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So I’m not OLD old but I do want to point out that Bush was polling real fucking low before we all went to war in Iraq and that Thatcher was on the brink of irrelevance before the Falklands.

The fact that May’s cabinet* is being militaristic and belligerent toward Spain and that POTUS 45 has launched 50 warheads into Syria is a political act to solidify authority.

In the coming months the UK and USA are going to have patriotism and glory-baiting shoved down our throats.

So remember these things:

1) War is hell, don’t let your representatives condone it.

2) You can support the men and women in the armed forces as individuals without supporting the military-imperial business model.

3) Times of war are when leaders must be held the most accountable for their actions, not rallied behind for the greater good.

The UK Government has yet to issue any new statement regarding military action in Syria. This is not a good time to live in.

Peace is an open hand, not a Tomahawk warhead.

*EDIT: William Hague is a Tory Life Peer, former party leader, former First Secretary of State, and Former Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, among other titles. While not part of the Cabinet as claimed, he is still politically relevant.


If you’ve never read my initial theory post, please do yourself a favor and check that shit out. It is a foundation for the theory that, regrettably, was missing a lot of information that I wasn’t able to get to until I was able to do a reread of the series, plus I wanted to wait for the series to develop a little further. The original post was made right after “Deku vs Kacchan 2” was released, so we’ve had about 30 chapters of development. You might be wondering how on earth 3k words isn’t enough to make my point the first time, but here I am yet again! 

I might sound crazy, but believe me when I say… I am the MOST serious. 

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How They Met Their Queen: BTS


She was a nobody in his royal court, barely an invisible servant collecting the dishes and refilling the glasses of wine as the ladies of different houses were courting after him, and him in return having to court after them- yet he sat quiet with idle curiosity towards the servant girl, giving her the eyes, making her gulp with nervousness. He was breaking the rules, sure, but he was also a Prince and no rules applied to him.


He had been attending a meeting for the political ties of another continent, having to ask for allegiance from the new princess, he himself being tested out as a prince- his first royal trial, so to say- and he had gotten head-first into an argument with the princess that was sent to communicate her continent’s position. Everything started from there, quickly blossoming into something pure and real and true.


He was sneaking out to one of his nightly strolls through the city and into some cheap bar for some rowdy games of cards and poker when he met her, dealing the drinks at the counter wearing the low-cleavage shirt of someone who was practiced in seducing, trying to sell as much as was possible. He started his conversation with a scolding at your exposed chest, and the next thing she knew he was coming to the bar as if to pray, seeing her and joking around, slowly falling in love.

Rap Monster:

His marriage was a political one, betrothed to a young princess who was barely of age herself for the sake of ending the war over their continent and in hopes to expand their royal kingdom to further lands. There wasn’t much talk between the two of them- partially due to circumstances of their meet, and also because the princess was quiet all on her own. However, NamJoon was soon to discover the Princess’s love for books, and the topics of conversations that would open up between the two would become an endless banter.


She was a childhood friend who was ripped away- promised to another prince of another country far away, and yet he was a stubborn fool, settling the biggest bravado he could muster without starting a war and stating his proposal to his friend loud and clear over the oceans and lands for everyone to know, so that no other Prince of some far-away land would decide to wed her and make her their Queen- she could only be his one and only.


There was an annual summer fest in the kingdom of the eternal sun, TaeHyung’s home- and the Kings and Queens, together with their royal children had always been invited with the purpose of tightening bonds and improving the communications and trade between countries and continents. The young Princess was also there, standing awkwardly to the side and sipping on her wine elegantly, with wandering eyes so pure they had caught TaeHyung’s attention the first thing. He strutted over with a childishness only he could pull-off with royal airs, and with no doubt he started a conversation about the most foolish thing ever: the weather.


He first met his royal Queen with her having pressed a knife against his slender, pale neck and drawing a thin stripe of blood, a promise of murder in her eyes as her rebel group tried to seize the castle, trying their foot at a rebellion that would change the world- as she claimed it. Yet she had come under-prepared and was soon taken down and into the prison cells, where she was constantly visited by the young Prince, having to reveal the greater good of the kingdom she had in mind, which would let her roam free eventually, though having to change her name and alter her appearance none the less. And still the two continued to meet up, be in the castle or in the city, chatting and flirting, growing closer and closer until she was the one he married.

Be careful what you wish for...

Plus bonus “those who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it.”

As I’ve talked about…a lot. The theme of this season is breaking the toxic, violent patterns of the past. It’s about defying old rules, refusing to be controlled by your family, your biology, your past mistakes…and even your past dreams.

We now have all of team free will ostensibly receiving that which they’ve sought for so long: For Dean: his mom, his family together. For Sam: a greater world of hunters and knowledge that could give him a normal life. And now for Cas: something to believe in again.

But as we’ve seen with Dean and Sam, these granted wishes all come out badly. Mary is not the perfect saint Dean dreamed of. The Brits are not these great minds that can fix everything…and the Nephilim may not be the way to a better future. 

In a season devoted to learning from Mistakes - which no one has ACTUALLY DONE YET - Cas may have made the same mistake he always does. Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. He found conviction…he found something/someone to protect that has faith in him, or so it seems…Will this powerful force turn on him? Will it wreak havoc but love Cas like Amara loved Dean? Who knows.

But another theme about this season is not being defined by parents’ mistakes. So maybe there is hope for the Nephilim…and Cas. But what does that look like?

                    ( THE BORGIAS —— SENTENCE STARTERS )

  • “All things are permissible in our dreams.”
  • “Ambition rules this family.”
  • “Am I so hard to love?”
  • “And yet, still, no matter which way I turn, I cannot seem to find that which would make me truly happy.“
  • “As women we control so little of our destiny.”
  • “Beauty can be deadly when well used.”
  • “But this is witchcraft!”
  • “Can one spill blood to rid the world of a greater evil?”
  • “Come back soon.”
  • “Could he/she make you laugh?”
  • “Do I look pleasing?”
  • “Don’t worry. If you’re not dead by now you’ll live.”
  • “Have you fallen for him/her?”
  • “He/she thought he/she could walk through fire.”
  • “He/she is heading as far away from you as possible.”
  • “I have wished him/her dead a thousand times.”
  • “I am afraid of hope.”
  • “I bend my knee to no man.”
  • “I don’t feel safe unless I know you’re nearby.”
  • “I do tend to win whatever battles I fight.”
  • “I will have blood for this.”
  • “If angels can fall from heaven into hell then so we can all.”
  • “If I married a thousand times it would always be the wrong choice.”
  • “Is it murder to defend your mother’s honour?”
  • “It was for the good of the family.”
  • “Know your enemy. Know him better than your friend.”
  • “My soul dies when I imagine never seeing you again.”
  • “Never let me go.”
  • “Not everyone can love like that.”
  • “Promise you’ll hold me.”
  • “Sometimes goodness needs the help of a little badness.”
  • “They can crumble to dust for all I care.”
  • “This world is what we make of it.”
  • “To have my blessing you would need my forgiveness first.”
  • “We’re dancing on your brother’s grave.”
  • “We are facing a battle for our very survival.”
  • “We are family, we love eachother.”
  • “We had no choice.”
  • “What happened to you? You were such a lovely child.”
  • “Whoever gets in the way of your happiness will meet my wrath.”
  • “Why can I not be happy?”
  • “Words can deceive, hearts can deceive but the eyes… we can trust.”
  • “Yes, I will marry him/her.”
  • “You had every choice!”
  • “You may kiss my ring.”
  • “You must cry for me. I have no more tears.”
  • “You will have your war.”

anonymous asked:

Is it just me or are service dogs suddenly spiking in popularity...? Especially fake ones.

