greatest player ever

playing quidditch with draco would include...

pairing: draco x gryffindor reader

  • him being so cautious of even slightly bumping into you, let alone knocking you off your broomstick during a game
  • him getting mad at his own team players for being rough with you even though you assure him it’s fine and you can handle yourself
  • “it’s just part of the game, babe. don’t get angry.”
  • “i know, but-”
  • “draco, it’s fine. look, i’m ok.”
  • “alright, but just… be careful.”
  • “i always am.”
  • everyone knowing how tough you are but draco still insists you need to look after yourself more when you play
  • “i know you’re the best player, y/n, everyone does… but you’re still mine, and i still need to protect you.”
  • you kissing him on the cheek to calm him down after someone makes either him or you lose
  • him surprising you by buying you the broomstick you’ve always wanted
  • “well you’ve been going on about this model for ages, so i thought i’d get it for you.”
  • “draco, you really didn’t have to. this is perfect, babe. thank you so much.”
  • “anything for you… you deserve it.”
  • him marvelling at how skilled of a player you are
  • when you play against slytherin, he still cheers you on even though you’re in a different house
  • him picking you up after you fall off of your broom
  • … and giving daggers to whoever made you fall, whether they’re on his team or not
  • him getting distracted during really important practices/games because he can’t stop looking at you
  • when he’s watching you on in the crowd he gets everyone to chant your name
  • being so proud of you whether you win or lose
  • “you did so great, babe. honestly, you amaze me every time you get on the pitch.”
  • sneaking off to the quidditch pitch in the middle of the night to have a one-on-one game
  • … but ending up just chasing each other around on your brooms
  • him losing the game for slytherin after he goes to help you back onto your broomstick instead of catching the snitch
  • “dray, what are you doing? you could of won!”
  • “you were falling, winning’s the least i care about right now. are you alright?”
  • “as much as i find your consideration super sweet, you really shouldn’t of done that. i’m ok, draco, really.”
  • “good… i love you.”
  • “i love you too.”
  • you sometimes getting mad at him for thinking you can’t take care of yourself in a match
  • secretly loving how protective he gets of you during a match
  • meeting before each game you play against each other so that he can tell you how wonderful of a player you are and you can tell him the same
  • him always coming to watch you practice
  • … mainly because he wants to make sure everyone knows your his and that no one flirts with you during practice
  • you becoming really good friends with ron and oliver during gryffindor practice and draco being jealous
  • “you’re suppose to be practicing quidditch, not pick up lines, weasley.”
  • “draco, babe, stop. we’re just talking.”
  • “remember to keep your distance, wood. not only are you on the same team but that’s my girl you’re-”
  • “dray! stop it.”
  • you never really being able to talk to a male team mate without him making himself known
  • “there’s my girl. just thought i’d come by to wish you luck.”
  • “babe, i just saw you. 15 minuets ago.”
  • “… even more luck then.”
  • him letting you catch the snitch even though he knew that meant his team losing
  • him being secretly terrified of you during a game where you’d play each others teams
  • you secretly being jealous of the attention he’d get from slytherin girls
  • “everything alright, babe?”
  • “fine, draco… fine.”
  • “what?”
  • “nothing… i see you’ve got a few fans over there.”
  • “and you’re jealous, are you?”
  • “pssh, please.”
  • … then you making him kiss you in front of them
  • “i’m your number 1 fan, draco, just remember that.”
  • going to the three broomsticks together after each practice
  • … and him insisting on paying every time
  •  him and ron holding you on their shoulders after you catch the winning snitch
  • all of the girls being jealous of how supportive he is of you
  • snape having to keep an eye on him during big games so that he doesn’t use magic against someone who might hurt you
  • him thinking you’re really badass when he watches you practice
  • him thinking it’s cute when you get pissed at someone from the opposite team
  • “y/n, you know you’re the best player in gryffindor, don’t waste your time thinking about one small match… besides, you’re adorable when you’re angry.”
  • “shut up.”
