I just got back from such an amazing week in scotland. I got to see all sorts of places including Great Western Road in Glasgow, Loch Lomond on the way to Fort William, and I travelled on the Jacobite express (the train which was used in the Harry Potter films) over the Glenfinnan viaduct. These memories will stay with me for a long, long time :)

Christ! I uploaded this, took one look at it and thought “that’s way too dark”. So I went back and lightened it up a tiny bit, uploaded it and now it’s too light.

I hate post-processing photos.

And, of course, my monitor’s not calibrated so it’ll be miles off anyway.

And now I’m writing this message I’m thinking it’s too dark again. Bloody hell.


1986. Orgasmatron

is the seventh album b band Motörhead, Released in 9 August. It is the only full Motörhead album to feature Phil Campbell    and Würzel on guitar, and Pete Gill on the drums, although he also played on the four new tracks recorded for the 1984 No Remorse compilation album.

After leaving Bronze Records on bad terms, Motörhead kept touring without the benefit of a record deal, in spite of being cited as a key influence in the thrash movement that was becoming extremely popular with heavy metal fans in the mid-1980s. In Overkill: The Untold Story of Motörhead, Joel McIver quotes vocalist/bassist Lemmy Kilmister from that period: “Elektra passed. MCA passed. CBS passed. Epic passed. Chrysalis passed. Everyone passed. Hell, I wish we sold as many albums as we do T-shirts. In England, it’s pretty well over for us as far as selling a lot of albums is concerned”. After their ongoing lawsuit with their old label was settled in their favor, Motörhead and its management set up their own label GWR (Great Western Road) to get their music out.

Orgasmatron features some of Motörhead’s heaviest songs (“Orgasmatron” and “Deaf Forever”) and it is the album (along with No Remorse) that got Motörhead back on track after the critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful 1983 album Another Perfect Day. The album reached number 21 in the UK charts. The song “Orgasmatron” was re-recorded in 2000.

The album’s working title was Ridin’ with the Driver and later changed to Orgasmatron; it was too late for Joe Petagno to change the cover art and the train design was used.

So this record was the beginning of a new era for Motörhead, it demonstrates they could prevail with this promising line-up without getting stuck in the past, although their attitude, honesty and guts remained intact. Maybe this isn’t Lemmy and co.’s greatest work, either the most remembered by the fans from the Würzel years but fun is guaranteed undoubtedly with each of these cool songs.

1986 may have been the year of thrash, but once again Motörhead proved there just isn’t a substitute for the new religion, the electric church…rock ’n’ roll.

        Lemmy      Phil Campbell      Würzel      Pete Gill

St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral was designed as a parish church by Sir George Gilbert Scott and built between 1871 and 1874 on the north side of Great Western Road in Woodside. In 1893 Scott’s second son John Oldrid Scott added the magnificent spire which dominates the local landscape. In 1908 St Mary’s became the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway.

Flyer designed by Julian Yewdall for the 101ers last gig before Joe Strummer left to join The Clash. 1976.

The design for the poster features graffiti from around West London, such as “Dynamite!” which was a phrase often used in Situationist graffiti around Notting Hill, sprayed by the group King Mob. 

“Letsagetabitarockin” was a song by The 101ers, which Strummer and co graffitied on the panelling along Great Western Road in Paddington.

N O I S E (a rust cohle mix. pulse under control.)


A man sticks his fingers inside of his mouth
The words are stuck in there, he fishes them out
Whispers and mumbles, statements and verse,
Curses and love songs for nobody else
[At our root, we are connected through
A biology, a universal cruelty
Send me home
Return me to a lonely womb]


1. the great western road - david byrne; 2. o children - nick cave and the bad seeds; 3. my body is a cage - peter gabriel; 4. love is noise - the verve; 5. virgin - manchester orchestra; 6. everything is on fire - wirrow; 7. no surprises - radiohead; 8. firearms - xenia kriisin; 9. let down - radiohead; 10. tear garden - iamx; 11. the boxer - editors; 12. in the androgynous dark - brambles.


David Byrne - “Great Western Road”


365 Song Challenge:

Day 4: A song you like from a movie soundtrack:

“Great Western Road” by David Byrne

It’s from David Mackenzie’s film “Young Adam” starring Ewan McGregor, Tilda Swinton, Peter Mullan and Emily Mortimer. It’s a great film and definitely worth watching.

♡Soriel Collab - Pick Your Part♡

so i got a few people saying they would be interested in the soriel collab! hooray!

i decided to split up the song so now people can pick the part they would like! yay woohoo!

the only requirement for the collab is that you do only one panel for your part!

(theres no deadline as of now but once i figure one out i will announce it! just the sooner the better!)

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“He’s suffering from post-traumatic stress; all his friends are dead. And if you survive that experience – the blitz, the Battle of Britain – then all you want to do is drink and sing. Play golf all day and drive 90mph down the Great Western Road. Freddie has this amazing, superficial vitality, but underneath that is a kind of great spiritual desolation.” [x]