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“You always bring tears to my eyes, but tears of joy. I’m so grateful to have you all, your support and your love, your beautiful comments daily, so thank you.”

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why is arin literally the greatest human being on earth????

Someone else has pretty much covered the bases of this question, but I agree! He’s one of the most genuinely nice dudes on earth!

A small passion project he started, with a friend who isn’t even involved in its production anymore, has flourished into not one, but several separate businesses (Game Grumps, Starbomb, Ninja Sex Party, Gameoverse, etc.). Because he wanted to help his friends fulfill their own dreams and aspirations. So he used his own success to give them the push that they needed and has always supported them in their endeavors.

He offered to give his best friend a crazy loan of money and never expected to be paid back and that’s the nicest fucking thing.

He donates to the charities that Game Grumps gets to sponsor, and donates to lots of up-and-starting promising kickstarters and greenlit games. He also sponsors his own mom’s charity fundraisers to help her with her own business.

He’s been with his wife for more than half of their lives (since they were pre-teens!) and he loves her so fucking much that it puts other marriages to shame, honestly.

And he gets so much negativity. People shit on Arin all the time. Not just in the comments or on social media but like people shit on him in-person for being bad at the games he plays or for accidentally saying something ignorant (which, might I add, Arin has ALWAYS apologized when he’s been called out for saying something problematic and makes an effort to be better).

He gets all this negativity but he takes it in stride and he works just as hard as he always has to put out content for us and to be able to support his friends.

For “Humans are weird”

(Remember, please, English is not my first language)

The Captain of the ship looks at the few humans who showed up to his announcement (he needs to hire humans, every other Captain says it’s necessary!). So he looks at them and, well, they look like every other human.


There’s a but.

He and his crew have a dangerous mission to face. The Captain doesn’t want normal humans. He wants the very best.

“You,” he calls the first one. She introduces herself as “Francesca”.

“Human Francesca,” the Captain says, “I heard a lot about your world and your… Kind.”

“Yes, sir?”

“I need you to call some of your people, I want to hire them. I have their names.”

“Sure thing, sir. You found them on a list or…”


“Beeks, sir?” Francesca asks, frowning.

“Yes, Human Francesca, be-oh wait. Books.”

“Books, sir? As in… A guide?”

“No, they were history books. And video sources. So, can you contact the humans I want or not?!” he becomes impatient.

“I’ll do my best, sir.”

“Good. The names are: mr. Harry Potter - I read his story, I want the Chosen One for this mission!”

“Oh,” Francesca finally understands. “Sir-”

“Don’t interrupt me. Eragon and his Saphira, I want them too. I can pay them a lot. I also heard about a man, a scientist, very smart, who can turn into an incredible, green…”

“Hulk?” Francesca mutters.

“Yes!” the Captain nods. “You know about him too.”


“I’m not done. There’s a girl, they call her “banshee”? Red hair, from a place called America. She’s in another crew at the moment, I think… A “pack”. I don’t know the name, but I’m sure you’ll find her. And a man who can move metal. He’d be very useful, they call him “Magneto”.”

Francesca doesn’t know if she’s going to laugh or to cry in frustration (no alien will ever believe her if she tells them those people don’t exist).

“And Stormborn.”


“Mother of dragons. Find her. I want her in my crew.”

Francesca is going to need a pizza and a beer to chill, after this.

“And the last two are men. I heard the first has fought alone and won against a lot of enemies. I need someone like him. His name is Rambo.”

“Of course,” Francesca murmurs. It’s going to be an awful conversation.

“The last one is probably the most important of the entire group. Everyone says he’s the greatest human who ever lived. He moved Earth with a kick!”

Francesca doesn’t want to listen to this anymore. “Sir? Listen, sir, it-”

“This human is called…”

Basta, per favore. Sir! Those people…”

“Chuck Norris. Bring me Chuck Norris.”

Francesca shuts up… And nods.

She’ll have to change ship, there’s no other way.

Things my professor says pt.1

Tasha, I need you in so many different ways.

Do you feel any palpitations?

Be more supple on your low notes.

