The Greatest Showman was fantastic and I’m shocked more people aren’t talking about it. My dash should be covered with gorgeous edits from the film. It’s beautifully shot with excellent actors, great musical numbers, themes that speak to the current political and social climate, and an OTP worthy love story between Zendaya and Zac Efron’s Anne and Phillip. The soundtrack alone is flawless. There’s not a song on there that I skip over. Everyone seriously needs to go see this.

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Here we are, a list of TV and film things that my childhood (until about the end of elementary school) was made of. Several of those also exist in other forms of media, but these are the ones I watched/read/listened to. (Maybe I missed a few and have to add them later…)

Fav MBMBaM Episodes

MBMBaM 309: Here Comes Ray Donovan - our boys struggle to ring joy out of 2016: PURGE 24/7!!! with a desperation that borders on hysteria.

MBMBam 259: Birthday Surprise Hole - no questions. no yahoos. the brothers just talk for an hour and you get to hear some funny stories from their youths.

MBMBaM 289: Ben Stiller’s Museum Nights - Travis says something that I will probably never forget as long as i live

MBMBaM 335: Rise of the Star King - some hilarious Santa talk goes down

MBMBaM 315: No Gods, No Kings, Only McCheese - starts off with some great olympics-themed goofs and stays very fun the whole ride

MBMBaM 340: Doritos-Blasted Crow - There’s an incredible munch squad in this one, and the discussion about blowing kisses at work always makes me smile

MBMBaM 300: The Three Hundredth One

MBMBaM 336: Twenty-Something-Teen - kind of like Birthday Surprise Hole, the brothers spend most of the episode coming up with a name for the new year (2017), saying sriracha a million times, and becoming Patrons of the Arts (the Fushigi Arts)

MBMBaM 323: How I Lost the Fateful Basketball Game to Mr. Carter - “Hi, welcome to the MBMBaM Boss Strategy Guide. We’re talking about fighting Shaq.”

MBMBaM 313: Bone Dry Feeners - idk why i find the Mannequin goofs so funny but i really do. also they decide that the Best Boy Grip is just a lucky boy movie productions keep around to ward off ghosts.

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017.

Hello, everyone ! 📏 I’ve finally settled in my new student room ! I was a bit disappointed about not being able to get the same one as last year, but I’m over it. This one’s actually a little bit roomier, although not as pretty.

So, this will be my workspace for the year, hopefully it’ll motivate me to be more productive than last year ! My classes start on Monday, I’m a bit apprehensive because the second year of university is supposed to be a lot harder. Anyway, let’s cheer up !

P.-S. : I’m using a calendar by @emmastudies for the first time ever ! It’s really useful and looks great with my desk theme. You can print it on her blog.


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Which theme(s) would you suggest for a writers blog?



  • Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the official name of the Star Wars themed lands at Walt Disney World and Disneyland California.🌟
  • The lands will be totally immersive.🌟
  • In the remote trading port, on the light side of the lands, guests will have a chance to pilot the Millennium Falcon, and whether you land or crash it will determine how people treat you throughout the day! (THAT level of immersion) Also, depending on how you do in the ride, characters from “Star Wars: Rebels” will make appearances, either congratulating you on a job well done or sending a bounty hunter after you🌟
  • There will also be another ride on the dark side of the Star Wars lands, which will be set inside a Star Destroyer hangar bay.🌟
  • Throughout the Star Wars lands, guests can meet BB-8, Chewbacca, Kylo Ren and Rex from Star Tours.🌟
  • There will also be a cantina restaurant, similar to the one in the movie, where guests can try Blue Milk.🌟
  • There will be also “100% immersive” luxury Star Wars hotel coming to Walt Disney World only!🌟
  • Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open first in Disneyland California, then in Walt Disney World.🌟


  • Marvel Land confirmed for California Adventure. Spider-Man and Avengers experience coming to Disney’s California Adventure! Disney hasn’t announced much, except that it’ll be a totally immersive experience.😱💥
  • Fantasmic will return to Disneyland✨
  • Cars Land will get Halloween makeover.
  • Paradise Pier will turn into Pixar Pier at Disney’s California Adventure, with Pixar characters all over the area and permanent changes to the park include building new areas to help bring the worlds of Pixar to life.🎢
  • Fantasmic will return to Disneyland✨
  • Disneyland will get a new fireworks show, and the Pixar Play Parade will return to the park.💥