  • both being so incredibly proud of each other when you get the positions you wanted after try-outs
  • more people turning out to the matches you and draco were playing against each other because they wanted to be there if something happened
  • when you ref for slytherin you let him off or pretend you don’t notice when he should obviously get a penalty, and him doing the same for you
  • when he refs for gryffindor he sends anyone off who even slightly hurts you
  • being in the daily prophet together after having an article written about the two of you being the ‘quidditch power couple’
  • … and in the photo you’re both stood by each other, wearing your quidditch uniforms, holding your brooms, draco’s arm is wrapped around you, and he’s giving you a kiss on the cheek
  • you and him both keeping a cut out of the article without the other one knowing
  • him being really mad at blaise for cheering on a slytherin that pushes you out of the way of the snitch
  • if he loses a game you always know how to cheer him up ;)
  • … and if you lose, he really knows how to cheer you up
  • when he can’t be at one of your matches he worries so much about whether you’re ok
  • you kissing him good luck before every one of his matches
  • his team mates making fun of him being so gentle with you during practice
  • both of you being known as the best players in your house
  • blaise and the rest of his team mates being mad at you for sometimes making him late to practice because you wanted to spend time with him
  • draco telling them to stop being so grumpy
  • you feeling really disheartened for him when slytherin loses because you know he tried his best
  • always walking to practice together
  • him being mad at the ref if you get sent off
  • draco always talking about how good of a player you are to blaise after every match or practice
  • “…i mean, i know i’m bias, being her boyfriend and all, but isn’t she just the greatest player hogwarts has ever had? … and the cutest…”
  • him getting really angry and argumentative with any teacher that gives him detention when he’s suppose to watch you practice
  • you doing the same
  • him thinking you look really cute in your quidditch uniform
  • … and you sometimes wearing his because you know how much he likes it
  • borrowing each others brooms sometimes
  • everyone being extra scared to mess with you during practice or a game because they know not only are they messing with you but there also messing with draco
  • oliver wood offering to give you extra training only because he wants to maintain your skill but draco getting jealous and protective
  • when you do train with oliver, draco always gets really paranoid that he’s only doing it because he thinks he likes you
  • … and draco coming to ‘pick you up’ after practice with oliver because he wants to make sure he doesn’t flirt with you or that oliver’s not trying anything
  • “draco, even if he did like me, which he doesn’t, you know nothing would ever happen between us. i’m only interested in quidditch. and you.”
  • going on dates to watch ravenclaw play hufflepuff
  • him thinking it’s really cute when you cheer on your ravenclaw/hufflepuff friends, or get mad and shout at the ref
  • critiquing matches together
  • teasing him by saying the ravenclaw captain is better than him
  • “you know i’m only teasing, dray… but seriously, you might want to think about upping your game.”
  • “and you might want to think about wiping that smirk off of your face.”
  • him being able the get the best seats for you to national and international matches because of his father
  • knowing each others favourite players
  • … but he always says you’re his favourite player
  • “yeah, krum’s good, but he’s nowhere near as good as you, y/n.”
  • “if that were only true…”
  • “it is to me.”
  • you kissing him in front of everyone after he wins for slytherin
  • “congratulations, draco.”
  • “thank you, sweetheart.”
  • the crowd of people around him all ‘woo’-ing and wolf-whistling you both after you kiss him
  • you always asking him if you could see the snitch he caught
  • him giving you the snitch as a gift because he knew how much you liked it
  • jokingly asking him to sign your broom after he wins the match
  • … and he actually does it
  • … but you secretly quite like it and look at it all the time
  • quidditch basically just having a big role in your relationship & lives
  • … and him knowing it’s your dream to become a professional quidditch player and play for england
  • “i just know it’s going to happen, y/n. you’re the best player i’ve ever seen.”

