greatest bands of the eighties

In The Membrane

It’s after school and I’m driving three of my junior rubgy players to a game across town.  I have Echo and the Bunnymen playing on my car stereo.  The boys are all oddly quiet.

Me:  “So, how was school today?”

A round of mumbles and shrugs.

Me:  “You guys ready to kick some butt?”

Student:  “Sir, what is this?”

Me:  “Sorry?”

Him:  “This.”

Me:  “Oh, my music?  This is one of the greatest bands to ever come out of the eighties:  Echo and the Bunnymen.  This is called Bring on the Dancing Horses.  When I was your age, we used to—“

Student 2:  “Do you have anything else?  Like hip hop?”

Me:  (Incredulous.)  “Do I have hip hop?”

I change up the CD.  It’s taking a while to cue my song.  The boys are unimpressed. 

The song’s finally ready.

Me:  “Hip hop, you say?  Well, an insane question deserves…”

I hit play

Me:  (High-pitched nasal voice)  “An insane answer.”

The Beastie Boys comes on.  The students look confused.

Me:  “Sorry.  I thought I had Cypress Hill coming on.  It would have made more sense.”