‘It’s everything you ever want,
It’s everything you ever need,
And it all in front of you,
And this is were you want to be~
This is the greatest show!! ’
- the greatest showman.

I really love this movie!!
Happy new year guys and enjoy this first art of 2018 😆😆😆 and yep damirae circus au 😆😆😆🎊🎊🎊🎊🎪🎪🎫🃏🎯👯👺🐘

Got7 As Animal Crossing Villagers

This has probably been done before but whatever:

Jackson/Dog/Jock - His house is decorated like a gym and he always challenges you to a game of hide and seek. Encourages you when you’re digging for fossils. Tries to show off by carrying said fossils to the museum for you.

Youngjae/Otter/Lazy - Youngjae is a bright kid who’s chill and always like to come to your house. He volunteers at the museum and had learned a lot from Blathers. He likes to tell you all about the different items you donate after displaying them.

JB/Wolf/Cranky - A grumpy old man that made you promise not to tell the other villagers that you saw him feeding the birds. Too bad everyone already knows. May seem a bit distant to some, but is still super protective of you.

Jinyoung/Alligator/Smug - If someone loves themself, that’s Jinyoung and it’s quite hilarious. As nice as he is, he is rather conceited and thinks highly of himself. JB doesn’t like him. Has a crush on Mabel and has asked for your advice to approach her. Hangs around the Able Sisters tailor shop to get her attention. It doesn’t work.

Mark/Lion/Jock - Jackson’s best friend and rival when it comes to whatever games they play. They once had a game of hide and seek that lasted until 5AM because Jackson kept moving from one spot to another. You tend to stay away from the madness, though sometimes you and Mark go to Harvey’s RV campsite to sit around the fire.

Yugyeom/Alpaca/Lazy - A pretty chill dude for the most part. He likes to go fishing and can be pretty competitive when it comes to the Fishing Tournament. You can find him at Club LOL during the week, partying it up with BamBam and DJ. KK.

BamBam/Goat/Jock - A wild kid who loves to party at Club LOL. Is banned from the museum… and the Fortune Tellers… and almost got banned from the Nook’s store. (You had to convince Tommy and Timmy not to.) Once tried to be a member of the HHA but got fired after he accidentally set someone’s carpet on fire…

{Open Starter}

“I just want to be alone,” Charity called wearily, feeling as if she’d said it a hundred times. The past few weeks had been hellish, and the only calm she could find was in the silence of the sole unfinished room at the top of the house. Nevermind that there was a portion of the slate roof missing, it was isolated enough, nostalgic, and there at least Charity could pretend to be reading, to forget and keep her mind from the nightmare of the last week.

Just last night Caroline and Helen had broken into paroxysms of tears, missing their father while she sat mutely on the edge of the bed, one hand tangled in Caroline’s curls, other hand fisted around a newspaper with a scandalous headline. Sleep had evaded her and so Charity had fled to the remains of the attic she and Phin had explored as children, exhausting herself in silent sobs. Never had the unknown seemed so bleak.

Repetition of the knock brought unexplained tears to her eyes.  And then the door swung inwards with an intrusive creak and Charity got to her feet, staring at the intruder with a pale face. “I said I wanted to be alone,” she managed, looking the figure over from head to toe, doing her best to keep her face impassive despite the disturbance flooding her mind.  “I don’t want to speak of it, of anything,” she found herself whispering. “It’s useless. There is no reason for any of it now.”