greatest metal guitarist


On this day 10 years ago I was 9. I never knew how much this day would have an impact on me until I got older. This is the day where my favorite guitarist would be shot and killed doing what he loved, performing the music he made for others. I set out on a journey on March 14th earlier in the year to grow out my chin hair for this day so I could dye it red for my fallen hero. Considering I never met him, he’s certainly had a large impact on my life. He was not only one of the greatest metal guitarists to ever live but one of the kindest human beings. His music lives on forever and has inspired me to want to write music. He’s inspired me to want to entertain people and to just bring happiness to every single person who enjoys metal in the world. “Cause high noon, your doom. Comin’ for you we’re the Cowboys From Hell.” Rest in Peace to the Cowboy From Hell, Dimebag Darrell.