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so today my professor told us how she found her 8 year old neighbor crying on his way home from school last week and when she asked what happened, he told her that while he was at hockey tryouts these white boys called him the N word and told him that black people couldn’t play hockey. she felt so bad for him because she said he was always sweet and well mannered to her. she convinced her brother to give up his tickets to see the Flyers vs Habs game so she could give it to her neighbor. somehow he ended up meeting Wayne Simmonds and the boy’s father told him what happened.

apparently Wayne had a really sad look on his face after he heard what happened but he told the kid to not give up even though people’s words can hurt. and when Wayne told the kid that he believed in him and that he could be the greatest hockey player in the world and maybe even play for the Flyers one day if he didn’t give up, the kid started to cry. later Wayne gave the boy his email address and said that if those boys ever messed with him again, that he was to email him and that he would have his back.

after the boy and father thanked Wayne, he had a big smile on his face and just said, “us handsome fellas gotta stick together, eh?”

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FYI: 8 reasons why CR7 is the GOAT, therefore better than Messi. - CR7 is a better overall goals scorer. Better goals per game ratio than Messi. - CR7 is a better free- kick scorer. - Messi never prove himself outside Barca. CR7 makes his team better. Messi always rely on Xavi and Iniesta. - Messi constantly dissapears with Argentina when his team need him. - Messi usually dissapears in relevant Champion' matches. - CR7 is a better header scorer. (To be continue)

(part 2:) - CR7 is a player with more goals and assists in the history of CL, he is more decisive in this competition. - CR7 is more decisive with his national team. In WC 2010 Messi score 0 goal even North Korea score more than him. In WC 2014 only scored in a group stage. Don’t mention Copa America, he just scored 1 goals and next year missed penalty. All the greatest players of all times have won with their national team. But Messi won’t. I hope this informations will get in your head. Keep crying.

I’ve avoided getting involved in this “debate” over the last few years or so, but since you took so much effort in trying to convince me of something that isn’t even an argument to me, I have some time & I’m more than happy pay you the same courtesy in explaining to you with facts why this is so. Let’s do it by looking at each of the points you’ve included this so-called “information” I’m supposed to “get in my head”:

► “CR7 is a better overall goals scorer. Better goals per game ratio than Messi.


All-time, club and country?

  • CR: 595 goals/852 matches = 0.70 goal ratio
  • Messi: 562 goals/698 matches = 0.81 goal ratio

All-time, just club?

  • CR: 524 goals/714 matches = 0.73 goal ratio
  • Messi: 504 goals/581 matches = 0.87 goal ratio

All-time, just country?

  • CR:  71 goals / 138 matches = 0.51 goal ratio
  • Messi: 58 goals / 117 matches = 0.50 goal ratio

CR’s ratio is 0.01 higher and he has had 21 more international matches played than Messi. Alright. Collectively though, that 0.01 doesn’t make him “better overall”. 

Conversion rates since 2009:

  • CR’s conversion rate total/outside the box: 15% / 5%
  • Messi’s conversion rate total/outside the box: 21% / 9%

What about when they’ve been at their very best, goalscoring-wise? Most goals scored in a calendar year:

  • CR: 69 goals (ratio: 1.17)
  • Messi: 91 goals (ratio: 1.32)

Not only is Messi better in terms of quantity of goals, he is also a better goalscorer when context is considered. How do they perform under pressure/when the team needs them the most? From 2016:

  • CR conversion rate when team is winning / when team is losing or drawing: 25% / 6%
  • Messi conversion rate when team is winning / when team is losing or drawing: 22% / 20%

Here’s an infographic (although it’s only updated up to 2015) to help better illustrate the importance of context & goalscoring when it comes to Messi and Cristiano:

(credit to Grup 14 and Sarah)

Goals after 1 dribble/2 dribbles/3 dribbles/4 dribbles:

  • CR: 45 goals/10 goals/2 goals/0 goals
  • Messi: 115 goals/40 goals/15 goals/4 goals

Pre-assisted goals:

  • CR: 13 goals
  • Messi: 90 goals

► “CR7 is a better free-kick scorer.

Not quite

  • Since Messi and Ronaldo have been playing together in Spain (2009-10 season): 
    • CR has scored 20 goals in 291 attempts. This creates a conversion rate 6.87%.
    • Messi scored 17 free-kick goals with 212 attempts, creating a conversion rate of 8.02%.
  • Since 2012: 
    • CR has scored 17; conversion rate = 7%, 
    • Messi has scored 23; conversion rate = 10.5%
  • Even more recent, just for fun: 
    • Messi has scored 3 free-kicks in 2017 alone
    • CR has converted only 3 since 2015.

What about in big matches?

  • Total free-kick goals in El Clasico: 
    • Messi = 2
    • CR = 0
  • Messi’s total free-kick goals in World Cup and Copa America matches: 2 
    • CA = 1 (vs. Panama)
    • WC = 1 (vs. Nigeria) 
  • CR’s total free-kick goals in World Cup & Euro matches: 0. 
    • With 43 attempts. On average, he has had a shot from a direct free-kick every 67 minutes he has been on the pitch (with a total of 2,884 minutes at major international tournaments) and has a ZERO PERCENT conversion rate.

