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“Nothing and nowhere is safe. But there are things greater than us. Greater than all of this (so, you can’t see it, but I just made a big sweeping hand gesture to indicate everything in the universe), and there are people who must learn about it all. How it all works, and why. This is what we call science!”
Carlos the Scientist
Welcome to Night Vale
Episode 51 - Rumbling

There isn’t much greater disappointment than when something you created for someone else with all your heart and soul, proudly concluding upon completion ‘I really think they’ll love this’, receives merely a mild, tepid response. If I inspired anyone that much, moved them to make, I’d make sure they knew how much it honored me.

I am only here to function as a divine ‘wake up call’ - You are far greater than all of your passing thoughts, emotions and experiences (playing a limited role as a human).

You are the sole creator of your own unique YOU-niverse. There are no victims, no perpetrators, no separate others ‘out there’ to project any blame, power, fear, anger or fantasy onto.

You are Infinite Consciousness (God) made manifest.

~Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

Nobody is mentioning this hard as steel woman weeping in happiness for the little kitten, with her ex husband solemnly patting her back as she does do. I think, as a mother myself, I can understand the things that she had to give up in order to pursue her dreams. Maybe a child, or a loving husband, a family to come home to.

Parenting isn’t just about giving birth to your very own child. It’s also about giving time to teach them the ways of life and hopefully passing on the very things that you’ve learned yourself; seeing them blossom into something greater than anything you can imagine.

So ex-Mrs. Yakov, cry all you want. Thank you for teaching our little kitten his true potential. You’re just about a mother to him as he could ever have wished for.

I have been drawing this while having a 2 hour loop of yuri on ice song.

It has been so long since i did something this precious and heart born… and I enjoy it all the way long. This is my way to say thanks to all the staff of this wonderfull series, and also to the fandom who have made this even greater than it is. Thanks to all of you.

Always on ice, Luullaby

P.S: reblogs are always apreciated ^//^

For Tony, all days of the week were always the same. Morning coffee, few hours of work in the lab or workshop, an afternoon meeting with SI board, in the evening maybe some avenging or just hanging out with his team. Tony especially hated mornings, when he had to roll out from the warm bed, leave the pleasant warmth and instead pull his big boy pants on and get back into the cold world.

Since a certain super-soldier made his permanent place in Tony’s bed.

It was a common fact that a little bit of Captain America made everything better, at least in Tony’s life, but going to sleep with Steve, wakening up with Steve, was one of the greatest parts of the day. Getting up with Steve and going through his day, to end back in bed with Steve, wasn’t that painful. You know what was even greater than all of that above?

Staying in bed with Steve.

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My wife is beginning a new tradition today, with something she wrote.

My precious child…these are the things I hope for you and your life. May you be bold. May you be brave. May you be loving and joyful and kind. May you carry with you the vitality and spirit of the generations before you. Whatever you dream for your life, may you summon the strength to follow that dream. May you always let your faith be greater than your fear. May you never forget, through all of life’s adventures, through every moment of every day, that I walk beside you, cheering you on. Hoping for you, praying for you. Loving you. And may you one day love your own child as deeply as I love you. Today and always

MBTI Aesthetic Series: The ISFJ

“You carry around a pack of band-aids, just incase. “Who do you have a crush on, this week?” A mother hen tending to chicks who are not hers. An empty space beside you on your bed. Squeezing someone’s hand. Comfort. The relief of a familiar face in a crowded place. Vintage band shirts compliment the records decorating your wall. You’re greater than the sum of all your parts. Finally getting under the covers on a cold evening. Creating sweater paws in your favorite jumper. They could push you away as much as they want, but you’d still be there. Giving someone the shirt off your back. You know more than anyone, that people aren’t as cruel as they may seem. That’s both your greatest asset, but biggest downfall.”

One day you will meet someone who will be greater than all your fears.

You have always been afraid all your life. You have always lived life calmly, safely and in your comfort zone. You have always dwell and got contented in a small space- the space that you have given yourself along with all your fears.

All your life, you have always been afraid. Fears are rumbling in your head. Fears of falling in love, fears of giving a big part of yourself, fears of being with someone and sharing your life with, fears of giving your time with anyone else, fears of compromising a part of you, fears of believing in yourself and fears of experiencing other things that life offers.

