s about 3k words so maybe worth the wait?

Also on FF and Ao3!


Harry pinched the bridge of his nose, letting out a long, slow breath between his teeth, “You did what?

Unperturbed by his soon to be brother-in-law’s growing rage, George rocked his chair back on two legs as he tossed a shiny red apple above his head, “I told Lee that you’d do a spot on his late night show.  Nothing special, you can talk about magical stain remover for a quarter of an hour for all I care.”

Snatching the fruit from mid-air, Harry bit into the crisp skin with an angry crunch, “Why would I talk about magical stain remover?”

George shrugged, letting his chair drop back to four legs, “I told you, I’m just giving options.” He paused, looking thoughtful for a moment before his eyes lit up, “You’re an auror.”

“Well spotted, friend.”

Pausing to shoot a scowl over his shoulder as he rifled through the cupboards for sustenance, George hummed in thought, “I just reckoned you’re an auror, and also a public figure, so you could do a public safety spot or something.  Your boss will love it.”

The table groaned under Harry’s weight as he propped one hip against its aging top, face studiously blank, “George.”

Blinking girlishly, George looked toward Harry, biscuit tin in hand, “Yes my lovely Harry darling?”

“I’m going to murder you.”

George poured a tall glass of milk into his crystal clear glass, taking a healthy gulp before pointing an accusing finger in Harry’s direction, “That is not very auror like.”

Glaring dangerously, Harry grabbed George’s digit and murmured menacingly, “Kinglsey’ll spot me one.”

“You’re being quite rude.  Don’t make me object at your wedding,” the red head threatened with a lofty tone, mischievous eyes conveying the seriousness of his warning.

Unintimidated, Harry quirked a dark brow and examined his wand as he rumbled, “If I let you live that long.”

Making his way back toward the table that had borne countless Weasley family meals and dropped down in the slightly wobbly chair across from Harry, “I’m not without my defenses.”

Palms braced against the table, Harry drew his future brother-in-law’s gaze and held it, ebony locks shifting in the breeze the only movement, “If I let you make it to the wedding and you object, Ginny will murder you for me.”

George polished off a third biscuit, crumbs collecting on the table between his elbows, “Are you one of those violent couples?”

Ginny chose that moment to enter, tanned and freckled arms twining around Harry’s neck from behind, her chin resting lightly on his head, her flowery scent mixed with fresh cut grass, and leather floating around him.  Smirking, she turned her attention to her brother, “Who wants to know?”

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Since I can’t resist a good crack drabble or a prompt event, I came up with a few ridiculous Klaroline drabbles for you to enjoy for April Fools.

If you have any cracky requests I will do my best to write something for you today!

You can thank realynn8 for this one. She wanted some Kol and Caroline bonding, and what better way than over a mutual enjoyment of making Klaus suffer?

Part II


The Destructive Duo


Kol Does Revenge Part I


The Destructive Duo.

Kol named them that, though the others would have chosen more colorful words to describe the two vampiric mischief makers. But Kol said alliteration was more annoying and Caroline couldn’t argue with that.

The Original had originally suggested “The Debauchery Duo,” but Caroline had quickly shot that down. Playing pranks on Klaus was one thing, practically alluding to being some sort of sexual deviant in league with his brother was another. And not one that she had any desire to see the outcome of.

No, Kol and Caroline’s relationship was purely nonsexual; no matter what Kol might try and convince you of otherwise. “You” mostly being Klaus, of course, which irritated the hybrid to no end, which, also of course, was why Kol continued to do so.

But that was the whole point, wasn’t it?

It had all started after Klaus and Caroline’s first major fight after she had moved into the Originals’ home. Klaus had tried to eat one of Caroline’s male ‘study buddies’ and things had just gone downhill from there. There was a lot of screaming and cursing (the non magical kind, of course), vase throwing and door slamming, silent treatments and eye rolling. It went on for weeks before Kol, finally fed up with it all after their fighting interrupted his liveblogging of Big A’s reveal, approached Caroline with a much better solution.


Well, not really revenge as she had always seen it, involving blood and death and things that would ruin your shoes. No, Kol’s idea of revenge was more like an elaborate series of pranks. Thinking on it later, Caroline realized that her definition of revenge would probably change too if those she most sought to rain it down upon were her four immortal siblings who couldn’t be killed (without a lot of effort, of course).

So, pranks it was.

It only took Klaus waking up covered in maple syrup (pure Vermont maple syrup, Kol accepts no substitutes) and ostrich feathers (Kol had said those were a bitch to procure) and Caroline had immediately felt better. Klaus’ sticky and enraged face had been her Facebook icon for months after, his internet humiliation furthering her amusement and curbing his desire to snack on attractive male college students (that Caroline knew about, anyway).

If Kol had ever thought his assistance and their pranking would be a onetime thing, which he certainly didn’t, that thought would have been dismissed the moment her phone snapped the incriminating picture and she asked him what filter looked best.

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