greatest fanfiction ever

A klance smut fic

By @datklance and @cosmoslance

(Max and I were fuckin about on shamchat and found each other and well… this beautiful RP happened, enjoy)

Me- Lance Mcbants

Max- Keef Kogayne

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Hello there! I have never read enough fics on one ship to actually write a rec list, BUT TODAY I CHANGE THAT! After reading 100s (and i really mean 100s) of klance fics, I have found my 5 favorites. I put them in order of the ratings I gave them. I don’t really think any of them have graphic smut either. i hope you enjoy them too! 

-You Don’t Own Me by TheUltimateMaddie

kind of fic: short story/multi chapter 

word count: 16,194

SUMMARY (given by the author): Keith is a top member of the most powerful gang in New York City. Lance is the beautiful Cuban lounge singer who catches his eye. But both have secrets and pasts that are better left unsaid. Will the two be able to find love in the middle of the Prohibition?

my opinions: I’ve been looking for a 1920’s au and this one didn’t disappoint. there aren’t many out there, and I liked that this was pre-written (bc its fucking awful when a fic drops off and iSN’T FINISHED). I just loved how the story makes you so attached to the love they have together? AGH! so amazing. The one thing I would critique is the inaccuracy of lgbtq rights in the 20’s. I highly doubt there were as much as there were in this fic (there was a complete non-chalant tone about it throughout the fic) but once again, it was written in a week. Another great thing about it was the fact and the fact that it was written in a week astounds me and I overall really enjoyed it!

best line: “And for a moment, Keith believed him. ”


overall rating: 8/10

-Your Love Has Shown Me Proof by freshia

kind of fic: it’s two chapters and idk what you call that so

word count: 22,483

SUMMARY (given by the author): ““This situation is a bit more complicated than we initially realized.”Lance raises an eyebrow, but Pidge is the one to question that. “Define complicated.”Allura takes no more time beating around the bush, “Well, I received a transmission. Keith and Lance–from the future, that is–would like to have their daughter back.”

or: Lance and Keith deal with a walking spoiler, in the form of a little girl who just wants to get back to her own home.“

my opinions: HOLY FUCK OKAY I’M SORRY IF YOU’RE GETTING BORED OF ME RAVING ABOUT THESE FANFICTIONS BUT ITS CALLED A REC LIST FOR A R E A S O N. lmao anyways, I saw the summary for this one and i knew it would be amazing. I loved how there wasn’t even a lot of klance in it, but that it was about their kid. The only problem I had with it was that I got confused halfway thinking it was an mpreg fic?? i am not about that life lmao. but in the end it was that they adopted them (i think…) tbh it was so wholesome and beautiful and vnjrfegjsivfhjsijghueuri.

overall rating: 9/10

-Reset on the River by jeweniper

kind of fic: one shot

word count: 6,100

SUMMARY (given by the author): Lance has lived his whole life in this town, and accepts some circumstances as fact: History is told by word of mouth. He will never quite feel like he belongs. Their crops are dying, and no one can figure out why. Or maybe he can, assuming he convinces this ferryman to take him to the Land of the Dead.

my opinions: HOLY SHIT??? IT WAS??? AMAZING??? Okay, here’s the thing. I’m not the biggest fan of oneshots myself, because I can never feel how realistic it could be. Like you can’t fall in love so quickly, but maybe you can. idk it doesn’t seem realistic to me. HOWEVER, this fic was able to make a beautful story and setting in just over 6000 words. The only critique i have on it was the ending; it was a bit fast and a bit confusing. OTHER THAN THAT HOLY C R A P

best line: “'My sweet cherry, have the faith in you that I do. I mean, you even found your other stem.‘”

overall rating: 9.8/10

-nothing’s quite as sweet by dimpleforyourthoughts

kind of fic: It’s all in one chapter but its hella long and reads like a chapter fic?? so?? make what you want of that.

word count: 50,370

SUMMARY (given by the author): Keith is a barista who hates his job. Lance works at the cat shelter across the street.

my opinions: oh. my. god. words cannot describe how much I loved this fic. The idea of it was just so simple??? i personally don’t want to tell you about what I thought about it bc I would want you, the person reading this, to have their own experience. There was a whole lot of slowburn in it and it was just genius work.

best line: "It would be great to sink his teeth into an entire fucking pizza at this point, but all he has are the singular can of horseradish and singular can of black olives that sit in the otherwise empty fridge. He doesn’t even like olives, what the fuck.”

