greatest man to ever live

Me in 60 years
  • Grandchild: Grandma, why is your poodle named Victor?
  • Me: My dear, let this old lady tell you a story about a Russian figure skater who was the greatest man who ever lived and a Japanese figure skater who found his own confidence and strength by going on a journey about life and love with the Russian man...
The Signs as Weezer songs
  • Aries: Thank God for Girls
  • Taurus: Buddy Holy
  • Gemini: Do you wanna get high?
  • Cancer: The Greatest Man that Ever Lived
  • Leo: Beverly Hills
  • Virgo: My name is Jonas
  • Libra: Perfect Situation
  • Scorpio: Undone (The Sweater Song)
  • Sagittarius: Island in the Sun
  • Capricorn: Say it ain't so
  • Aquarius: King of the World
  • Pisces: Across The Sea

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hello hello helloso i recently finished the republic and oh mi goD. nothing in my life has altered the way i think as much as this piece of art has. i feel more enlightened than fucking buddha. honestly plato is so great. he is 100% the greatest man to ever live on this planet (with maybe bob dylan). but seriously, i dont think ill ever be the same after reading this damn book.(also i had 0 reason to tell you this but you seem to love the man as much so i really really wanted to bye love you <3)

im so glad it spoke to you so strongly anon :) if you enjoyed it so much, like always id recommend reading some good secondary sources for context (feel free to message me for personal recommendations). other things you can do now include reading some other dialogues (crito, meno and phaedo r Gr8), read some aristotle for balance (his work is much less pretty to read mind and nichomachean ethics in particular is a huuuge slog), or just feel good about urself for a bit dood. thats a hugely influential book uve read there and the ideas in it have been massive in western thought, religion and approach to key issues since it was written. ur in a great position now to study more philosophy. have fun!

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rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your mp3 player, itunes, Spotify, etc. on shuffle, list the first 20 songs and tag 10 people.

tagging uh. @yogurtdragon and anyone else who might wanna do it idk i have no friends ;;

i’m gonna put my spotify on shuffle cause that’s what i use to listen to my music mostly

1. can you take me by third eye blind
2. dope nose by weezer 
3. farther by third eye blind
4. the greatest man that ever lived by weezer 
5. el scorcho (live version) by weezer
6. darwin by third eye blind
7. foolish father by weezer
8. graduate by third eye blind
9. the honeymoon song by everclear (this is like the worst everclear song jfc)
10. slow motion (instrumental) by third eye blind (the one with the words is so much better)
11. surf wax america (live version) by weezer
12. space rock by weezer
13. company by third eye blind
14. presto by rush
15. you only live once from the yuri!!! on ice soundtrack 
16. how to win friends and influence people by everclear
17. good man by third eye blind
18. isn’t it pretty by third eye blind
19. shipboard cook by third eye blind
20. 10 days late by third eye blind

guys i swear i listen to more than third eye blind (no i don’t)((they’re my favorite ok))

The wondrous universe of Wahammer 40.000 -  The Imperium of Man, part I: The Emperor of Mankind

All posts “The wondrous universe of Wahammer 40.000″ are meant to be a simplified lore narration, in hope to encourage beginners and new people to approach this awesome story. I can’t and will not claim to compete with the depth of information sported by Warhammer Wikia or Lexicanum.

The first few post will be about Mankind, the centre of WH40K narration, and since its lore is IMMENSE, I will divide it in some parts for ease’s sake. I do not own any of the images I’ll attach, and I’ll always mention the artists at the end of the post

. Enjoy!

The God Emperor of Mankind, the saviour of all humans, the greatest man ever lived. Thanks to him, humans now call a great part of the galaxy their own, and can fight all alien threats head on.

His origin is uncertain, he is said to be born around 8000 BC in Anatolia . These are the main theories, :

1) Official 1&2 edition: Hundeds of human shamans committed a ritual suicide to be reborn in a single divine individual, capable of protecting mankind from the Chaos Gods.  

2) He is a Perpetual, a mighty but ultimately human psyker who lived hundreds of lifetimes and has the will to use all the knowledge earned this way.

3) Other speculations, such the C’tan Theory, but they were all invalidated by GW or show some inconstistencies themselves.

Through all the Dark Age of Technology he stayed in the shadows, sometimes acting as a leader but for the most time observing, learning and waiting the proper moment. The Age of Strife was coming to an end when he went back to Terra. The planet was isolated from the rest of the former human empire and ruled by techno-barbarian tribes in a post-apocalyptic wasteland; there he decided to reveal himself, using his mastery of genetics to create the Thunder Warriors, precursors of the Space Marines. Through the Unification Wars he united all Terra under a single banner, and then he convinced the Mechanicus of Mars he was the messiah (Omnissiah) of their Machine God, so they joined his cause and built weapons and ships for the nascent Imperial Army.

But before starting the conquest, he needed generals to serve him. So, using the powers stolen from the Gods Of Chaos in Molech millennia before, he started to create 20 super human Primarchs. But the Ruinous powers were angered for that, and snatched them away from the incubators, and scattered them across the Galaxy. With the remaining genetic material the Emperor created 20 legions of his elite troops, the Space Marines, vowing to find each Primarch during his conquest of the galaxy. So humanity embarked in the Great Crusade, to claim the stars for mankind once more. 