A Marvel hotel is coming to Disneyland Paris! “Disney’s Hotel New York” as it’s now called, will be reimagined into a Marvel themed wonderland!
“We’re going to create a hotel at Disneyland Paris that would make Tony Stark proud.”- Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek


  • The park is apparently set for a MAJOR upgrade & overhaul, but Disney did revealed very little about their overall plan for the park. They shared a concept art photo for what it could look like in the future.🌐
  • A Guardians of the Galaxy ride will replace Universe of Energy, which will close August 13, 2017. Epcot is becoming part of the story, as Peter Quill enjoyed visiting the park when he was a kid on Terra / Earth.☄️
  • The Ratatouille ride from Disneyland Paris is coming to the France pavilion.🐭🇫🇷
  • China will be getting a new seamless CircleVision film. 🇨🇳
  • A new outer space-themed restaurant is also coming to the area next to Mission: Space.🌌
  • Disney Skyliner will connect Disney resorts to Epcot.🚡


  • It’s official! The famous TRON coaster from Disneyland Shanghai is coming to the Magic Kingdom! The ride will be built in a new area next to Space Mountain, and will NOT replace any existing rides. It will be open before 2021.💙
  • A new entertainment venue will be added on Main Street at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. It is inspired by Kansas City’s Willis Wood Theatre in 1920s Kansas City, where Walt lived after he left Marceline. There’s no word on what this venue will hold yet.


  • The Great Movie ride will close on August 13, 2017 to make way for a new attraction “Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway”! There will be “a great new theme song” for the attraction. Guests will step into the movie screen and onto Goofy’s train, riding through a Mickey and Minnie cartoon short.” 🐭The Imagineers says it’s not in 3D but rather “2 and a half D”, and this attraction will have more Hidden Mickeys than any other attraction ever!🐭
  • TOY STORY LAND WILL OFFICIALY OPEN SUMMER 2018.🎪 The whole concept of the land is that you’ll find yourself shrunk to the size of a toy to explore the world of Andy’s backyard with your favorite Toy Story characters, including Woody and Buzz. There will be 2 major attractions: Slinky Dog Dash & Alien Swirling Saucers.🎪
  • Slinky Dog Dash will be a family coaster attraction where you’ll zip, dodge and dash around many turns and drops that Andy has created to really make Slinky and his coils stretch to his limits.🐶
  • Alien Swirling Saucers will also be a new attraction at Toy Story Land. It’s designed as a toy play set that Andy got from Pizza Planet, inspired by the first “Toy Story” film. Aliens are flying around in their toy flying saucers and trying to capture your rocket toy vehicle with “The Claw.”👽


The Disney Skyliner will give guests a bird’s-eye view of Walt Disney World & will transport guests form resorts to Hollywood Studios & Epcot! Disney has also announced Minnie Mouse themed cars that will act as an Uber-like service within Walt Disney World, that will take guests anywhere they want to go within the Walt Disney World Resort.


‘Swan Lake is one of those grand, beautiful pieces. This is what you think of when you think of classical ballet. It’s a fairy tale, really, with all the great themes of good verses evil, the search for true love, treachery and deceit, and how the power of magic may be great, but it’s no match for the power of two lovers meant to be together!’. - Tyson Compton

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About Time

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Steve Harrington x Reader

About Time

Note: I just finished S2 of Stranger Things and let’s just say my crush on Steve Harrington got a whole lot bigger.

Warnings: None??

Word Count: 1961

Soulmate. It was a heavy word. One that tended to determine your entire life. Society had revolved around them since ancient Egypt. Of course, in the year 2017, there were more advanced ways in which they had been worked into everyday life. Most tops with long sleeves had a little window built in for your soulmate tattoo. Every love song on the radio was about them or about finding them. Apps like eHarmony and were designed to help you find the one who was really meant for you.

Or so said the fates.

According to town record, the name written on your wrist had been used in Hawkins before. Steve Harrington. But the other Steve had graduated high school in 1985


Steve Harrington was very broken up about his breakup with Nancy. As soon as her soulmate tattoo had appeared, she had left him for Jonathan. Not that he blamed her. They were soulmates after all. But it still hurt.

