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hi there. are there any fics where stiles and laura are best friends before derek and stiles get together? or stiles and laura become friends when derek and stiles get together?

This is one of my favs. I love when Laura and Stiles are partners in crime and Derek is exasperated with the both of them. - Anastasia

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The Wrong Guy by Inell

(1/1 I 3,010 I Teen)

Stiles is having a drink at his favorite bar when a gorgeous guy says they’re supposed to be meeting. Stiles thinks Derek has the wrong guy, but Derek insists he’s the right one.

You’re My Best Friend by idoobeg

(1/1 I 3,743 I Teen)

It’s Senior Prom and Derek Hale is Stiles Stilinski’s best friend

I Don’t Crash I Stop With Style by Nerdy_fangirl_57

(1/1 I 5,834 I Teen)

Stiles might have miscalculated the airtime on that jump. Maybe. But he didn’t crash, okay? Stiles Stilinski doesn’t crash. He stops with style. It’s how he got his nickname.

Then he notices a guy with the most stunning eyes Stiles has ever seen staring down at him. Shit did he die?!

Christmas Daddy (Merry Birthday Sourwolf!) by graveltotempo

(2/2 I 7,554 I Not Rated)

Derek is a Christmas Baby who hates presents and pretends to hate Christmas.
The Hale Pack and Laura Hale are ready to take on the challenge and throw him the best Christmas Birthday party in the history of Christmas Birthday parties.

Swapped by Aurum18

(11/? I 7,745 I Teen)

What if Derek Hale was Scott’s broody best friend and Stiles was the snarky Stilinski kid whose family died in a fire not too long ago?
What if Scott was never bitten and Derek was a turned wolf?

Let’s just say Season One is not the same….

Fish Don’t Have Legs by MadnessofVoid

(1/1 I 8,934 I Teen)

Finally, the net broke. Derek sighed with relief, rising to his feet and grunting at how stiff he felt. The boy continued to sit there a moment longer, staring still. Derek was about to attempt interrogating this boy again when he saw something that about made him check in to a mental hospital.

Instead of legs…there was a glistening, blinding, orange tail.

A fucking tail!


Derek is a reluctant fisherman in order to pay off his parents’ debt and he caught one hell of a, well, catch

A Day Will Have A Hundred Pockets by inatshej

(1/1 I 11,397 I Mature)

Derek was back in Beacon Hills, trying to forget his life - problems Laura had with becoming the alpha, their uncle coming back, new werewolf, murders. He met Stiles by chance, their romance a good distraction from everything. Until Stiles turns out to be something much greater.

No Other Love by Idday

(1/1 I 18,745 I Teen)

And maybe it’s irony, or the universe at work, or maybe it’s just Derek Hale’s shitty luck, but that’s when, at that exact moment (as Stiles will swear later), there’s a knock on the door.
“Laura?” Derek breathes in disbelief, and Stiles feels his own face fall into confused slackness.
Because the girl standing in the doorway? The last time Stiles had seen her—or, well, half of her—she’d been very naked, and very, very dead.
“Hey, baby bro,” she says with a grin.

OR: The one where Laura comes back from the dead, and it turns out to be bad for Stiles, because he’s suddenly spending a lot of quality time with one of the coolest people he’s ever met, and her brother. The guy that he might be just a little in love with.
He’s not okay.

You Only Live Once…or Twice by WonderWolf

(6/6 I 32,159 I Explicit)

“Anything,” Derek’s eyes are determined, boring into Stiles’.

Stiles huffs a laugh, “Careful there, big guy. Don’t want to be promising anything to every necromancer you meet. Some might ask for your soul or someth—”

“I’ll give you my soul to bring her back,” Derek says, his voice steady and strong with resolve, “if that’s what you want.”

Stiles’ mouth gapes open for a moment before his brain kicks into gear and he stutters out, “N-no, I don’t ask for that. I only ask for money.”

(Or the one in which Stiles is a necromancer who needs help stopping a rogue alpha and Derek is the solution, but at what cost?)

