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tfln where harry drunk texts y/n after a messy breakup?

Thanks for the request babes! I hope this breakup is messy enough…

Thank you to @harryspirate for beta-ing!

Masterlist and TFLNs

Harry You

Babyyy where r ypu??

I hav a drimk waitinf for youuuu

Hurry upp


Harry, stop drunk texting me

Baby!!! We’re at a oub an theres a drink witf your namee on it

Who are you with that they let you drink so much?

Grims n Mitch said I couldhaveas much as I wanted t get over u

Harry, why are you texting me? You don’t want anything to do with me, remember?

Yessss I want you

No, you don’t. If you still think you want me in the morning when you have a pounding head, I’ll listen. But I’m not doing this right now

Babyy come t the pub

No, Harry. Goodnight

Nightttty love

I’m sorry about last night, I never wanted to bring you into that. Hope you’re doing okay.x

I’m fine. You were really drunk…

Believe me, my head is getting that message across

Please take care of yourself. I know you think you’re superior to the almighty hangover, but we both know you’re not

I stayed at Nick’s last night, he’s making a full brekky


That’s it? Okay? We can’t have a normal conversation?

Our “normal” is us not talking at all, you made that very clear

Yeah I know I did…

Please say something

God Harry, what do you want me to say? That after all of the shit we went through I still want you? I’m trying to move on and I suggest you do the same

I can’t, love

Try, for both of us. And please don’t call me that

I have tried. I fucked up and I’m never going to forgive myself for what I did

I can’t keep going around in circles with you. First you don’t want me, then you do, then you don’t. Obviously you don’t know what the fuck you want

Even if you figured it out, I’m not sure I want to hear it

What if I wanted you back? Wholeheartedly, undoubtedly, 100% for sure wanted you back, then what?

Seriously? I don’t think I could trust you again. What you did is still something I can’t wrap my head around, like I can’t figure out how anyone can do that

What happened before isn’t going to happen again, I swear it. Baby, please believe me

You swear that you won’t abandon me, up and leave and go to another country for two months without telling me and write an album about past relationships and act like I never existed? 

You swear that you won’t dodge the topic of us whenever your own mother asks? You swear that you won’t act like you’re ashamed of me? You swear that you’re not going to give me some crap excuse about you needing your space and leaving?

You swear you won’t get our friends involved and make them do what you should’ve done all along and talk to me about what was going on? You swear you won’t suddenly move house and have strangers come and pick up your stuff?

Harry, you left me for two months with no warning and no contact. I can’t comprehend how you do that to someone you claim to love. There’s no way you could’ve loved me if you could leave me the way that you did.

I shouldn’t have to beg or wait around for you to treat me like you should’ve in the first place. And stop calling me love and baby. You don’t get to do that anymore

Don’t you dare say I didn’t love you, you know I did

That’s bull Harry. Since when does love equate to abandonment?

It doesn’t and I know that

You saying you know what you did was wrong doesn’t tell me why you did it, but I’m not sure I want to know either

Well I’ll tell you anyways. I did it because I figured if I told you about everything that was going to happen, like tour and promo, plus the movie, you’d eventually get tired of dealing with it. Everyone does, so for me it was easier to just get it over and done with before you had a chance to hurt me

So you decided to hurt me instead? Yeah, this whole situation makes loads more sense now. Thanks for clearing that up… 

Did you really think I wouldn’t support you? That we were just something to occupy your time with while you weren’t off being “Harry Styles”? Did I ever give you the impression that I was going to get tired of you?

Of course I wanted you to support me, but it’s hard to do that when I’m not physically there. Texts and FaceTime only go so far and we wouldn’t have been able to be together. I couldn’t ask you to come to Jamaica with me while we wrote the album. I couldn’t ask you to join me on tour. It made me feel like you’d be doing the giving and I’d be the one receiving without being able to give you anything. I didn’t want you to resent me

Well you’re doing a great job with the whole not resenting you thing. Harry… why didn’t you tell me all of this. So much heartbreak could’ve been avoided if you’d been honest with me

I’m being honest with you now. I know that might not count for much, but I need you to know that if there’s anything I can do to salvage what we had, I’ll do it.x

If there’s one thing you can do, it’s give me time. You need to be absolutely sure that this is something you want because I will not let you pull that stunt on me again

I understand. I already don’t forgive myself for doing it once, I won’t do it twice

If we have a problem, we’re gonna talk about it no matter how difficult it is and no one’s going to leave out of anger or fear

I can live with that

You’re gonna have to live with it if you want any, and I mean ANY, chance of us being together again. I mean it, Harry. You only get one strike and we are done indefinitely

I think that’s completely fair. If I’m honest, I didn’t think you’d ever want anything to do with me again. I owe you a lot. Thank you for allowing this.x

You were the greatest thing to ever happen to me, that’s not something I’m just going to forget. But I’m also not going to let you walk all over me. One strike, okay?

Noted. Is there any chance of me seeing you soon? Just for a coffee or a movie night?

