greatest case ever


don’t cry, d.w. someday you might be as cool as your brother. but probably not.


I have no idea why, but apparently spain gets the 9000% greatest snk artwork/cases ever. I mean this stuff doesnt even exist in Japan. LOOK HOW AMAZING IT LOOKS!!

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*haphazardly tosses my ship to you* Wiki x JJ is the greatest case of puppy love evER!!! They seem like childhood pals but my hc is that they met in year 7 and they came from separate primary schools. They get put in the same form but don't notice eachother until late into their first day. Wiki is reading a book and JJ is trying(failing) to read one of those dumb maps you get given. They bump into eachother romcom style and walk to lessons together. One day wiki holds JJs hand and doesn't let go

This is the cutest thing I’ve ever read,, Wiki and JJ are good children I love them. You do their puppy love justice!!

Cute Ship 11/10 !!!!

Having someone essentially liveblog their reading of your fic to you in chat is one of the greatest things ever, in case you wondered. :D :D :D