“If you looked down into the water you’d feel a school of fish passing underneath you. One time I went down into the water and found a school of fish all congregated together. While I passed by the school of fish, they all entwined themselves around me. At that point, I was literally in a sphere of the fish. The fish never left that spot. It was like a scene straight out of a movie. So, I stayed there for a while too. The feeling of the fish coiling around me was really great.”

“바다 위에서 내려다보면 그냥 물고기 떼가 밑을 지나다니는 느낌이잖아요. 한번은 물에 들어갔는데, 물고기 떼들이 엄청 뭉쳐있는 거예요. 딱 그 주변을 지나가는데 물고기들이 저를 막 휘감더라고요. 앞에도 뒤에도 온통 물고기 떼였어요. 물고기가 그 자리를 벗어나지 않더라고요. 영화에나 나올 법한 장면이었어요. 그래서 저도 거기에 한참을 있었어요. 그 한참을… 휘감는 느낌이 너무 좋았거든요.”

400. Griffindor’s parents were peasants. His mother died giving birth and father was a muggle so he may have been muggleborn. An only child, he inherited his fathers house at 15 and began to teach himself magic. He and Slytherin when he was 19 and they became close friends.