Yes, but not right now. Probably not in the next couple days, either. But yes, soon.

I know you’re skeptical, but I promise you with every fiber of my being I will make this right. I want this to work more than you know.x 

When the time is right I know you’ll show me. As skeptical as I am, I’m also looking forward to us being around each other again as friends. I really do miss you

I miss you too, love

Sorry… it slipped

And pretty soon I’ll be okay with you calling me that again. God knows I’ve missed it

Good to know. I’m letting you call the shots, it’s the least I can do. But please don’t leave me waiting too long

I won’t. I’m not going to punish you, you’ve been doing that to yourself enough for the both of us. Give me a week to sort through my thoughts and we’ll go from there?

Sounds like a plan. Thank you again for considering giving us another shot. Means more than you know.x

Don’t have to thank me, I think you’ll make it worth it. Talk to you soon?

Talk to you soon.x


TFLN request? Ask away! Feedback is apprecited!

Jon and dany gonna go down in history as one of the greatest couples in movie and television of all time. They are up there with jack/rose, Elizabeth/Darcy, Allie/Noah, jack/Kate, rey/ben, leia/Hans solo, belle/ the beast, Emma/Killian, Regina/robin, belle/rumple, Damon/Elena, Edward/Bella, Stephan/Caroline, Cinderella/prince, snow/charming, Hades/Persephone, bellarke etc etc etc

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by reddit user recordatus

I suppose I should preface my story with the fact that I wasn’t always a religious man. I mean I’m still not, but at least now I know there’s something more than just “us.” I don’t know about some ultimate plan or divine judgement, but I hate to break it to you atheists, there’s a whole other world waiting for you when you die.

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Finally got to go see Wonder Woman! Had a great time, but a big highlight was watching the theater slowly fill up… and seeing how many women in their 50s and 60s were filing in. I live in a college town, man, and even in the summer going to a superhero movie means being surrounded by 20-something dudes, so it was really cool to see.

Also had a couple of awesome Uber experiences on the way there and back—my Uber driver on the way there was a former student of mine from the freshman gen ed course I taught! He told me he really enjoyed the class and still looks at weather maps to make his own forecasts for deciding whether or not to drive on a given day, which was super cool to hear. And then on the way back I had the greatest driver—she started cheering when I told her which movie I’d seen, and she yelled, “After all those boring dudes it’s about damn time we had a hot chick for girls to fall in love with!” She’d also just defended her PhD dissertation recently, so she shared some advice and tips and was just generally super awesome and encouraging.

Great evening all around!

also im sorry but rope (1948) is the greatest lgbt movie of all time because it does exactly what people clamor for all lgbt movies to do: it doesn’t make their sexuality the focus (i know the coding forbade it but bear w me) and it treats them like films treat het couples, that is to say, it doesn’t oversexualize them and no one comments on it in some overt way and it gives excellent insight into their relationship without detailing it hardly at all


The Orbiting Human Circus (of the air)
Episode 9 (Julian Koster’s Q&A): 

«One big question that got asked and I think is pretty neat is…were there things that were in season one, or episodes that didn’t make the cut for different reasons. 

The answer to this question is YES, there are a lot of things. And several people asked, if I could, if those things existed, if I could tell you about some of them. So I thought that would be kind of fun. And one, that I really like that the Janitor told was actually about… I think this is gonna possibly scandalize some people but it is in-universe, so I think that’s okay. But anyway. 

One thing that Janitor told about was… these visits of a special friend of John Cameron’s to the set of the Orbiting Human circus, to the ballroom. A very special friend of his, named Carrie… well, his real name isn’t Carrie, his real name is Archibald. John Cameron calls him Archibald, that’s how the janitor knew this, but everybody else knew him as Carrie. And he is a very special friend of John’s. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of rumors that they are VERY-very special friends. And… the Janitor did see… something that reinforced that idea very strongly very strongly one time. Something innocent, but something that led on that they are more than friends. 

 And everyone in the OHC would freak out of course when this fellow would come visit, which would be a few times a year, because he is a movie star. And so everybody was kind of dazzled. And the Janitor had seen him in movies. The Janitor’s, one of the Janitor’s favorite movies was called ‘Holliday’. And Carrie was in this movie and you know. The janitor was just completely star-struck… whenever he’d come around. And he was just very-very sweet person, and he was very-very elegant, and handsome. I don’t think the janitor had a crush on him, or anything like that, no, but he was just incredibly objectively handsome, which… you know. And kind. And so when he would visit it would always be a very interesting thing. He kind of fascinated janitor, and watching Archibald and John together was very fascinating for janitor. 

And… and so there are different stories associated with his visits. And hopefully some of it would make it into season two. I hope I haven’t just ruined season two for you. I mean it’s not, really. It’s a small thing. But there was some… as a matter of fact, the jacket that John Cameron gave to the Janitor was actually Carrie’s, that was something that Carrie has left behind. Carrie always leaves his clothes everywhere. He’s very forgetful… and being a movie star he can afford lots and lots of jackets. That was actually where the jacket that John Cameron passed down to the janitor came from». 