► “Messi never proved himself outside Barca.”

The old “but can he do it on a cold, wet Tuesday night in Stoke?” argument is easy to lean on because he hasn’t, but it doesn’t change that it’s an extremely flawed argument. Let’s look at why - specifically England, where CR has proved himself outside of Spain since we’re doing a head-to-head comparison. 

  • Lionel Messi has scored more Champions League goals against English clubs than he has against sides from any other nation.
    • On the 25 occasions that he has lined up against English teams, Messi has scored a total of 16 goals. 
      • Arsenal - 9 goals in 6 matches. 
      • Manchester City - 5 goals in 5 matches. 
      • Manchester United - 2 goals (which helped Barcelona claim Champions League victories in Rome in 2009 and at Wembley Stadium in 2011

Never mind him having big performances against Bayern/Leverkusen, PSG/Lyon, AC Milan/Roma, Celtic/Rangers and etc. So, something tells me the kid from Rosario - who also played very well through the rough conditions he experienced there - CAN do it on cold, rainy night in Stoke. If you think he cannot simply because he hasn’t, that’s up to you. You’re entitled to your opinion. But the stats tell us another story.

► “CR7 makes his team better.”

Sure he does, he is one of football’s greatest. But Messi makes his even better

Messi’s total major club trophies: 29 TOTAL (including 2 trebles, one of those years winning the sextuple)

  • 8 League championships
  • 4 Champions Leagues
  • 4 Copas del Rey
  • 3 UEFA Supercups
  • 3 Club World Cups
  • 7 Supercopas de España

CR total major club trophies (RM+Manchester United): 16 TOTAL

  • 4 League championships
  • 2 Copas del Rey
  • 2 Champions Leagues
  • 1 Supercopa de España
  • 1 FA Cup
  • 1 EFL Cup
  • 1 Community Shield
  • 3 Club World Cups
  • 1 Super Cup 

Stats since 2009, when Messi and CR started playing together in the same league:

  • CR + RM: 9 major Trophies
    • + 1 Liga
    • + 2 Copas del Rey
    • + 2 Champions Leagues
    • + 1 Supercopa de España
    • + 2 Club World Cups
    • + 1 Super Cup
  • Messi + Barça: 20 major trophies
    • + 5 Ligas
    • + 3 Copas del Rey
    • + 2 Champions Leagues
    • + 5 Supercopas de España
    • + 3 Club World Cups
    • + 2 UEFA Super Cups

All-time assists, club and country:

  • CR: 195, in 852 matches
  • Messi: 230, in 698 matches

    ► “Messi always relies on Xavi and Iniesta.

    Another archaic myth that Messi has destroyed year after year. Crazy that people are still hanging on to this, even after Xavi has been gone for two years now and Iniesta has been on/off form while dealing with playing in/out of position. Meanwhile, Messi has continued to improve and remain the greatest. 

    This myth seemingly makes sense due to Messi’s lack of titles with Argentina compared to his achievements at Barca - but again, this is a very flawed argument. Messi is the greatest player in the world and Xavi/Iniesta are two of the greatest midfielders/were one of the greatest midfield duos of this generation. Together, the three of them contributed to a Barça that won everything a club can within a short span of time. But how can we say in the same sentence that “Barça is only successful because they rely on Messi” AND “Messi is only successful because he relies on Xavi/Iniesta”? Grasping at straws like this really isn’t necessary, because the truth of the matter is that they simply formed a brilliant partnership together. Barcelona successfully utilized the talents of these incredible players together to succeed. Some facts to further debunk this:

    • During Messi’s record breaking year when he scored 91 goals, he was assisted only eight times by Iniesta and five times by Xavi. 
    • Neither Xavi nor Iniesta have even assisted Messi the most in his career. It’s Dani Alves. 
    • Messi continues to have the most Barcelona assists himself since 2003/2004. At Barcelona, he has more assists alone than Iniesta and Xavi combined in their club careers.

    But maybe assists alone cannot determine the impact Xavi or Iniesta has on Messi. Alright, what about pre-assisted goals (goals pre-assisted by the scorer)?

    • As we said before, as of 2016, 90 of Messi’s goals were pre-assisted. This means that in ~23% of his goals, he started the play with key passes that ended up back with him scoring. 
    • While CR, surrounded by Modric, Kroos, Ozil, Di Maria, etc. (I’m not sure why people like to act like he hasn’t been surrounded by top players) throughout his career sits at 13 pre-assisted goals. 

    Not convinced? Then let’s look at Messi’s performances for Argentina, where he has no Xavi/Iniesta. You said….

    ► “Messi constantly disappears with Argentina when his team need him. CR7 is more decisive with his national team.

