greatest case ever


don’t cry, d.w. someday you might be as cool as your brother. but probably not.

An anonymous blogger is the ultimate source of information when it comes to 666’s Game, often announcing the death of players before the admins of the game and the police.

They also like to put people on blast about more mundane events like getting rejected by your life long crush or your dream college

for my survival game au Darwin’s Chatroom

Who is this tea brewer?? Are they involved in the game. Why did I make a reference to the scary DRR DRR DRR comic? When will i finish planning and actually write anything beyond chapter 2? When will i publish this???


I have no idea why, but apparently spain gets the 9000% greatest snk artwork/cases ever. I mean this stuff doesnt even exist in Japan. LOOK HOW AMAZING IT LOOKS!!

Having someone essentially liveblog their reading of your fic to you in chat is one of the greatest things ever, in case you wondered. :D :D :D