Ahh…… be careful what you call a ‘fake’ service dog. While some breeds are more common than others, any breed or mix of dog could potentially be a service dog if it has been trained for a task that helps its owner manage their illness or disability. You also don’t have the right to ask these people what their disability is, or necessarily what the dog is trained to do. (International laws will vary)

A service dog should always be under control of their handler and housebroken. If they are not, they may be either not a service dog, or still in training, in which case the owner is probably embarrassed by the whole thing.

If you are interested you could see @actuallyservicedogs for more information. Here is their FAQ.

Why shouldn’t service dogs become more common? If these animals are helpful and allow people greater mobility or interaction in the world, surely that’s a good thing.

In vet clinics in Australia, I see the occasional guide dog for the blind. They have a little extra paperwork I have to fill out because the organization that trained the dogs wants to keep tabs on them to ensure they’re in good health, but that has varied from state to state. I haven’t seen many other service animals myself, yet.

Emotional Support Animals is another matter. There are a few of these around, though owners wont always explain to you that this is the case. Sometimes these owners will come into the clinic with a friend who does most of the talking, and may be reluctant to let the animal go to the treatment room for a blood draw, even though the animal was totally chill with this. They often don’t want the animal to stay overnight.

Lets just say that this really sucks when the animal in question has something terminal, especially when it’s come as a surprise. It becomes very obvious how emotionally dependent they are on the animal then.

Witch Au Fic Rec

The Sweetest Incantation 40k

Harry has been alive for decades, and yet he’s never been as confused and dumbfounded. He’s a witch, for God’s sake. Can’t get much weirder than all the magical things he’s experienced throughout his lifetime. Never in a million years, however, would he have expected to be mere inches away from a hybrid.

Or: Harry is a witch who’s still working on developing his powers and Louis is a werecat who falls into his life and turns it upside down.

love is divine 25k

Being a witch doesn’t help when it comes to unrequited love.

you’ve got this spell on me (everything you do is magic) ˜3k

Harry accidentally turns Louis into a cat. He doesn’t know how he’s going to fix it, but he does know he’d better do so before he has to deal with Louis’s wrath.

come on, jump out at me 7k

(first one of the domestic monsters series)

Harry is a witch from a long line of power, an ancient line that’s one of the strongest left alive in their hemisphere. He can cast spells without a word if need be, fly on a broomstick, and has a black cat (a kitten, really) named Felix that is his animal familiar. He can shape galaxies in his cupped hands and can destroy them just as easily. He can choose exactly how to use his power, for encouragement and support, or for more nefarious causes if he wishes to.

And as fate would have it, he’s scared of haunted houses.

(Harry is a witch who carries around a stuffed pumpkin, Louis is a vampire with too much time on his hands, and their best mates Zayn & Niall aren’t exactly what they seem…)

wherever you are is the place i belong 10k

(second one of the domestic monsters series)

So a witch, a vampire, a werewolf, and a siren all move into a house together… It’s not a joke, it’s Harry Styles’ life, but sometimes it feels that way.

(Niall and Zayn get jobs, Harry cleans out his feelings, and Louis learns some very interesting things about one of his new flatmates…)

spaces between us hold all our secrets ˜20k

(third one of the domestic monsters series)

The house in Greater Gloomingshire just gets stranger and stranger: Mysterious comings and goings, sneaky glances, and secrets that nobody seems willing to share. Yet.

(Zayn threatens Louis with bodily harm, Niall wolfs out, and when it comes to investigating his flatmates, Detective Harry is on the case!)

i wanna reach out for you (i wanna break these walls) 31k

The wolf’s out of the bag, the witch is out of the broom closet, the siren’s out of the ocean, and the vampire’s out of the…coffin? Everybody knows about everybody now, but it’s not always so easy, rooming with the supernatural.

(the household shifts and changes, Detective Harry is on the case again, and Louis has to come to terms with who he wants to be.)

if i didn’t have you, i’d never see the sun 16k

Everything changes when you have a roommate who doesn’t Get It.

(Liam has trouble with inanimate objects, Harry blows things up, Niall is a brat, and Louis finally talks about his life B.V. - Before Vampirism.)

you will find me in places that we’ve never been 12k

1313 Willow Wisp Lane has seen many things over the course of its long life as a house, but never has it seen a surprise party consisting of an undead king, a witch who can conjure sunlight, a werewolf who doubles as a pastry chef, and a mystery.

(Louis reveals more about his past, Harry makes it rain, Niall makes food, and everyone wonders about Liam.)

i’ll make this feel like home 42k

It’s St. Patrick’s Day at the house in Greater Gloomingshire….in September.

(Liam’s “secret” is revealed, Zayn returns, Niall eats some cupcakes, while Harry and Louis both have to face the past - and the future.)

when the wolves come out 62k

Halloween is swiftly approaching; now, if only they could enjoy it.

(Gemma comes to visit, the crows may or may not be spies, and a spirit is laid to rest.)

we will find a way through the dark 31k (wip)

Louis is tired of running and Harry’s got his back.

(Harry sort-of exorcises a ghost, a Mustang is destroyed, and Louis discovers travel by mirror is not at all what it’s cracked up to be.

Far Afield 11k 

  • (part 1)

Harry Styles is a witch who owns the best flower shop in Manchester. Lottie Tomlinson is planning her wedding, and brings her brother along to her first appointment. Both men have been having a bad day and sparks fly.

Suited for You 4k

  • (part 2)

“Louis Tomlinson, you have had that suit for almost ten years. It is time to get a new one, and it is time to get a good one.” Unfortunately, he could tell his mother wouldn’t budge. The discussion was over. They said goodbye, and Louis immediately dialed his sister Lottie.

She picked up straight away, “You have to get the suit, Lou.”                          

“Argh!” Louis yelled, hanging up on her. He missed his old flip phone, hanging up on someone was so much more satisfying.                                   

Louis’ family convinces him that he needs a new suit for some upcoming special events in his life.

It’s All Been Done (Before) 17k

  • Lilo 

Zayn isn’t normal for two reasons. One, he’s a warlock. Two, he’s Crown Prince of said warlocks. Witches too, actually. Not Wizards though. Those imbeciles give magic a bad name. Especially the one named Liam. He’s particularly awful. It’s too bad that they end up falling in love.

Through centuries of war, revolution, art and innovation; Zayn tries to stay away from Liam, until he can’t

Bewitched 160k

“So what’s your problem, mister?”

“I’m married to a witch.” says Louis, disbelievingly, shaking his head slightly, swirling the ice around in his shot glass. “My spouse is a witch.”

“Cheer up.“ says the Bartender “You should see my wife.”

Louis doubts that his wife is a real spell-casting, cloak-wearing, cauldron stirring, witch, like his new husband, Harry.

But, Louis suspects that nothing could surprise him anymore. Not Harry’s magical friends, not his literally disappearing sister or even the way that Harry’s able to clean a kitchen in 2 seconds.

Louis had always thought that Harry was charming, he just didn’t know how much.

Adaption of the hysterical and wonderful 1960’s tv show, starring, of course, 1D; each chapter is self contained within the universe.

Spellbound 62k (wip)

Louis Tomlinson leads a charmed life. Not because of his good job, nice house or the fact that he’s happily married; despite all those things being true.

No, Louis lives a charmed life because of the fact that his best friends, in laws and (perfect) husband all happen to be magical beings.

And just as he’s getting used to things like his sister in law literally popping in unannounced, or watching his husband turn people into animals, a new bundle of joy arrives and throws a wrench into the works.

But, you know what? Louis wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sequel to Bewitched

a long way down (to the bottom of the river) 24k

“ Most people would call Harry silly for believing in curses. Childish would also be a probable insult thrown his way. In their little town full of little people, Harry’s whimsical nature and beliefs mean that he’s subjected to frequent judgemental looks and whispers. It doesn’t usually bother him. Most people don’t know about the magic thrumming through his veins or about how powerful words can truly be. Most people don’t carry around their ancestors grief like a burden. They don’t have to pay for deeds hundreds of years old like Harry and his family have. They get to love freely without fear.

