greatest line in the history of television

Kris - Thankfully Mine


He didn’t realise how hard he was biting his bottom lip until he could taste the metallic taste of blood. Kris watched you walk past him, books to your chest as you moved toward the back of the room going to the furthest seat from the teacher. He sucked on his lip as he felt dumbfounded and venerable at the moment.

Kris was the popular, chic male that everybody went to no mattered what. He was everybody’s friend and utterly attractive. Certainly, you had no chance with him - so you thought. You were a very gorgeous girl with a low self-esteem after being bullied for a full year in the third grade when you began to break out early and have pimples and acne all of over your face.

The teacher began to talk as you sat down beside your bestfriend Jimin. She was very much like yourself, beautiful and very lovely buy wasn’t as shy.

“Oh my god! ____!” She hissed excitedly. You looked at her wide smile kind of confused.

“What?” You whispered looking over to where her eyes were latched on.

“Kris was totally checking you out when you walked past!” She tried to keep her voice down, but she was overwhelmed at what had just appeared before her.

“No he wasn’t.” You laugh it off, opening up your textbook, flipping to the correct page.

“Yes he was! I saw-.”

“Jimin.” The teacher interrupted.

“Sorry…” He said aloud, turning away from you dully. You laughed it all off, looking and trying to tune in to the teacher.

Was he really checking me out? Your conscious asked. Shut up. It’s impossible. Although you had low self-esteem, you were never the one to brag about how you saw yourself. Others saw you as embracefully beautiful and that was okay. It was just such a shame you didn’t see yourself the way they did.

It was Valentine’s day tomorrow, the school halls already filled with posters and red and pink glitter and hearts. The amount of PDA you expected was very overwhelming and kind of disgusting. You weren’t expecting anything for yourself, other than to go home and watch romance movies while eating your favourite flavoured ice-cream.

You and Jimin had zoned out for the entire lesson, both for different reasons; you thinking about how cool it would be if you could sits on rainbows and clouds and Jimin dreaming about a double date with her boyfriend Chanyeol, you and Kris your to-be-boyfriend in her mind.

“Do we have homework?” You asked walking out of class with Jimin.

“I thought you were listening. I was going to ask you the same…” Jimin sighed, biting down on her lip.

“Ask Kris.” You suggested, who was at him locker meters from you.

“Why don’t you ask Kris, hey?” She flirtatiously asks with a cheeky smile, nudging into your fragile frame.

“You’re the one who wants to know.” You state as butterflies fly around in your stomach anxiously.

“Can you please do it? For me?”


“Please?” She pleads, clasping her hands together.

“No, I said-.”

“Kris.” Jimin called before it was too late, waving over at Kris as you waddled towards him with you by her side.

“Hey Jimin, ____.” He smiled at you flirtatiously, his dark eyes configuring to focus in on only you. The moment lasted for about 0.4 seconds but it was enough to make you lose yourself. You heart was pounding as he turned to look at Jimin as she began to talk.

“Did we get assigned any homework? Neither of were listening.”

“Yeah, just the questions on page 134 in our textbook. It’s due on Monday so we have this weekend to complete it.” He smiled, nodding his head in confirmation of the question. You couldn’t stop looking at his sleek and bold eyebrows, they were such a god damn turn on.

You smiled at him, letting out a slight laugh, “Okay, thank you.”

Before being able to leave with Jimin, she calls, “Oh, is that Chanyeol?” before running over into the crowd, purposely leaving you alone with Kris at his locker.

“A very devoted couple, am I right?” Kris says as he turns to his locker, changing some of his books around.

“Yeah. It’s cute though.” You nod, trying not to make yourself look like a drooling creep as you stated at his eyebrows while he wasn’t looking. He laughs, closing his locker as he turns to you.

You both stand before one another awkwardly, not sure of what to do now. You two never really hung around each other unless your group of friends decided to merge during assemblies or at parties. This felt really different and overwhelming being on your own with the most attractive and courteous male in the school.

“Uh- I’ll just… I’ll see you later.” You smile briefly before trying to maneuverer your way around him to get out of his way.

“____, wait a minute.” You turn to him instantly, greatly interested in what he wanted to say. “Are you doing anything tomorrow?”

“No. Well, it’s Valentine’s Day of course I’m not doing anything.” Yes you are, you’ve got a romance movie marathon and that abundance of ice-cream waiting in the freezer.

“Cool. Well I was thinking maybe you could come over to my place or something?” You were breathless, speechless, everything-less. You were going to collapse. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing.

“That’d be nice.”