But one day, I tell you, you will meet someone who will make you go out of your zone, live life ecstatically and make you experience the happiness of freeing yourself with fears. There will be this someone who will be there to take away all your fears, who will prove you that there is more to life than dwelling in your own little bubble and I tell you, this someone will turn your life upside down.

He will make you see another side of the world that you have never seen, he will make you feel real emotions that you never thought existed, he will make you feel what happiness is, he will make you feel how is it to be in love every day, he will make you discover yourself more, he will make you free, conquer the world and leave your fears behind, along with that, he will be beside you, always.

It will be hard for you to adjust and elevate your life to an all new level because you already got use to your routines and practices. But he won’t stop for sure, he will guide and push you to go beyond your limits and from there you will see another way to live your life, you will get to know yourself even more, you will grow, you will discover that your strong, you will learn how to face your fears and most of all you will see how life can be a lot more beautiful.

By that time comes, he will be worth it for sure.

(Unseen Warfare; SVS Press pgs. 250-251):

“Begin and end the examination of your deeds with a diligent prayer, asking the Lord to give you eyes to see the innermost depths of your heart, for ‘the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?’ (Jer. 17:9). No one but God, Who is 'greater than our heart, and knows all things’ (I Jn. 3:20). 'For You, even You only, know the hearts of all the children of men’ (I Kgs. 8:39). There are wrong feelings deeply hidden in the heart; at times they slip into a man’s actions, at times they are not even noticed and pollute them with the stench of sin. So pray with David the Prophet: 'Cleanse me from secret faults’ (Ps. 19:12).”

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Out of most of us on here you're one of the closest in age to Matthew Gray Gubler so you have a greater chance than we do of being with him. So do all that you will with that tidbit of information. Also if you end up with him please please treat my Cinnamon Toast Crunch with all the love and care he deserves.

That’s nice of you to say! Lol 😍😂 anyone who ends up with that lovely weirdo better treat him right 😁

Pure nectar

Life is about moments. Here are some of my favs.

The smell of fresh brewing coffee in the morning.

The 60 seconds of catching your breath from going as hard as you can in a workout.

The birth of an idea.

When she kisses you back, harder.

The deep left lean on a motorcycle when you forget you’re on one.

Slipping on a warm tee shirt straight out of the dryer.

Sleeping underneath a river of stars.

Vivid dreams.

The ending of a great film.

Knowing you moved someone.

Your winning number being called.

The combination of sun, sand, and water.

A hard cry.

A harder laugh.

The deep trance state of meditation.

Feeling close to something greater than you.

The minute you’ve paid off all your debt.

An afternoon nap.

A gentle breeze.

The beginning of rain.

Just knowing.

“Proud of you” from your parents.

Half awake kissing.

The first time you believe you have value.

The minute you realize you’re good at something.

The lift from truly forgiving.

Swimming in the ocean.

Watching someone open a gift you bought or made them.

Seeing your own breath.

The sight of snow.

Looking forward to something that’s happening that night.

Light butterflies in your stomach.

Sharing a meal with good friends.

A meaningful conversation.

Receiving a thoughtful note.

Realizing you’re less afraid.

A great hair cut.

A new revelation.

Losing track of time creating art.

The first swig of an ice cold beer.

The feeling of worn weathered boots.


Children trying to be adults.

Making someone laugh.

A life changing book.

A staring contest with a camp fire.

The second orgasm.

A hefty tax return.

Remembering the good.

Knowing that you have grown.

The perfect 60 minute buzz before you forget.

Losing yourself at a concert.

Knowing you don’t have to work tomorrow.

Getting your bare back scratched.

Finishing something.


Falling in love.

Writing on a Saturday night in your underwear and wanting to be no where else.

What if we savored moments instead of chasing after things, people, and blueprints? Would we be happier?

‘‘Everything you touch Dies’‘

with Oliver Queen [ @theladynadinerahl]

Jade Was Well aware of Oliver’s Secret given she was great at putting certain pieces together but she never spoke about that with him,that she knew..but all wwould come to place once prometheus managed to send The Man himself a message ‘‘There’s no greater loss than of someone you love” and given all of his team were safe in a way the girl was next but she didn’t fail without a struggle ‘‘Whatever you do to me..I don’t think you’ll get what you wish”

“We’ll see”