    Which is again, false. Of all the big name players that play for Argentina, you call the man who is, for his national team, the…

    • Top scorer in all international competitions, including friendlies
    • Top scorer in International friendlies
    • Top scorer from the penalty spot
    • Top scorer in all U-20 international competitions
    • Top scorer in FIFA World Cup qualification
    • Top scorer when looking at goals scored in one calendar year
    • Top hat-trick scorer in all international competitions, including friendlies
    • Top assister in all international competitions, including friendlies
    • Only player that have scored against all 9 South American Nations
    • Key contributor in terms of keeping possession, averaging 63 passes per game and converting 86.2 percent.

    “disappearing”, “dependent on Xavi/Iniesta” and "indecisive”?

    • Argentina’s National Team Win % in 2014 and 2018 World Cup Qualification with Messi: 65%
    • Without Messi? 22%.

      Not quite. 

      I would suggest reading and watching [this analysis] for a better perspective on this. There is a video there which compares how Messi plays for Argentina and how he plays for Barcelona and it reveals that there isn’t much difference between how he plays for both sides, but there is a difference in the behaviour of his teammates. The confidence that Messi receives from his teammates in Barcelona is far different from what he is offered by his teammates in Argentina. As I said before, Barcelona has been able to successfully utilize Messi’s talents/abilities and have reaped every award there is because of it - something Argentina has failed to take advantage of so far. 

      In regards to CR with this, a reminder:

      • CR goals international: 71 goals / 138 matches = 0.51 goal ratio
      • Messi goals: 58 goals / 117 matches = 0.50 goal ratio

      A difference of 0.01, with CR playing 21 more international games.

      International Assists?

      • CR: 23
      • Messi: 37 (in 21 less matches)

      International Goal Participation?

      • CR: Every 113m + 25s
      • Messi: Every 99m + 12s

      ► “In WC 2010 Messi score 0 goal even North Korea score more than him. In WC 2014 only scored in a group stage. Don’t mention Copa America, he just scored 1 goals and next year missed penalty.”

      It’s true that Messi didn’t score in WC 2010. He did get an assist (the same amount as CR in the tournament) and was named MOTM once (the same number of times as CR in the tournament). Funny you should mention North Korea though, the ONLY team Ronaldo scored against in WC 2010. Once. After Portugal was already up 6-0. 

      Also, I’m not sure which WC 2014 you were watching. I was watching the one where Ronaldo’s only goal in this tournament was also in the group stage (against Ghana), while Messi scored four times in the group stages, assisted Di Maria’s goal which carried them in the round of 16, and carried his team to the final. 

      And lol ”don’t mention Copa America”? Why? Because Leo carried his team to the final twice in two years?

      In 2015:

      • 1 goal, 2 penalties (including the ONLY one of his teammates to do so in the final) 
      • 3 assists

      In 2016: 

      • 5 goals 
      • 4 assists
        • (If you want to compare to CR’s Euro 2016, where he scored 3 and assisted 3). 
      • Again, carried his team to the final. But sure, summarize the tournament as a “missed penalty” to fit your narrative. 

      Also worth mentioning that in 2007, at age 20, he also set up the game winning goal against the US in the opening 4-1 win, scored the game-tying first goal vs Colombia in their 4-2 win, assisted their only goal against Paraguay in the beginning of the knockout stage, scored the second goal in their quarter-final victory, and another in their 3-0 semifinal win - which lead to the first of the three Copa America finals he’s played in. 

      ► “CR7 is a better header scorer.

      Yes, a 6′1 CR is better at scoring headers than a 5′7 Messi (*pretends to be shocked*). CR just passed Aduriz for this record a few months ago actually, which isn’t surprising - Cristiano has shown he’s very good in the air. Nobody is denying that Cristiano has great qualities as a player. But as I’m sure you would agree, this argument alone, does not cement anyone as the greatest of all time. Also notable to mention that Barça as a team - tactics/style kept in mind - score less headers. Next. 

      ► “Messi disappears in relevant Champions League matches.

      Did you even try with this one? A few examples of how wrong this is off the top of my head? 

      UCL Final vs. Manchester United, 2009

      UCL Quarterfinals vs. Arsenal, 2010

      • Scored four goals in the second leg, the first three in just 21 minutes

      UCL Semifinals vs. Real Madrid, 2011

      • Scored twice in ten minutes in the first leg. We advanced to the final 3-1 on aggregate. 

      UCL Final vs. Manchester United, 2011

      UCL Semifinals vs. Bayern, 2015

      • Nobody will ever forget his two goals in this extremely ‘relevant’ match, as you put it.
      • Was also at the heart of Neymar’s second goal in the second leg.

      UCL Final at Berlin against Juventus, 2015

      • Messi’s pass to Alba sparked the first goal scored by Rakitic
      • Messi was at the heart of the counter attack which gave Barca the lead again.
      • He wasn’t on the scoresheet, but he made his presence felt.

      It’s true that our last two Champions League tournaments were not what we hoped they would be, but in our ‘relevant’ matches then, Leo still scored 3 against Arsenal over both legs and scored a crucial penalty in our historic PSG comeback this year.

