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Why does Papyrus refer to himself, as The Great Papyrus? It reminds me of that My Little Pony character that refers to herself as The Great and Powerful Trixie.

Uhhh, because he is great?? Obviously.

I hate that people would blame destiel shippers for destiel maybe possibly becoming canon. They’re like “it’s because you people nag them so much! It’s called fan service because you made up destiel in your heads and won’t get over the fact that it’s not real!” like NO. We didn’t make up anything besides the name destiel.

The writers made destiel, with their written “I love you’s” that was changed to “I need you” the actors created destiel with their constant eyes sex and no personal boundaries. And don’t give me that shit about “Cas is an angel and he doesn’t know about personal space” it’s been years and they’re still attached at the hip. Or how they constantly check eachother out and stare at each others mouths like they’d do anything to be able to just get a taste even for a second.

We didn’t create destiel but we sure as hell will go down with this ship.