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Holy Fuck.

This card is associated with attained knowledge. An infant rides a white horse under the anthropomorphized sun, with sunflowers in the background. The child of life holds a red flag, representing the blood of renewal while a smiling sun shines down on him, representing accomplishment. The conscious mind prevails over the fears and illusions of the unconscious. Innocence is renewed through discovery, bringing hope for the future.
  •     Optimism—Expansion—Being radiant—Positive feelings
  •     Enlightenment—Vitality—Innocence—Non-criticism
  •     Assurance—Energy—Personal power—Happiness
  •     Splendor—Brilliance—Joy —Enthusiasm

This card is generally considered positive. It is said to reflect happiness and contentment, vitality, self-confidence and success. Sometimes referred to as the best card in Tarot, it represents good things and positive outcomes to current struggles.

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And the reversed meaning:

The Sun reversed indicates that finding the positive aspects to a particular situation may prove to be difficult. The clouds may be blocking out the warmth, and preventing you from feeling as though everything is on track. You may have experienced setbacks that have damaged your enthusiasm and optimism and have perhaps led you to question whether you can really achieve what you have set out to achieve. You may be feeling depressed, sad or left out. You may be reluctant to proceed and you are no longer enjoying what you are doing. Your direction and path ahead may have become clouded or distorted in some way. Nonetheless, the Sun is never a negative card, so this is only temporary. The obstacles you see can be easily removed if you put your mind to it. It may just take a little more effort than usual.On the other hand, you may be being too positive. That is, your perception of a particular situation is overly optimistic and unrealistic. You do not have a good sense of yourself and what you are and are not capable of. You may have become egotistical and out of touch with whom you really are. You may not be being truthful to yourself and to others, instead trying to talk yourself up when you know you cannot deliver. If this feels like you, then ask others for feedback and to give you a ‘reality check’

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I don’t even know what to think.. if anyone wants to discuss it here, please, fell free to do so

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Hi! How are you? I saw the pictures of your previous trip to Japan. They are awesome. I plan to visit Kyoto this April and I would like to ask which Shinsengumi related places are worth the visit? Are there any places where I can buy Hakuouki related things? Last year I watched the whole Hakuouki anime series (all of the seasons, movies, specials) and I became a fan and I would like to visit the places which were mentioned in the anime. As you were there in April was it crowded? Best wishes, Éva

Thank you! I didn’t post nearly enough of them, honestly, I have so much more to talk about because the whole experience was just… completely surreal, but what is time? 

There are books dedicated to touring Japan to visit significant sites relating to the Shinsengumi, including two Hakuouki ones (one of which JUST came out). Of course, the biggest issue is that this information is all in Japanese and that’s something you’re going to come up against if you want to visit these places. You definitely don’t have to understand Japanese (I’ve heard of people managing) but it honestly helps.

My personal trip started in Tokyo, then we went down to Kyoto, back up North to Aizu-Wakamatsu and then onto Hakodate. We really just focused on many of the big spots but there’s just so much to cover, two weeks was never going to be enough, especially as it was my friend’s first time in Japan too so we had other things to do. 

As to the crowds, being hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season Tokyo and Kyoto were crowded, but I feel like that’s always a thing since it’s Japan, but the more you go off the beaten path, and the Shinsengumi sites kind of are off the beaten path, it’s not so bad. Aizu and Hakodate are definitely not as crowded, especially with foreign tourists. My friend and I were definitely standouts.

As far as being able to buy Hakuouki related goods, if it’s related to the Shinsengumi your chances of finding Hakuouki things to buy is high but it really depends on the location. I had the best luck in Kyoto, Aizu, and Hakodate since… they’re kind of big Shinsengumi hot spots, but we didn’t spend a lot of time in Tokyo for me to really go looking for stuff there. (I will say there is a disappointing lack of stuff in the Animates I went to.) I’ll be going back in April and focusing more on the sites in Tokyo so I’ll have to report back on that.

Here’s some of the major highlights of my trip that might be most worth noting:

**Warning: Long post is long! Click the location names for relevant links!**


Hijikata Toshizou Museum

The Hijikata family residence where Hijikata’s family resided during his lifetime has evolved to include a museum. Since the site is still a private residence, the added on museum is only open during certain days of the year. Typically two Sundays each month. Hino is considered part of greater Tokyo, but it’s quite a hike from the city itself. This is one of those places you have to be prepared to go to and spend a good chunk of your day at. The museum is small and you won’t be there long but it’s a wonderful place to go. The family runs it and is very pleasant to visit with. This is also where you would go to see Hijikata’s beloved sword, Izuminokami Kanesada. 