      I couldn’t help but notice how you didn’t have a counter-response about CR and ‘relevant’ CL matches. Could it have to do with numbers like this, from last season?:

      ^ (And again, credit to Sarah for this.)

      And speaking of ‘relevant’ matches, why not mention ‘relevant’ league matches?

      Credit to Grup 14 for the graph. Messi’s line (higher than CR’s in all aspects) shows a relatively steady performance in games (goals/assists) that isn’t affected by the quality of the opposition - so he’s there (more or less) regardless of ‘relevance’ of the match. Meanwhile, as we can see, CR follows an obvious increase in performance as the quality of the opposing team decreases.

      ► “CR7 is a player with more goals and assists in the history of CL, he is more decisive in this competition

      CR does have an advantage when it comes to assists in this competition (37 in 145 vs. Messi’s 25 in 115) - the only competition which he surpasses Messi in assists. And I’m certainly not denying that he’s decisive in this competition. Nobody could.

      But with goals:

      • CR: 104 goals in 145 games = 0.72 goals/game
      • Messi: 94 goals in 115 games = 0.82 goals/game

      And ultimately, titles:

      • CR: 3
      • Messi: 4

       ► “All the greatest players of all times have won with their national team. But Messi won’t.

      Cruyff. Raul. Puskas. Eusebio. Zico. Maldini. Ballack. Bergkamp. Figo. Gascoigne. Laudrup. And the list goes on.

      The greatness of these players, all who have never won an international title, are not questioned. A list Cristiano was also on just last year. Did you create this entire argument after the goal Eder scored, which CR watched from the bench?Did that moment make you believe it can overshadow all of the facts above? 

      If you want to get technical, Messi won with Argentina in 2008, when he became an olympic champion and was highlighted as one of the standout players in the tournament. 

      Neither CR nor Leo has lead their team to a World Cup. 

      But it is true that Messi hasn’t won a Copa America, despite playing in 3 finals and standing out in each one of those tournaments. 

      ► Other:

      • Most Ballons d'Or (5): Messi
      • Most consecutive Ballons d'Or (4): Messi
      • Most goals in La Liga history (347): Messi
      • Most assists in La Liga history (137): Messi
      • Most goals scored in a La Liga season (50): Messi
      • Most goals scored in a club season (73): Messi
      • Most goals in El Clasico history (23): Messi
      • Most assists in El Clasico history (13): Messi

      All I have to say is that if after going through the facts, doing some reading (some suggestions = Lionel Messi is ImpossibleBeyond stats and stunts - The gulf between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo widened in 2016Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo - Who’s the best goalscorer?Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo - What defines a big-game player?, and the Messi vs. Ronaldo resource), some watching/listening (check out Lionel Messi - The World’s GreatestCruijffCast - Episode 7 - Messi x Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi vs. No Space, and Lionel Messi - The 10 Smartest Skills Without Touching the Ball), and maybe just watching some of Messi’s matches that will show you the things stats can’t fully capture… if you believe that headers in a differing styles of play and one international title can justify your entire argument, then there’s no more convincing I can do. This is why I like to stay out of this debate these days. Because for me, although CR is undoubtedly one of the great players of this generation, the greatest of all time isn’t debatable. 

      So if you haven’t guessed it by now, there are no tears over here. If you need a tissue though, let me know!

      • Reporter: Connor-
      • Leon: *glaring* -is the greatest player in the world. He's the best captain ever and we have the best chemistry. Our chemistry is amazing. Also we're really good friends off the ice, for sure. I'd make a joke about playing against him except it hurts too much. Hey, do you think Connor would consider German citizenship or playing for Team Europe? He's just so fast man, I'm just trying to keep up and be the best player I can be so I can be better for Connor because he deserves everything in the world, you know?
      • ____
      • Reporter: Leon-
      • Connor: *beaming* -is so big and strong, have you seen him? He's so big and has such a presence on the ice, throwing that big body of his around. He's the most underrated player in the world ever. Make sure you mention that okay? He's so good and strong, you know? He's unbelievable. He doesn't get enough credit. I should probably talk more about him so people know how awesome he is. I love Leon. There is literally nothing I don't love about that guy.
      The Adventures of Sutha, the Half-Orc Bard

      A little context: my little brother DMs and 3 of 4 of my campaigns I’ve played are with him. Our dad and step mom expressed interest in trying D&D, so he and I gave them the introduction to playing. I have an undying love for Druids, but I decided to try something new this time. Insert my pure-shenanigans character, Sutha the Half-Orc Barbarian. Low intelligence, lower wisdom, high charisma and constitution. My proposal of this character was “They love music, but are not the greatest player. For whatever reason though, people love it.” Cue our introduction:

      DM: So, you are all in a tavern in the evening. Why has each of your characters chosen to be there, and what are they doing?

      Dad (the blue dragonborn ranger): I’m looking for someone. I am sitting in a dark corner watching everyone.