“Could we organize it tonight? I can call you at around seven?” He suggested.

“Yeah, sounds good.”

“Good.” You both stood there nodding at one another before both laughing.

“Sorry, I’ll get going.” You smiled, moving around him and pacing off towards your locker. You wanted to scream, cry, and catch your breath all at once.

What just happened? This cannot be happening.


“Kris, you can’t deny that The Amazing Spiderman is so much better than the original.” You stated as he go up as The Amazing Spiderman had just finished screening on his plasma TV mounted in his room.

Kris and yourself had spent your first Valentine’s date watching short films, YouTube videos, enjoying a lot of ice-cream and junk foods on his bed; by far the best date in history. Both of you talked between yourselves, enjoying one another’s company thoroughly.

You had finished watching Thor before moving onto The Amazing Spiderman; some of Marvel’s greatest films to date.

“The Amazing Spiderman, you already know that Uncle Ben dies and how Peter becomes Spiderman where as in the first film it’s all new and unexpected.” He argues against you as he pulls out the DVD disk from his laptop which had been hooked up to the TV.

“The story line is so much better in The Amazing Spiderman you have to agree!”

“You just think Andrew Garfield is hot!” He laughed, shaking his head as you blushed.

“Well maybe I do! But still, The Amazing Spiderman is better!” You exclaimed stubbornly, scolding him in a joking manner.

Kris turned off his laptop and the TV and crawled up beside you again, rested down on the pillows.

“____.” He said softly as you stared at him, his eyes staring up at the ceiling.

“Yes?” You asked, sitting up with the need to run your fingers through his soft, silky hair.

“Do you like me?” He turned to look at you, his eyes wide and curious to hear your answer. You were taken back by the vast question that you found it necessary to take a deep breath.

“I do…” At the words Kris smiled, sitting up beside you.

“Are they genuine feelings?”

“Definitely.” You confirmed instantly only to see that smile grow wider. He stared at you with his chocolate brown eyes, quickly swooping in on you. His palm brushed your cheek as his lips glued onto you. Instinctively, you closed your eyes and let the sweetness sink in. You felt yourself open up towards Kris very quickly and easily as your anxiety fluttered away. Both of your lips were moving slowly, careful not to bump and droll all over each other.

Kris had kissed many girls in his lifetime, but had never slept with one until now.

As he pulled away slightly, he looked down at the space between you wondering how he should pop the question.

“Would you mind if we… Uh…” Kris was lost for words. You jumped to conclusions and asked the question for him as you felt as if it needed to be addressed.

“Kris, are you asking me for… Sex?” It was such a common topic among friends but when it came down to this it felt ridiculously stupid and awkward.

Kris nodded his head and looked back at you. You found yourself swallowing hard.

“My body…”

“____, I know you’re self-conscious of yourself because of what happened to you when you are younger, but that was so long ago. You should be confident with yourself because you are truly the most beautiful girl I have ever witnessed walking on this earth. I can’t stress enough how crazy I am for you and how beautiful I think you are. Trust me; I know that under everything you are still beautiful no matter what.” Flattered, confronted, utterly blow away by the things Kris had just said to you, you couldn’t help but feel yourself grow thirstier with love for this man.

Without words, you began to unbuckle your jeans motioning him to down the same. You heart was pounding as this was all so new to you. You’d read smutty novels and watched porn before but this was nothing like it. You nerves were starting to get the better of you.

Kris took off his shirt before removing the layer underneath that too. His body lacked nothing, it was flawless. You didn’t know what to say; lucky enough your eyes did all the talking for you.

You slowly took off your shirt anxiously feeling slightly out of place. You took a deep breath before throwing the shirt onto the floor, revealing your body. Kris stared at you as he stood before you. His hand moved to your waist, holding you with a smile plastered on his face.

“I told you you’re gorgeous; don’t let yourself or anyone tell you otherwise.” He pecked you with a special little kiss on the forehead. You illuminated red as you blushed and shivered with a new warm sensation building your self-esteem and confidence.

Kris laid you down on his bed, climbing over the top of you, his dark eyes craving your love. You began to undo you jeans at the button and let them pull down at your pelvis openly.

Kris pulled his off, leaving him in his black briefs. He pulled open his draw on the bed-side table beside him and pulled out a blur packet and a tube full of a gel-like liquid.

You pulled off you jeans leaving you in panties and your bra as Kris removed his briefs and unleashed his large member. You tried not to look at it as your heart was already pounding enough.

He rolled on a condom and opened the bottle of lube and rubbed some of it onto him.

“You look so experienced.” You giggled, trying to lessen your nerves.