Broken Cookie, Shattered Glass by clawstoagunfight

(1/1 I 36,301 I Mature)

Derek was back in Beacon Hills, trying to forget his life - problems Laura had with becoming the alpha, their uncle coming back, new werewolf, murders. He met Stiles by chance, their romance a good distraction from everything. Until Stiles turns out to be something much greater.

This little clip of Stiles is more important to me than the one when Deaton says “Lydia, you go with Stiles.” The camera cuts to Stiles so that we see this small moment. You can see that Stiles looked at Lydia on his own when Deaton began describing what the person who will hold them under must mean to them. Stiles thought of Lydia immediately, and I think the timid way he looks in her direction is endearing and so very precious. I love that Stiles’ love for the people in his life has been his constant. He is driven by the need to protect those he loves–to keep them by his side and in his life–to the extent that it’s almost selfish. It’s his most powerful trait. He loves, and he loves wholly. Despite his selfish need to not be alone, the nature of Stiles’ love is so pure and true and genuine. Stiles loves his dad on an almost incomprehensible level because they each carry the pain of the loss of his mother. They love each other more because they know of and share the same great loss. Stiles loves his best friend because he was given what he needed most in his life–a brother. Scott is his rock. Scott saved him from the loneliness it would’ve been so easy to fall into. Stiles loves Lydia because he sees the good in himself in her. They are two sides of the same coin. He saw what she hid. He saw what no one else did. He saw someone who could share in his abilities and make him feel more human–less alone. Stiles’ capacity for love in the face of all he has seen, all he has been through, all that he lets darken his heart and haunt his mind, is my favorite part of his character.


In ASoIaF you can read about the legendary tale of Ramsay Bolton.

Growing up a poor miller’s boy he did not have much, but Ramsay always felt and knew he was destined for something greater. Still in his teens he made himself worthy having his own servant, Reek, which he shared many adventures with. To climb to the top, sacrifices are often necessary and when it was about life or death, he naturally chose his own life over his servant’s when they got attacked by some filthy bastards.

Looking for shelter in Winterfell he disguised himself as “Reek”, where he met Theon Greyjoy and whom he offers his help to overtake Winterfell. Enraptured by Ramsay’s skills and charisma he has no other option than to serve him from now on and to become his most faithful companion, his new Reek.

There are also some other interesting minor characters but let’s be honest, we all know who is the real winner in this game.

Everyone keeps saying that the new gay character Mason in Season 4 is probably meant to be a love interest for Danny, but I seriously hope not.

What I really want is for Danny to try to flirt with this kid. And for Mason to give Danny a once-over and tell him simply, “You’re not my type.” Then catch Stiles’s eye and give him an appreciative “Sup?” Which would send Stiles blushing and stammering, “Okay, I guess I’m attracted to gay guys - attractive! I said attracted, I meant… I gotta go.” Leaving Danny to mutter darkly, “But I'm everyone’s type.”

Lessons from the Dragon Academy: Grooming Hiccup into Chief

NOTE: This is not a spoiler-free analysis.

Watching over the episodes of Riders and Defenders of Berk, it seems more than quite plausible that part of the reason Stoick gave Hiccup the Dragon Academy was to prepare his son for the chiefdom.  Although Hiccup is very reluctant to actually be chief and listen to his father about leading the village, he is very attentive at hearing Stoick’s advice when it comes to manners of the Academy.  It certainly is one way in which Hiccup learns many important leadership lessons and grows into the responsibility that comes with leading over other people, even if it is just a small group of teenagers and their dragons.

I know it has been said the writing and events of How to Train Your Dragon 2 do not take Riders and Defenders of Berk into account; however, I nevertheless feel there is a strong continuity between the television series and the movies in this area.  There is certainly something to appreciate here about Stoick, through the Academy, grooming Hiccup into chief.

The Beginning of the Academy

The very initiation of the Academy results because Hiccup and his peers seek to quell chaos caused by dragons running rampant in the village.  Stoick, proud of how his son and friends ultimately handle the situation, gives them the old Kill Ring space for the Berk Dragon Academy.  Through this, Stoick bestows his son continued responsibility over the dragons on Berk, ensuring that his son will have to learn leadership lessons.  He is granting trust to his son over one important facet of Berk life - an area about which Hiccup cares and is sure to invest a lot of time and energy.