      Stepmom (elf druid with the sage background): I’m in the city looking for knowledge, and stop by the tavern. I settle at the bar.

      Me: I am of course, standing on a table, playing a song on my harp, singing along– I should mention, Sutha cannot sing– and when i finish each song, I down a pint of ale, and begin anew. There is a steadily growing pile of empty tankards around my feet.

      DM: How big are you? How much do they weigh?

      Me: uhhh… 200lbs, and 6ft 7.

      DM: Roll to see if the table holds your weight.

      *rolls a 17*

      DM: Well, okay then. It is rocking back and forth a lot, but seems to be holding. Roll constitution to see how well you hold your liquor.

      *rolls a 15+ 3*

      DM: Theres a dozen or so tankards at your feet, and you’re slightly buzzed, but otherwise are fine.

      I’m trying to let our parents take it upon themselves to push the introductions, let them find reasons for us to all interact, encouraging them to start roleplaying. I’m using my ridiculous character to make them laugh and get rid of any nervousness. It’s going slowly, my step mom is very quiet, but my dads getting right into character and playing around with voices. Finally, after about 5 minutes of awkward bumbling, I decide to try and give them an opening.

      Me: At this point, my table breaks under me.

      DM: *Smiling* roll dex saving throw.

      Me: * rolls 18+3*

      We all laugh.

      DM: the table splits clean down the middle, the tankards land all upright, and you land on your feet on top of them.

      Me: I look down in shock, and then cheer loudly over the hushed silence, arms raised in the air. I down another pint and start a new song.

      Eventually the DM intervened, inserting an NPC who drags us on a quest. I tried, anyways.

      • What I say: I'm fine
      • What I mean: During El Clasico on the 23rd of April 2017 FC Barcelona secured a 3-2 victory over their rivals Real Madrid. The winning goal was scored by Lionel Messi, the greatest player in the history of football, who had previously scored after being battered and bloodied in the first half. The goal was his 500th for the club. He celebrated by removing his shirt and showing it to the Madrid fans in the Bernabeu in a demonstration of his endless love and dedication to the club he has given his entire playing career to i
      A Letter To The Joe

      Thank you for making this Michigan kid’s dreams come true
      by Zach Werenski

      Dear Joe Louis Arena,

      It’s hard to believe that this will be the last game I ever play on your ice surface.

      And to think, when I was a kid growing up in Grosse Pointe Woods, all I ever wanted was to play a game at The Joe and to be a Detroit Red Wing. Let’s make one thing clear: it’s the honor of a lifetime to be a Columbus Blue Jacket and to wear this sweater, but six-year-old Zach saw your sheet of ice as the ultimate goal. It meant everything to lace up my skates and twirl on the same ice as all the greats to wear the winged wheel.

      I’m only 19 years old now, and it feels so weird to be saying goodbye to you.

      When we played hockey in the street or practiced in one of our local rinks, I wanted to be Nick Lidstrom. He’s one of the biggest reasons why I chose to become a defenseman (I wasn’t the best at the other positions, but still) and I wore No. 13 for most of my life and through college because I idolized Pavel Datsyuk. The allure and prestige of Joe Louis Arena is what motivated me as a kid, and I would’ve done anything to fulfill the dream of “one day, you could play at The Joe.”

      Luckily, I’m able to say that I did. I’ve played over 50 games at The Joe in my young life, both as a little guy and then in college and now in the NHL. My parents raised us 13 miles from downtown Detroit, and I was so fortunate to be part of youth programs and community organizations that helped bring our dreams to life.

      I first played at The Joe when I was young. Like, really young. The Grosse Pointe Bulldogs were my squirt team when I was maybe nine years old, and we got the chance to play a game on the ice a few hours before the Red Wings played. There was nothing like it, and looking back on it now, it was so much better as a kid because I feel like I appreciated it more. I soaked up every second. I don’t think I actually believed it was happening. When I got older and played there in college, I was so worried about preparing for the game and staying focused that I lost sight of those feelings and emotions from when I was a kid.

      Make no mistake: we’re coming to The Joe for two points on Tuesday night, but there’s zero chance I won’t be taking a few extra looks around the place. I mean, how could I not? I started playing hockey because I wanted to play at The Joe.

      Everyone says it, and they’re right: all you have to do is look up in the rafters or walk around the concourses to see how special the building is: decades of tradition, dozens of the game’s all-time greatest players, and a large handful of Stanley Cup championships. The Red Wings and Joe Louis Arena embody what every kid who aspires to be a National Hockey League player wants or wanted. I know because I was one of those kids.

      I’m not really a kid anymore, but for one night, I plan on being one in the building that gave me something to dream about.

      So I wanted to make sure I said “thank you,” Joe Louis Arena. Thank you for the memories and for housing the tradition, for representing a historic franchise and for helping a wide-eyed kid from suburban Detroit fall in love with hockey.

      And if you can put in a word for me…I’d *really* like one of the chairs.


      Geno’s interview for Maxim (April 2017). 