Being that Hino is Hijikata’s hometown, there’s more than just the museum to visit. Just a few minutes journey from the museum is the Sekiden-ji or Sekiden Temple which is one of at least four places, I believe, with a grave for Hijikata. It’s a temple with a cemetery, containing many members of the Hijikata family, so it’s important to be respectful but it’s easy to find the stone marker and the grave itself is nearby. 

Hino also has a big Shinsengumi festival every year in May. One of these days I’m going to go to it. 

It’s good to wander around the city a bit. There’s so many houses with the Hijikata name plate and it’s clear this town is proud of it’s famous historical figure. I’m looking forward to going back and exploring it more on my own to see what I missed last time.

Itabashi - Kondou Isami’s Grave Marker

Itabashi is where Kondou was executed and after the war was over, Nagakura Shinpachi built the grave to memorialize the commander in 1876. Hijikata’s name is also inscribed on the stone pillar. Nearby is also a grave for Shinpachi as well. It’s a straight shot from Itabashi station so it’s not too difficult to find. The grave honestly is a memorial to the entirety of the Shinsengumi, but being that this is where Kondou was executed, it has special significance for that reason.

Other places to visit in Tokyo, that I intend to visit when I go back this year, include: 

Shieikan dojo - There’s nothing much remaining here beyond a stone marker, but this is the origin of the Shinsengumi and worth visiting.
Ryuugen-ji - Kondou’s body was brought here (sans his head) after his execution and buried. 
Imado Shrine - This site is primarily famous for being the birthplace of the manekineko or ‘lucky cats’ but it’s also significant for being the site of the hospital where Okita Souji was supposed to be recovering from tuberculosis. It’s not his grave or where he actually died though.
Sensou-ji - But his grave is close at the famous Sensou-ji, however, it is only open one day a year.
Chofu/Mitaka City - Birthplace of Kondou Isami and many members of the Shinsengumi. 
Kashio Bridge - Former site of the Battle of Koushuu-Katsunuma, the battle the followed the Battle of Toba-Fushimi and Kondou Isami’s last battle before his execution.


Mibudera / Yagi House

One of the sites of the Shinsengumi’s headquarters, these two places are a must see. The nice thing is that once you find one, the other is right down the same road, practically around the corner. You’ll see big “makoto” banners that signify they’re Shinsengumi sites. The Yagi House does do tours but they will not be in English (hopefully you get the nice man with the strong Kansai accent–he’s super nice). After the tour you get to go to the little shop that’s out in front for some tea and a treat as part of paying for a ticket for the tour. There’s a little garden in Mibudera that you pay 100 yen to get into but that’s where all the statues and memorials are that are the highlight. Including this really neat prayer board:

Nishi Honganji

The second headquarters of the Shinsengumi. It’s HUGE and it’s beautiful. Definitely worth a visit. Seriously, my pictures do not do the size of this place justice. It was immense. No wonder the squad wanted to relocate here. 

Ikeda Inn/Hana no Mai Restaurant

Now the site of the Hana no Mai Ikeda Inn branch but there’s a stone marker outside that states that this is the site where the Ikeda Inn used to stand. You need to make reservations but worth it for a good meal and where I drank my way through the Hakuouki Shinsengumi XD

Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle is a good place to visit just because it’s Kyoto and it’s where the Shogun lived when he was being protected by the Shinsengumi. As I recall it’s the site in the Hakuouki game where Kazama and the other demons reveal themselves to Chizuru while the Shinsengumi are guarding the Shogun.

Sanjo Bridge

We weren’t able to make it here, being on a time crunch, but it is near the castle. A site that is also famous to the Shinsengumi and all of Kyoto in general. This is the bridge where the notice was that Sano protected in Hakuouki. It’s also said that there’s a sword wound on one of the pillars on the east side from the Ikeda Inn Incident. 


Our ryokan was here so we got kind of an intimate experience of the area but it’s a nice little area to explore if you have the chance. The infamous red light district, this is where many men, the Shinsengumi included, would go to relax and drink off-duty. The entrance gate is kind of the major tourist attraction but this is where you can find the Sumiya.


This is the ageya famous for being visited frequently by Serizawa Kamo and the location where Hijikata and Kondou got Serizawa drunk before later assassinating him at the Yagi House. It’s also the oldest remaining example of an ageya still in existence. There’s sword marks inside made by Serizawa on the first and second floor. You need to make a reservation to see the second floor but it’s so worth it. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside (which is pretty typical) but there’s one room that is just covered all over with inlaid mother of pearl and it’s just insane. And they still don’t know how they did it! 

