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but my theory is that basically they wanted to get those tattoos of each other’s names except they couldn’t because it would’ve looked suspicious so they started this whole poll madness to fool the clique and they were like alright alright if it’s a tie then well and if it isn’t we’ll just hack some shit to make it a tie so that we can get those tattoos without blowing our very bad cover that no one believes in as it is

Hey, all!  Amy here and feel free to skip this, but I noticed a huge thing going around with fanfiction writers and fanfiction readers. Kinda throwing arrows at one another over mistakes and how they should be addressed.

Okay, first off: stop.  Ew.  It’s gross. Y’all are big boys and girls and y’all can act like it.  You don’t need to attack each other at the knees behind the safety of your screens.

Secondly:  there are points on both sides.  People who write have a right to be proud of their work and can choose not to accept criticism.  On the other hand, people who read and absorb the work have the right as well to point out mistakes they noticed if it’s meant to be helpful.

So how can people interact civilly when it comes to fanfiction and it’s accompanying critiques? By following a few internet rules, plain and simple.  No, I’m not gonna tell you to forgive and forget or just roll over and let the other person have their way.  That’s not what you do IRL and that’s not what you do online either.  Instead, both persons have a series of rules to follow in order to try and make the most of their experience.

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I start with you because you’re the ones who have poured your heart and soul into this baby. And I get it, I do.  When you spend hours and hours slaving over your baby, going over the idea thousands of times in your head, trying to get the idea on paper, and trying to make it look good, then oh heck to the yes it’s your baby and you’re gonna defend it to the death.  I expect that and that’s okay.  What’s not okay is when it interferes with your ability to check in with the situation and see if they actually meant harm, so here are a few rules I’ve started to use over my years of fanfiction writing:

  1. Read the entire comment for content.  This is a bitter pill to take, especially if they sound condescending or snarky.  I’ve run into a few of them, and they’re never pleasant to deal with, but some of them have good ideas.  Try to filter out the junk of the comment and get to the meat of it all.  (I’ll get to what to do if there’s no meat later)
  2. Take a break from the comment when you get angry. And chances are that if it’s an unsolicited comment, you’re going to get angry.  This is your baby and you’ve worked hard on it.  If the crtiquer isn’t at least taking that into account, you may even get furious.  Get up and walk away.  They do not deserve your wrath.
  3. Decide for yourself if they have a point. Most critiquers tend to leave their comments because they’re trying to help in their own (somewhat obnoxious) way. If they’ve got a point, thank them, but also try to express if the critique was delivered well.  If it was, tell them so they can help more people. If not, tell them so they can work on it.  IF THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY POINT AT ALL AND ARE JUST BEING RUDE, get rid of it.  They’re not worth your time.
  4. Respond or toss.  This is up to you.  If they had content that was actually useful, then they were being helpful like they were trying to be.  If they had content and it wasn’t useful, it’s up to you what to do.  If they had zero content in their critique or it wasn’t relevant at all, skip it.  They’re not worth your time.

I actually formed these rules after an encounter with a critiquer who was completely neutral in tone, blurted my mistakes for the world to see, and essentially made me feel like the absolute worst writer in the world.  They weren’t harsh, but their critique did hurt me, especially because I’d still just been starting out.

The first thing that happened was I got angry.  I was livid, furious.  Like, how dare they?  Couldn’t they just sit back and enjoy the story?  I spent a good week or so avoiding my fanfiction account just because I was so pissed off.  I ended up talking to my mom and she asked me if they had any points.  I think she was going for “if they don’t, then they’re not worth your time”, but they did. After that, I went back and tried to see it from their point of view.

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Didn’t mean I suddenly wasn’t mad at them.  I was mad, but I also realized that they, in their own roundabout and hurtful (to me, who reads inflection into typed words and winces at every loud noise and criticism) way, were trying to help me.