Harry and his kin aren’t so lucky.”

a practical magic au in which Harry and his sister accidentally kill her abusive boyfriend with magic and Louis is the D.I working the case.

wash him deep where the tides are turning 3k

"When Harry finally tells Louis about his family’s curse and the true love spell that broke it, they’ve been dating for seven months, nineteen days and about twelve hours and Louis’ cock is buried deep inside his arse.”

Part two of a practical magic au.

taken by the wind 8k

When he decided to move to London with his sister, Harry thought he would finally get to learn how to control his magic. He couldn’t possibly have predicted that he would fall for her neighbour.

Or the one where Harry is a clumsy witch and Louis is making everything worse just by existing.

baby, we could be enough 3k

  • ot5

A few weeks later, they’ve finally begun to settle in, and it’s time for Liam’s first in-home transformation.

He’s dreading it.

Keep Me In Your Pocket 3k

Louis has been living in a teapot since he was miniaturised by a witch, but Harry is determined to break the curse.

take a sip from my secret potion (falling in love) 6k

After running away to Pendle, Louis is being haunted by some angry spirits, and so he seeks solace in Worst Witch Harry Styles. Louis is looking for a potion to fix his problems, but the answer may be a bit simpler than that.

Nocturnal Creatures Are Not So Prudent 24k

  • Witch!Louis

Louis spins a finger in midair, like he’s indicating someone to turn around, staring pointedly at Liam as the faucet turns itself on and the can rinses itself in the sink behind him. Liam, moon burn him, doesn’t rise to the bait, choosing instead to lean back on his stool and wrapping his hands around his own mug.

“Anyway, like I was saying and that you were ignoring, there’s this new club near my school and I want you to go with me. Could do you some good, getting out once in awhile.”

Louis is a white witch with a little black cat named Hemlock and a best human friend Liam (they’re a lot like Samantha Stephens and Louise Tate). When he’s dragged out to a new club Liam’s heard about from a friend and classmate, Louis comes face to face with that which witches do not touch: a charming vampire by the name of Harry.

Everything You Do Is Magic 5k

October is a month of magic. Most carry on with their lives thinking that leaves change color from science and that the pumpkins no one has seen growing all year actually came from the ground. But others know the truth. That some possess the power to create life and take it away. Harry was one of those people.

(or the one where Harry and Zayn are witches, Liam and Louis are new in town, Niall may or may not be magic, and Harry thinks nothings better than the feeling of magic, till something is)

Try Refusing A Million Times (But You’re in Love) 16k

Harry’s a witch selling tea and sweets in The Umbrella, a shop he and his best mate Niall have just opened. But on ‘Official Opening Day’ he runs into Louis, and there the chaos ensues when Harry’s magic trickles into Louis. With Niall and Zayn at his side, it’s a regular quest for love: either Harry gets his magic back from the forbidden Louis whose dating Liam, or he performs a dark ritual on himself to save himself from Louis’ madness that he most certainly will not survive

“Sometimes you climb out of bed in the morning and you think, I'm not going to make it, but you laugh inside — remembering all the times you've felt that way.” ― Charles Bukowski

I smoke, but I’m trying to quit.
a death wish retreat,
a promise of pain
yet to come.
and what of the cells in this body?
broken boards and loose hinges,
it could be the perfect home
for someone
one day.
I’m convinced I’ve already found him,
but I opened my door just enough
for the light to hit
the smallest wall.
I blamed myself
when it closed, as I should.
if self sabotage is a victory
then there shouldn’t be this feeling of defeat
when I grab the things I’m offered.
who can say this isn’t a beginning of something greater?
I know nothing about stopping the spin,
but I can tell you this
what left your head reeling once
takes seconds to start it cycling again.
that may be a warning or a promise.
I’m not sure which,
so I’ll give until I have nothing left.
the intangible
I pour it into others.
forgetting we’re all part water
and I dive and swim
hoping to reach your shore,
but I find a wall instead.
I won’t give up.
I swear to you this;
I’ll keep going as long as I can tread,
and one day I’ll find a grip for my hands
or I’ll drown.
either way
you won’t see my back turn,
sights set on a sun
that I’ll never reach.

More meta from my Twitter account, on Jack as a soldier and the symbolism of his Vietnam commando skins:

Just think about completely Jack identifies as a soldier.  There’s so much there, both good and bad. He’s been doing this since he was eighteen.  He’s never been anything else, never known anything else.

Like he does it because he believes what he’s doing is right, but also there are issues of indoctrination there; both military and maybe from his family background, if he comes from your conservative blue-collar flag-waving ‘rah rah USA’ midwestern kind of home.  He’s not dumb. He’s clearly aware of politics and the potential for moral compromise and that kind of thing. I don’t think he has an uncritical belief that the military can do no wrong.  It’s just that I wonder how much of the soldier thing is “this is what he wanted to be” and how much of it was kind of his environment deciding his path for him?

And yet he HAS made the best of it. I don’t think you can argue against that. He’s clearly tried hard to what he believed was the right thing.  He helped save the world. He built basically a superhero team. Inspired an entire generation to try to be better. To stand up as heroes in their own right.

But still it feels a bit like he never got to be anything else, whether he wanted to or not, and eventually he stopped even trying.  There’s no glimpse of the multiple facets you see with the other characters.  Even Gabriel shows a wicked sense of humor and an artistic interest in costume design.  But Jack?  I mean.  MAYBE golf, but that’s only assuming the whole Summer Games deal wasn’t just a total lark.  He seems to have made soldiering and Overwatch his entire identity.


Okay so those skins are specifically VIETNAM COMMANDO skins. That’s when Army Special Forces was founded.  And there are a few things about the Vietnam War.

1: It resulted in lots of broadly heroic yet melancholy war movies about personal sacrifice & loss for the greater good and/or FOR YOUR BROTHERS.  Because let’s be clear about a thing regarding the Army: your #1 loyalty above all is to your brothers. Sisters. Teammates. Over god, country, or even your commanders.  That whole ‘band of brothers’ deal, that’s where a lot of the drama comes from in those movies, and it’s not just Hollywood theatrics.

2: Infamously, the vets who came back from the Vietnam War were essentially cast out of US society.

They went and fought a war for their country, because they were told to. A lot of them were drafted. And when they came back, they got spit on.  THEY DIDN’T WANT TO BE THERE EITHER, but they were the ones wearing the uniforms, and so all that hate for Vietnam as an unrighteous war got aimed right at them. All they went through, and in return many of them, those who hadn’t already t given their lives, lost their sanity, health and every tie they had left.

I grew up in the 80s & 90s (yeah I’m dating myself), when entertainment media was saturated with a push to rehabilitate the image of those veterans.  At that time, a lot of the guys who fought in the war had risen to positions of influence, and many of them used it to try to question what had happened and rehumanize Vietnam veterans as people, even heroes.  Whether you want to call it propaganda or making amends, a generation of us steeped in that as cultural context. In Jack’s time, all that media would still be out there for the enjoyment of any fan of war narratives.

And we know Jack likes war narratives.  More than one of his voice lines are quotes from the movie “Patton.”  So he probably marinated in that stuff.

And in some ways just as importantly, if they’re around my age, then so did the game’s writers and creators. Because they’re the ones who choose the symbolism and associations for each of these characters.