A few words about photos: 

There is John Cameron Mitchell, a director, actor, singer, an overall amazingly talented man who also happened to be a voice actor of John Cameron, our beloved dramatic host. 

And there is Cary Grant, one of the greatest male stars of Golden Age Hollywood cinema, an actor so famous he probably still doesn’t need introduction. An actor whose given name was Archibald Alexander Leach and who played in dozens of great movies one of which is our Julian’s favorite “Holiday”. 

So what do we get here? A dazzling time-bending couple which all the OHC fandom should cherish. 


PS - John is a person from underground and Cary is long gone and I was just ridiculously lucky to know both of them beforehand. So if you’ve never heard of them, let me be your guide and suggest you an amazing rock musical «Hedwig and the angry inch»(2001) & hilarious «Arsenic and Old Lace» (1944). 

The first is about a transgender woman traveling through her past and future in the search of true love… or self. Mythical references included. And in general it’s just the best thing I know. 

 The second is a black comedy about adorable grannies who happen to be… serial killers. Cary is the cutest there and humor is absolutely surreal. Amazing experience, don’t miss it.

Prince Harry's Q&A with the kids from Joshua House Children Centre in Guyana
  • Girl: What is it like to live in a palace all your life?
  • Harry: You know what, weirdly, my house is smaller than this room.
  • Girl: That’s your house... the palace?
  • Harry: The palace?
  • Girl: Yes, what’s it like to live in a palace?
  • Harry: What’s it like to live in a palace? It’s... safe because you have security.
  • Girl: What about fun? Do you get to do anything fun?
  • Harry: Yeah, lots of fun things. There’s lots of fun things in London.
  • Other Girl: What is the food like?
  • Harry: I cook for myself—
  • Girl: What about the throne?
  • Harry: Okay, so you’re talking about Buckingham Palace. Okay, Buckingham Palace... I don’t get to spend much time there, sadly. But the Queen spends quite a lot of time there and the food is delicious. And there’s a couple of thrones in there from years and years and years ago that people get to have a look at-
  • Girl: Is it historical?
  • Harry: It’s very historical - of course it is. It’s one of our greatest landmarks.
  • Another Girl: How many maids do they have there?
  • Harry: Ooohh, probably not as many as you think. [everyone laughs] I don’t know what you think… have you seen Windsor Castle? Have you seen the castle?
  • Girl: In movies.
  • Harry: In movies… that place is awesome. It’s amazing. It’s a really, really, really big castle. And then you have planes flying over it all the time-
  • Girl: So how do you feel ruling the country, being a prince?
  • Harry: Firstly, I definitely don’t rule the country. [everyone laughs] What’s it like being a prince? Uummm, good and bad. There’s lots of privileges, of course, that you get from when you’re born. But then with privilege comes a lot of responsibility.
  • Girl: [says something about responsibility] You can take the good with the bad.
  • Harry: Exactly, you gotta take the good with the bad. And being a prince means you gotta enhance all the positivity and try and encourage people to see the good stuff about life, yeah? How's that - is that a good answer?
  • Girl: Yes. Thank you very much.
  • Harry: No problem... good questions there. You almost called me out!

This is a very thorough and fair review from Grace of Beyond The Trailer but my reason for post this video is because Grace is a huge joshifer shipper, she just very subtly said so when she named her most favorite thing about the entire franchise is the on-screen romance between Peeta & Katniss and she stated:”it’s the best on-screen romance of all time largely thanks to Josh & Jen’s on-screen chemistry and performance!” And that to me is a hugely bold statement to make. She let her joshifer shipper comes out by hinting that unless the pair are the greatest couple in acting in love on-screen in movie histroy or the joshifer shipper’s instinct has been right all along that Josh & Jen are not acting in love in the movie at all, they really are in love with one another, that they are a couple in real life which made the Everlark on-screen romance such stand out feature of this franchise.

Grace’s ‘Everlark/joshifer’ statement is at 13:15 mark into the video review, check it out if you are interested. I just love when YT star openly shipping joshifer!

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So about a week ago my friend and I decided that we wanted to be friends with benefits and a few days ago my mom was gone for 6 hours so he came over and we fucked in my bed and me made me moan so hard and loud. Then we made out and cuddled for an hour. Then we went in the kitchen and made dinner like a cute married couple, back hugs while over the stove 😊. Then we sat back in my room and watched a movie and fucked again. It was the greatest time.

Maleficent spoilers in post

So people are shipping Aurora and Maleficent as a couple and I’m like, no, they were literally like mother and child. They aren’t related but ew.

But the shippers are like “zomg true love’s kiss they are obvs gay I ship it!”

Because true pure love between an adult who grew to love a child as her own doesn’t exist apparently.

The entire time I watched the movie, their relationship was exactly like that between my mother and I. Nothing in it was romantic at all. At all.

Also, Diaval and Maleficent make the greatest unwilling parents. Without them those three ditzy fairies would have caused Aurora’s death by neglect.