Not only does Stoick provide Hiccup an area in which to lead, but he knows Hiccup’s role in the Academy is important for improving life on Berk.  He hands over Bork’s notes in “We Are Family Part 1,” declaring that Hiccup and the Academy are integrally important for the Vikings’ future.  And when Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon 2 announces in the initial voice-over “my hard work paid off,” we know he has successfully risen to the challenge and performed his responsibilities well.

Resolving Disputes

Snotlout and Astrid’s bickering leads them to crash into the Great Hall during a Dragon Academy drill in “A Tale of Two Dragons.”  Stoick, as a punishment, makes everyone in the Berk Dragon Academy spend a week preparing Mildew’s old field for planting.  Hiccup is placed in charge to ascertain Astrid and Snotlout will not come to blows again, but when they do, both Astrid and Snotlout come to Hiccup demanding that he makes situations right.  Hiccup, as the man in charge of the Dragon Academy, is clearly accountable for settling this dispute, and all three parties know it.

Stoick asks Hiccup about it after the first day in the field.  The chief does not immediately give Hiccup advice, instead waiting for his son to admit there is a problem – a lesson in and of itself, if you think about it.  A leader needs to admit when there is a problem and when he is in over his head.  Then, after Hiccup rants, Stoick lends Hiccup advice on how to settle this ongoing dispute.  He suggests three alternatives to Hiccup about how to end the fight: 1. Give them both axes and have them fight to the end, 2. Give them both maces and fight to the end, 3. Trick them into working with each other.  He does not tell Hiccup what choice to choose, nor does he paint out every detail about how to assure the situation ends well, but Stoick does provide Hiccup the information he needs to responsibility handle the dispute.

Teaching Tough Lessons

Hiccup learns quickly that he has to enact discipline against errant Academy members.  Usually a quick snappish comment will place people back in track.  However, that is not always the case.  Snotlout, in “Cast Out,” disobeys Hiccup’s orders and as a result almost kills Astrid in a drill.  Much to everyone’s shock, Hiccup suspends Snotlout from the Academy and revokes his flying privileges.  This shows great authority and responsibility.  As Hiccup rightly points out, “If we can’t count on him during flying practice, how can we possibly count on him the next time we encounter Dagur?” 

He confides to his father about the event and the fact Snotlout continues to disobey him, leading Stoick into yet another perfect leadership lesson for his son.  “How can you be someone’s leader and yet still be their friend?” Hiccup asks, and Stoick responds, “You can’t.  Not always.”  Stoick fully realizes that Hiccup learning how to make decisions as a disciplining leader over a conceding friend is incredibly important, and indeed during this conversation reminds Hiccup that soon he’ll have to make such choices for all of Berk.  In only four and a half years, too.  The fact is, this conversation is all about grooming Hiccup into being a responsible leader and making tough decisions about discipline.

Hiccup indeed is forced to make another unpleasant choice.  He cannot allow Snotlout to continue to fly without losing the respect of the other riders (as Ruffnut so intelligently voices).  Since Snotlout continues to disobey him, Hiccup separates Snotlout from Hookfang, locking the dragon in the Academy.

Repercussions for the Entire Village

Although Hiccup is the leader of the Berk Dragon Academy, which consists of a small group of teenagers and their dragons, whether or not Hiccup fails in his leadership tasks often affects the entire village.  Any time the dragons are used as a line of defense, Hiccup’s leadership is clearly important for everyone in Berk.  And many other important events fall into Hiccup’s hands.  The first instance in which we see this is in fact episode 3, “Animal House,” during which Stoick delegates Hiccup the responsibility to bring peace between the dragons and the other animals on Berk.  Working with the dragons does clearly fall under Hiccup’s role, so it makes sense Hiccup would take on this job in the Academy; however, at the same time, if Hiccup fails, the village could starve.  That is a high level of responsibility to place on a fifteen-or-so* year old boy.

* I’ve seen some people claim Hiccup is fourteen in the first movie, but “The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2” at least says fifteen.  Plus, “Animal House” takes place in winter, so we really can’t say whether or not it occurs before or after Hiccup’s birthday, February 29.