You are allowed to take pictures on the first floor and this is supposedly one of the sword marks from Serizawa:

Our ryokan was literally two houses down from this site and when I realized where we were I might have had an emotional freak out… >_>

There’s soooo many places in Kyoto though, one day I hope to go back and find the others that I know we missed. Fun side-story, one of the things one of my friends wanted to do what do some Shinsengumi cosplay, so he found us a shop that did it and on our last day in Kyoto we dressed up and got to visit the Mibudera in our outfits, it was pretty embarrassing but I’m glad we did it XD

Here, have a picture:

Ironically, it was the one day in our stay that it was RAINING LIKE CRAZY -_-


Tsuruga-jou (Tsuruga Castle) aka Aizu-Wakamatsu Castle

When Saitou talks about defending Aizu, this is the castle at the center of it all. Tsuruga Castle was the home of Lord Matsudaira Katamori, who is the man responsible for sponsoring the Shinsengumi in the first place. He is the man that they feel indebted to and is basically the man they answered to, ultimately, and this is where he and his family resided. And for me, this is where my fascination with this period in history started, so naturally I had to go back. The original castle had been so riddled artillery fire during the Battle of Aizu, that it was demolished by the new government in 1874. The tenshu, the largest tower of the castle, was reconstructed in 1965 and currently houses a museum on the inside. It really is a must-see for anyone interested in the Bakumatsu and the Shinsengumi. 

Iimori-yama (Iimori Hill) / Byakko-tai Memorial

The Byakko-tai was a squadron of young teenage boys from the Aizu domain that fought to defend Tsuruga Castle and the city of Aizu during the Battle of Aizu. They were fighting along with the remnants of the Shinsengumi that stayed behind (such as Saitou), perhaps not directly though under the same banner of Aizu, but tragically, when the boys saw Tsuruga Castle burning they assumed the castle had fallen and each committed ritual suicide on the hill. While the castle would eventually fall, the tragedy is the boys’ death was premature. At the top of a long path of stairs climbing up the side of the hill (mountain? Feels like a mountain lol) is the memorial dedicated to them. This was the site where I really felt my first interest in the Bakumatsu and the Boshin War blossoming, so while not exactly a Shinsengumi site per se, it’s still related history and worth visiting. 



The famous site of the last battle of the Boshin War. Goryoukaku fort is where Hijikata retreats with what remains of the pro-Shogunate forces when they flee to Hokkaido, at the time called Ezo. Now the site is a park that is infamous for it’s gorgeous cherry blossoms. I was sad that unfortunately we were there a little too soon for the cherry blossoms but practically all the trees on the site are cherry blossom trees so when they are in full bloom it is quite a site I’m told. 

The Magistrate’s Office (lower picture) was only recently rebuilt as a museum over the site of the original office and is the location of Hijikata and Chizuru’s infamous kiss in Hakuouki ;) Though in reality it is the last stand of Hijikata and his beleaguered men. Walking through it is rather incredible as much detail was put into the restoration and one of the rare sites that lets you take pictures throughout the interior. They had DVDs for sale that went through the details and the lengths that they went through to reconstruct the Magistrate’s Office and it is beyond fascinating, I purchased a copy and hope to be able to share it some day.

Goryoukaku Tower

Not necessarily a Shinsengumi site historically speaking but if you want a nice aerial view of Goryoukaku Fort this is where you want to go. Also, personally, there’s two wonderful Hijikata statues here that are worth seeing, and a whole blow-by-blow of the Battle of Hakodate that’s really neat and that I have pictures of that I hope to share at some point.

Shomyo-ji (Shomyo Temple) / Memorial Monument for Hijikata Toshizou and the Shinsengumi

Here’s a description taken from the sign on site:

“After joining Enomoto’s army, Toshizo Hijikata (deputy leader of Shinsengumi) was killed in the battle of Hakodate. Opinions are divided regarding the exact location of his burial; Ippongi in Wakamatsu-cho, Tsuruoka-cho, or Eikokubashi in Jujigai. A record taken from the Kongoji Temple in Hino, Hijikata’s hometown in present-day suburban Tokyo, only noted that Hijikata’s memorial monument was erected in Shomyoji Temple in Hakodate. The monument did not survive three fires during the Meiji era, and the present monument was erected in 1973 by volunteers. 

Four others names of Shinsengumi members’, whose tombstones in Shomyoji Temple were destroyed during a typhoon in 1953, were also engraved on the monument.”

