greatest picture ever taken

I was somewhat sourly looking through my phone because i realized i havent felt cute enough to take an actually good selfie in like, months, and realized that literally one of the greatest looking pictures of myself ive ever taken is of me dressed as nino
Like literally its an amazing picture of me but im dressed as nino!?! And its so funny but COME ON

anyway this is one of the greatest pictures ever taken of the wonderful man that is John Boyega.

the tailored purple suit??? the black shirt and bowtie??? TH EFUCKING BLACK LEATHER GLOVE ??? he just invented men’s fashion. the sleek haircut. the smirk and the piercing gaze ????? the fucking pose, he’s reaching out for something i don’t know what BUT I WANT TO BE THAT THING. the freaking sex appeal ??? of this man???

when will your fave ever compete with this greatness. John Boyega.

A Great Day in Harlem -  around 10 a.m. 12th August 1958 by Art Kane

The musicians had gathered at 17 East 126th Street, between Fifth and Madison Avenues in Harlem. Esquire published the photo in its January 1959 issue. Kane calls it “the greatest picture of that era of musicians ever taken." 

Jean Bach, a radio producer of New York, recounted the story behind it in her 1994 documentary film, A Great Day in Harlem. The film was nominated in 1995 for an Academy Award for Documentary Feature. 

Sadly only two of the 57 musicians who participated are still living (Benny Golson and Sonny Rollins).


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is anyone surprised that my home and lock screen are the greatest picture of Oscar Isaac ever taken? or that my last selfie is Griffin Mcelroy-related? I’m new to Porter Robinson but I enjoy his brother Nick so much that I thought I’d give Porter’s music a try

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