Proof of Increased Confidence

Hiccup does indeed come a long way as a leader within Riders and Defenders of Berk.  He learns when to listen to suggestions and when to ignore them (although his stubbornness, impulsiveness, and tendency to run off and do everything himself still lands him into lots of trouble during his teenaged and young adult years).  He stands to fight and defend those around him.  He admits he is responsible for everyone under his authority, rushing out to resolve problems Snotlout, the twins, or Astrid might have caused.  He gives commands confidently and decisively, and expects to be obeyed.  If someone toys around or does not listen to him, Hiccup corrects them with a shout – and they submit.

That is a great increase in confidence and reputation since when we first meet him in HTTYD, back in the days when no one would listen to him at all.  Indeed, even from the start to end of the first two seasons of Dragons, he garners greater respect; the teens listen to him more readily and rapidly by the end of Defenders of Berk.  To take one example, Snotlout, though still disobedient, listens to Hiccup a lot more seriously in “Cast Out” than he does in “Thawfest.”  Hiccup does not speak derisively about himself nor question his role in the Dragon Academy; here we see a much more self-confident teen than he was back in the days of killing dragons.

Room to Grow

Despite the fact Hiccup has learned many important leadership lessons thanks to his time in the Academy, we can tell Hiccup still has a long ways to go before he is a fully capable chief. 

Fair enough, his “hard work” with the dragons in How to Train Your Dragon 2 is indeed incredibly evident, what with the beautiful stables, feeding and grooming stations, and aqueduct fire prevention devices (many of which I am sure he was an integral part of conceiving and constructing).  And every Viking lives lovingly and peacefully with a dragon – all because of him.  His leadership at the Academy certainly has paid off.

At the same time, though, Hiccup’s ability to lead is quite incomplete.  He is overwhelmed and not entirely successful at keeping Berk in control during “Cast Out” when Dagur abducts Stoick.  Despite his firm control in the Academy, he cannot calm the Vikings down for five minutes during the Great Hall meeting.  There is a large difference between leading five people as versus several thousand, between handling matters with dragons as versus handling every matter on the island.

Furthermore, in How to Train Your Dragon 2, you do frequently see Hiccup acting rather irresponsibly (as I talk about here).  Also, the manner in which Hiccup balks at starting chiefing, saying it is not his personality, plus the way in which Stoick starts giving his first very rudimentary pointers about chiefing, suggests that Hiccup has not received much if any training outside of his lessons at the Dragon Academy.  Thus, when Hiccup assumes the mantle at the end of How to Train Your Dragon 2, it appears he is not fully ready.  He will become a capable leader someday, but the entire character growth premise of the third movie, as Dean DeBlois outlines, is for Hiccup to enter his final coming of age and grow into his position as Berk’s chief.  He just learned the lesson “A chief protects his own."  And many more lessons (hopefully not as painfully learned) are up ahead.

Despite Hiccup's lack of preparedness to rule Berk at the end of HTTYD 2, I find it incredibly wonderful that Stoick had the foresight to prepare his son for chiefing – even if indirectly – through the Berk Dragon Academy.  Those lessons certainly shall assist Hiccup as he begins the next stage of his life.  He can look back to his past and remember those times of advice, those moments Stoick told Hiccup how to resolve disputes or act as a leader over being a friend.  His training may have been incomplete and he may have entered his position prematurely, but Hiccup nevertheless did receive tutelage from Stoick about being a leader.  And maybe the father-son relationship was far, far from perfect.  But this is one wonderful reason to love and appreciate Stoick’s role as a father.

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I don’t think so, honestly. I never really thought that way because I feel like I may miss out on going to prom, but think about the greater percentage of kids who will miss out on being on Dancing with the Stars, you know what I mean? So in the end I’m pretty cool with my decisions.

Zendaya on ever wanting for a normal teenage experience 

Translation:  “ I don’t think so, honestly. I never really thought that way because I feel like if I didn’t do the god forsaken show, I wouldn’t have met Bae, you know what I mean? So in the end I’m pretty cool with my decisions. “