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How were you able to put spaces in between the paragraphs in your "about" section on your blog? I use the same theme and I can't figure out how it will let me put paragraph spaces in that section.

For mine I just used the code /br between two angle brackets (greater than/less than signs) which is just HTML notation for a line break!

Work Comes Home - Part 4

Summary: You work for the company that publishes Hamilton: The Revolution. You meet Lin-Manuel at work and who knows what will happen?

Words: roughly 3330ish

Author’s Note: I love hearing your feedback so please don’t hesitate to send it to me, my inbox is always open!

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Disclaimer: Obviously, the timeline is a little weird, it takes a while to publish a book, but we’re condensing that time for the purpose of the story.

Warnings: Maybe swearing? I can’t remember.

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I was rewatching TPM (for reasons) and I just had an absolute revelation at Qui Gon’s death scene. 

I always hated that scene because it felt so heartless- here is a Jedi master who obviously is very close to his padawan, yet he doesn’t use his dying breath to say goodbye, to give any words of encouragement, or to ease Obi Wan’s pain. All he offers is a burden, asking his apprentice to take on his crusade, after telling him in front of the Council that he was ready to brush him aside for that same cause. It just felt wrong and poorly written.

And on this, my four trillionth viewing, it has finally dawned on me- Qui Gon wasn’t talking about Anakin at all. He’s talking about Obi Wan. He says “Promise me you will train the boy”- because Qui Gon, more than anyone else, knows what training a padawan truly means. He knows how deeply Obi Wan will feel this loss. He understands what it means to despair and to have a small, precocious person give hope for the future. He doesn’t ask Obi Wan to promise that Anakin will be trained, he purposely sets this task on his apprentice because he knows it is what will allow him to move past his grief. He also knows that Obi Wan was meant for something great. He understands that the Chosen One needs to be placed in the care of the person who is the most capable, and there could be no greater compliment or sign of trust than to give Obi Wan this charge. Qui Gon knows that training Anakin will allow both The Chosen One and his young master to become the Jedi they were meant to be.

So, really, Qui Gon wasn’t putting duty before attachment. He was using his last breath to ensure that Obi Wan became everything Qui Gon had always known he could, through the only means available to him.

And It Was Quiet

A MHA fanfiction.


Inko knits and Toshinori naps. All in all, it’s a quiet evening.

Inko Midoriya was having a pleasant evening.

Lately she had taken to visiting her son’s dorms, occasionally staying overnight in one of the spare rooms. Originally she had only stopped for brief visits to check up on Izuku. Slowly but surely she had stayed longer each time, eventually staying too late one night talking with Izuku and his friends. They had insisted that she stay overnight, counting out all of the free rooms they had.

It had quickly evolved into her staying for a few days at a time, sleeping in one of the free rooms on the ground floor. Helping students with various things was common place for her - many of them were essentially living on their own for the first time, and everyone greatly appreciated her help. She enjoyed working with the students.

So here she was, sitting in a recliner, knitting resting in her lap, the common room mostly quiet. Her son was somewhere upstairs, messing around with his friends. Inko gave a content sigh and leaned back into the chair, taking a moment to examine her handiwork.

Meanwhile, on the couch next to her, Toshinori gave a quiet snore.

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hey i dont know if youre still doing the headcanons but do you have any for if the kids were super heroes/villains and what their powers would be?

  • Jay has a form of pyrokinesis, mainly he is able to generate fire through his hands. At first it was triggered during fits of rage but eventually he learned to control it. He is also resistant to heat and flame.
  • Evie is a morphogene. She is able to alter her physical appearance and voice at will. Because of the pressure from her mother she’s mainly learned to use these powers to try to “perfect” herself. It’s painful for a morphogene to hold a change for too long but when you practice as much as she has you learn to ignore how much beauty hurts.
  • Carlos is a zoolinguist and manipulator. Not only can he communicate with animals but also control their minds/bodies. He got this ability from his mother and although she was limited to dogs, he shows signs of greater power. He’s also quite the techie.
  • Mal has ergokinesis, or the ability to craft tools/weapons out of pure energy with her mind. This also extends to the ability to use the energy around her to manipulate objects. It’s easily passed off as “magic”.
  • The four of them worked individually for a while committing petty crimes like theft, money scams, minor eco-terrorism, but eventually came together for a larger job. However, when things get out of hand due to some much bigger baddies they end up saving the day, and it felt kinda good. The Rotten Four end up forming a “Robin Hood” type of group, committing crimes against the people of Auradon to help the greater good.

