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dai reaction: inquisitor zevran 😂 (poor solas 😅😂)

Cassandra: The Maker, in his almighty wisdom, has made a mistake. She wants a retrial, a recount, a raincheck. Anything else. Please.

Solas: Everytime the inquisitor breathes Solas is reminded why he wants Arlathan back.

Varric: This. Shit. Is. Gold.

Sera: It takes some time to get past the…entire Zevran bit- and to explain exactly what will happen with arrows the next time he flirts with her- they get along like a house on fire.

Vivienne: A bit unusual perhaps, and hardly what she expected, but Zevran is charming and fantastic at court, and has half of Orlais eating out of his hand in a week. It’s a delightful thing to watch.

Blackwall: At first they do not get along. Dour Blackwall and Zevran “Ah Yes Antiva” Aranai are almost constantly at odds. But Zevran knows a thing or two about atonement and trying to be worthy again, and before the final battle he has gained the would be warden’s respect.

Dorian: Twenty minutes in the presence of the Herald of Andraste’s presence and Dorian Pavus finds himself feeling almost prim in comparison. Zevran encourages him to be himself, to be himself and be proud. It is the single greatest pep talk the Altus has ever been given. And Magister Pavus is extremely uncomfortable, being hit on by a world leader while trying to curb this same behavior in his son.

It’s beautiful.

Iron Bull: It doesn’t matter how many times he writes this down, the Qun isn’t going to believe a word. But he appreciates a religious figure who can drink, and knows the coin value of decent labour. 


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You know what? Who even cares if mom and dad might not let you go to college out of state. Who the hell cares? They’re not the ones leaving and it’s not their education. You can’t have them telling you what college to go to and what to major in. It’s not their choice. You have to learn how to think for yourself because if you don’t, and if you end up going to the college mom and dad want you to go to, then you’ll be stuck paying off student loans for something you don’t even want to learn in the first place. You’ve talked about going to UCLA ever since middle school. If you get accepted, which I fucking bet you will because a 4.0 GPA can give you a free ride to any school, you’re going to fly your ass across the country to attend that school. There’s a thing called FaceTime and Skype for a reason. I’m not trying to go to college out of state because of this bullshit economy, but if that’s what you want to do, then do it. You’re only fifteen and you’ve got some time to think about what the fuck you’re going to do with your life, but make sure nobody is pressuring you to do anything you don’t want to to do.
—  The greatest pep talk my older brother has ever given me.