Monument Marking the Site of Hijikata’s Death

Located in front of a rather normal office building, this was the end of our pilgrimage, which I’m not a religious person necessarily but the weight of standing here and having come so far, I cried. Finding this was a little difficult but we had managed to get lucky and when I explained to our taxi driver why we were there and what we were doing and he literally drove us to our last two destinations pointing out highlights and patiently waiting for us at each site. It’s really cheesy, I know, but coming here was the pinnacle of a long journey and I really hope I can go back again one day to pay my respects again.

This person’s blog has some great suggestions of things to see in Kyoto relating to the Shinsengumi:

Of course, as I said earlier, the only downside is that none of it is in English, which is going to be the struggle for anyone really wanting an immersive Shinsengumi or Bakumatsu experience. While you can get around not knowing the language I feel like, honestly, there would be a lot lacking. Especially if you try to venture further North to Aizu or Hakodate, Aizu in particular would be tough for non-Japanese speakers. 

There were so many places to see and since I was not on my own there was just not enough time to hit them all, but these were the major stopping points on our tour along the path of the Shinsengumi. 

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Hello, Can you rec some Boku no Hero Academia ? and what's your opinion on Bakugou ?

Lol I still haven’t watched this show but I have read a few fics for it so I can rec those. As for Bakugou, from what I’ve seen, I personally don’t like him since to me, he seems kind of (really) abusive even though Izuku doesn’t seem to think that (although that’s classic behaviour for an abuse victim) and most of the fandom seems to consider Bakugou some sort of cute misunderstood tsundere or something and everybody ships him with Izuku so maybe it’s just me because I haven’t watched the whole anime but I’ve rarely seen a portrayal of him that really touches on his violence being not okay. First of the fic recs here does though, and it’s probably my favourite of the ones I’ve read :)

but you gotta get up at least once more by simkjrs

Midoriya Izuku does not let his lack of a Quirk prevent him from being strong.

Also known as that one AU where Izuku follows the ridiculous training regimen of Saitama from One Punch Man and becomes stronger than anyone ever imagined he could be.

what’s in a (f*cking) name by AthanatosOra

“… Are you certain?” She asks eventually, a smile creeping forward. “This is what you’ll be known as for the rest of your hero career.”

Ignoring the wide-eyed looks from his classmates, Katsuki gives a bored nod.

“Yeah. This is what I’m going with.”

Enigmatic by AthanatosOra

He’s exactly who he appears to be. That’s all there is to it.

(Tumblr prompt for time-travel mentor fic wherein a younger Izuku encounters his time-traveling counterpart after meeting All Might, and the future’s path is rewritten.)

One Life for Them All (If That’s What It Takes) by AthanatosOra

“Deku” is a hero whose strength seems limitless, with a quirk to topple mountains and the most powerful of foes. He is a symbol of peace, and carries the wishes of lost friends and the legacy of a past mentor on his shoulders. But Midoriya Izuku is also a weak-minded, quirkless boy of eleven years, with the name “Deku” being nothing more than a juvenile insult.

Time and place don’t really matter though—because regardless of what he appears to be, he knows exactly what he fights for.

Across the Stars by Lady_Mischievous

Whoever said life on Earth was alone in the universe had no idea just how vast and lively other worlds could be. They never fought space pirates before or felt the thrill of soaring at amazing speeds on a cruiser space ship with a defender of the galaxy.

A Leap of Faith by Seito

“There is a method that can be really effective if you want to be a hero so much. Making a leap of faith from the roof… believe with all your might that you will have a quirk in the other world!”

Sometimes Izuku can still hear Kaachan’s words in the back of his head, in his dreams and nightmares.

Ridekulous ‘Verse by Haurvatat

Deku is by far the weirdest villain anybody’s ever heard of, and that’s saying something, because there are some genuine whackos running around the greater Tokyo area.

[AU where Izuku obtains All For One and decides to become a ‘villain’ for the hell of it.]

Yesterday Upon The Stair by PitViperOfDoom

Midoriya Izuku has always been written off as weird. As if it’s not bad enough to be the quirkless weakling, he has to be the weird quirkless weakling on top of it.

But truthfully, the “weird” part is the only part that’s accurate. He’s determined not to be a weakling, and in spite of what it says on paper, he’s not actually quirkless. Even before meeting All-Might and taking on the power of One For All, Izuku isn’t quirkless.

Not that anyone would believe it if he told them.

to be a hero by VariousStories123

This was the last battle.