The Mutable quad are a rainbow dewdrop, and interlocked in a unique way that only dual signs could manifest through. This symbolizes a greater need for these signs to bridge the polarities within their personality and heal the mental splits. Mercury rules Gemini in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis while Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and Neptune/Jupiter rules Pisces in the Virgo-Pisces axis. This is a cosmic circle, where the lower mind (Mercury) fuses with the higher mind (Jupiter) in search of knowledge for salvation and service (Neptune). Gemini-Sagittarius and Virgo-Pisces are simple variations of each other, because they all share the same energies.

WTF with all the Leo hate?

I can’t help but notice something odd about a lot of the Leo hate going around. almost none of the statements make sense if you realize that Leo’s basically a more awkward and more Latino teenaged Tony Stark…. and I’ve never seen a fan of either the Marvel comics or movies ever say they’d wished Tony was dead. And I got a whole news feed that says there’s a pretty decent demographic overlap.

In defense of this I’d like to point out:

Both Leo and Tony are natural born tinkering geniuses. (If you don’t think Leo’s a genius you rebuild a robotic dragon and we’ll talk, a flying greek Triream ship is an acceptable substitute)

Both had a father with an enormous shadow that was distant to say the least.

Both Tony and Leo are natural born troublemakers.

Both prefer to use their personality and charm to get people to like them. This is where Leo’s awkwardness is a large factor in people’s more negative reactions.

And regrettably both have displayed pretty misogynistic mannerisms at one point

Neither make a habit of being cruel and despite tensions always try to help the greater good

Both show signs of ADHD.

Just wanted to point out that perhaps people’s hate for Leo isn’t coming from the most righteous of reasons.

#Team Leo

Right to be expressionless?

Finns have been told to be shy, even to a degree that Finns itself describe themselves shy and not good in social interaction, if asked by a foreigner. Of course there’s some Finns that really are pathologically shy, like there’s in every nation. But I don’t think all of Finns are shy only because of not having small talk culture or not to behave in a loud way etc. These just aren’t a part of our culture. Nevertheless, I think that it’s even greater sign of social skills to be able to read other persons emotions even if they weren’t shown in all visible and obvious way.

I had an interesting discussion about this subject with a foreign person that had moved to Finland. She thought that Finns don’t have strong emotions, because of she couldn’t “see” them. Like, not laughing or screaming or crying or whatever. But I think that’s not the case. Vice verse, Finns might interpret smaller emotional signals in a stronger “volume” than non-Finns. The result is that those born inside Finnish culture, learn to read small emotional hints. But a foreigner that moves to Finland from abroad, haven’t got used to “less visible social behavior”, and thus is “socially blind” for a some while when moving in the country. Of course this causes reverse problems as well. Finns might interpret foreigner’s emotions being stronger than they really were (have done this myself a few times, sometimes by embarrassing results). And because of most of us recognize we seem expressionless to foreigners, many Finns actually behave in a more loud way when meeting foreigners, trying to broke this “cultural gap”. Unfortunately, this can lead in disappointment, when the foreign person later learns to know the “true Finn” behind the overly courteous first appearance.

When talking about Finnish culture, I’ve been asked why to be expressionless if you could be more “alive”. It’s hard to explain. I don’t feel like restricted when not shouting my feelings out all the time. It’s the same as members of more talkative culture don’t feel exhausted even if they let everybody know how they feel about every single issue all the time. What we’ve grown into, feels natural to us. For me it’s a relief to be able to be myself. To have my own thoughts and no need to share every single of them with everybody. Instead of talking constantly, also to listen. Or even better, just not talk at all and having all peaceful time without constant need to be seen and heard.