      Big thanks to @atsomnambulist for the help with the translation! 😇

      -You live in the United States ten months in a year. What do you miss most about Russia?

      - It used to be difficult, my parents did not visit that much. And now I’m comfortable, all who are close and dear to me often visit Pittsburgh. I don’t worry about food, I’m not fussy. What I miss the most is the Russian banya (sauna). Whenever I arrive in Moscow, I immediately go to “Sanduny”. I like to hang out with friends, sometimes in nightclubs too. You get tired of a year of matches and flights across the America, so you need some time to relax.

      Keep reading

      playing quidditch with draco would include...

      pairing: draco x gryffindor reader

      • him being so cautious of even slightly bumping into you, let alone knocking you off your broomstick during a game
      • him getting mad at his own team players for being rough with you even though you assure him it’s fine and you can handle yourself
      • “it’s just part of the game, babe. don’t get angry.”
      • “i know, but-”
      • “draco, it’s fine. look, i’m ok.”
      • “alright, but just… be careful.”
      • “i always am.”
      • everyone knowing how tough you are but draco still insists you need to look after yourself more when you play
      • “i know you’re the best player, y/n, everyone does… but you’re still mine, and i still need to protect you.”
      • you kissing him on the cheek to calm him down after someone makes either him or you lose
      • him surprising you by buying you the broomstick you’ve always wanted
      • “well you’ve been going on about this model for ages, so i thought i’d get it for you.”
      • “draco, you really didn’t have to. this is perfect, babe. thank you so much.”
      • “anything for you… you deserve it.”
      • him marvelling at how skilled of a player you are
      • when you play against slytherin, he still cheers you on even though you’re in a different house
      • him picking you up after you fall off of your broom
      • … and giving daggers to whoever made you fall, whether they’re on his team or not
      • him getting distracted during really important practices/games because he can’t stop looking at you
      • when he’s watching you on in the crowd he gets everyone to chant your name
      • being so proud of you whether you win or lose
      • “you did so great, babe. honestly, you amaze me every time you get on the pitch.”
      • sneaking off to the quidditch pitch in the middle of the night to have a one-on-one game
      • … but ending up just chasing each other around on your brooms
      • him losing the game for slytherin after he goes to help you back onto your broomstick instead of catching the snitch
      • “dray, what are you doing? you could of won!”
      • “you were falling, winning’s the least i care about right now. are you alright?”
      • “as much as i find your consideration super sweet, you really shouldn’t of done that. i’m ok, draco, really.”
      • “good… i love you.”
      • “i love you too.”
      • you sometimes getting mad at him for thinking you can’t take care of yourself in a match
      • secretly loving how protective he gets of you during a match
      • meeting before each game you play against each other so that he can tell you how wonderful of a player you are and you can tell him the same
      • him always coming to watch you practice
      • … mainly because he wants to make sure everyone knows your his and that no one flirts with you during practice
      • you becoming really good friends with ron and oliver during gryffindor practice and draco being jealous
      • “you’re suppose to be practicing quidditch, not pick up lines, weasley.”
      • “draco, babe, stop. we’re just talking.”
      • “remember to keep your distance, wood. not only are you on the same team but that’s my girl you’re-”
      • “dray! stop it.”
      • you never really being able to talk to a male team mate without him making himself known
      • “there’s my girl. just thought i’d come by to wish you luck.”
      • “babe, i just saw you. 15 minuets ago.”
      • “… even more luck then.”
      • him letting you catch the snitch even though he knew that meant his team losing
      • him being secretly terrified of you during a game where you’d play each others teams
      • you secretly being jealous of the attention he’d get from slytherin girls
      • “everything alright, babe?”
      • “fine, draco… fine.”
      • “what?”
      • “nothing… i see you’ve got a few fans over there.”
      • “and you’re jealous, are you?”
      • “pssh, please.”
      • … then you making him kiss you in front of them
      • “i’m your number 1 fan, draco, just remember that.”
      • going to the three broomsticks together after each practice
      • … and him insisting on paying every time
      •  him and ron holding you on their shoulders after you catch the winning snitch
      • all of the girls being jealous of how supportive he is of you
      • snape having to keep an eye on him during big games so that he doesn’t use magic against someone who might hurt you
      • him thinking you’re really badass when he watches you practice
      • him thinking it’s cute when you get pissed at someone from the opposite team
      • “y/n, you know you’re the best player in gryffindor, don’t waste your time thinking about one small match… besides, you’re adorable when you’re angry.”
      • “shut up.”
      • both being so incredibly proud of each other when you get the positions you wanted after try-outs
      • more people turning out to the matches you and draco were playing against each other because they wanted to be there if something happened
      • when you ref for slytherin you let him off or pretend you don’t notice when he should obviously get a penalty, and him doing the same for you
      • when he refs for gryffindor he sends anyone off who even slightly hurts you
      • being in the daily prophet together after having an article written about the two of you being the ‘quidditch power couple’
      • … and in the photo you’re both stood by each other, wearing your quidditch uniforms, holding your brooms, draco’s arm is wrapped around you, and he’s giving you a kiss on the cheek
      • you and him both keeping a cut out of the article without the other one knowing
      • him being really mad at blaise for cheering on a slytherin that pushes you out of the way of the snitch
      • if he loses a game you always know how to cheer him up ;)
      • … and if you lose, he really knows how to cheer you up
      • when he can’t be at one of your matches he worries so much about whether you’re ok
      • you kissing him good luck before every one of his matches
      • his team mates making fun of him being so gentle with you during practice
      • both of you being known as the best players in your house
      • blaise and the rest of his team mates being mad at you for sometimes making him late to practice because you wanted to spend time with him
      • draco telling them to stop being so grumpy
      • you feeling really disheartened for him when slytherin loses because you know he tried his best
      • always walking to practice together
      • him being mad at the ref if you get sent off
      • draco always talking about how good of a player you are to blaise after every match or practice
      • “…i mean, i know i’m bias, being her boyfriend and all, but isn’t she just the greatest player hogwarts has ever had? … and the cutest…”
      • him getting really angry and argumentative with any teacher that gives him detention when he’s suppose to watch you practice
      • you doing the same
      • him thinking you look really cute in your quidditch uniform
      • … and you sometimes wearing his because you know how much he likes it
      • borrowing each others brooms sometimes
      • everyone being extra scared to mess with you during practice or a game because they know not only are they messing with you but there also messing with draco
      • oliver wood offering to give you extra training only because he wants to maintain your skill but draco getting jealous and protective
      • when you do train with oliver, draco always gets really paranoid that he’s only doing it because he thinks he likes you
      • … and draco coming to ‘pick you up’ after practice with oliver because he wants to make sure he doesn’t flirt with you or that oliver’s not trying anything
      • “draco, even if he did like me, which he doesn’t, you know nothing would ever happen between us. i’m only interested in quidditch. and you.”
      • going on dates to watch ravenclaw play hufflepuff
      • him thinking it’s really cute when you cheer on your ravenclaw/hufflepuff friends, or get mad and shout at the ref
      • critiquing matches together
      • teasing him by saying the ravenclaw captain is better than him
      • “you know i’m only teasing, dray… but seriously, you might want to think about upping your game.”
      • “and you might want to think about wiping that smirk off of your face.”
      • him being able the get the best seats for you to national and international matches because of his father
      • knowing each others favourite players
      • … but he always says you’re his favourite player
      • “yeah, krum’s good, but he’s nowhere near as good as you, y/n.”
      • “if that were only true…”
      • “it is to me.”
      • you kissing him in front of everyone after he wins for slytherin
      • “congratulations, draco.”
      • “thank you, sweetheart.”
      • the crowd of people around him all ‘woo’-ing and wolf-whistling you both after you kiss him
      • you always asking him if you could see the snitch he caught
      • him giving you the snitch as a gift because he knew how much you liked it
      • jokingly asking him to sign your broom after he wins the match
      • … and he actually does it
      • … but you secretly quite like it and look at it all the time
      • quidditch basically just having a big role in your relationship & lives
      • … and him knowing it’s your dream to become a professional quidditch player and play for england
      • “i just know it’s going to happen, y/n. you’re the best player i’ve ever seen.”