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So while all this Persona stuff was going on in P5, why do you think the Shadow Operatives or the P4 cast never got involved? Mental shutdowns, and stuff sounding similar to Apathy Syndrome, all of it sounds like the kind of thing they'd immediately investigate. I get Atlus probably wanted to make a Persona game that'd stand on its own, but it still seems kind of odd. A quick shout out also confirmed the P4 cast are in their 20s now, so I wonder if we'd get to see them grown up in a spin off.

I know, this is pretty infuriating (it was for me as well), but a good reason as to why the Shadow OPs don’t get involved is actually right there in the game- and it was set up as early as P4U2:

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Autumn afternoon walk in the best Japanese garden of Greater Tokyo (according to us) by Ippei & Janine Naoi
Via Flickr:
Sankeien Garden, Yokohama

bnha fanfic recs

oh wow so bnha is getting really popular (aka there’s a load of fanfiction) so rec time! mostly going to be midoriya-centered (cough maybe kiribaku?)

remember when i had to type these up and insert the html stuff manually

Note to self: don’t accidentally fall in love with a prince who’s in an arranged marriage keeping your kingdoms from declaring war against each other. Especially when you’re spying on him as his manservant. 

Midoriya Izuku, a boy with a quirk useless for heroics. Everything changes on the day he encounters All Might, the highest ranking hero in the world.

There is a lot of intrigue in regards to Deku’s unnatural quirk.

(pretty sure this was pre-anime era which is why i remember it so well?)

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Lake House. Saitama, Japan.  Photography by Alex Char.  Saitama, being in the Greater Tokyo Area and lying 15 – 30 kilometres north of central Tokyo, many of its residents commute into Tokyo

Coming Full Circle, and Goro's role thereafter: Minty's Persona 5 Endgame Predictions

(I just want to preface this theory by saying that this is just my own personal speculation. Also, many thanks to @pandorargyneis for listening to my rambling on this subject, helping me put my thoughts together by just listening, and even contributing their own ideas.)

So, after the practical psychological-abuse of yesterday’s Take Tokyo Museum Event Stream, we got a metric ton of new info. A preview of the Prologue of the game, new Gameplay to gawk at, new Co-operators, and the reveal of the Morgana Bus! (Or the Morganamobile, as I like to personally dub it!)

But after coming down from the excitement, and crashing thereafter, I was left wondering one thing;

Why didn’t we get any new info on Goro Akechi?

We know very little about this guy, apart from the fact that he’s a high school detective, and he will eventually join the Thieves as their final party member. (If his appearance on the Cover Art of the game case is to be interpreted correctly.)

Yesterday’s stream would’ve been a good time to reveal such details for this character, such as his Thief appearance, his Persona, and his ultimate role in the story. But we didn’t get anything like that.

In fact, the only reference in yesterday’s stream that we get to this, is from Goro himself, when he wonders if he got his info wrong, as he heard that the Thieves had one more member. Which suggests that he doesn’t know that he will eventually become this last member of the Thieves.

(One has to wonder where Goro gets his info from. Me thinks that someone with access to the Forth Wall is trolling our dear detective!)

It got me wondering. Why are Atlus being largely tight-lipped about the greater details of this character? Apparently Goro Akechi is important enough to the plot that he not only appears on the cover, but he also hosted the Take Tokyo Museum stream, even urging players outside the Forth Wall to help him investigate.

Then it hit me: Goro Akechi is important, in a major way! Not just to the Thieves, but to the plot, to his own Character Arc and to the possible Endgame of Persona 5!

Curious to know why I believe this to be the case? Then read on, as I tell you about, what I like to call, The Full Circle Theory.

First of all, before we get into the meat of this theory, I would like to point out how Goro Akechi is currently being marketed. I wasn’t the only one to notice that Atlus seemed to be establishing very firmly that Goro is to be Pego’s Foil.

To whit: He’s the Sympathetic Inspector Antagonist to the Pego’s Phantom Thief, which isn’t really that surprising, considering that this IS a picaresque romance game. Goro wants to catch the Phantom Thieves, but at the same time, he seems to admire them a little.

There was also the promotional image for the Take Tokyo Museum event itself. They do the whole opposite-sides, back-to-back thing, with Goro staring at Pego with a glint in his eye, like he’s saying, “Elementary!~”

But there’s also one more thing, and it’s something that @pandorargyneis pointed out to me: Goro’s possible element. The only element left over is Light, and what’s the diametric opposite to Light? Darkness. And who in the Phantom Thieves wields the Darkness Element? Pego, of course!