Are you double tonguing or single tonguing? I guess that’s between you and your God.

Make it sound more sensually exotic.

Tell your aperture to shape up or ship out.

I want you guys to guys to be the first ones to know. I’m running for president and my presidential slogan will be “Making Henry’s Low Bbs great again.”

“You’re going to live a little dangerously. And it’ll be between just you and me.”

“I hesitate to use the word ‘ballsy’ but can we have a more oriental sound to it?”

“You only have a certain amount of sorry’s during a semester, and you just used up 2 of them. You should save them for your lessons.”

“You’re pussy-footing the first note”

“Have you ever made yourself throw up before?”

“Ok so some point after speeding up a slur, it becomes a trill. Just like after some random point, a bad person becomes a shit head. Slurs become trills when bad people become shit heads. Simple as that.”

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Thank you for answering my question in the "sports" video. I learned quite a bit. (I'm the one who asked where butt pats come from) 😆

Thanks for asking the important questions. It’s a real pity that so few people know the story of Reginald Berrybottom. I don’t want to say he’s the greatest human being who’s ever walked this earth…. but he’s unquestionably my personal hero– he represents everything that I aspire to be in life.

Humans Are Boring Space Orcs

As much as I adore all the “Humans are space orcs” posts, how has nobody come up with the idea that we’re the comparatively boring ones and most other species have incredibly complex cultures

Just imagine planets known for having orchestras composed of 246 different instruments, galaxies that have colors we never could have imagined ourselves, and Space food made with Weird Space Spices that tastes so freaking good and you can only get in Space

Imagine that, because other species have had interplanetary contact for so much longer than humans, that all their cultures have mixed together in one great Space Melting Pot and there’s a planet that’s basically Space NYC where all of it combines together to create one big Space Culture with everything from the biggest Space Art Museums ever to Kashyyyktown and Little Vulcan

Picture the Space Renaissance, with sculptors who use Space Stone and sculptors who use holograms instead of physical material. Painters who create landscape paintings that make up whole valleys that you have to use Space VR to look at. Interior design that combines popular styles from various planetary systems in order to create one Ultimate Space Decorating Style

And by the time that humans get to space and join everyone else, and ask, “Hey, did anyone ever pick up the stuff we sent with Voyager 1?” and it turns out that Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Chuck Berry are all intergalactically loved, and Space Teens have Cool Space Ringtones like “Wild Dog” and “Train”

And to us as a species we seem pretty boring, but over time it becomes clear that every species feels that way (except for the especially pretentious and snobby ones), but really all Space Culture is Space Cool and eventually it all melds together and no one knows or cares whether the Beatles were from Earth or if they were from Mars, cause everyone at least know they came from our solar system and that they’re one of the greatest bands of all time, and that’s what really matters

This is the greatest entertainer that this world ever knew, and will ever know, for that matter, and everybody know that because you were, and still are, one of the greatest human being that lived in planet earth. You had such a good heart and such a beautiful passion for the human kind and for our planet. We’ve never saw you doing bad for the others, we’ve never saw you hating, we’ve never saw you angry. You have the purest heart I’ve ever seen, you taught me how to be a better person and how to love one another, you are the true example of what a good person is. Not to mention your music and your talent, the music industry will never know someone like you. The world miss your music, the world miss your heart, the world miss Michael Jackson.

Title: A MilkShake Date (Part 8 Back to the Future(Reader x Peter Parker) 

Summary: The reader and Peter are finally off on a date! A date that has to, of course, be ruined by certain devastating news.

Word Count: 1330

A/N: YAY I HAVE FINALLY POSTED! It’s been a crazy emotional whirlwind of a week but I’M HERE! I hope you guys enjoy :) 

Part 9

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Under normal circumstances, humans should have continued to evolve as the greatest creatures upon this earth, but we were actually regressing. A rotten world. Politics, law, education… Was there anybody around who could correct this world? But someone had to do it.

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Are you a conservative or a liberal?

I do not advocate any side, because it is silly when people are fighting for this reason, but If my views were of any significance, then there should be no human beings on this earth, because humanity is the greatest evils that which might have appeared on this planet