      lol this is super long and wasn’t requested but i was bored and thought this was a really cute idea. i want to do more of these types of imagines so expect some of these in the future.
      also, i know it’s been a while since i’ve posted. it’s because i’ve been working on part 3 of distant and it’s taking forever to get right, but will hopefully be out later this month. thank you guys for reading my stuff, i really appreciate it :)

      (If these asks are from two different people, that’s a crazy wild coincidence. Hope you enjoy!)

      You had always loved the sea. The ocean inspired you more than anything, so it was inevitable that you would live right next to it. Luckily, you had secured yourself a decently cheap beachfront house in a rather rural area. You spent most of your free hours sitting on the beach with your ocarina, playing renditions of music from movies and games, along with writing your own music. On this particular night, as the sun was near setting, you stared out at the water reflecting the gentle orange light of the sun, and a wave of inspiration hit you like never before. You began to improvise a song that was slow and weaved through high and low notes like the waves traveling in and out. After a minute or two of playing, you stopped, satisfied, and looked back to at the horizon. When you gazed out, something in the water caught your eye, but before you could make out what it was, it was gone. You stood there for a moment longer, seeing if it would appear again, but after a few minutes, you walked back to your house, still pondering over what you may have seen. From the glimpse you had gotten, it looked like a large, emerald, glittering fish tail, larger than any you had ever seen before.

      A week passed, but you couldn’t stop thinking about the tail. You tried researching what type of fish it could be, but every result was either not large enough, not native to shallow water, or not green. It was a complete mystery, and it was driving you insane. Every day, at the same time as that fateful day, you returned to the shore and played the same song. It probably had no effect, but something inside of you hoped that perhaps it would do… something.