Everything we know, and can extrapolate information with seems to point to this, but I also posit that they will also be Not So Different. They both want their ideal version of justice, they just have very different ways of going about this ideal. And this important to remember, going into this Theory.

You see, I believe that Goro Akechi will join the Phantom Thieves as their last Party Member, but only in a Good Ending scenario, after the story comes full circle, back to when Pego is arrested and incarcerated. This is where I believe the story branches off into its multiple endings.

During a Bad End, we’ll get the same scene as we experienced at the start of the game. It would then fade to black, and then we would be shown Pego getting punished for his crimes, a sacrificial martyr so that the other Thieves will be free. (This seems the most likely, considering Sae said to him that, if he didn’t co-operate, it would be his death.)

As for the Good End, we still get the same fade to black. But this time, instead of going to a death scene, we go straight to Goro. The game suddenly pulls an And Now For Someone Completely Different, and we are now temporarily playing as Goro Akechi.

And Tokyo is officially going to shit. Riots are happening all over the place, people go mysteriously missing, or are acting completely out of character and mysterious edifices and buildings crop up everywhere in the Greater Tokyo Area. Players themselves will know that this is the Palace, and it seems to be leaking into the Real World. And the Police Force are tripping over themselves trying to contain the madness. That’s when Goro comes to a realisation.

Goro isn’t stupid, he can definitely see that the world to falling apart around him, and that the slow descent started when the Phantom was arrested, and the rest of the Thieves were put out of commission as a result. It doesn’t take much to work out that, in the midst of their Grand Larceny, the Phantom Thieves held back a greater evil. And now that they are out of the picture, the fallout is getting worse and worse as time goes on.

And this revelation doesn’t sit well with Goro at all. The Phantom was just recently arrested, and will soon be brought to justice. Even if they didn’t catch the other Thieves, they seem to be in hiding after the arrest of their Leader, so they don’t seem to be a problem. This is the second best possible situation that Goro could hope for, the fulfilment of his ideal version of justice.

But it seems like the Phantom Thieves contributed to the Greater Good. And this fact, the warring ideologies of Lawful Good and Chaotic Good within Goro practically tear him up inside. His resulting Heroic BSOD and the strength of his emotional confusion causes him to fall into the Palace. (Which would be a twisted version of the Police Station. This would most likely be the pen-ultimate dungeon.)

So here’s where the rest of the Thieves come in. Their phones have simply got to be practically blown up by now, with notification after notification from the Iske-Navi about people falling into the Palace. But each one of them doesn’t have the motivation to try and take care of it, the arrest of their Leader leaving them reeling.

Morgana would be the first to wake up out of her funk, seeing as she’s been a Thief for the longest. And she convinces the other Thieves to, and to take a leaf from the main theme song, Wake up, Get up, Get out there! Each one finding new resolve, the Thieves decide to go after the first notification. Which just so happens to be Goro…

And he blames them for his confusion. Things were so much more simpler you see, before the Phantom Thieves came into the picture! Before, he would just chase after a criminal, see justice done, and the world would be a little bit better for it! And justice caught up with the Phantom!

But the world didn’t get better. In fact, since the Phantom was caught and arrested, the world has gotten exponentially worse. Goro has come to the realisation that his binary view on justice doesn’t always hold up, that there is a greater evil that goes beyond even these mere Thieves.

He’s just wants it all to go back to the way it was before.! When police and detectives were the Good Guys, and criminals were the Bad Guys that needed to be brought to justice! He just wants his Justice…

The Thieves then appeal to Goro’s innate curiosity, that same quality that helped him solve many a mystery. Doesn’t he want to know why the Thieves only choose certain targets? Doesn’t he want to now what the Greater Evil was that they were fighting against? Doesn’t he want to know why the world is falling apart in the wake of the Phantom’s arrest?

Goro says yes to all those questions. To him, true justice can only be achieved when you have all the facts, and it’s become increasingly clear that he doesn’t have all that. If his binary view on justice is good for something, it’s making sure that he has all the right info. It’s how he makes sure that he’s not arresting the wrong person or people.

And as he slowly makes peace with these two different views of Justice within him, his Thief Mask appears on his face, and he finally awakens to his Persona, and his status as a Phantom Thief, complete with his very own costume!

(As a small digression, I would like to think that Goro’s Thief outfit will be kinda similar to Raidou Kuzunoha’s outfit from the Devil Summoner series…or be an old fashioned Police Officer’s outfit.)

And so, to ingratiate himself with the Thieves he’s now a part of, Goro offers to help them break out the Phantom. Morgana takes it a step further, saying that Goro should be the temporary Leader of the group, seeing as he knows the Police Station, even in this Twisted Form.