lol this is super long and wasn’t requested but i was bored and thought this was a really cute idea. i want to do more of these types of imagines so expect some of these in the future.
also, i know it’s been a while since i’ve posted. it’s because i’ve been working on part 3 of distant and it’s taking forever to get right, but will hopefully be out later this month. thank you guys for reading my stuff, i really appreciate it :)

Check to the Heart (Part 2/?)

Bucky x Reader

Modern day Hockey AU

SUMMARY: You are the daughter of one of the greatest hockey players to ever play the game, now as owner of the Avengers, he is bringing your childhood crush Bucky Barnes to the team.  The minute he sees you in your father’s office, you can tell by the smirk on his face he hadn’t forgot about your crush either.  This is going to be fun.

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Hockey terms:

NHL - National Hockey League

Drop Gloves- hockey fight - Players throw off their gloves and start fighting, fighting in hockey is actually a thing.  A brilliant, amazing, thing.

Boards: walls around the rink.

Stanley Cup:  the greatest trophy in sports.

 “Wanna be?”

You don’t let your surprise show at his words.  Fixing Bucky with a smirk you look him up and down before saying, “Why have some hot friends for me?”

Bucky didn’t do as well hiding the surprise on his face,  you give him a wink and turn to walk back to your office.  As far as you were concerned he could show himself around.  You could deal with your father if he pitched a fuss.  Before you had made it a few steps away Bucky’s humor filled voice caused you to falter just a bit, “Looks like you still have those sharp teeth behind that pretty smile.”

You shut the door to your office and lean against it rubbing your face with your hands.  This was the last thing you needed.  When you were kids, the three of you were inseparable.  You had met and became quick friends.  Steve, who believe it or not was smaller than Bucky at that time, had heard you being harassed by an older boy, Brock Rumlow, he had told you girls couldn’t play hockey.  Steve not liking a boy picking on a girl, skated up to him pushing him away from you.  When Bucky saw Brock punch Steve, all bets were off.  The three boys and you dropped the gloves.  What resulted was a black eye for each boy and a missing front tooth for you, and what seemed like a lifelong bond.  

Stupid Bucky, stupid Steve, stupid memories.  You shake yourself from the memory and collect your things and head home for the evening, the season was going to start soon and you had tons to do.

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Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

A part of the drabble series When Two Worlds Collide for the 500 Followers Celebration. 

(gifs aren’t mine)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader x Chris Evans

Summary: Feeling threatened by the presence of his doppelgänger, Steve decided to change in order to get your attention.  

A/N: This is the first installment of the drabble series I’ll be doing for the next 5 days. The series will take place in the same time and setting as Double Take. Also, this one is a tiiiiny bit long. 


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I’m not sure how anyone can still hate on Lavar at this point. The man went from being a “bad father”, and a joke to most of sports media only 2 months ago. Two days ago he saw his son get drafted 2nd overall to his hometown team the Lakers, one of the most legendary franchises in the game. 

Now here he is pictured meeting Magic Johnson, probably his childhood idol and one of the greatest players ever to play the game. And something tells me Magic is just as big of a fan. 

AND he’s getting those “Big Baller Brand” checks instead of Nike or Adidas getting that money.

Not to mention he predicted it all happening. 

Check to the Heart (Part 1 of ?)

Bucky x Reader

Modern day Hockey AU

SUMMARY: You are the daughter of one of the greatest hockey players to ever play the game, now as owner of the Avengers, he is bringing your childhood crush Bucky Barnes to the team.  The minute he sees you in your father’s office, you can tell by the smirk on his face he hadn’t forgot about your crush either.  This is going to be fun.

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You sit in the big leather chair in front of your father’s desk staring at all his numerous awards.   Your dad was one of the top 10 players of his generation,  he was now the current owner of the Avengers, one of the top NHL teams in the country.  You were eventually going to take over the team.  You had been working with the team for two years and had great relationships with the team and staff.

 You just wanted to keep your father’s legacy alive.  You were his only child and though you had played hockey as a kid, it was never your long term goal.  You chose to go to business school.   You loved the sport and knew that your future was the team.  

 Your father had called you in to go over some changes he was making to the team.  You were in the process of putting your feet on his desk, when your dad walks in grumbling, “Get your feet off my desk.”

 “Sure thing Daddy-o, so what’s going on?”  Your dad gives you a wide smile, you didn’t like that smile.  That was the smile he gave you when he caught you sneaking in after your curfew.

 “Well I signed someone today.  He is gonna help turn the team around.  He’s a good guy and one hell of a hockey player.”  Your dad was practically hopping in his chair with excitement.

 Feeding off his energy you are getting just as excited. “Oh my God! Did you get Matt Murdock?!”

 “No! Better…James Barnes!”  Your dad looked so pleased with himself.   All you can do is look at him in shock.  Bucky.  Of all the players in the world your dad had to choose your childhood crush and ex friend.