Hanging out with the kids helped. He finally felt like he had a purpose. Like he was a big brother sort of. He wasn’t just some jock with a nail bat anymore. He was the protector of children. Their mentor. And he had the best hair in town.

When Steve’s soulmate tattoo appeared, he had another mission.

“(Y/N) (L/N)? Who’s that?” Dustin asked, sneaking a peak over the teenager’s shoulder.

“Don’t know. Never met her.” he shrugged, trying to pretend he hadn’t spent the past night and a half combing through a phonebook in hopes to find your name. No such luck. “But she’s my soulmate, apparently.”

“Maybe you won’t meet her until college. A bunch of people don’t meet their soulmates until then.” Max shrugged. Steve rested his cheek on his fist, trying not to look to beat up about waiting an undetermined amount of time to meet the one he was meant to fall in love with.


You knew Hawkins wasn’t ordinary. You knew it. But when you heard sounds, or more specifically, music coming from your closet, you were a little more than intrigued. It was the middle of the night. And there was ‘80s synth pop coming from…somewhere in your closet.

So, you got up and took a few steps closer.

What you were not expecting: some Narnia shit to happen.

You came out of the closet on the…other side of the closet, but you were back in your room. Except, the walls were different and there were different posters. And there was a boy sitting in your bed with an old fashioned curly-corded landline in his hand.

“Yeah Dustin, I’m gonna have to call you back…” He hung up the phone and sat there with wide brown eyes for a second or two. You looked him over. He had hair bigger than your future and a face that just about melted you into a puddle.

“Hello, boy in my bedroom.” You kind of waved awkwardly.

“Hello, girl in my closet.” he replied, eyebrows furrowing. “Wait, your bedroom?”

“My bedroom.”

He tilted his head to the side. “No…”

“Yes…” You looked around. “Except it’s painted. And your posters are different. And…you really have a thing for the ‘80s. I mean they were cool and all, but-”

“Were.” He cut you off. “What do you mean ‘were’ cool? Who even-”

“Dude, check a calendar. It’s-” you glanced at the calendar pinned to his door. “1984?”


“Nonononono…” You walked over and flipped through the calendar, but the year didn’t change. You held your head, dizziness sweeping over you.

“Woah, hey, hey,” the boy got up from the bed and took a few tentative steps towards you. “Hey, it’s gonna be okay, okay? I don’t know what’s going on or where you’re from, but-” It was then that he caught sight of your wrist and his heart stopped. “(Y/N) (L/N)?”

“How did you know my-” You caught his gaze, stuck on your arm and grabbed his wrist to take a look for yourself. Sure enough, your name was permanently etched onto his wrist. Your mother’s words rang in your head. Fate finds a way. And sometimes, in this case at least, the way was a time-travelling wormhole in your closet. “Steve Harrington.”

“Yeah,” he nodded, a great big goofy grin spreading across his handsome features. He tried to play it cool, to be cool, but he was too damn excited. “Nice to…meet you and stuff.”


The next afternoon, Steve came through your closet as soon as he got home from school.

“Hey there, girl in my bedroom.”

“Nice to see you, boy in my closet.”

He smirked and walked over to your bed and sat beside you, looking around at how different the space was. The walls were a different color, the furniture was all rearranged, and indeed, there were different posters on your wall. Instead of cologne and hair care products, you had makeup and perfume sitting on your vanity. And where his record player was, you had…nothing.

“How do you listen to music in here?”

“On my phone.” You held up your iPhone. He scrunched up his face and took the phone from you, looking it over.

“This is not a phone.”

“Yeah? Then what is it, Harrington?”

“Not a phone, that’s for sure.”

You sort of laughed at his reaction and then took it back from him, unlocking it with your thumbprint and turned on the front-facing camera on Instagram.

“Woah, you’ve got a camera in there?” He squinted and looked skeptically at the little box in your hand.

“Gotta post my #SoulmateSunday pic.” You adjusted the filter and then leaned a head on Steve’s shoulder. He smiled and then turned to kiss your forehead, resulting in the perfect picture to make all of your friends jealous. As soon as you captioned and posted it, in rolled the congratulatory texts and comments.

