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(@blessedbebucky) Alright, Amber, I've been trying to get it just right and now I know what I'm gonna do! May I have Sam Wilson : Z : 10! I haven't written for him yet and I think it's bout' time he got some love. (And Frank got a break.) CONGRATS ON EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL!!

lol you tag yourself like i don’t already know that’s you…like the creepy stalker i am…

but YES!! some Sam love!! literally how are you reading my mind…i was just thinking about how Sam Wilson is literally the greatest human being ever to exist and how it’s a tragedy that there are no fics for him…you’re a beautiful, glowing sun goddess, Jada…

thank you so much my opalescent tree shark; you’re an amazing human being

(also yessss the first smut i’m so excited!!!)

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(that’s me lookin at you)

Atari’s Birthday Challenge