greatest picture

anyway this is one of the greatest pictures ever taken of the wonderful man that is John Boyega.

the tailored purple suit??? the black shirt and bowtie??? TH EFUCKING BLACK LEATHER GLOVE ??? he just invented men’s fashion. the sleek haircut. the smirk and the piercing gaze ????? the fucking pose, he’s reaching out for something i don’t know what BUT I WANT TO BE THAT THING. the freaking sex appeal ??? of this man???

when will your fave ever compete with this greatness. John Boyega.


Paul Wesley says he got best birthday gift from Candice King (x)


A few months ago I got to work with Sam Fell on his commercial “The Greatest Gift” for Passion Pictures. Mostly on the main character’s house and the suburbs nearby, it was great to do my small part and get to know him!