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He is the best. Without doubt. Nobody comes close. In every game, no matter how much you kick him, knock him down, make him bleed, he is the best. Lionel Messi is the greatest player to ever play the game of football.

the greats: wayne gretzky, 1978–1999

The leading scorer in NHL history, Gretzky is the only NHL player to total over 200 points in one season – a feat he accomplished four times. The NHL retired his jersey number (99) league-wide, making him the only player to receive this honor. At the time of his retirement in 1999, he held 61 NHL records: 40 regular-season records, 15 playoff records, and six All-Star records. Nicknamed “The Great One,” he has been called “the greatest hockey player ever” by many sportswriters, players, and the NHL itself. [x]

anonymous asked:

Being the quidditch commentator of the next generation would involve?

  • And there’s Weasley with the Quaffle, attempting a pass to Weasley. Oh, a nice interception by Weasley. What’s this? I think Weasley has seen the snitch. But, ouch, it looks like Weasley has been hit by Weasley’s well-aimed bludger. I’m sorry, but does anyone know what’s actually happening?”
  • “And Wood has the Quaffle, finally a player that isn’t a Weasley or a Potter.”
  • Seriously, you spend half your time wondering if being stupidly good at Quidditch is in the Weasley genetic code.
  • “Teddy Lupin shoots… and he scores! You know, he’s one of my favourite players this year and not just because his bright blue hair is really easy to spot.”
  • “No, James. I will not ask the cute Hufflepuff out for you, in front of the entire school, after you win the match. No, not even if you pay me.”
  • “Rose, I’m not going to announce you as ‘the greatest Quidditch player Hogwarts has ever seen’. You’re an incredible player, but I don’t want to get on the bad side of the rest of your family. They terrify me.”
  • “Erm, this is a little weird. Star Quidditch player, Roxanne Weasley, would like me to tell you all that her brother, Fred, needs a date for Hogsmeade this weekend. Applicants just need to send him a howler detailing what, in their opinion, is his best feature during breakfast tomorrow. And Fred, Roxie says ‘you know what you did to deserve this.’ I’m not sure what it was, but I know I don’t want to get on the bad side of your sister.”
  • At one point, you start commentating on the Weasleys/Potters that aren’t playing:
  • “And Albus Potter is sitting in the stands, looking kind of zoned out. I think he’s cloud gazing. Way to cheer your family on, Al. Your support must be invaluable to them. Oh, and Scorpius Malfoy is sitting next to him reading. I can’t tell what book from here, but I’m sure it’s terribly boring.”
  • Spotting Ginny in the audience watching from the crowds and fangirling/fanboying/fancommentating for a little bit because an actual Holyhead Harpy is in the audience!
  • Trying, but not quite succeeding, to live up to the hilarity that was Luna’s commentary during HBP. (‘Loser’s Lurgy’ will live on forever in my heart)

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New Addition || l.h

im happy you like my stuff, love xx

I M A G I N E 

“I can’t believe we’re having a boy!” Luke gushed as he dipped his paint brush into the can. 

You and Luke are currently decorating your baby boy’s new room. Since Luke is off tour and will be around for a few months, you decided to use the time to get a space ready for the new addition to your family. Luke couldn’t have been more happy and excited to do so. 

For a month, the two of you have been looking through baby catalogs, looking through certain organic baby foods, and going to Babies“R“Us. You’ve never seen Luke so content to check out small black skinny jeans for boys as well as searching for some Nirvana tees for him. You were only 5 months in, and Luke has already bought about 2 dressers worth of clothing for the boy. 

“I can’t believe it’s been 5 months already,” you smiled, rubbing your stomach fondly as you paint small patterns on the wall. Your belly was fairly big now, having it be a pretty big weight for you. You had to try really hard to keep your back straight to keep good posture. “He’s super heavy.” 

“He’s gonna be the coolest kid around though,” Luke said eagerly as he finished painting the wall a baby blue. Putting the paintbrush down, he grabbed one of the smaller brushes and joined you next to the white can of paint. “Literally, he’s gonna be super punk rock and all.” 