Not everyone is on board with the idea at first, but acquiesce when Goro says that it would only be temporary. As soon as the Phantom is rescued, he can take the Leadership back, and Goro gracefully step aside.

So, they work their way through the Palace known as the Twisted Police Station, and successfully rescue the Phantom in a daring jail break. With the combined efforts of the Thieves, and under Goro’s guidance, they managed the rescue with very little trouble. (Although, when Sae spots the new member, she wonders why they look so familiar.)

So they all run from the police, and Goro takes them all to a private place that he knows. The Phantom is still wanted, and he would need to disappear for the time being, until they come up with a new plan.

It’s during this time, the eleventh hour when they spend time getting ready for their final heist, and with the rest of the Thieves gushing over the fact that they’re glad that the Phantom is okay, that Goro and the Phantom have an opportunity to talk. (Maybe as part of his Co-Op link.)

They talk about their differences, their similarities and their goals, and eventually come to an Understanding. Goro then asks Pego for his name, as he reasons that he can’t keep referring to him as the Phantom, now that they are working together. (It will obviously be the one that the Player chose.) To mark this Understanding and to complete Goro’s character arc, he will call Pego by his given name. In return, Pego gives Goro his Code Name; Crow.

And that’s when the game switches back to Pego’s point of view, returning him to Playable Character status. They all make their way toward the Casino once again, where the Final Heist will go down. (The Casino seems the most likely candidate for a Final Dungeon, strengthened by the fact that we see Goro walking with the Thieves toward the Casino at the end of PV4.)


I was also thinking of a possible Epilogue, and I think that Goro, in a attempt to get a more lenient sentence for Pego, will say that he hired the Phantom Thieves to work undercover, and under his orders, to try and bring down the game’s Bigger Bad.

He will say that he worked on the outside, while The Phantom Thieves took care of the Conspiracy’s victims, working to undermine them from the inside, and then report to him.

This confession comes with some cost to Goro, and his status as a detective, but it helps in some way to exonerate Pego, and even the other Thieves in the eyes of the Police Force, and the greater populace of Japan.

I realise that this is very much in the territory of Wild Mass Guessing on my part, but I like to think that this is how a Golden Ending would play out, and tie up loose ends.

(So, what did you guys think about the Full Circle Theory? Got anything to add? Please let me know, as I love a good healthy debate! XD)

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The (Initially) Persona-less Man on the Inside: Minty's Followup to Goro Akechi's Possible Role in the Endgame...

(New and improved theory, so a new list of people to thank! Of course, I still have to give kudos to @pandorargyneis for initially listening and helping me gather my thoughts on my original theory! A massive shout-out to @sarcasticmantisshrimp for not only some stellar rebuttals to my original theory, but also allowing me to use those rebuttals in this one! And finally, heartfelt thanks to @domi-persona, who translated the 18min prologue that some of the information here came from!)

Hoo, boy! I didn’t realise that my initial theory on Goro Akechi’s role in Persona 5’s Endgame would get as many notes as it did! Y'all humble me… :)

That said, there are certain things that have been made clear to me, such as the info in the 18min Prologue and some new ideas. As such, I won’t be talking too much about my original theory here, but I recommend that you click on the link and go and read it first. Things here won’t make much sense until ya do unfortunately…

(Rubs hands gleefully) That said, let’s start chewing the fat here! XD


My initial hypothesis that Goro remained a (not wholly) antagonistic force toward the Phantom Thieves until Pego came “Full Circle” to the scene showed in the Prologue, and then joined afterwards, doesn’t really hold up any longer, at least in part.

During the Prologue, we can hear a voice that we can safely assume belongs to Goro. Twice, in fact! First, when we initially gain control of Pego here;

And when he is cornered by the Police, and everyone is speaking here;

So, from this, we can surmise that Goro is a part of the Team. A trusted ally. So much so, in fact, that they allow him to be in on the Team Telepathy that Futuba can set up for the Thieves, thanks to her status as Navigator. He is also, at least at this point in time, without a Persona to call his own.

That last part got your attention, didn’t it?

You see, it is still my firm belief that Goro will not gain his Persona until AFTER Pego has been arrested. It is also my firm belief that Goro is still, in some way, majorly important to setting up the Endgame of Persona 5. How then, will he do this, and why does he get in on the Team Telepathy, even though he is both a Detective initially sent to catch them, as well as someone who is without a Persona?