I worked on it, and I don’t think they ever commented on my stuff again, but the people who already loved my stuff?  The people who said that my stuff was ‘cute’ or ‘genius’?  They loved it all the more!  The critiquer may not have stuck around, but those who did benefited.

(It really took me a long time to stop being angry at them.  Now I just kind of take a lesson from them.  As a fanfiction writer, and as a critiquer myself.)

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I’m saying this as someone who has pretty high standards for what I read.  I look into formatting, tenses, plot, characterization, spelling, and even comma usage!  These little things do actually bug me, and sometimes enough to the point of wanting to comment, but I’ve been on the other side of it and remember the frustration and the anger that can come from a wrongly worded comment, so there are a few rules that I’ve formulated in order to be the best critiquer I can be and help as many people as possible get as amazing as they can as a writer!

Note:  These rules are for critiquers who actually do want to help writers get better and improve the overall quality of internet written works. If you’re here because of some superiority complex, these rules may be difficult for you to follow.  I, however, encourage you to do your best and perhaps one day you’ll be a good critiquer.  *^_^*

  1. Find a way to figure out if the author even wants your critique.  One way to do this is to respectfully ask them.  Always open with a positive.  Something like “Hey, I liked ___ about your story, but I noticed something was a bit off. Can I give you a constructive critique?” Typically, an author would be happy to know you cared about their opinion, so this will go either one of two ways.  They will either (A) allow the critique and actually listen to what you have to say or (B) politely decline the offer.  This means they have made up their mind and you are to let it go.  The back button is a wonderful friend at this point.
  2. Follow the sandwich format.  This is a tried and true method for getting people to actually listen.  If you start in with the critique, the author will feel attacked and immediately get defensive.  Instead of wondering if you’ve got any point, they will find ways to contradict you and argue.  Instead, open with something you liked about the story.  There was a reason you read it all to the end, wasn’t there?  Mention that first (AND BE HONEST!  NO ONE LIKES SOMEONE WHO GIVES OUT FALSE COMPLIMENTS), and then get to the critique, or ‘meat’, of your critique.  When that’s done, exit with a thank-you for being willing to listen to your comments.  It takes a lot for a creator to listen to someone point out the flaws in their baby, even if they’re trying to learn.  Remember that you want this to be a positive interaction, not a demolition derby.
  3. No insults or other derogatory comments. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the writer is trying their best.  Insulting them makes them less willing to hear you out, much less accept your comments and get better.
  4. No elevating yourself over them.  It’s a no-brainer.  You’re not there to school them, you’re there to help them.  Helping requires a serving mind, which puts their needs before your ego.
  5. Do not hound the author.  If they listen but don’t take your comments, you’re not allowed to harass them.  Most likely, they don’t see a point in your comment and have elected to ignore it. And that’s fine.  The point is that you managed to bring it to their attention once.  Maybe they’ll come back to it later, maybe not.  Either way, once your critique is given, it’s done.  Unless they come to you asking about it, your job is to pack up and vamoose, or simply to sit back and enjoy watching the rest of the story unfold.
  6. Make sure your comments are objective.  Like, if there’s a comma problem, tell them about it. If there’s verb tenses being messed up, inform them politely.  If person A didn’t get with person B, then you’re not critiquing.  That’s a matter of opinion and doesn’t belong in the critiquing category.
  7. Be respectful.  They’re going on a limb and listening to you, and it’s the author’s choice whether or not to continue the correspondence. You don’t have to ‘kiss up to them’ or ‘serve them’, but you have to make sure you’re not being a jerk and that all your comments are warranted.

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I know there are a lot of rules, but critiquing is hard, especially with how a lot of people view them.  But you, the critiquer, ARE NOT EVIL.  You’re not the bad guy.  You’re not messed up.  You’re not ‘sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong’.  You’re human and you’re trying to be helpful.  These are just tips and tricks on how to go about it the right way and maximize your helpfulness.