“Babe, you ordered khakis the other day for him,” you giggled, painting a small rocket ship with it approaching the moon. “If that’s punk rock, then why don’t I see you wearing a ‘Jake from Statefarm’ outfit all the time?”

“Baby, that’s only when he’s gonna have casual outings,” Luke exclaimed as he began painting the 5SOS logo. 

“You still wear your black skinny jeans and ‘You complete mess’ shirt, what are you talking about?” You humored, shaking your head as you dropped your arms to your sides and sighed. You were tired, if you were being honest. Your feet ached from walking around and standing so much, but Luke was so excited to do this project. You didn’t want to miss out on any of the fun. 

“You tired, Y/N?” Luke asked, his face washed with pure concern as he faces you. You smiled, looking at his ocean eyes dim and his pink lips part slightly. You nodded sheepishly, having Luke put down his paint brush and wrap his arms around you. “We can take a break if you want, baby girl.”

“I’m okay, really,” you said with a smile, having Luke press his forehead against yours as he stared into your eyes. He rocked the both of you a bit, going in a slow circle around the newly painted room. 

“Are you sure?” Luke mumbled, having you nod vigorously. He then smiled as well, feeling reassured while planting a kiss on your lips. Picking up your arm again, you begin to paint a small guitar with music notes around it. 

“I hope he gets your cute face,” you giggled, painting the strings of the guitar with precision. “He’s going to, I can tell. He’s also gonna be a real heartbreaker.” 

“Yeah, maybe,” Luke chuckled, painting a bass guitar next to yours. “He’s definitely gonna be the greatest guitar player ever though. He’s gonna rock himself out the womb, I’m tellin’ ya.” 

“You’re not even that good, how the heck is he gonna turn out to be the greatest?” You joked, having you snort from laughter as Luke rolled his eyes and bent down. You didn’t notice, but Luke dipped his index finger in the white paint and slowly stood up again. 

“Hey Y/N, you got a lil something there…” Luke began to gesture with his clean hand, having you turn to look at him with a puzzled face. He quickly swiped a bit of pain on your nose, having you in shock from his audacious move. 

“Oh, Hemmings, you shouldn’t have done that.” With that, you quickly smeared your paint brush against his cheek, having a white streak of pain drip down his jawline. “Ha, got ya!” 

“You’re so lucky you’re carrying Luke Jr. right now,” Luke said with a grin. “I was gonna put you over my shoulder and throw you on our bed and hit you with a pillow.” 

“Who said we were gonna name the baby after you?” You asked, commenting solely on that part of his intentions. Luke looked at you with confusion, as if you said something wrong. 

“Was that not the plan?” Luke muttered. 

“We’ve never even talked about that when we knew we were having a boy!” You said with a giggle. 

“I thought that was a given,” Luke said, having you shake your head as you walk up to Luke and wrap your arms around his waist. He wraps his around yours, looking down at you with fascination. 

“Let’s take a break,” you asked, yawning a bit as Luke quickly kisses you. He swallowed your yawn, making you giggle against his lips as you kissed him back. A bit of the paint on his cheek got on yours, while the paint on your nose got on his cheek. “You got a little something on your…”

“Shut up,” Luke said, squeezing you a little tighter as you laughed. 

“Hey there, mister, be careful,” you jabbed Luke’s side gently. “I got a baby on board here, and he’s a little fragile.” Luke chuckled, letting you go as he crouched a bit to face your belly. He lifts up your shirt cautiously to look at your big belly. 

“I can’t wait to meet him,” Luke whispers as he kisses your belly gently. A small kick reacted to it, having you and Luke smile widely at one another. 

“I think he’s eager to meet you, too,” you say, looking at your boyfriend fondly. His calloused hands hold the sides of your belly gently, as if you were a vase that needed to be held with care. 

“Just 4 more months, buddy,” Luke said happily, giving your belly another kiss before standing up again to give you a kiss. 

Check to the Heart MasterList

Bucky x Reader

Modern day Hockey AU

SUMMARY: You are the daughter of one of the greatest hockey players to ever play the game, now as owner of the Avengers, he is bringing your childhood crush Bucky Barnes to the team.  The minute he sees you in your father’s office, you can tell by the smirk on his face he hadn’t forgot about your crush either.  This is going to be fun.  

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