So.  The Vietnam War means something specific to people–at least Americans–my age. It means years of struggle against power, a generation fighting for a voice or choice in their own destiny.  “Old enough to die but not old enough to vote” was one of the slogans of the time (the reason the voting age was lowered? Vietnam War).  A generation of young men forced to fight and then abandoned to suffer when it was over.  Who had to spend years in the aftermath working to make their own justice and healing if they wanted it.  The current state of Veteran’s Affairs, of PTSD treatment, of so many other things? A RESULT of the Vietnam War.  Those things weren’t there for those soldiers.  To this day, a disproportionate number of the nation’s homeless and untreated mentally ill are STILL veterans, and in particular Vietnam veterans.

(I know, little of this is new or different for black people & many others. And who’s surprised that the ones who suffered most were black kids, latino kids, poor kids, and others with little recourse to start with?  Fun fact: if you could go to college, you could defer the draft till graduation.  And with a college degree and skills, you could try getting in as an officer or in some other less cannon foddery position. Chances were you’d still get shot at, but at least you’d have perks and maybe some protections.)

So all of this means that associating Jack with those skins–regardless of whether they’re a depiction of Jack’s own self-image or not–is Saying Something about how the creators see him, his current situation and mindset.

The Dreamwalker

Pynch Week Day 2&3: Pirates AU/ “What are you doing here?” 

A/N:  PSA: I don’t know shit about what being in the navy would entail so take that info a grain of salt. This turned out wayyy longer than I intended it to be but I hope y'all enjoy!

Read on ao3

If you’d asked Adam twelve hours previous how his day was progressing, the last thing he’d think to mention would be an uncomfortable encounter with his former friend. Yet here he stood- his crisp naval uniform contrasting greatly against the soot covering him from head to toe- trying to conceal the unkempt feelings from his one night stand with the Dreamwalker. Though that was just his sea name. To Adam, he would always just be Ronan.


The Dreamwalker. The infamous pirate had been brought up within an aristocratic family back in the city where Adam was from. The Lynches had always been held in high regard for their plethora of rare artifacts they’d traded internationally. A regard that brought both riches and tragedy upon Niall Lynch and his three sons. Said tragedy leaving his sons both fatherless and without access to the artifacts that had brought them so much wealth to begin with. But had really shocked the community, was the revelation that Niall Lynch’s ship, the beauty that it was, wouldn’t be given up to his eldest son as was usual. Instead, he’d requested it be held and taken care of, with nos specifics in who should own it.

Aurora Lynch, the matriarch of the family and sole surviving parent of the Lynch boys perished soon after, leaving the boys to fend for themselves. In their father’s final testament, he set the eldest brother, Declan, with the duty of handling his remaining finances and doling out the inheritance of each brother if, and only if, they completed their full training at the Aglionby Naval Academy. So a forlorn Ronan, along with his younger brother, Matthew, begrudgingly enrolled into the famed Institute where he roomed with distinguished prodigy Richard Gansey and, much to his chagrin, the lowly peasant Adam Parrish.

Adam swears up and down that it was through no fault of his own that the two of them never got along at first. It was hard not to ponder over the unfair leniency gifted to Ronan by their teachers. It seemed to matter little how frequently Ronan missed classes, so long as Gansey’s briberies were high enough, it was swept under the rug. Perhaps sometimes his jealousy of Ronan’s upbringing would win out over his logic, but he was usually able to smooth out his attitude before it caused any real harm. He’d given him the benefit of the doubt for months as Ronan nitpicked him relentlessly- merely smirking when called out on his behavior- but it got to a point where the two could barely stand to be in the same room as the other.

It caused quite a few disturbances during training, as one might imagine. So much so that their headmaster, Dean Child, took it upon himself to work out their feud. He assigned the both of them as training partners, requiring them to work with one another on a daily basis during their usual workouts, making sure their partner keeps correct form and stays in line with their other classmates.

It had at first seemed like something of a death sentence and yet somehow, it had worked.

At first, they’d found themselves too busy with the exercises assigned to them to find much bother with one another. In fact, they’d spent the first week nearly silent. That was until one morning when, while on a mile long jog, Tad Carruthers thought it apparently crucial that he runs alongside their duo.

Adam found himself annoyed, as usual when it comes to Carruthers, but kept his responses to Tad’s chattiness fairly polite. Ronan, on the other hand, was not in the mood to put up with an overeager Tad so early in the morning.

Tad had been rambling on about his recent trip back home where he’d aided his father, a financier for the governor, with some extra work. “It’s truly amazing, it is. The whole method of it all.”

“Yes, yes, truly groundbreaking.” Ronan teased, fed up with the other boy’s transparent bragging. Adam, who was somewhat surprised Ronan’s teasing wasn’t being directed at him, smiled.

Tad, apparently too absorbed in his family’s importance, didn’t catch on. “It truly is! So many people overlook the grueling work behind it all. Not everyone can do it, y’know.”

“I sure couldn’t. How about you, Parrish?” Ronan elbowed Adam playfully, smirking at his amused expression.

Adam shrugged, trying to give off an air of smugness. “I don’t know, I’m fairly confident. I’ve gotten my counting up to the hundreds nowadays.”

At that, Ronan snickered and it seemed Tad had finally clued himself in. He cleared his throat uncomfortably and began to speed up towards the group ahead of them. “Well, I’ll be seeing you, boys.”

Adam glanced over to a satisfied Ronan and shook his head, smiling nonetheless.“You’re an asshole.”

After that, it grew far easier for Adam to be close to Ronan. Ronan had seemingly found that talking about his dislike for their other classmates was far more interesting than trying to get a rise out of Adam. It was mostly cordial at the beginning, just trying to pass the time until they could go their separate ways for the day but it quickly turned from fleeting conversations to planned outings. The more and more time Adam spent around Ronan, the more pleasurable to be around he became. Still inarguably an asshole, but an asshole Adam now dared to call a close friend.

His friendship with Ronan felt so much more intimate than his one with Gansey ever had. Ronan understood Adam, and he him. There was a strange surreality to their friendship. It had brought a stillness into Adam’s life that had always seemed to be in perpetual motion.

Adam never knew the assurance that comes with being known, not until Ronan. He never realized the happiness that can come from something as simple as making someone laugh. Although soon enough, Adam found that the act of making Ronan laugh was accompanied by an uncomfortable, yet pleasurable stir deep in his belly.

He pushed the burgeoning feelings away, they had little time left until they would be sent off for their first assignment as navy men serving the greater good of the kingdom. This was not the time or place for such things.  

At the end of their final term, the Academy threw the graduating class a large celebration. Adam, Ronan, and their other friends Noah and Henry had all given in the to invitation, eager to have some semblance of relaxation before their lives took a turn for the serious. Gansey would be skipping out on the festivities, instead taking a night into the city to visit Blue, a girl from the house of psychics.

The boys had arrived in good spirits, hoping for a fun night to mingle with their comrades. Though about only an hour into the party, Noah and Henry split off by themselves, calling out something along the lines of a champagne fountain ‘calling their name’. Apparently, the damned fountain held some unknown magic, as every one of their other classmates had made their way over to it and back again enough times to already be plenty drunk. Adam and Ronan, having the desire to steer clear of the sloppy drunks flooding the hall, took up a spot out on the empty balcony, opting to watch the bustle of the city below.

Ronan picked up some pebbles and laid them out one by one on the railing. Adam came up quietly beside him, soaking in the quiet serenity. Adam plucked a pebble from Ronan’s pile, their fingers brushing together for a moment before Ronan jerked his hand back, keeping his eyes on the movement of Adam’s hands. It was something he’d noticed recently- Ronan’s fixation on the movements of his hands. His eyes always lingering when he thought Adam wouldn’t notice.

Ronan was also unusually quiet, he hadn’t said a word since they’d come outside and even then, he’d said little in just the past few days and it was beginning to worry Adam. With his studies coming to an end, Ronan would soon be gaining access to his father’s inheritance. Adam had come to know how much it meant to Ronan.