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The last thing I’ll say is that not everyone will follow these rules.  They will think they’re stupid or pandering or all-around dumb. Some people who claim to critique will continue to slander our good name by acting like holier-than-thou snits. Some people who write will continue to get outrageously angry for persons daring to say something went wrong.

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Here’s how to deal with them:

  1. Leave the computer.  Or the website, just for a bit.  Enjoy the sunshine, take a walk, talk with your best friend, eat some ice cream, go play.  See if it just blows over.  They don’t get to take away your happiness because they’re angry.
  2. Delete the hate.  When you’re good and happy, you can delete the hate mail, or maybe grab a friend to laugh at it.  But don’t respond to hate with anger.  As my good friend Warlord Okeer said, you shall inflict “the greatest insult an enemy can suffer. To be ignored.”
  3. If they chase you down in anger, block them. This is okay to do.  For fanfiction writers:  if they continue to pester you with their comments after you say ‘no thanks’, block their tails.  For fanfiction critiquers:  if they got angry over a critique you gave, provided that they said okay and provided that you followed the rules of critiquing, you’re allowed to block them. You did it right.  Don’t even stress.

And then there are the times where we forget to follow the rules and insult someone on accident. It happens.  If you realize you’re in the wrong, it’s just one rule.

  1. Apologize.  No, you don’t have to grovel for forgiveness, but understand that your actions may have hurt someone else and react accordingly.  If they won’t take it, at least make the promise to yourself to be better in the future.

And that’s it.  I know it seems like a lot to swallow, but it all boils down to making sure your words are respectful, kind, and true.

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blackofhairandheart2  asked:

I'm not a fan of Tyrion Targaryen (too many secret Targaryens as it is) but I've never understood the reasoning behind it justifying Tywin's treatment of him. Treating a kid badly because of the circumstances of their birth is shitty no matter how you slice it. It may justify it from Tywin's POV, but the reader knows that Tywin is a monster with bad opinions anyway. Jon not being Ned's son doesn't invalidate their relationship. I don't see how Tyrion not being Tywin's would invalidate theirs.

For this blunt reason: Tyrion being Aerys’ son and not Tywin’s gives him, Tywin, one of his very dearest dreams. And I’m not about giving Lord Tywin his dreams, nor do I think is the story.

What has Tywin always wanted from the moment Tyrion was born? To deny him, specifically to deny him as something of himself. It bothers him deeply that he cannot prove Tyrion is not his trueborn son. It bothers him even more greatly that Tyrion has even a mote of a claim to Casterly Rock, much less the actually very strong legal argument he has behind him. It bothers him to an extreme degree that his beloved wife had to die and what he got in return was this ugly dwarf. Tyrion makes him, and House Lannister, a laughingstock - look at proud Lord Tywin now, saddled with this abomination, maybe now he’ll learn a bit of humility. From his son’s earliest years, Tywin has denied Tyrion time and again to what would be expected of the son of the Lord of Casterly Rock, instead trying to shame and humiliate him. What few compliments he grants Tyrion are cruel and undermining at best, and he’s never slow to cut Tyrion down when he sees fit. Tywin wants to reject Tyrion, but knows he cannot - hence why the greatest insult he can think to hurl at Tyrion while he is dying is to say “You are no son of mine”. Tywin’s last breaths are spent trying to dehumanize and de-Lannister Tyrion, which amount to about the same thing in Tywin’s mind.

That’s the total opposite of Jon’s relationship with Ned. As I’ve said before, Ned went above and beyond - indeed, beyond what might have been considered socially acceptable - to underline that Jon was his son, and was reluctant to draw distinctions between Jon and his “other” children. Jon not being Ned’s son doesn’t invalidate their relationship because Ned took pains to emphasize that Jon was his son, while knowing full well internally that Jon was not his own child. Tyrion not being Tywin’s son does invalidate their relationship because Tywin has time and again tried to himself reject that relationship.

