I wrote a thing. I promise if you've seen me post this multiple times, I'm sorry this is the last time because now I got my shit together and know what her freaking name is

            “Come outside,” he hangs up too quickly for me to respond. I place the scrub brush in the sink before rushing to the nearest window overlooking our driveway. I climb onto the leather booth and pressed my nose to the glass, he’s waiting outside propped up against his motorcycle. “Alex, do you know who’s in the driveway?” My dad shouts from his office.

            “Yes dad,” I reply. “I’m going out for a while okay?”

            “Alright, when will you be home?”

            “I don’t know but I’ll have my phone. Call me if you need anything.”

            “Okay, have fun.” I run outside and a huge smile crosses his face before he throws his arms around me in a warm hug.

            “I almost thought you weren’t going to come out.” I could feel the vibrations from his voice through his chest tickle my ear. I backed up a couple of steps so I could look at him while I talked.

            “I had to at least tell my dad I was leaving you know? I can’t just disappear for hours and not tell anyone.” I grabbed the spare helmet off the back of the bike and gently slid it over my head.

            “You’re eighteen do you really need to get permission from daddy dearest?” He teased before grabbing the chin straps from my fumbling fingers and securing them for me.

            “As long as I still live under his roof, yes I do need to get daddy’s permission. Just be thankful my mom isn’t home right now or she would come out here and drill you on when I was coming home and all that jazz. And my younger brother may come out and interrogate you as well, if he were here that is.” I swung my leg over the back of the bike and waited for him to join me. I had ridden lots of different motor vehicles before but the closest thing to a motorcycle was a dirt bike. How different could the two really be?

            “Well I would love to actually meet your family sometime,” he slid his helmet on and got on the bike in front of me.

            “So where are we going?” I ask as he starts up the motor and he lifts the kick stand.

            “Wherever my bike takes us,” he revved the engine a couple times then yelled back at me, “Hold on!” He pulled hard on the throttle and I screamed, wrapping my arms around his waist as we tore out of my driveway. He propelled down the road at 40 miles per hour which both worried me and thrilled me. “You know, this road is only 25?”

            “Oh really?” He shouts back, “Well let me fix that.” He pulls down on the throttle more coaxing the bike up to sixty and my heart begins racing. For a moment I think that I just got on a motorcycle with a complete mad man but the wind and the freedom quickly change my shrieks to giggles. Maybe what I really need is someone who is a little mad.

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God Fucking dammit, Nellie

1. What was your very first fandom?  Are you still in it?

I mean if we’re talking VERY first it’d be Disney. As far as the big Tumblr fandoms go, my dad got me into Doctor Who when I was a wee lad

2. What is your favourite part of your body?

My sweet ayuss. But I’d prolly say my eyes

3. What is that one thing that people say that sets off your inner activist the most?

Just bigotry in general. If it’s socially acceptable to do so I usually let people know if what they’re saying is ignorant or misinformexd

4. What do you use anonymous on tumblr for?

If I want to compliment someone but am too shy to show them who I am 

5. How do you find catharsis after a traumatic event?

Sitting down and playing my guitar

6. How many people do you text on average each day.  Do you text first?

Anywhere between 0-10. My social life is a rollercoaster

7. What was the last thing you did that you regret?  How are/did you move on from that?

There are very few things I regret. I don’t even remember what the last thing was

8. What topic do you find uncomfortable to talk about with friends?

I have a bad habit of not really opening up with people. I mean if something comes up I am more than willing to talk about it.

9.  Where do you see yourself at age 30, 50, and 70?

Probably settle down around 30 with a wife and maybe a few kids; have my career all set up, whether it be music or something else. At 50 I want to be retired but who knows, a few grandchildren maybe. By 70 I want to be content with my life and the things I’ve accomplished

10. What is your go-to conversation when meeting a new person?

It really depends, after looking them over and a few seconds of talking I can get a feel for the general area of stuff they like and I try to expand from there

And GODDAMMIT I answered these already before I realized It’s the ones below I need to answer

1. If you could only travel to 3 more places in your lifetime where would you go? 

I’d backpack through Japan, I’d swim in the Gulf of California, and I’d visit Jerusalem

2. You’re laying in bed late late at night, what are you thinking about?

“What the fuck am I doing with my life” or “Why am I the only one in this bed”

3. You have the option to reverse engineer 1 article of clothing to recreate thousands of it, just for you. Which article is it?

Thousands? Jesus, probably my favorite jeans or something

4. When you wake up in the morning, what is your typical routine?

Go through my texts, grumble to myself, get up, grab some clothes, then shower and brush my teeth

5. Are you happy where you are in your life right now? Would you change anything?

I’m perfectly content

6. You have the opportunity to travel to any planet in our solar system, where do you go?


7. You’re trying to impress your love interest with a song, what do you play them?

Either drop the panties with “Let’s Stay Together” or get them all sleepy and cuddly with Bon Iver

8. Name one experience you wish you could relive exactly how it was

I prefer to create new experiences

9. Who is one person who has changed your life in so many incredible ways?

My aunt and grandmother

10. What do you want your last words to be?

It’s probably going to be extremely situational, but either “aw shit” or something along the lines of “I did what I could and what I loved, and I wish the same upon everyone else”

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If there was one thing you could accomplish in life what would that be?

Who has influenced who you are today the most?

What are careers you wanted to have in the past?

Favorite fictional character

Post your favourite piece of art

What’s a lesson you’ve learned first-hand you will always remember?

Deep space or deep sea?

Why did you join tumblr?

What’s your favourite thing that you own?

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