Some foreigners might see it rude if you aren’t constantly interested in social intercourse. On the contrary, it might feel oppressive to Finn if somebody kept conversation without a real subject forcibly alive. It feels like breaking the mental dimension of personal space! Anyway, there’s not just one objectively right way to live and interact. There’s differences inside and between nations. So let’s just accept that and live in harmony the best we can.

— Fan submission, thanks Lapsenlikka!

A lie that heals is better than the truth that hurts
—  Islamic Proverb

Good morning my friends.  I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful day.  You may as well, it’s all you’ll ever be promised.  ;)  I was looking for a favorite quote, “An unkind truth is no better than a lie”, which I either read or liberally borrowed years ago and ran across the one above which I quite enjoyed and wanted to share.   While being honest is generally an admirable trait, and admittedly there can be a time for “tough” love, I feel that it’s possibly a far greater sign of wisdom and serenity to follow Buddha’s Sage Advice, ‘Do no harm.“   Maybe it’s only because I’m growing long of tooth and grey of hair, but these days, any day that I don’t hurt anyone including myself is indeed a very good day, and that’s exactly my wish for you this day.   

“A girl falls in love with a hero. A woman falls in love with a man. It’s not that you always succeed but that you’ll always try.”

That’s a quote from the book I’m reading at the moment (The Briar King by Greg Keyes, first in a quadrology, highly recommend it). It just struck me that this really sums up the relationships on Once Upon A Time.

I’ll just clarify what it means to me first. A girl falls in love with a hero - not a heroic man, but an idealised, romanticised knight in shining armour who’ll sweep her off her feet, protect her, save her, and solve all her problems.

That might sound perfect, but it would actually be a really off-balanced, unhealthy relationship. Because he gets all the responsibility, and she never learns to stand on her own two feet.

A girl who grows up and learns to save herself becomes a woman. And a woman falls in love with a man. Maybe a heroic man, but first and foremost a man. (Or a woman, but that’s beside the point, the principle’s the same either way.)

Charming, Hook, and Robin are not idealised heroes. They’re not stronger or more powerful than the women. That’s not why they’re there. They’re there because they care, they support, they don’t give up. And really, it’s a much greater sign of courage, and of how important a cause is to you, if you fight despite the fact that you’re at a disadvantage, if taking a hit just means you’ll try again tomorrow.

And Emma, Snow, and Regina don’t need a hero. They don’t need a man so that they can be saved and unload all responsibility on him and not have to do things for themselves anymore. If they decide to be with someone, it’s because they choose to be, not because they need to be.

And the men are 100% okay with being in, on the surface, an inferior position in the relationship. Robin and Hook don’t have magic; Charming isn’t royal. But that’s okay. It doesn’t matter if other people (ie misogynistic idiots) think that the women are “wearing the pants” in the relationship or something equally nonsensical. None of the guys are insecure enough to let that kind of thing bother them, and that’s precisely why they’re such a great match for the women.

One of the most telling things is the way Killian encourages Emma to learn magic, just like Charming encouraged Snow to fight for her kingdom. He knows this will make her stronger - stronger than him. But that’s fine, because his ego isn’t threatened by that. What matters is helping her realise her potential. Because when you really love someone, you want them to be the best they can be, the most fulfilled they can be, the happiest they can be, regardless of whether that makes them stronger/more skilled/more successful than you or not.

Another thing is the particular brand of protectiveness we see. Emma, Regina, and Snow all like to go off and do dangerous things. The men don’t stop them. They know better than to even try, because they can’t, and they also don’t have the right. Their version of protectiveness is to go along with the crazy plan of the day, as backup. They never, ever try to take a choice away from the woman they love; in fact, if needs be, they’ll do their utmost to help make sure that she gets to make those choices.

And none of this is a threat to their ego. None of this means they’re weak. It means they’re strong. These guys don’t need to be needed in order to feel strong. They don’t need to put others down in order to lift themselves up.

