greatershadow  asked:

SDF: Fran/Lance *shot forever*
Prompt: Up for grabs.
POT: Ryoma/Sakuno
Prompt: Stuck

SDF: Fran/Lance: Up for grabs

After wiping her tears messily, Fran turned to Lance, a glare on her face.  She lifted their entwined hands for him to see.  "What’s this, Lance?“  Her glare darkened.  She was not in the mood.

"Well,” Lance began, shrugging and giving her a small almost-smile, not even commenting on the fact that he had just passed by an obviously distressed Kit along the hallway, “I heard it was up for grabs again.”


POT: Ryoma/Sakuno: Stuck

“You’re still all wrong,” Ryoma pointed out, looking at Sakuno from head to toe.  "Your hair’s still too long, your shoes are running shoes, and just now, your hips were too wobbly and you were using your wrists again—“

"I’m s-sorry, Ryoma-kun.” She looked up at him apologetically and tearfully choked out the next sentence.  "You– You can quit if you want!“

"I would have done that three years ago.”

Before Sakuno could say anything, the next thing she saw was that Ryoma was back in his own court, ready to serve the next ball.