Adam scooted closer to him, nudging his hip with his. “Please tell me you saw Calla trying to hit on Whelk.”

Ronan laughed. “Sad to say I didn’t. Scale of one to ten, how pathetic did the poor bastard look?”

Adam pondered, resting his head against his palm so as to get a better view of Ronan, his face drenched in the color of the setting sun. He could feel his cheeks getting warm. “Remind me, where exactly does an unbuttoned fly land?”

Ronan whistles dramatically, looking back to a now laughing Adam. “That would be a solid eight.”

Adam sighed, still disappointed to see Ronan not his usual self, rested his forearms on the railing, pressing up against his shoulder. It took quite the courage to dissuade himself from focusing on the firmness of Ronan’s biceps. “Is everything alright?”

For a moment that seems to last forever, Ronan stands quietly, running his thumb around the leather band tucked away under his long sleeve shirt. He squeezes his eyes shut tightly and lets out a hiss of air between his clenched teeth. His expression can only be read as something close to painful. Finally, he says, “My father’s boat.”

Adam starts, confused as to how Ronan’s father’s abandoned boat could be so distressing. “Yes?”

Once again, his eyes clenched tight. “Declan’s selling it.”

“What? He can’t-”

“He’s still in control of the possessions. He claims it’s just a waste of space, that it’s barely even ours.” He suddenly chucks the pebble in his hand over the balcony, chest heaving, “Like it doesn’t even matter that it was part of him .”

Adam stands silently for a moment. He doesn’t know what to say to soothe Ronan and at this point, he doubts it would even work. It’s been years since his father’s death, but the wound is still tender to the touch. Adam doesn’t know that kind of pain, doesn’t even fathom the kind of love that can cause it to resonate so deeply. All he knows is that he’s here and he knows that’s enough for Ronan.

“I just feel like-” He begins taps the knuckles of his fist restlessly, “Nothing in my life can ever just…be. Everyone leaves. Whether they want to or not, they always do.”

Adam places his hand gently over Ronan’s curled fist, staring out at the night before them. Ronan’s body noticeably tenses and Adam tries desperately to reign in his frantic heartbeat. “I’ve always felt so out of myself, y’know?”

Ronan turns his head, jaw tightened. Adam took his silence as a cue to continue on. “I’ve always felt like I wasn’t enough for people. Like I had to build myself around them. Be quiet, but have a backbone. Be social, but not obnoxious.”

Adam shook his head slightly, straightening out his jumbled thoughts. “My point is…I was so busy trying to fix myself I was never just me. Not until you all.”

At this, Ronan rose his head and looked to Adam who was having trouble keeping his emotions in check. He’d never gone in depth about what they had all meant to him. What Ronan meant to him. “You all saw me and you didn’t care. The same way they see you and still love you. So don’t say that-that everyone leaves because we’re here. I’m here.”

“You’ll always have me.” Ronan was shaking now, so Adam reached a careful hand out and placed it on his shoulder, trying to steady the both of them. The touch sent his heart crawling up his throat, causing his voice to crack as he said, “And I have you. Don’t I?”

Adam braced himself as Ronan turned to meet his eyes. He looked just as terrified as Adam felt. Ronan had become so integral to his life as of late and yet he’d never expressed his gratefulness for him. For his aggravating, yet entertaining attempts at being his study buddy. For the loud and joyful nights that helped Adam to see past the pain of the present. For the quiet and somber nights when he knew Adam needed it. Ronan was the first person to truly understand him- a boy previously thought to be unknowable.

Ronan stared into Adam’s eyes for a long moment. The intensity of it making Adam’s cheeks color. Slowly, he slid the hand resting on Ronan’s shoulder closer and closer to his cheek, his gut jolting. Once there, Ronan leaned almost desperately into his touch, letting out a measured sigh.

Ronan brought his hand up to Adam’s. “You have me.” He whispered, turning his head so as to place a kiss on the palm of Adam’s hand. This sent Adam’s body nearly spinning and not long after, his lips took a mind of their own and planted them onto Ronan’s.

As soon as it happened, it felt like Adam’s body was erupting. His hands pressed against any part of Ronan he could manage to put his hands on. Ronan seemed even more eager than him, pressing him up gently against the railing, coaxing his mouth gently, but passionately.

“We should go somewhere a little more discreet.” Adam whispered, nodding over to the ongoing celebration a mere thirty feet away. Ronan smiled and nodded, leading him back to his room.

Their night together was nothing short of intense. Ronan took the time to explore Adam’s body, praising him in a way that made words seem pointless. Adam took his time as well, trying desperately to put his thoughts into action. To show Ronan his worth to him. It was slow, but it was beautiful. It was everything Adam had wanted. For a long while after, he laid quietly in Ronan’s arms, tracing his torso slowly with his forefinger. Ronan smiled so sweetly it nearly made Adam cry. He ran his hands softly through the mess of hair atop Adam’s head until he finally drifted to sleep.

And in the morning, Adam turned in bed, looking for the warmth of Ronan’s skin he had lost contact with in the night. In his place, he found only a single note. It read: ‘You’ll always have me. I’m sorry. -R’

Adam jolted up in Ronan’s bed. No no no. He threw his clothes on and raced to the port where Ronan’s father’s ship was being held. He wouldn’t, he wouldn’t. His chest heaved the more he ran. Yes, he would. This is his family, of course he would.

By the time he made it to the port he already knew it was too late. Patrolmen flooded the deck, pushing back anyone trying to come near. The Greywaren, famed ship of Niall Lynch, had been stolen.


Adam had never liked being blindfolded. Never as a joke, and certainly not when it was just part of drills at the Academy. It had always made him feel doubly panicked. The loss of his sight brought on such as a destabilitizing feeling. It made him second guess every movement of his body, trapping him in his mind. He’d been in the King’s Navy for nearly two years, protecting his seas and fighting off the pirates who threatened it. And thankfully, he’d never run into a situation where one was needed. Not until today, when his ship was ambushed by pirates and of fucking course…they used blindfolds.

His ship had been docked in a small harbor closer to the edge of the country. The harbor was home to a small village. They had known the vast amount of empty space surrounding them would leave the ship open to attack but with their medical supplies slacking and four injured men aboard, they were willing to take the risk. Unfortunately for them, the odds were not in their favor.

Within the hour, they had been taken. Adam had been with this crew for over a year and had never seen them so helpless. They had never been confronted by these men before. They had struck hard and fast when the majority of the crew had been scattered in the village searching for aid. The group - which Adam was so fortunately apart of - that had been left on board had little chance when up against these unknown pirates.

Once they’d boarded, Adam had fought valiantly against one of the intruders until he was finally overtaken, bringing him to the present where he was currently being led down the dingy-smelling hall of what he assumed was the holding cell. He could hear the rest of his fellow seamen being jostled around in the lowest deck of their new enemy’s ship.

He was suddenly pushed, landing roughing before hearing the subsequent slam that only confirmed his current state as a prisoner. He dragged his tied hands across his eyes, loosening the cloth and freeing his eyes. The first thing he saw was a huddled man in the corner, his long coat covering most of his face so only the beginnings of a beard peeked through. He walked hesitantly to the bars of the cell, experimentally pushing on them. Unsurprisingly, they gave no give and Adam slumped forward, resting his forehead on the cool metal.

“Adam?” A familiar voice spoke out and Adam felt his body go rigid. Two years. Two years of rumors and tales proclaiming the upcoming status of the Dreamwalker. The vigilante claiming to protect the smaller groups of citizens often left unprotected by the government. Two years of authorities searching endlessly for the lost property and the son who stole it. Two years of desperate attempts at communication; letters sent out to every location he was last heard from. Two years out of his reach and now here he stood.

Adam turned slowly around to face the man in the corner. “What are you doing here?”