And to really emphasize that point - look at how Tywin’s dreams are turning out for him. His daughter is a queen - a queen who made a spectacular series of blunders in her first opportunity for real power and whose idea of being like him involves murder and painfully inept intrigue. His son is a knight - one who gladly participated in a wildly illegal affair with his twin and whose idea of being like him is threatening to kill an unborn child and wishing that one side would destroy the other in the Bracken-Blackwood feud. Tywin had Elia and her children murdered to guarantee that his queen-daughter would be able to bear the Baratheon heirs in peace (apart from his personal motivations), and almost two decades later Dornishmen have not forgiven or forgotten it, and indeed are still willing to shed blood over it. Tywin organized the Red Wedding to ensure that his line could continue on the Iron Throne, and where has that gotten the Lannisters and their allies? What I gather from the narrative is that Tywin’s legacy is a rotten one, as rotten as his own putrefying corpse, and it’s not one that can or will last. So why give him even a posthumous idea of rightness? Why would the story validate any part of Tywin’s dreams? 

There are many other reasons not to like “Tyrion is a secret Targaryen”, and I would direct anyone to @joannalannister on that. But I’ve never understood the idea that “Jon isn’t really Ned’s son and that’s ok, so therefore it’ll be ok if Tyrion isn’t really Tywin’s son”. Because to me, that equates two relationships that are so fundamentally different and far away from one another that they might as well be on different planets.

Things I loved in Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle (WARNING: spoilers)

These are the positive and happy moments I liked in TOA. There are spoilers but it does not include a lot of major and important plot. DONT EVEN LIE THESE WERE GREAT MOMENTS OKA Y?!