overall rating: 10/10

-Of Florists and Tennis Shoes by venpast


word count: 63,775

SUMMARY (given by the author): Lance wasn’t sure if he’d imagined the brief tremble at the corner of Keith’s lips or not, that slight stutter that promised a smile. But before he could guess further, Keith gave his knee a shove and got to his feet. He reached out to him, “I’m done here, and I’ve still got some daisies to sell you.”“Yeah,” Lance agreed, looking down at the extended palm, noting the little Saturn tattoo on the inside of Keith’s wrist where the sleeve hiked. He took the hand, “better not overprice those too, you asshole.”(in which lance is a broke university student trying to impress a pretty girl with flowers, but ends up falling for the florist that sells them instead.)

my opinions: This might have been one of the greatest fanfictions I have ever read. Just the way the author is able to pull out all of the powers of descriptoon. God, the way they describe some things in the fic are just so beautiful. The angst??? Oh my god??? You could literally ask any of my friends “what’s up with your friend and 'of florists and tennis shoes’?” and they will only say how much I screamed about it during lunch period and how it was the only thing I talked about for a week straight. Some of the themes in the story just really stuck to me? Wowow it was just so good.

best line: “But Lance was laughing, head tilted back against the bottom of the counter, with his shoulders rolling and his eyes shut, and his expressive eyebrows drawn in—looking at it, Keith just couldn’t find it in him to regret his decision. Lance, in the dim light of that single hung light bulb, looked happy…”

overall rating: 10/10

wanna chat? pt.24

on ao3
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yo whats up its been A Day and i started college here are some memes

love and support = alya
mental support = nino
snack support = marinette
existential crisis = adrien

3:13 in in this house we love and support each other

love and support: mari is so beautiful
im love her

snack support: Alya its too early for you to be this gay

love and support: its never too early for gay
also being overtired is gay culture

mental support: stop blowing up my phone

love and support: no!!!!!!!!!!!
im loving mari!!!!
join me

snack support: Pleae dont

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Do yiu have any stydia fic recs? I miss my bbys:(

So the greatest Stydia fanfiction ever written (sorry everyone) is Landlocked in Light so if you haven’t read that honestly what are you doing. 

Obviously the quintessential Stydia fanfic - Rainflower

You Should Come With a Warning !!!

You Make Love Look Easy

tbh anything by @rongasm or @whenikisssedyou (got all this love can’t waste it on another, won’t you be my solid ground)

and obviously so many more i can’t think of bc i should be doing my homework but here’s the most useful blog in the world @stydia-fanfiction

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I don't hate Wheatley so much as I hate the fandom that follows Wheatley so blindly. Like all the Extra Thin White humanizations and everyone who thinks Blue Sky is the greatest fanfiction ever.

yea lmao that’s p much the basis of this blog

Tag - you’re it!

Thanks for the tag @captainkirkmccoy :)  

Answer 11 questions, Ask 11 questions, Tag 11 people


1. What are you reading right now? Fanfiction and more fanfiction

2. What book do you wish you wrote?  Anything by Christopher Brookmyre, John Niven or Douglas Adams

3. What is the greatest fanfiction you’ve ever read?  Don’t make me choose!  Seriously, I can’t.  There are too many good ones and too many good writers.

4. What Hamilton song best describes you?  Who?  What?  Should I be googling this?

5. What song do you wish you could have a film montage from?  Caledonia (Dougie MacLean version)

6. What’s your go-to baking comfort food?  Millionaire’s Shortbread (made with salted caramel and Cadbury’s chocolate)

7. Where do you want to travel and why?  Everywhere I have pocket friends so I can visit everyone :)

8. Who do you wish you could be more like?  Actually I’m pretty happy with who I am :)

9. Which character do you wish could be your BFF?  It will come as no surprise to anyone who follows me…Duke Crocker.  I mean, he owns a bar and makes a good martini.  That’s basically all I need in a friend ;)

10. What is one totally random fact about you?  I have 2am giggling fits and wake my husband up to ask him annoying questions

11. Alpaca or llama (think carefully).  Alpaca, they’re smaller and cuter


1. Tell me 5 things you like about yourself?

2. What’s your favourite time of day?

3. If you had a boat, what would you call it?

4. Which fictional character would you most like to meet?

5. Which fictional character would you least like to meet?

6. What’s your worst kitchen disaster?

7. What’s your favourite quote?

8. What’s the best thing you’ve read this week?

9. If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why?

10. Do you believe in ghosts?

11. What’s been your best holiday/vacation?

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i haven't read echoes of silence before and i loved, thank you so much for mention her!