His voice must’ve sounded a lot harsher than he had intended as Ronan flinched back further into the corner of the cell. Adam took a gross satisfaction in the notion that his presence would somehow weaken Ronan’s unyielding facade but felt guilt curdling in his stomach as soon as he took in Ronan’s current state. The light from the corridor snuck through the bars and settled across his face, highlighting the purpling bruises scattered across his stark features.

He steeled himself from reaching out to him. “Well?”

Ronan hung his head low, focusing on the toes of his worn boots. “Captured. You?”

“Captured.” Adam walked over to Ronan’s side of the cell, resting his back against the adjacent wall. “I thought you were meant to be some sort of pirate now.”

At this, he smirked. “How do you know I’m not?”

“Yes, please, do tell the mastery involved in getting yourself cuffed and thrown in a prison cell.”

Hesitantly, Ronan looked up and smiled. “I missed your mouth.”

The words were a double-edged sword and it sent an unexpected jolt of longing through Adam. He had thought their night together was something special. He knew it sounded juvenile, but it had been true. He’d spent months trying to heal from the impact of Ronan’s sudden departure. He knew, logically, it all had nothing to do with him, but he had also been heartbroken. And when had a broken heart ever accepted logic?

“I mean it. How in the hell did you get here?”

“You said it yourself, Parrish. I’ve spent the last two years collecting enemies.” He shrugged jerkily, “Shit caught up to me.”

“And your ship?” Adam asked, leaning forward to gauge Ronan’s reaction. He only sat stone still, jaw tightening. “I would’ve heard if they’d found it, your brother’s been searching for both it and you since you left.”

He leaned in closer but Ronan turned away, fists tightening in their binds. “Ronan, please .”

Ronan glanced up to meet Adam’s eyes, his face betraying his hurt. “It was taken.”

Adam reeled back. Ronan had turned his father’s boat into something of a legend the past few years. Hated by authorities and loved by citizens. A loss like that couldn’t have been easy.   “Who would’ve-”

“It was one of my father’s old collectors.” Ronan twisted his hands restlessly, anger seething from him, “His name’s Greenmantle.”

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I don't know if you've answered this before (I'll probably need to spend a day scrolling through your blog) but how do you think Severus felt when Dumbledore revealed Harry's fate, that he'll have to die! Do you think he would've been torn out of his love for Lily? or the whole 'for the greater good' thing since practically alot of people had to die until they've reached that point, and they were so close to the end...


I think that was his overriding emotion.  It’s such an interesting conversation, because Dumbledore clearly didn’t intend to have it - he is forced to meet with Severus because Severus is pushed to the verge of mutiny.

“You refuse to tell me everything, yet you expect that small service of me!” snarled Snape, and real anger flared in the thin face now. “You take a great deal for granted, Dumbledore! Perhaps I have changed my mind!”

Snape looked angry, mutinous. Dumbledore sighed.
“Come to my office tonight, Severus, at eleven, and you shall not complain that I have no confidence in you…”

I tend to read the Always scene slightly different to many other readers.  I elaborated on that here - but the quick rehash is that I read the scene as:

- Severus cares about Harry’s survival solely because he is Lily’s boy.
- Dumbledore realises that Severus cares for the cause, and risks telling Severus the “entire” plan.
- Severus flicks his patronus in the air, proving he only cared because of Lily.
- Dumbledore is left with the horrible realisation that he’s misjudged the situation.

The tragedy is that Dumbledore recognises that Severus is fighting for a bigger reason (the greater good), but at this point Severus hasn’t acknowledged it.

It’s a really interesting place to leave the scene.  We know what happens next; Severus acquiesces and follows Dumbledore’s plan to the end.  At some point, Severus realises that there are no other options - no better options - and that the important part of the puzzle is that Lord Voldemort must be vanquished, no matter the cost.

Fascinatingly, Dumbledore manages to steer Severus onto the path of the greater good in one or two key scenes, and Severus doesn’t really notice it happening.  He is aware that he does good things - “Lately, only those whom I could not save.” - but he doesn’t really acknowledge it as being separate to his Save-Lily’s-Son quest.

The other major point is that when Severus goes fishing for the facts, he doesn’t anticipate Dumbledore telling him something so devastating.  I am certain beyond measure that Severus was desperate to find out how Harry was supposed to thwart Voldemort, because Severus had no confidence in Harry and his abilities, and he wanted to pick up the pieces if Harry were to fail.

By the end, I think Severus was resigned to the fact that Lord Voldemort was evil and needed to be thwarted by absolutely any means.  But right up until that moment in Half Blood Prince when he realised that Harry was a ‘pig for slaughter’, I don’t think he’d really thought about the quest of Defeat Voldemort as being inextricably entwined with Keep Harry Safe; it’s almost as if they were two distinct concepts, and although he was going along with Dumbledore with the Defeat Voldemort quest, he was only really doing so because it matched with his Keep Harry Safe quest.

Importantly, even though Severus had defected, he hadn’t actually explicitly signed up to the Defeat Voldemort cause.  I think that’s what Cursed Child really brings to the fore.  The AU!Severus in Cursed Child is far further back at the end of HBP - he doesn’t rise up the ranks of the Death Eaters, he doesn’t even rise up the ranks at the school.  …but once confronted with Harry’s death, he doesn’t give up - he draws a line in the sand and says, “Lily died.  I couldn’t save Harry for Lily, but I am going to fight against him.”

In the original canon, Severus comes to the same realisation once he accepts the news of Harry’s death.  We don’t hear him say it, because there’s no space in the text - but he shows the reader with his actions instead.

I think, for many many years, Severus was fighting to bring down Voldemort.  He just didn’t permit himself to realise it.  It would’ve been far easier for him to acknowledge that Dumbledore had given him a quest and he had gone along with it, as opposed to him reconciling that the ideology he’d believed in since he was a young boy was completely and utterly wrong, and he was rejecting it and aligning with the likes of the Marauders instead of his genuine Slytherin friends.

Page of Cups. Four of Swords. King of Cups.

As the light of a new day enters into your world, make the choice to see things differently. Look with a greater sense of perspective. Think of where you were and look at how far you’ve come. Consider how much you’ve grown. While you certainly have grown, know that your climax has not yet been reached. Reflect upon the dreams you once had. Ask if they still have a place within your heart. Do you still wish to see them become your reality? Don’t give up. Know that with enough drive and determination anything is possible.

Thoughts on Sinbad and the latest chapters

Okay so after talking with @murasakihime and @fluffyfloof and getting tagged in a post by @miyamanga ive decided to finally come out on the whole sinbad die posts/topic whatever. YAAAAAAaaaaaaaayyyyy lets get started,
Firstly i want to say this post is long and in no way meant to offend anyone whether you support magi’s most idiotic king or not.

Sinbad without a doubt is magi’s most complex character and the things his done to so many people can not be simply overlooked. He gave so many people a future and sacrificed so much for them. All your precious children i.e jafar, the eight generals even the main cast are where they are because of sinbad. And i feel like recently alot of people in the fandom are just looking at his actions and writing him off the book as a villain. Die a horrible death. Which is completely wrong. Please do not ignore sinbad’s past, his sufferings and his motives. You can not just look at a character’s actions and say that person is terrible without understanding what there trying to do and why there trying to do it.

From a very young age Sinbad has experienced terrible things. As a toddler he had to witness the physical and verbal abuse of his father on a daily basis. His family were always treated as outcasts and they were struggling to make ends meet. There was also obvious tension between his mother and father to remove the expatriate title from the household. After all this sinbad had to watch his father beaten by the very army that’s supposed to protect them and they even executed him. Shortly after that his mother falls grievously ill and he had to work everyday to make enough money to make sure she will say good morning the next day. This in within itself is more than any child should have to endure and witness and set sinbad on his journey to change the world.