“So what do you do for fun in this weird future of yours?” Steve snaked an arm around your waist and you leaned into his warmth. His thumb rubbed circles in your hip.

“We could go see a movie.”

“Are there any arcades still around?”

“Not really. I mean, like besides Chuck E. Cheese and stuff. Not the kind you have.”

“Okay so today we’ll spend the day in- what year is it?”


“Not in Kansas anymore, jeez.” he rubbed his forehead, and then snapped out of it. How far away you two were. How different your worlds were, and yet here he was. In the future. “And then tomorrow, I can show you a real afternoon in 1984. Sound good?”

“Sounds perfect.”

The two of you went to see a movie and then returned home where you finally introduced your parents to your long-awaited soulmate. They liked Steve and thought he was perfect for you. You agreed.

Then, the next day, Steve took you to the wonderful wacky world of 1984. His hair was even bigger than the first few times you met. Bigger than your future at least. And all of Steve’s friends, and the kids he babysat, were really nice. The curly-haired one, whose name was Dustin, liked to tease Steve about you. You found it endearing.

Steve bought the two of you milkshakes and a basket of fries at this great ‘50s themed diner. You had almost forgotten how much ‘50s nostalgia there was in the ‘80s. But here you were and there was a ton of it.

You curled up to Steve in the booth, tucking your head into the crook of his neck. He chuckled, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you closer. You didn’t know why soulmate science worked, but it did. You felt like Steve was always meant to be here, to love you. Like he was always supposed to be a part of your life.


You and Steve spent every day together doing everything you could think of. Fall faded into winter, and so Steve was helping you bake Christmas cookies…which led to him lifting you onto the counter and making out with you. His lips were soft and adventurous, venturing across your soft skin and kissing every spot he could reach. You tugged gently on his hair, and just as one of his large, warm hands was wandering up your shirt, you heard a voice from your bedroom.

“Woah, future!” Dustin. Steve basically tore his hand away from your bra hooks and helped you off of the kitchen counter faster than you could say Michael Jackson. “Hello? Anyone home? Steve, this looks just like your house!”

“I told you, she moved into my place a few years ago. Dustin, what the hell are you doing here?” Steve had a towel thrown over his shoulder and his hands on his hips. So this was the ‘Mom Mode’ you had heard so much about. A smug grin found a place on your lips as you watched it unfold.

“Okay, you seriously told me you have a time-travelling wormhole in your closet and expected me not to explore it.”

“Point taken.”

You curled into Steve’s chest, his arm wrapping around you.

“Welcome to the Future, Dustin. Do you want a snack or anything?”

“Give me the most future-y thing you can find.” He said, taking a seat at the table. You ended up getting him some Oreo Churros and a glass of Crystal Pepsi, both of which he was extremely astonished by.

Steve couldn’t help but chuckle a little. He had been this way a few months ago, but now he was used to it. In fact, he was starting to get a bit confused about what belonged in his world and what belonged in yours. Many times, he had brought Pepsi cans with the old labels or you had accidently taken foods with new logos and things to the ‘80s. Luckily, none of it had left his house or car, so it was easy enough to cover your tracks.

“So, (Y/N), I was thinking that maybe for Christmas, we could have dinner at both of our houses. We can have dinner with my family Christmas Eve and then both celebrate Christmas here.”

“You just want to see a 21st Century Christmas in action.” You tilted your head. He pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead.




A few nights later, Christmas Eve, after dinner at Steve’s house and after you had both said goodnight and gone to bed, something came through your closet. It was dark in your room, and you had been asleep until you had heard the noise.

“Babe?” Steve’s voice was quiet, trying not to startle you. “Mind if I sleep here?”

“S’fine.” You mumbled, batting a sleepy hand at your soulmate as he walked closer and climbed beneath the covers. You laid on his chest and tangled your legs with his. “Couldn’t sleep?”


“Ah.” You nodded. Steve had told you about the monsters in his Hawkins. It didn’t sound pretty. You didn’t blame him for being a bit more than afraid of those terrifying things. One of them had eaten Dustin’s cat, after all.

Steve brushed the hair out of your face, his other long arm wrapped around your waist. You exhaled a long breath, basking in his warmth. He was always so warm.