  • the pathetically posh way that Apollo speaks 
  • Meg joining the ranks of badass women in the series 
  • Meg’s kindergardener outfit 
  • “Pegasi who fly gallop on Toyotas. Normal horses who can not fly do not gallop on Toyotas." 
  • Sally Jackson finally getting the description/appreciation she fucking deserves (and from an ex-god) like Apollo describing why Sally Jackson was perfect and saying she had the ability to "connect spiritually with a God as an EQUAL”  I mean he said Apollo actually calling Sally Jackson mortal rival of Circe (in the most complimenting way possible) Apollo straight FANGIRLING over Sally Jackson honestly Sally Jackson for the win 
  • did I mention Sally Jackson was fuCKING PREGNANT!!???!? 
  • “Perhaps the teenage angst had permeated the clothes, because I felt more like a sulky high schooler than ever.” …same… 
  • Apollo explaining time Percy’s promise to Annabeth is not to pass school but to not die while she’s on a trip (demigod struggles) 
  • Percy “I blow up toilets” Jackson
  • Percy’s “old demigod mischief twinkled in his eyes”  
  • Get Meg Cows 2016 
  • Percy being Meg’s big demigod brother like that dynamic is adorable 
  • “Because Poseidon." 
  • I just love Apollo’s moments where he explains things like time and the Black Plague I thought those were hilarious
  • "Whah jus happened?” (congested Percy) 
  • Peaches 
  • OLYMPUS MOMENT: Poseidon vs Apollo in hand to hand combat 
  • Apollo referring to Athena as “Old Gray Eyes" 
  • Apollo going insane (scary but actually kind of funny) 
  • Will reminding Apollo of his mother anD WILL BEING OLDER THAN HIS OWN DAD 
  • Meg being a scary ass tornado of pain (in the cutest way possible) 
  • Apollo and the Apollo kids 
  • the idea that half the medical schools in the world are inhabited by Apollos descendants along with like the entire Rock and Roll Hall of Fame like guys these demigods are awesome
  • please 
  • a moment of silence 
  • for my dearest Solangelo 
  • becoming canon 
  • we did it guys 
  • I love you all 
  • Chiron :) 
  • Nico calling Will a dork 
  • APOLLO CONFIRMING THAT HE DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT GENDER AND CONFIRMING THAT THE GODS DONT EITHER GUYS THIS IS GREAT WE HAVE BISEXUAL GODS Apollo speaks of 2 of his loves and we assume it’s 2 girls when in reality it’s a boy and a girl and I am so happy 
  • Chiron and his fishnet lady legs 
  • the new Hermes pranking duo being girls 
  • Apollo calling Solangelo cute 
  • Nico “I have a doctor’s” note Di Angelo
  • the minor gods having repped kids 
  • Nico wanting to kill Leo
  • Paolo ranting in Portugese 
  • Nico getting jealous!!? 
  • "She’s a communist!" 
  • Apollo reveling in things like a toothbrush and deodorant and bacon
  • "Bacon is good" 
  • Apollo said he changes gender sometimes guys the gods are not only bi/pan they are gender fluid this is awesome 
  • Chiara ranting in Italian 
  • everyone loosing their shit and sanity when Apollo plays the guitar and Austin and Apollo connecting through music (honestly this Apollo family is going to be the death of me
  • Damien and Charia brotp 
  • Damien taking revenge on a guitar in the name of Apollo 
  • OLYMPUS MOMENT: Athena hanging out with athletic African nymphs 
  • OLYMPUS MOMENT: Hephestus and Apollo having to wrestle the god Hypnos back to bed after he sleepwalked into ArtEMIS’S PRIVATE CHAMBERS 
  • OLYMPUS MOMENT: Persephone attacking pork ribs 
  • Artemis the womb hog and Apollo missing Artemis (they have to have a moment in this series please the overall idea of FAMILY in this book just warms my heart)
  • "Do not end up in Peru." 
  • OLYMPUS MOMENT: Apollo saying that Typhon raging the earth or the rise of Gaea was just as scary as accidentally seeing Ares naked in the gym 
  • Apollo getting protective over his children (and calling them his friends) 
  • Apollo comforting Harley 
  • “Romans gonna hate.” 
  • “Wait. I’m mortal. Murder would kill me. Nevermind.”
  • “I’m not a tree priest.” 
  • OLYMPUS MOMENT: Apollo and Artemis acting like brother and sister for real (kick me signs on Apollo’s back) 
  • murdurous ukulele 
  • Apollo thinking Hephestus made it when it was actually Harley 
  • Apollo getting protective over Meg 
  • Apollo calling Paolo handsome 
  • Meg being a boss 
  • hippie Rhea. Mother Earth is a massive hippie. Rhea in Woodstock guys
  • Rhea’s laugh sounding like a piglet with asthma 
  • "They have no chill whatsoever." 
  • I’m pretty sure Rhea is basically high for all of this 
  • Solangelo supporting each other 
  • Apollo’s song of all his flaws which was probably one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking forms of character development I have ever seen in my life omg I mean it was just all of his pride just being shattered and him coming to terms with what a messed up being he is I mean that is when he truly became human
  • OLYMPUS MOMENT: Hera yelling at Apollo for leaving the seat up 
  • Apollo rapping to serenade an ant queen and the ant queen approves 
  • soccer mom queen ant 
  • Nico and Will on a canoe ride together (sadly to be interrupted by a giant naked statue) 
  • Malcolm the "I-forgot-my-pants-here’s-my-bright-red-underwear” perfect battlefield commander 
  • Apollo’s greatest insult = “YOU’RE UGLY!" 
  • "I have a doctor’s note.” (we get it Nico…) 
  • OLYMPUS MOMENT: Hades being a little shit and scaring Apollo when he used an arrow of death 
  • Will: Nico’s going to pass out. Nico: nO IM NOT *passes out* 
  • Will referring to Nico as the Lord of Darkness 
  • Ms. O'Leary taking a piss on the Colossus head (and Percy’s reaction) 
  • Bronze Butt 
  • talking arrows
  • Percy: We need you. You can do this. Also Percy: Besides, if you don’t, I will personally throw you off the Empire State Building 
  • Percy and his never ending stream of insults and curses as he fights
  • Damien and Chiara…I ship them? (I’m officially calling it Damiara) 
  • Will snores 
  • Percy knows that if he’s gonna die it’s only gonna be at the hands of Annabeth and no one else
  • the demigods lining up to punch Leo one by one (Damian punching Leo just for the fuck of it)
  • Leo and Harley omg eternal love for the Hephestus brothers (and yes Nyssa can’t forget about the big sis)
  • Nyssa ranting in Spanish 
  • Leo and Percy high fiving as they remember the good old days sarcastic bros reunite #hoothrowback
  • Chiron wants to give you a hugSUPRISE MOTHERFUCKER THATS WHAT YOU GET rip Leo (again)
  • A P O L L O   F A M I L Y 
  • Live fully and without fear. ~Calypso