And things didn’t get any better for the poor child. He ended up a slave years later. Physical and mentally tortured and after that experienced the war where he lost his country, home village and the comrades he traveled the world with. These people were the only family he had and they were torn away from him in horrible circumstances.

Now put yourself in all these scenarios. Would you not do what sinbad is doing?. Would you not go to any extent to protect the people you love so such a terrible fate never befalls them again?.

And i just want to also mention that sinbad has never moved forward from that day. No matter how you look at it. Sinbad is stuck in limbo, while he did rebuild sindria and all. The pain of that day has never left him. Up until the revelation of alma torran he has lived with a voice in his head and he even believed it was his younger self who was haunting him for his failures.

He even still has dreams of the war, Sinbad has always carried a very heavy burden and he has never tried to share that burden with anyone and now its crushing him. To add to that the fact he can see fate makes the whole matter worse because sinbad must’ve felt just like David did. He feels isolated, alone and there is no denying sinbad took comfort in david’s presence.

Even though i dislike it myself what sinbad is doing in the current timeline is understandable for someone in his position. Idk how many took notice. But read closely and you’ll begin to notice every chapter sinbad grows more tired and afraid.

He is concerned, he is terrified of war breaking out again. He doesn’t want to see it again and he doesn’t want to lose the people he loves most. Now some people will say “yea but he brainwashed the whole world and his gonna kill everyone even his friends himself”.

And to that i say “yea but you know thinking 1000 years into the future is not just a sinbad thing, titus did it too you know, he was worried for both the now and future….. and how is that any different to when ugo sent everyone from alma torran to the new world, and lets not forget when he sentenced the djinn to an eternal life of solitude in the ruins of their former home?. Why did no one complain then? Was it because the Djinn agreed to it? The djinn agreed to the matter because it was solomon’s will, and it was because it would protect the world. But is that what they themselves truly desired?

Alma Torran was barren and to ensure the survival of the people ugo moved everyone to the new world and erased the history of alma torran from their minds. I’m sorry but that is also a form of brainwashing. Erasing from the minds of everyone an entire chunk of history that could’ve potentially stopped the outbreak of war in the first place had everyone known. Yet i dont see anyone complaining about that.

Sinbad is doing the exact same thing ugo did except his keeping everything in tact. The people of the world continue to remember the events of the world. They continue to live their own lives freely with the added addition of a shared hope that will unite the world. His returning everyone to a greater place. A utopia where war will never break out again. Where families will once again be reunited.

Now to all those people who wish death upon sinbad i just want you to rethink sinbad’s position and understand where his coming from. Also people who are asking for jafar to kill sinbad. I refuse to believe that would ever happen. We had an omake that clearly showed jafar refuses to bring harm to sinbad. infact why would jafar kill him? Jafar has been with sinbad the longest. He has seen sinbad at his highest and lowest. The two of them are so close and their bond and loyalty to each other is unbreakable. If Jafar, actually if anyone kills sinbad then nothing has changed from Alma Torran. History has once again repeated itself, the great king once again falls and the world will return to a state of chaos. Not to mention it will be a complete betrayal to sinbad and everything his sacrificed for the sake of others.

I think the world owes sinbad a debt and its time for that debt to be repayed. Instead of him always running around saving people, its time for the people to stand up and help him and to remove the burden his shouldering.

To put an end to this long post. Sinbad does not want to be the enemy, nor is he trying to be an antagonist. He is only doing what his heart believes will stop the repeat of all those terrible events he has had to experience. Solomon’s world is riddled with failure and error. The whole magi system is itself a failure and sinbad is only trying to piece everything back together to create a utopia

Zeldris the executioner

As expected Diane/Drole decides to fight for Gowther and give him time to do whatever he plans to stop the war. But… let’s just say it didn’t go so well… I was a bit skeptical if Drole would be able to uphold a fight against Zeldris but nope, it didn’t even come to a fight. Zeldris knocked Diane over in an instant with a far greater power than Karmadios and on top of it sealed Drole’s magic power so he couldn’t do anything anymore and Zeldris leaves him with a choice… Either die or join the Commandments. So in both cases… Diane wouldn’t be able to get back. Clearly Diane had to chose the hidden third option which was to just run away XD” It’s a good thing Zeldris wasn’t yet a Commandment and his curse wasn’t able to keep Diane from running. Instead Zeldris borrowed the power of the demon king himself. I’m not sure if that’s a permanent thing or if the demon king just lent him his power to get original Gowther back. But it sounds like a permanent thing, kinda like how original Gowther used Gowther as his puppet since he couldn’t move.
We also get to know a little more about Drole. He really was a singularity in the giant clan which is probably also what Meliodas meant back then when he said something about Drole being “betrayed by the people he trusted” or something? I don’t remember it clearly. I mean obviously his skin color is different, he has more arms than the other giants, his body is bigger and he has magic eyes (his eye was already missing back then so when exactly was it taken from him??)
All in all this chapter was kinda eventless so I’m not sure what to write about…
But, the flashback is finally over! Quite a bit earlier than expected. And King and Diane are canon! I really thought Nakaba would pull some bullshit again but they kissed! THEY KISSED! And it was as unorthodox as their whole relationship, I loved it! It was really cute.

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Let’s work on a meta about why Yuuri is a sexy beast on ice not only in fandom but also in-universe. While I’m mad that he’s described as average-looking, I’m grateful that his character obviously doesn’t need all of the excessive sexualization to appear sexy coughcough Yurio coughcough Chris coughcough. Chris is right, his Eros program is too innocent – there’s no lewd and overly sexual gesture he had done so far for the sake of seducing others. 1/

But Chris was threatened by Yuuri’s Eros, most likely on how sexy it was rather than the score since Chris commented “Yuuri, your innocent Eros is a brute force.” This is Chris we’re talking about, the one who is said to be the mass sex weapon on ice. There must be something so great to appear for him to feel challenged. There’s Yuuri’s comment about Eros can make a man like him pregnant, but I don’t think it’s because of Victor’s skating – it’s the choreography. 2/ The proof is, there’s a lot of characters of both genders being amazed about Yuuri’s Eros and it even had achieved standing ovation twice in a row (in Cup of China too but the subs is not translating it properly). And in GPF when he was the first to skate he was greeted by a roaring crowd as he entered, implying that the audience were too eager to see his Eros. 3/ Nice, Yuuri is too sexy enough that he doesn’t need to do R-rated stuffs on ice to be regarded as sexy – just flashing a smirk was too dangerous enough. Imagine the super sexy choreography and Yuuri’s musicality… Ohh Yuuri, why can’t you be real? I wonder if actually in official materials Yuuri and Yurio got their ages swapped. Yurio was sexualized for bajillion times but Yuuri looked more innocent than him as if Yuuri’s the younger one. WTF P.S. More sexy Yuuri 2k17 4/4

Oh man ok. I’m sorry this took a while but I had to think a lot about how to go about this.

So the issue with writing about a character’s attractiveness is that it’s always going to come down to personal opinion and preferences. It’s a highly subjective topic. But let’s talk about Yuuri being a sexy beast on ice in-universe when he performs Eros and compare it to Chris and Victor. I know you mentioned Yurio as well, but the sexualization of Yurio is its own issue so I’m not going to go there here.

A few things I need to get out of the way first though:

See, I don’t think his looks have anything to do with it. He is average looking, this is canon and it’s ok. It’s ok that he is average. People can have looks that fall in the average category of what is considered conventionally attractive and still be seen as beautiful, attractive and seductive. This is not even about the trope that oh, if you take off his glasses you suddenly see how he was actually stunning all along~ because yeah, that never happens in canon either. Yuuri has been skating like that his whole life. Yuuri stood before audiences and Victor without his glasses and with his hair slicked back and it caused 0 reaction. He’s average and that’s ok, that’s fine.