Anytime. Canimal is a very dear friend of mine and any love you give her feels like love you give me, too. She’s a brilliant writer and I insist that you also check out her magnum opus, The Minister’s Secret. It may, in fact, be one of the greatest fanfictions ever written. <3 

Brilliant, dreamlike, uncontrollable happiness ran through his veins like a rushing tide, soaring through his chest and his head and turning the world bright with deafening, dazzling colour. Every impossible dream Feliciano had held for four long years was right before him, inside him, bursting around him; each of those four years of uncertainty fading and falling and crashing to nothing.
—  Narrative from Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart by George deValier

From Reading The Very First Chapter Of This Wonderful Piece of Writing, I Just Had To Make These Edits. Huge Fan Of Bethyl I So Hope They Kiss In Season 5.

If You Don’t Know What This Fanfiction Is Or You Can’t Find It But You Want To Read It Click Below

The Wonderful Writer Is Called

I’ve Read All 37 Chapters And I Just Want More, This Is The Greatest Fanfiction EVER!!!!!!!❤

It’s Not What You Think

Sam rolled his eyes as he watched Dean playing nurse with the newest addition to the Bunker, as well as the human world – Castiel. Freshly fallen from Heaven, again, and severely injured in the process. Well, the injury came after he became human again and one of Crowley’s demons surprised him as soon as he lost his grace.

Needless to say, Dean butchered the guy with such hatred that Sam actually felt a little bad for the poor corrupted soul. But it was his own mistake to go after his older brother’s boyfriend. Dean could be an overprotective bastard when he wanted to be.

And overly caring, Sam decided as he watched the couple in the library, sitting way too close together as Dean tended Castiel’s sprained wrist and the bloody wound on his forehead. He kept murmuring soft apologies and comforting words every time Cas as much as winced because of something he did. He wasn’t jealous or anyting, but Sam’s mind did point out that whenever he was injured, Dean just told him to suck it up until he was done wrapping him up.

So much for not showing favoritism, Sam thought with a quiet snort. And for trying to keep the relationship a secret. Who are they fooling, really?

Not Sam, that was for sure. He knew something was up between them – something more than usual – ever since they got out of Purgatory. And if they hadn’t slept together at least once in that monster-filled wilderness, they most certainly did after Cas came back. Sure, they endured many falling outs, but Sam admired their love for each other just because of them. It was nearly impossible to stay together after that many fights, but somehow, they managed it. And Dean was visibly happier with Cas, no matter what they were up against, so Sam only counted it as a blessing.

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Hey I love your blog! Fitzsimmons are my favorite ship at the moment,even if they do break my heart into little pieces. Do you have any suggestions of which blogs I should follow?

Thank you so much! I’m so honored you consider me qualified enough to make such suggestions. This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this, and it’s a task that is imbued with such responsibility that I know I’m going to royally screw up and leave out many wonderful blogs and people. But I’ll give it a try anyways. Here goes!

I know there are so many great fanfiction authors out there, but honestly as much as I’ve been writing I actually haven’t delved too much into the reading aspect of it. So I know for a fact that this list far from comprehensive. But from the FitzSimmons fanfiction I have come across, the following blogs/authors are really great:

If you want to check out really great meta on the show, I would recommend having a look at:

We all love gifsets that tear our hearts out and graphics that make us cry. And these guys make the best of the best:

I feel like agents-of-frickle-frackle deserves her own category, which is a category of awesome. Definitely go follow her if you’re not already. Also. howtodadwithphil. I ship these two blogs in a weird (yet beautiful) Skoulson kinda way.

princessmelia and thatgirlinredandgold are running this year’s FitzSimmons Secret Santa (which closes today so if you haven’t checked that out yet you might have a couple hours left!) but they’re also cool people so you should check out their blogs too. (Okay everyone on this list is a cool person. Look at me, I’m spiraling already.)

And now we come to the really unorganized part. These are just some of the many amazing people in the fandom that I’ve grown to love seeing on my dash every day, in no particular order. :)

Oh gosh that’s not enough. Oh gosh I’m missing so many. It’s too much responsibility! I’m so sorry. I just want to copy and paste all the blogs I follow and even then I still probably won’t get everything that belongs in this post so take what I can give you and then expand your horizons. Be free. Ask questions. Sob your way through the tag. And if you should ever need me again, know that I will gladly help you in any way I can but that I am grossly under-qualified for any of this apparently.