I was rewatching this episode and it made me laugh so hard because Lance doesn’t care even though he’s basically saying the Altean equivalent to “Shut your fuck” and Kieth automatically goes on guard, looking offended like Lance just insulted his greatest ancestors. Just hearing Keith’s voice responding was the funniest thing because the words he emphasized made him sound like a prissy woman with three kids arguing with her significant other.

mood: in the kitchen cooking for a month’s worth of food with a compilation of Gordon Ramsay’s greatest insults on to get me in the proper mood

Ellen Degeneres is the greatest because she doesn’t insult anyone but she doesn’t tiptoe around anything either and she includes everyone and she makes people feel good about themselves while poking fun at them and this is the kind of comedy that should be embraced at award shows not misogynistic songs about breasts



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Okay where do I even start? xD

First off, Seán’s not fat! I don’t even get what some of the comments calling him fat were talking about. xD I swear people throw the world fat around like it’s the greatest and most original insult ever created. :P 
Also coming from someone who is fat and would definitely be considered fat.(Not saying that to insult myself by the way! xD) Honestly it’s very nice and refreshing to see someone who has so many eyes on them every single day say not only that he’d rather be fat then judgmental but also saying “even if I was fat why would that matter?” Fat people are often portrayed as the villains or a disgusting and ugly joke in the media and in society in general. So because of this, there’s this gigantic stigma towards people who are fat. Fat people are often treated like complete garbage and wastes of space that don’t deserved to feel beautiful, comfortable in their own skin or confident in who they are, loved in any way shape or form and even succeed in some sort of way too just because they’re fat and no other reason. Plus because of this stigma people act like even being just a tiny bit chubby is the worst thing you could ever possibly be from an appearance stand point, which has caused a lot of people to get eating disorders because of that too. Society makes you feel like if you’re fat then that’s all that you are and you deserved to be bullied and treated like crap because you “chose” to be fat. But the thing is, the word fat is just a word that describes what your body does when it gains weight. Now though, the word fat is used as an insult and something to label all “ugly” people and it shouldn’t be that way. Then there’s people who use that as a way and as an excuse to bully and manipulate someone else under the disguise of trying to make that person “healthier.” I don’t care how unhealthy someone else is! That does not mean they deserved to get treated like shit and feel like they shouldn’t exist or that they’re a waste of space in the world. Plus fat doesn’t automatically mean unhealthy either! You never know what another person’s circumstances are by just their weight! Weight is not ALL a person is ever! No matter what your weight is (skinny, average, curvy, fat, etc.) you deserve to be happy and comfortable in your own skin and to feel beautiful. Do what’s right and healthy for YOU and not do what society or some asshole who doesn’t deserve to get to know you wants you to do. 
Sorry, now I feel like I’m just rambling on about this topic. But I’m just extremely passionate about this topic not only because one of my sister’s was bullied extremely badly for her weight and has such a horribly negative view of herself because of that which really breaks my heart. :/ But it’s also because my weight was the biggest reason I was bullied by other people in school so badly and was the biggest insult that was ever thrown at me. When I was a teenager I had such a negative view on my appearance because I rarely saw anyone on tv or in movies that looked like me that was seen in a positive light. I felt like there was something wrong with me and that my weight was all that I was appearance wise and I felt like I couldn’t do anything out of the fear of being judged or bullied by other people. It took me years to get out of that mindset but thanks to body positivity stuff on the internet and the media being more open minded with fat characters and characters that are full of different shapes and sizes. I realized that they’re nothing wrong with being fat and that every person is beautiful and that includes me. If society and some asshole thinks that my weight is all that I am, then they don’t deserve to know the real me in the first place. I’m not ashamed of my weight anymore and I don’t even consider fat an insult either now. So the thing about me that I was the most bullied for, I just see it as a normal part of me now. ^_^
So for me personally, seeing someone as popular as Seán saying in front of millions of people and to a person who called him fat “even if I was fat why would that matter?” Means a lot to me, because he’s not making a negative big deal out of it. No matter what your weight or appearance is as long as you’re a good person and treating other people like actual people then that’s what really matters. :) 