Simple. Goro Akechi is the Phantom Thieves’ Man on the Inside. A detective who is not only sympathetic to the cause of the Thieves, but also provides them with information that helps in their Heists! (Not unlike the other Conspirators) While he is initially antagonistic, he eventually dedicates his services to the Thieves, and he has evidently proven himself enough to be let in on the Phantom Thieves’ method of communication.

(This would also solve a problem posed in my initial theory. That being, if Goro joined after arrest, then you wouldn’t have time to complete his Co-operation. You have plenty of time to do that of he’s part of your team before the 6 month mark.)

Put simply, Goro Akechi is their Badass Normal, their token mundie. He probably also helps plan escape routes, thanks to his knowledge. Knowing that, being let in on the Team Telepathy doesn’t seem so surprising anymore, he would probably need that to do his job for them.

That said, it would be very easy to assume that Goro was the Traitor, because if he was their Man on the Inside, then he certainly didn’t tell them about the Raid that would eventually have their Leader arrested. It would certainly seem like he baited Pego into a trap.

But I don’t believe this to be true. For starters, and I hate to use the same image twice to show this but…

Goro sounds very surprised at this development, sharing the same state of disbelief as the rest of the Thieves.

Now, I know what you’re thinking; He could just be ACTING surprised, so that the other Thieves don’t suspect him. But I have two major problems with this;

1: If something did go wrong, and the police did capture and arrest one or more of the Thieves, then the blame would fall squarely on Goro. He didn’t tell them that a raid would be there, so it must be his fault, right!?

2: If Goro really, truly wanted to capture the Thieves, by abusing their trust in him, don’t you think he would do it in a way that has all the Thieves going in the SAME direction, and escaping the same way. Not only would he capture most, if not all of them, it would minimise the risk of them being able to enact sweet revenge on him.

So if Goro didn’t know about the raid that would capture Pego, and he had every opportunity to tell them if he did know, how do we solve this conundrum?

I believe that Goro DIDN’T know about that raid. He probably wasn’t even anywhere near them, possibly acting as a Lookout for the exit of Route B that the rest of the Thieves took, the one mentioned in the Prologue. He had every right to be just as surprised as the rest of them when Pego was arrested.

You see, I believe that the Bigger Bad, the conspiracy that the Thieves are fighting against was starting to catch wise that someone was leaking info. Of course, they would suspect Goro, although they wouldn’t tip their hand so soon. As such, they slowly begin to keep Goro out of the loop, although this only has the effect of diminishing Goro’s effectiveness. He was still able to help plan out Route B because he’s just that damn good!

So, fast forward a few scenes. Pego gets captured and arrested, and the Thieves temporarily break up, no longer finding the motivation to continues their escapades anymore, now that one of their own is in jail.

And here we come to one of the parts in my initial theory (the part where you will play as Goro Akechi) that will still remain the same. The team disbanded, but he’s been kicked off the investigation with some flimsy excuse, demoted to a menial desk job. He’s in the same funk as the rest of the Thieves. But then he notices something…

People going missing, and weird shit is happening all over the Greater Tokyo Area. It becomes increasingly clear that the ‘Palace’ is leaking into the real world and causing problems. And the Police force themselves are running themselves ragged just trying to contain the incidents to a minimum.

But of there’s anyone who can at least try and do something about it, it’s the Thieves. They could go and rescue their Leader, or at the very least, do something about all these incidents. But the Thieves aren’t going to do that. Not anytime soon…

They seem to stuck in some sort of mass pity party, feeling sorry for themselves and each one keeps pointing the finger at the other, blaming them for whatever could’ve gone wrong. They are melancholic, paranoid and clearly not in any state to try and do a damn thing, no matter what Goro says to them.

So push comes to shove, and Goro decides to take matters into his own hands…

The next day, Morgana runs in, and tells the team that it seems like Goro has willingly allowed himself to fall into the Palace, and it seems a new one has sprouted where the Police station is.

THIS gets the Thieves’ attention. Not only has one of their own went into Palace, but he’s completely defenceless, and it seems like he rather optimistically believes that he can navigate it without a Persona. He’s their only ordinary member, and that is enough to wake them out of their Despair Event Horizon, even fractured as they are.

And here is where the rest of my initial theory plays out as before. They go to rescue Goro, Goro gets his Persona and joins the team official, Goro helps them rescue Pego, you go back to controlling and then they all make their way toward the Casino again, ready to try the Final Heist again for a second time.


I’m quite happy with my own personal explanation so far, but what do the rest of you guys think? Please let me know, I had so much fun talking with you guys last time!

And remember: This is just a Theory. A G– (gets pushed off stage)