“Well I’m surprised you haven’t done this before.”

“Yeah you can’t talk.” You say removing your panties subconsciously.

“Well that makes two of us.” He smiles, putting the lube away and leaning closer into on you, your noses only centimetres away from touching.

“Are you ready?” He asks in a soft tone as you feel his member bump against your clit. You found it hard to breathe as you were so nervous. You we bewildered at how Kris was so calm and collected with the situation.

“Yeah.” You said, biting down on your bottom lip anticipating all movement.

Your walls were tight around Kris as he struggled to push his way into you without the fear of hurting you. Kris sighed heavily to grunt. He made one full thrust, your body tensing completely trying not to whine as the pain hit hard.

“Is… This okay?” He asked as he pushed in again, stretching you out just that little bit more. You nodded as you arched your back as he pain began to settle a little.

After a few more thrusts Kris began to pace himself a little faster, getting into a comfortable rhythm.

“That feels so good.” You moaned as you felt Kris rock a little deep, as far as he could without have you jump from the pain.

“Ooh!” You smirked with pleasure, looking back into his eyes. He gave you a smirk back, his ego building with every anticipating look you’d given him. Kris wanted to fuck your brains out, until both of you were to collapse from exhaustion. It was impossible though as you were both fresh and inexperienced.

“You can go harder.” You hint as the pain had faded and your heart stopped racing a billion miles per hour. Kris tried going harder, his pace building with each thrust. You received even more pleasure as his cock penetrated you even more at a faster pace.

“Ooh Kris! Faster please!” You bit down on your lip, suppressing each moan. Kris obeyed instantly and took it to where you wanted. Now at a general pace, you began to loosen and juices began to flow as you began to build up to a unexpected orgasm.

Being Kris’ first time too, he knew he wasn’t going to last too long and he was almost done, so he knew he needed to make every second of this very special moment worth it. He fastened his pace and began to jab deeper into you making your moan as you suddenly and quickly learnt where your g-spot was.

“Oh yes don’t stop Kris! Keep doing that!!” Your orgasm was building up very quickly as he thrusted faster and deeper at your g-spot.

“I’m going to cum. Ahh!” He grunted as you continued to fuck. His cock was pounding and impatiently ready to release of him.

“Ahhh!” You squealed as your bodily juices flowed from you without warning. “Oh Kris!” You allowed him to continue as he was o-so-close. All of a sudden, he stopped, his cock releasing all of its substances into the condom he put on earlier. He let out a long moan and looked down at you, slightly embarrassed that he hadn’t lasted that long, but you hadn’t seemed to have noticed.

Your hands cupped Kris’ cheeks as he stared passionately down at you, mesmerized by his love for you.

“Thank you.” He sighed, pulling off as cute smile as he pulled himself from you before dropping down beside you. You snuggled up beside him, kissing his chest softly. He wrapped his around your neck and held you gently, placing a soft kiss on your forehead before saying, “I love you ____. I’m glad you’re mine.”

Shock of shocks, Klaus is about to kill Mikael and is all teary eyed and WHY DIDN’T YOU EVER LOVE MEEEEEE and Mikael has the greatest line in the history of television, “I don’t know, I just did”. I don’t know, I just did. I don’t know. I. Just. Did. I DON’T KNOW. I JUST DID. Like, the writers had this one opportunity to explain the FUNDAMENTAL CATALYST BEHIND THE CHARACTERIZATIONS OF ALLLLLLL OF THESE FUCKING CHARACTERS THAT THE SHOW WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT, AND WHAT IS THEIR FUCKING EXPLANATION?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!



Imagine yourself in 2050. Sitting on your couch, with the TV on when suddenly “Love Story” starts to play on MTV’s Greatest Hits. You hear the opening guitar riffs, see taylorswift’s face, hear the familiar opening lines, and think to yourself… “Our Girl Made History!”

Then it all comes back to you! You remember fangirling on Tumblr and Twitter late at nights. You remember crying when you got tour tickets and crying even harder when you got to the shows because they were so amazing! You think about the first time when you ever discovered Taylor and how she changed your life. You remember her blogs, The Agency, Meredith, Olivia, and all of her amazing albums. And most of all you remember how loved she made you feel and how her songs were a safe haven when you were down!

…Now Look at your posters and take a deep breath! That’s our girl who we get to watch shine every day! That’s Our girl who stays up with us late at night to have Tumblr parties. And that’s Our girl who sends us messages and know how to make us happy!! 

Taylor is our girl and she will be forever!

Once a Swiftie! Always a Swiftie!