greatest game show moments

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What, in your personal opinion, is Sonic's greatest moment? Be it from his games, tv show, comic whatever.

This entire cutscene

And the one after it

That is how you characterize Sonic the Hedgehog in terms of heroic resolve, determination, outlook on heroism and on life. It is, HANDS DOWN the greatest crowning moment of awesome Sonic has ever had. EVER.

He never pulled that win out of his ass - He worked hard for it and made for him his own salvation by vowing to not give up, not to mention eventually befriending the other knights and getting them on his side. That not only rekindled the long lost light of the sacred swords but it proved that he was worthy enough to wield Excalibur, the most powerful and righteous object in the entire Grand Kingdom, capable of cutting anything.

Even after Merlina put him through all of that he was sympathetic to her even though he didn’t agree with what she was doing. He does not yield to her aims no matter how brutally she beat him down and yet he bears no lasting ill will towards her. That is true goodness.

Sonic and the Black Knight was absolutely brilliant at portraying Sonic overall, not just those cutscenes. It’s full of establishing character moments  and has a clear understanding, a clear grasp of his mannerisms, personality and approach to life and heroics that have never been matched before or after. But those scenes in particular are the greatest achievement in the characters writing in the franchise’s entire history. And it’s yet to be exceeded in terms of sheer greatness.

Shiro Maekawa needs to write more Sonic games.