greatest love story every told


“But you’re also the most honest person that I’ve ever met.
And you’re strong
and smart… and funny,
and you’re confident and caring,
and you’re sexy…”

I’m literally trembling thinking about Cas and Dean’s eventual but inevitable reunion, and hearing Cas’ first words as he is returned to himself are just–“Dean.”

and if Dean doesn’t grasp Cas’ face in disbelief and desperation and press his mouth to Cas’ just to taste the sweetness of his name in that mouth, in CAS’ voice, I’ll FIGHT ALL OF THE CW EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE

Do you ever just stop and think about how Dean and Castiel have fallen in love thousands upon thousands of times?

No, wait. Hear me out here. 

I’m not kidding when I say thousands. I don’t think we even have an idea of just how many love stories have been written about these two characters. The number would probably be nearly inconceivable. “Their story is written in the stars,” we say, and maybe that’s true, because it’s taken so many forms. We’ve seen them fall in love in nearly every place imaginable, in near-impossible circumstances. Sometimes it goes smoothly. They’re lucky in those stories. But most of the time there are bumps along the road. They’re lucky in those ones, too, because at least they go through those bumps together.

“The greatest love story ever told,” we say, and maybe that’s true too, but it raises another question: which one? Which love story? Because I have watched Dean and Castiel play out their stories over and over and over again, and there is only ever one factor that never changes. They fall in love. Every story about Dean and Castiel is a love story.

“Stories”, I guess, is sort of the point here. Maybe they’re just one giant love story–not just Supernatural and not just fanfiction, but Dean and Castiel, two boys who taught each other how to have faith. Maybe the characters of Dean and Castiel are the ones who are written in the stars. Maybe the characters of Dean and Castiel are the greatest love story every told. In any and every form they take. Maybe. 

And if that’s true, if all of the little stories add up to one big story, then what makes one story any more valid than another? I guess what I’m trying to say here is that if Dean and Castiel don’t ever officially confess their love on the show of Supernatural, it doesn’t change what they are. Supernatural is just another small story in the grand scheme of Dean and Castiel and all of those stars we’re always talking about. Supernatural is a beautiful, beautiful story, and if in it those two characters never do make it to that stage, then that really is just fine. Because Dean and Castiel have fallen in love thousands upon thousands of times.

I don’t know.

Do you ever just stop and think about that? 

anonymous asked:

Ah, Metatron. I'm having that weird feeling when the villain of the show shares the same OTP as me, and is in fact a fan fiction writer who want nothing more than soul crunching angst for that said OTP. I'm like, yes you'll ignite the Destiel fire, happy to have you but no, you can't kill any of those babies.

Ehehe. :D

I personally see Metatron as thinking Destiel is his NOTP, and did everything in his power to make sure it didn’t happen and feeding in all the angst and heartbreak he created in delight… Which is all the funnier because narratively, the villain’s goals/short term success is usually met by a resounding victory in direct opposition to what they tried and failed to do halfway through the story. The fact he made it so personal while killing Dean and trying to kill Cas, welp, Metatron himself would probably have to admit that because he lost that round and they’re both still technically up and kicking, it’s just good storytelling for it to go completely the other way around next time. There’s his real defeat. He always knows the ending. ;)

… He’s probably just pissed off that he’s never read a better story than what Dean and Cas have. Every time you see those “greatest love story ever told” gifsets and stuff going around, just imagine Metatron pouting and folding his arms and whining, “NO it isn’t.”

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I feel like I am a terrible person for shipping destiel. My mom doesn't approve; she think it's disgusting. I feel like I'm living a sin cause I like to ship a gay couple. I don't know what to do.. You're thoughts or advice? Sorry if my ask is dumb.

Ehm, first of all, your ask isn’t dumb, because sadly, homophobia is a thing in real life that some of us come across. It’s even worse when the homophobic person is someone you care about, someone close to you. (In your case your mother.)

Now I don’t know your mother, so I’m not going to tell you to talk to her about it or try reason with her, because it’s quite possible that she’s the kind of person not to be reasoned with, clinging to her own beliefs even if they are oh so wrong. 

So I can’t change your mom’s views, and from what I get from your ask, neither can you.

But please please please; do not allow her to project those views on you in any way. She’s already doing that (and half succeeding) because you said you feel it’s a sin to see a romantic relationship between two characters on a TV show, simply because it’s a male/male couple. 

It’s not. Love is love. It really is that simple. And even though society as a whole isn’t willing to accept that statement, it is the truth. And that is what you should keep in mind. Your mom’s narrow minded views are hers, but they don’t affect the truth in any way. 

Your mom can disagree with you, and she can have her own fucked up version of the truth. But don’t ever feel like it’s a sin to understand what she’s refusing to understand. 

You’re the next generation. You shouldn’t feel like it’s a sin to ship a male/male couple. Actually, you should be pleased with yourself, because despite your homophobic mother who has probably had a significant influence on you regarding this matter, you saw love for what it was; love. 

That gives me hope for the future, and that should give you hope as well. 

You’re not a terrible person for shipping a male/male couple, the fact that you ship a male/male couple despite the homophobic environment in which you grew up, is a good thing.  

There is no need to feel bad, and instead of letting your mom’s (wrong) opinion get you down, you should simply enjoy the greatest love story ever told. Along with every other not-heterosexual love story that comes along.