I was flipping through a (NRSV) Bible and came to the part in the David and Goliath story where the Israelites are forming a battle plan, and David says, “Who IS this uncircumcised Philistine?” and that’s probably the greatest insult I’ve heard in my life


The Betrayal of Leningrad

During World War II, on the 8th of September, 1941 German forces surrounded the City of Leningrad, formerly known as St. Petersburg. During the siege, which wouldn’t be lifted until January 27th of 1944, the soldiers and civilians of Leningrad would suffer hardship and deprivation on a scale that would make the siege perhaps the most horrific battle of World War II. Isolated from the rest of the Soviet Union, the defenders of Leningrad faced longs odds as they were surrounded and cutoff from supplies and reinforcements. The city was under constant artillery shelling, bombardment, and assualt. Hundreds of thousands died of starvation, with the most desparate to survive resorting to cannibalism. Overall, the 900 day siege cost the lives of over 1 million soldiers, as well as another 1 million civilians. However, no matter how bad things got, Leningrad refused to surrender.

The Siege of Leningrad became a source of pride for its people, and the defenders of the city, both soldiers and civilians alike became national celebrities. After the war Leningrad experienced a period of renewal and rennaissance, becoming a radiant center of Soviet culture as well as a political rival to Moscow. This reblossoming of the city was mostly due to a new culture of self reliance, resiliance, and achievement spawned by the sufferings and accomplishments of the siege’s survivors. Many of the heroes of Leningrad became influential political, social, and civil leaders. To the ever paranoid Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin, Leningrad was a threat to his own power and authority, and Stalin was notorious for coming down hard against those he saw as a threat. In January of 1949 Stalin ordered a purge of Leningrad, entrusting the work to his two deputies; Georgy Malenkov and Lavrentiy Beria. Over the next several months numerous Leningrad political officials, industrialists, scientists, and academics were arrested and charged with crimes against the state. 5 men were executed; Nikolai Voznesensky, Mikhail Rodionov, Aleksei Kuznetsov, Pyotr Popkov, Ya. F. Kapustin and P.G. Lazutin. Kuznetsov was the former general who organized the defenses of Leningrad during the siege. Another 200 were sentenced to the gulags (hard labor camps) for terms of 11-25 years, which was practically a death sentence for many. Another 2,000 had their property and possessions seized, and were exiled from the city.

Perhaps the greatest insult of all was the closing of the Museum of the Siege of Leningrad, which was ordered by Malenkov with Stalin’s approval. Malenkov declared the Siege of Leningrad, “a myth of anti-Soviet traitors trying to diminish Comrade Stalin’s greatness”. The Siege of Leningrad was purged from Soviet history, with mentions of the siege being erased from books and public records. After Stalin’s death in 1953, all of the accused were declared innocent of their crimes, and historical records restored with Nikita Kruschev’s de-Stalinization campaign.

I told you I didn’t tell people how I felt because they used my words against me, and you promised you never would, but I’ll never get the ringing sound of your voice out of my head that night you echoed back one of my greatest fears as an insult.