greatest games in history


Personally I think that the Morrowind theme song is the greatest song ever created in the history of gaming for this reason and nobody can tell me otherwise. 

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: in the year 2016, the chicago cubs, after a 108 year long drought, won the world series in one of the greatest game sevens in the history of the united states. after being down 3 games to 1, the chicago cubs came back to win game five, and then game six with a whopping 9 runs to 3, thanks in part to a historic grand slam by addison russel in the top of the third. finally reaching the tie-breaking, nail-biting, long-awaited game seven, the cubs took an early lead with a home run from dexter fowler on the fourth pitch of the game. not only was this the first ever leadoff home run in the 7th game of a world series, but dexter fowler was also the first black cubs player to play in a world series. during the majority of the game, the cubs maintained a solid lead until the eighth inning, when, much to the dismay of cubs fans all over the world, indians’ rajai davis hit a tying two run home run against aroldis chapman. suspecting the dreaded curse had returned, many cubs fans at this time were at a loss for words, preparing themselves for the all too familiar feeling of crushing defeat. however, a seventeen minute rain delay, perhaps heralded by The Baseball Gods themselves, gave the cubs a chance to regroup and take the lead in the 10th inning after an MVP winning double by ben zobrist and another single thanks to miguel montero. finally, in the bottom of the 10th, kris bryant, arguably the most handsome baseball player, made the last out, expertly fielding a ground ball to third-base and throwing true (even after slipping a little) to his boyfriend, anthony rizzo. the cubs beat the indians 8 to 7. previously, only five teams had ever won the world series after being down 3 games to 1 in the history of baseball (the first world series being in 1903), and the chicago cubs are now the 6th. 

Male Gamers™: I don’t give a shit about Suvi, she’s sooo annoyingly religious, she’s too shy and doesn’t have that much content because she isn’t a squadmate. Not worth it, I’ll go for Cora

Male Gamers™, after finding out that Suvi is a lesbian: *clutching their chest* why,,,,, has BioWare ROBBED me off the GREATEST romance in GAME HISTORY, HOW

when I become a billionaire I will one day rent out a very large outdoor pool in the Florida tropics. I will purchase three 500 carat rough cut diamonds which will then be hidden by my butler and have industrial speakers mounted up blasting Dry Lagoon so I can personally experience one of the greatest moments in gaming history.


4th of July, 2006: One of the greatest games in World Cup history.

Italy defeats Germany by scoring two goals in extra time.

The win meant Italy would progress onto the final, which they would eventually win.

leekycauldron  asked:

Your opinion on the greatest group chat in the history of group chats (obvs Eurovision Enthusiasts™) !!!!!!

You raise me uuuuuuuuuup so I can stand on mountains

You raise me uuuuuuuuup to look at yodel memes

I am strong when it’s Eurovision season

You raise me up 

Australia get out 

I hope you enjoyed that Alicia, love u xoxoxox

bluepulserjaime  asked:

I think I might have asked you this, but what FE games have you played?

Hi friend! I don’t think I’ve ever been asked that but boy will I talk about FE forever

The games I’ve played (in the order I played them) are:

  • Sacred Stones (the first video game I ever played & the love of my life)
  • Shadow Dragon (gorgeous art and nightmarish battle animations)
  • Path of Radiance (Disappointment™)
  • Radiant Dawn (Disappointment™ w/ bigger muscles)
  • Blazing Blade (who let these losers run countries oh my god)
  • Binding Blade (I Would Lay Down My Life For Lilina)
  • Awakening (honestly probably one of the greatest video games in history)
  • Fates (a rip off of honestly probably one of the greatest video games in history)

sorry for the commentary I have so many feelings about this franchise

Thanks for the ask!

BMing to bait Faker into a level 1 fight and blow his flash with a gank

Nothing gained out of it and you’ve probably pissed off the greatest player in the history of the game on one of his signature champions

Young Man, Your Arm’s Too Short to Box With God


2016: Year in Review ⇾ Kobe’s Retirement

Kobe Bryant, who has helped the Lakers win five NBA championships over a 20-year career spent entirely in Los Angeles, announced on The Players’ Tribune website that he will retire after 2015-2016 season.“With 17 NBA All-Star selections, an NBA MVP, five NBA championships with the Lakers, two Olympic gold medals and a relentless work ethic, Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest players in the history of our game,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement.

god you guys do you think griffin mcelroy knows of the greatest vore moment in video game history in episode 305 of sam and max save the world where max is turned into a giant mutant hell beast and sam has to turn their car into a corndog so that max with eat them and then his insides are made to look like sitcom sets bc of dark magic like, do you think griffin knows just god. god i just hope he and his little vore dreams do.