      The tenth day, and still nothing. You were losing hope that you would ever see the tail again. Inside your home, you looked to the clock; it was almost time to go out again. You sighed, and whispered to yourself, “Today is the last day that I bother with this. Once the sun sets, it’s out of my mind.” You picked up your ocarina and made your way out the door and to the beach. Once you reached the shore, you sat down and began to play; the melody you had first played was now etched into your mind. The notes gently cascaded out over the waves, like a seal coursing through the water, but you kept your eyes trained on it like a shark, trying to spot that elusive tail. The song was near over. Your eyes darted over the water in all directions, searching, waiting, hoping. But you were losing hope fast…

      Suddenly there was a splash! You saw it this time, to your left! You stood up and dashed into the water as fast as you could. You could still see it shimmering just below the surface. This thing, this stupid fish had avoided you up until now, there was no way in hell that you were going to let it escape again. But, in the blink of an eye, it was gone again, leaving you standing waist deep in the ocean. “No… No!” In anger, you slammed the water with your fists, then held your head in your hands in defeat. This mysterious creature had driven you crazy, and this would be the last time you would see it. The waves pushed against your body, the water soaked into your clothes. The only music now was the cold rhythm of the ocean. It was gone…


      A voice had destroyed the silence.

      You moved your hands away and opened your eyes to see a person, from the neck up, appear out of the water no more than five feet away from you. He looked young, and had black hair and thin angular eyes with pupils as dark as dusk that glinted mischievously.  You wondered how he had gotten out this far, but then behind him, you saw the tail, glittering below the waves. He began talking again.

      “You… what is your name?”

      You told him your name, then quietly, awkwardly asked for his. That made him smile.

      “I am Genji… I think that your song is beautiful. I think that you… are beautiful.”

      You tried talking, but the words could not come out. “What- what a-are…”

      He chuckled. “I can see that you are confused.” He lifted his tail above the surface. It reflected the setting sun in a million different places, blinding you with its beauty. “I live deep within the ocean. I come up here sometimes to watch the sunset, but one day I heard your music. It is so soothing.” He came closer and gripped your hands, and his eyes lit up. “I’ve fallen in love with you and your song. Please, can you come out into the water every day, so I may hear your melodies better?”

      This should have been stranger than it felt. This man- no, this mermaid had just appeared, and told you he loved you. But, it didn’t feel weird. The weirdest thing was how this felt like it was meant to be. “Yes,” you told him, smiling from ear to ear and holding his hands tight, “yes, I will! I’ll come to see you every day, I promise!”

      He smiled back at you. “Thank you, (Y/N)! The sun is about to set, so I will see you tomorrow.” He let go of your hands and began swimming backwards into the sea. “Goodbye, (Y/N).” His tail flicked up above the surface, sparkling in the last of the sun’s fading light, and then it was gone.


      With the money you had saved buying your house, you bought a small boat to meet Genji closer to his home. Every evening you would row out to play your ocarina for him. He would always applaud you and say that you were the greatest player in the world; sometimes you would let him try to play it too, and although he was hardly an expert, the smile on his face when he finally played a few cohesive notes made your heart swell with joy.

      One night, a few months after the day you met, everything went as normal, but before you said goodbye, Genji said, “May I ask you something, (Y/N)?”

      “Of course, Genji,” you answered. “What is it?”

      “Coming out here every day… it is not a bother to you, is it?”

      You leaned over the side of your boat and smiled comfortingly. “Of course not. I love coming to meet you.”

      “Thank you, that is reassuring.” He paused and gazed into your eyes thoughtfully for a few moments. Suddenly, he said, “Forgive me for this.”

      He grabbed your arm, and as fast as lightning, pulled you into the water. You were so caught off guard, you hardly had time to take a breath before being submerged. Everything was a blur. You felt Genji’s arms around your torso, and the two of you had reached the surface again.

      “Genji! What are you-” Before you could finish your sentence, he pulled you close and kissed you, quick and silent as a thief. You did not fight it; in truth, you had been waiting for this for a long time. Ever since you had met him, you had loved him, just as he had loved you. He stopped and pushed back, meeting your eyes. “I’m sorry, (Y/N),” he whispered, grinning. “I just couldn’t resist.”

      “Don’t be,” you replied quietly. You pulled him back to you, letting your lips meet his halfway. You hardly noticed your soaked clothes, wet hair or toppled boat. The sun glowed just as it had on that first day you had met, warming your skin and shining a spotlight on you and him, as if nothing existed but you two, wrapped in the embrace of each other and the sea.

      ~Mod Galaxy

      Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

      A part of the drabble series When Two Worlds Collide for the 500 Followers Celebration. 

      (gifs aren’t mine)

      Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader x Chris Evans

      Summary: Feeling threatened by the presence of his doppelgänger, Steve decided to change in order to get your attention.  

      A/N: This is the first installment of the drabble series I’ll be doing for the next 5 days. The series will take place in the same time and setting as Double Take. Also, this one is a tiiiiny bit long. 


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