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Shakespeare isn't all that serious

The first Shakespeare play I read was A Midsummers Night Dream and it completely destroyed by preconceived notions of Shakespeare being boring and serious. I fell in love with the mischievous Puck and the antics of the fairies As I got older and read more Shakespeare plays, I realized Shakespeare isn’t actually capable of being completely serious! Puns and dirty jokes are all over his plays and it’s fantastic. Not only that, but it never ceases to amaze me how accurately Shakespeare was able to capture the human condition. Love, jealousy, war, friendship, paranoia…etc. He truly was the greatest playwright English literature has ever known and it’s always a lot of fun reading him (and challenging )

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Shakespeare's Lost Work

The History of Cardenio. A mysterious play written by Shakespeare and John Fletcher, a man he also collaborated with on Henry VIII and Two Noble Kinsmen. The piece was centered on a character in Miguel de Cervantes’ epic novel Don Quixote. Evidence of the play exists in a few places, including a list of the plays to be performed by the King’s Men (Shakespeare’s acting company) in May 1613. So The History of Cardenio was written, performed, and then lost to time.

Or was it? In the 1700s, Lewis Theobald, a Shakespeare editor and playwright, claimed to have found a copy of the manuscript. He “improved” on it, turning it into another play called Double Falsehood. The manuscript Theobald claimed to have was placed in London’s Covent Garden Playhouse, which burned to the ground in the early 1800s. Whether or not Theobald was telling the truth (and some scholars maintain that he was), we still don’t have the unadulterated version from the greatest playwright who ever lived.

I wish more people knew about Joss Whedon’s “Much Ado About Nothing” because it is just so f***ing good.

First of all, as mentioned before, it’s directed by Joss F***ing Whedon!

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Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker kill it as the leads!

AND the supporting cast (including Clark Gregg, Reed Diamond, Nathan Fillion, Tom Lenk, Sean Maher, and Fran Kranz among others) is also spectacular.

It’s William Shakespeare too! The greatest playwright ever!

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The visuals are SOOOOO good and the cinematography is absolutely AMAZING!

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And the SCORE! Oh my god, the fucking music Joss Whedon himself composes for this film - including putting music to Shakespeare’s “Sigh No More” and “Heavily” - should be considered some of the best music ever composed for film.

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It’s funny!

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It’s heartbreaking!

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It’s amazing, and should’ve been nominated for some sort of Oscar for either original score, cinematography, adapted screenplay, ANYTHING!

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You all need to watch it RIGHT NOW!

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Seriously, it’s on Netflix so if you have it WATCH IT! It’s such a great film.