It makes these relationships all the more real, and healthy, and good for everyone involved. They’re supportive, and they’re a choice. These people aren’t together because they need each other, they’re together because they want to be. It’s a choice, and it benefits both parties.

The important thing about these guys isn’t that they’re always able to save the day. It’s that they’ll always try, no matter how many times they fail or how difficult it is. It’s that they can stand back and play backup while the woman saves the day, without suffering a blow to their ego. It’s that they do whatever they can to help their partner be the best she can be. It’s that they’re loyal, and brave, and dependable. It’s that they will always, always choose her.
Thank You

This has been an amazing year for me as a musician and composer, and I owe a lot of that to Welcome to Night Vale and the intense and enthusiastic fandom that has sprung up around the show.  Having my music heard by this many people, being able to put an ensemble together and perform Disparition  songs on stage… I never really thought that would happen and it’s been amazing.  But the most amazing thing is when people write to me to tell me that my music has gotten them through a difficult time in their life or that they use it as inspiration for writing or painting… there is nothing like that feeling, because that is in my view one of the primary purposes of art- to heal and to inspire, and there is no greater sign of success as an artist than knowing you have made that emotional and spiritual connection with someone. 

As a small token of gratitude, all Disparition albums on Bandcamp are free to download, as are all album tracks on Soundcloud, from now until the end of the year.  Thank you and I look forward to a great 2014! 

If you are participating in or cosign any activity like this then in my book you lose the right to accuse any other culture of trying to be like you.

My sisters confuse me when they say that other people are trying to be like them when they look like this.

It’s oxymoronic.

Some will say that there are tribes in Africa with blonde hair and I agree but you know damn well you’re not trying to mimic them.

Every so often I have to drive this point home.

I love you sisters and I’m not trying to embarrass or humiliate you, but no one loves the truth because the truth hurts

When you do this you are subconsciously telling your children that they are not good enough and you are not leaving anything for them to take pride in.

How demeaning is it to grow up as a little black girl knowing that the world hates who you are and your mother does too?

How can you have knowledge of self when you have to pretend to be somebody else everyday? Undercover cops have to be debriefed because playing the character for too long will stick to you

I want to move on and im going to but this needs to be said:

In my mind there is no greater SIGN that you deifiy another culture than to sew in, glue or wear someone else’s hair that grows out of their head ON YOUR OWN
Not only that but you encourage and propagate this destructive behavior in your daughters

Not only that but you would spend the treasure of your nation to the tune of nine billion dollars a year……

Ladies you are the mothers of our children, the first teachers

If you don’t have value in yourselfs then no one will.

You are literally wearing someone else’s hair because I find it more attractive than your own

If this message is hitting you directly then please do not respond with your emotions but rather think about what it is that I am saying and that you are doing

You can twist and you can spend all you like but the fact of the matter is that this behavior is hurting us and it is at the very root of our problems

The fact that this activity is practiced on such a large scale is indicative of a humongous problem

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Olicity: While You Were Sleeping

This one was requested by my personal Oliver Queen

The first time she sees him up close during a nightmare, it scares her every bit as much as he warned her.

He’d warned her so many times not to get too close to him, but she hadn’t listened, hadn’t given into any thought that told her to stay away from him, hadn’t truly believed he’d even subconsciously put her in harm’s way and certainly not at his own hands. Oliver’s hands have been a presence of protection for as long as she’s known him. His hands have gifted her with the lies that concealed his true intentions when they first met. His hands have released arrows of death into men who have threatened to hurt her. His hands have cradled her cheek when she has stumbled, drawn her closer to him when his senses were alarmed, ran through her hair when it shielded her face.

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AP 266 // September 2010 // Something Corporate #AP30

“They were scene darlings in the early ’00s before unceremoniously disappearing from the radar nearly five years ago. But now, the Southern California piano-rockers are putting their “grown up” lives on hold for a reunion party, much to the joy of their fans. Is it a flash in the nostalgia pan or a sign of greater things to come?”