Well, I got thinking whilst listening to another podcast, and accidently arrived at a conclusion as to why I had found the fourth year anniversary episodes so great.

Night Vale worked together.

The podcast is chock full of all these really strong characters who have all achieved so much individually, they can all stand up for themselves well enough, but all of them banded together to overthrow a threat that would have otherwise seen them scattered, alone and afraid.

Of course, the town has worked together before (overthrowing Strex, for example), but year four had seen a number of events that had divided opinion and might have caused rifts, like the decision in Hiram McDaniel’s court case, and the fact that so many people opposed the integration of former Desert Bluffs citizens into their community.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, even if someone does not agree wholeheartedly with every opinion that their neighbour has, they will still come together to protect that community despite all the ongoing disputes and problems. 

They’ll still fight tooth and nail in order to ensure that imperfect, barely balanced township continues to exist for even the people that they will continue to disagree with. 

I don’t know, I guess it was just the whole “brought together in times of trouble” trope that really got through to me, aha.