I also don’t think Eros!Yuuri is “the true Yuuri who has been repressed all along”. Eros!Yuuri is highly performative on Yuuri’s part. Which I think is partly where Chris’ comment about it being innocent comes from. I’m getting ahead of myself but I think it’s important to get this out of the way before we really delve into why Yuuri’s Eros works as well as it does.

Another important (canon) thing to keep in mind: Yuuri’s artistry and musicality come from emotional understanding. That is to say, Yuuri can’t properly skate a feeling or concept if he doesn’t feel it himself or at least understands it well enough to embody it properly. Which is why katsudon!Eros is even a thing. This does not, by the way, contradict the above statement about Eros!Yuuri being highly performative.

Victor being attractive when he skates Eros isn’t really related to Eros at all. It’s because Victor himself is attractive. It’s canon that his in-universe looks are meant to fall in the conventionally attractive category. He has many fans, both male and female, and Takeshi calls him “the hottest bachelor in the world”. “Pleasure followed by pleasure. One just drowns in it.” so Victor says, as he effortlessly portrays it. Victor doesn’t really have to try that hard to be sexy at this point in his life, he has it down to an art form. Performing a seductive program just adds to it.

(Having said that, consider that Victor is always trying to surprise the audience and Eros was originally for himself, which implies that Victor actually never had a program that focused on sexual love and seduction specifically which is fascinating, considering his playboy (fake) image and such but back to Yuuri!)

Yuuri on the other hand, doesn’t get Eros at all. He makes up a story for the program - which is exclusively his personal interpretation, not Victor’s - but he can’t portray it properly because he never experienced anything close to the role of a dashing playboy (Takeshi even says it doesn’t suit his image and Yuuri agrees). It’s only when he changes his mindset and makes the choreography his own that he skates it to its full potential. When he embraces the role of the beautiful woman, the role “closer to his feelings”, he’s capable of delivering a good performance and becomes, as you said anon, a “sexy beast on ice”.

Yuuri’s Eros works as well as it does because Yuuri is basing his entire performance on the act of seducing Victor. Even during early highly performative times of incarnating the beautiful woman persona. After all, Yuuri is casting Victor as the playboy of the story. As he says, he knows who he’s dancing for. And Victor is aware of this and uses it as a practice tool. 

Eros is about the expression of desire. Part of Yuuri’s character arc is for him to accept that it’s ok to want things. It’s for him to embrace that he desires something, be it gold at the GPF or Victor’s attention, and finding the strength to pursue it. Yuuri performs Eros best when he’s focused on Victor and specifically the idea that Victor is watching him and being seduced by him. When he focuses on the technical aspects of the performance over that feeling is when Eros ends up lacking.

That’s what makes Yuuri attractive. How he radiates absolute confidence in his seduction of this one man and tells the entire world “you can’t have him, I’m the only one good enough”. He wants to come off as being absolutely irresistible and he achieves it. It’s particularly apparent in episode 6 where Yuuri finally skates Eros entirely as himself and skates it perfectly, where he is extremely motivated by wanting to embrace his role as “the man who stole Victor from the entire world”. Yuuri wants, Yuuri gets, Yuuri flaunts it. He changes. Everyone in-universe comments this. Yuuri changes because he’s finally allowing himself to want and to take it. The more comfortable he becomes with himself, the more dangerous and confident he becomes, the more attractive he is.

Which isn’t to say that he can always keep it up. After all, Yuuri thinks this after that whole “pull Victor’s tie” spectacle

Like I said, performative. But Yuuri is the king of fake it till you make it. As long as Victor believes, so does the audience. 

Thing is, the choreography of Eros is seductive and passionate but there’s nothing inherently sexual about it, even though it’s a program about “sexual love”. At most, you get Yuuri licking his lips at the start of the program but that’s not a part of the choreography, it’s something he added the one time because he was especially driven at that point. 

Chris on the other hand…we all know his program is sexual. They made that very clear. 

Here’s where I deviate from in-universe. In-universe we’re told that Chris is considered extremely attractive and something like this god of sex appeal. And I’m not saying there aren’t people in this fandom attracted to Chris, but I remember very vividly the two main reactions to his character when episode 6 aired: people who found it hilarious and people who found it highly uncomfortable. Because it’s such so much and he’s so in your face. Yuuri flirts with the audience through flirting with Victor; he beckons and provokes with a knowing confidence that you can’t resist him. Chris doesn’t seduce so much as he promises the audience he can show them a really good time, and his skating is so self-indulgent he ends up working himself up to completion in public. We’re looking at two very different things (though it’s fine to find whichever one attractive as you will). 

Chris calls his eros “mature" and Yuuri’s “innocent” and I think that comes entirely from Chris’ perception of who Yuuri is as a person. Keeping in mind that Chris pole danced with a very drunk Yuuri and yet even he is surprised by Yuuri’s performance in episode 6 and he feels threatened. Eros!Yuuri =/= drunk!Yuuri. But the point is, Chris sees Yuuri as naive and inexperienced and thinks that’s where Yuuri’s attraction comes from. His innocence. I think this is part of the greater narrative of people underestimating and misunderstanding Yuuri. Because really, while Yuuri may be innocent and inexperienced, there’s nothing innocent about Yuuri’s eros! Beautiful woman seducing the playboy then casting him aside? Actively seducing Victor? Wanting to prove to the world he’s the only one who can satisfy Victor? That’s not innocent.

With all that said, I do find it a bit strange that Eros!Yuuri is not used more in merch and official art, being as iconic as it is. 

This got way longer than I thought it would… I apologize! But yes, yes anon, Yuuri is attractive and his attractiveness comes from a very different place than Victor’s or Chris’ and I’m very glad Yuuri learned to embrace it and use it effectively. 

Now, as a lot of my mutuals know, I’m from Manchester. Now I was recently with my orchestra, which is national, and a lot of people seemed shocked that we were still going on about the Manchester arena bombing. After all, we’ve had Grenfell, Trump being transphobic and other stupid things. Yet you can still here the hums of don’t look back in anger, because this is what we see so often. For those who don’t know, the entrance to the arena overlooks the main connection point for trams and trains. For trams coming all over greater Manchester, and trains from across the country, this is the sight that greets them. From where I live, if you’re on the tram, you have to go through Victoria, the station overlooked by the carcass of the arena, to get into the main city centre. That’s why we can’t move on, because we are constantly reminded of it. As someone who regularly went to the arena, I can’t look at it without welling up because that shell, that empty skeleton represents so many good memories to me, and to see it like that is awful. Life goes on. The Blink 182 concert I was due to see was moved into what is basically a large courtyard. And not once did they mention it. Not once did they mention why the event had been moved from the arena. No, that was left to the opening act. We are expected to move on, but when we are constantly faced with a reminder, it proves impossible.

where i’m going you can’t save me (yet)

Summary: Of all things to come with the fall of the temple, Baze doesn’t expect this

Rating: T

Genre: Angst, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Role Reversal (kinda)

Words: 1094

A/N: For @sithchirrut as part of the @dailyspiritassassin fanworks exchange!! 




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For the revelation awaits an appointed time; It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled. If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed. Habakkuk 2:3
One of life’s frustrations is that God’s timetable is rarely the same as ours. We are often in a hurry when God isn’t. 
What if God isn’t going to answer my prayer? Time is running out. How do I keep trusting when it seems like nothing is changing?
God loves to bless us. He doesn’t want to hold His blessings back. Yet, when we look back on things we can often see why God needed us to wait.
God was making us wait for the right thing to come along.
Or we might realise how much God grew us and shaped us during the waiting time.
Or we might see how what we thought we needed was different to the greater purposes God had in mind for us.
Don’t get discouraged. A delay is not a denial from God!