Everytime a Primarch was discovered, the Emperor embraced him and put him at the head of a Legion, and eventually all Primarchs were found. When the Great Crusade was at the peak of its glory, the Horus Heresy erupted. Horus was the favourite son of the Emperor and among the most respected commanders of the Imperial Army. His soul corrupted by Chaos, he rebelled agains the Emperor when he was back on Terra, working on a way to allow mankind to use the Eldar Webway. 9 Primarchs and Legions joined the Heresy, and the bloody war was brought to Terra, at the heart of the Empire. In the end the Emperor confronted Horus on his flagship but, held back by his love for the son, he wasn’t able to destroy him immediately. Eventually Horus was slain and burned out of existence (so his soul couldn’t be resurrected in the Warp), but the Emperor himself was mortally wounded. He was brought back to Terra and inserted in a life support machine called The Golden Throne, which keeps him from dying to this day. His body is broken, but his mind and psychic power lives on, keeping daemons from attacking Terra and sustaining the Astronomican, a device which allows mankind to travel the Warp without being istantly torn to pieces by daemons. From this come the say “The Emperor Protects”. If he were to die, darker times would approach for humanity. 

In the aftermath of the Horus Heresy, the Emperor began to be worshipped as a god everywhere in the Imperium, despite his will to put aside religion and mysticism when he was properly alive: the Imperial Truth was meant to lead humanity to a utopia of science and reason, but he underestimated the human need for believing in something greater. However, it seems this faith generates psychic power by itself, helping the Emperor in his task to protect mankind, it is a beacon of hope against the billions of enemies mankind has to face day by day. 

Artists in order of appearance: RAFFETIN, Robbie MacNiven, d1sarmon1a,

VALOR! // A Pokemon Go Playlist

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived - Weezer // Centuries - Fall Out Boy // Fire Away - Kill The Alarm // Brianstorm - Arctic Monkeys // You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid - The Offsping // Resonance - TM Revolution // Punk - Gorillaz // All Night - Parov Stelar // World’s End Dance Hall - Miku and Luka // It’s Up To You Now - The Black Keys // The Good, The Bad, And The Dirty - Panic! At The Disco // Juarez - Gerard Way // Crystalmethequins - Clark Powell // Born For This - Paramore // Atom Bomb - Red Vox // Boy Division - My Chemical Romance // Tommy-Gun - Royal Republic // Wrecking Ball - Mother Mother

Ghost Summer movie battle leaked.
  • Dark Ghost: I will tell you my favorite story...about the greatest conqueror who ever lived: Napoleon! He was a might man, feared by all who looked up to him. Using his genius and his loyal army, he conquered all of Europe, then all of Russia, and finally the whole world. The end.
  • Takeru: Your story's all wrong! Napoleon's 1807 seizure of Portugal and the subsequent rebellion by the Spaniards cost France over three hundred casualties, untold sums of money, and contributed to the eventual weakening of the Napoleonic Empire.
  • Makoto: And your analysis on the invasion of Russia is also incorrect! Napoleon's invasion of 1812 resulted in massive casualties of his troops due to starvation and inclement conditions, and ended in a disastrous retreat from Moscow with his army defeated.
  • Alain: Yeah, dummy! And when he return to France, the allied nations of Europe united against him, which led to his eventual defeat at the Battle of Waterloo on June 18, 1815, where after he exiled to the island of St. Helena, where he died a miserable death from stomach cancer on May 5, 1821, stupid!
  • Dark Ghost: *is now getting beat up by Takeru, Makoto, and Alain*

Interior John and Mary’s house, shrieks and screams drift down the stairs as the baby cries. Cut to John pacing back and forth, his daughter in his arms as he tries to comfort her.

“Read her a story.” Mary suggests, looking frazzled as she gathers up baby grows for the wash.

John sighs and sags into the nursing chair.

“I think I can do one better.” He murmurs softly, letting the baby in on a secret, “I’ll tell you a story about the greatest, smartest, most wonderful man to ever live, and his very best friend who was always there when he went on adventures.” He shifts the baby in his arms, her eyes bright as she hiccups, her cries silent as though rapt with attention as John begins to talk, the barest hint of a nostalgic smile hidden at the corner of his mouth.

“The year was 1895…”

Baron Corbin speaks on his match against Austin Aries
[March 21st, 2016]

On April 1st at NXT TakeOver: Dallas, Baron Corbin is set to face “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” and a man who Corbin has attacked on a few occasions, Austin Aries. When asked about the attack in a (kayfabe) interview, Corbin stated the following regarding Aries’ history in pro wrestling:

It’s true. I don’t respect anyone who has a background on the independent circuit. NXT is the professional level, and it’s the best of the best. If you played on an intramural l flag football team, it doesn’t make you NFL material. I came from one professional sport to another, and it’s an entirely different level. I was in the top 1 percent of football players.

Indie guys are in the bottom 95 percent of wrestlers. I don’t care what they did or how many nobodies are sitting in their mom’s basement tweeting how good they are. If they were so good, it wouldn’t take them 10 years to get here. When those guys walk in the door, I am happy to show them they don’t belong.


Okay, at first, this seems VERY harsh, considering Aries is one of the most talented superstars featured on the NXT brand. BUT, to consider what Baron Corbin is, as a character, it’s spot-on for what he’s presenting. It’s such perfect wordplay as it makes everyone want to watch the event just to see Aries show Corbin just how good he really is! This, among many other matches, is one that I’m looking forward to on April 1st at NXT TakeOver: Dallas!