“I never thought my soulmate would be from the ‘80s,” Your words barely escaped your lips, but they made him smile.

He kissed your forehead. “And I never thought my soulmate would be from the future.” He held you in his arms and enjoyed the feeling of you laying on him, your head on his chest listening to his heartbeat as it slowed. “Merry Christmas, (Y/N).”

“Merry Christmas, Steve…”

The Great Sea
Will Bedford
The Great Sea

Number 7!

The Great Sea/Sailing theme from Wind Waker was voted as the 7th most popular track from the LoZ series in my give away event! Here’s an orchestrated cover from Will Bedford :)

Download this song

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Eldritch Monstrosities

@grey2510 made the mistake of tagging me with a vague request for thoughts on Eldritch Monstrosities right after the episode aired.  I have too many thoughts.  My friends have been putting up with me begging, whining, and pleading for some form of Eldritch monster for months — and not just the Eldritch Bunker, as much as I enjoy that headcanon.

One of the problems that SPN has is reduction of scope.  Everyone likes to comment on this in the form of “demons used to be so scary and now…”  One of the basic tenants of the show is that humans are the real monsters; therefore all monsters are human, on some level or another.  This is great for themes, but there’s a certain point where clinging to that tenant starts to mess with the sense of scope/scale to the universe and the overall tone of the show.

We’ve gotten to the point where even God and his Sister are people, and that’s a problem for a show that relies upon escalation in its Big Bad mytharcs.  You can’t go bigger than the being that created everything and the being that was there before even him.

Originally posted by hellsbells91

Unless you go back further.

One of the basic formula for creation myths is “in the beginning there was Chaos; and then there was a division between opposites.”  Light and dark, fire and ice, earth and sky, yin and yang.  Sometimes the gods create the division, and sometimes it’s just there before the gods are.

The Empty is our Chaos.  It’s the answer to the riddle of “what came before eternity?”

Back up, what the heck do you mean when you say Eldritch Monstrosity?

The definition of eldritch is something eerie, weird, spooky, otherworldly; (also “oblong” in certain dictionaries).  There are theories that tie the origin of the word back to the Fae Folk and Faerieland.  Where most people know it from is H.P. Lovecraft, though I am not going to delve into him.

When it’s used in a fictional setting, it’s shorthand for something otherworldly, but more than that it’s something that we can’t properly understand.  It’s beyond the scope of human reality, something so big and so powerful and so far above the world that we can’t even begin to get a hold on it.

I also need to expand my definition a little bit here; because of the genre we’re operating in, creature and being does not just mean humanoid, or tentacle god-thing, or morphic smoke or goo.  It’s also buildings and locations (see The House of Leaves, The Haunting of Hill House, and Demonreach in The Dresden Files for good examples of location and building entities).

For characters, look at beings like Discworld’s Death; Dream and the other Endless from Sandman; Tom Bombadil from The Lord of the Rings; any of Lovecraft’s Elder Gods; or creatures like the Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth.  In Supernatural, Death has been our key example for years, and he’s really the best example for scope.

Death: “You have an inflated sense of your own importance.  To a thing like me, a thing like you, well.  Think how you’d feel if a bacterium sat at your table and started to get snarky.  This is one little planet, in one tiny solar system, in a galaxy that’s barely out of its diapers.  I’m old, Dean, very old.  So I invite you to contemplate how insignificant I find you.”  

Dean: “How old are you?”  

Death: “As old as God.  Maybe even older, neither of us can remember any more.  Life, death, chicken, egg; regardless, at the end I’ll reap Him too.”

Amara is a similar creature, though we get to see less of her Otherness because of how season 11 is constructed and out of sheer necessity.  It’s fairly easy to anthropomorphize Death (we’ve been doing it for centuries), but a being that’s essence is Nothingness has to be seriously scaled down for human characters to interact with it.  Amara was also trying to understand Creation, which isn’t something Death wanted to do.  Still, there are scenes like human!Amara talking to mirror!Amara that make me jump up and down and point frantically at Sandman and Dream’s gem analogy: that this massive Being’s existence in our realm, what we perceive as Dream (or Amara) in physical form, is basically the light reflecting off of one facet of a jewel.  It’s only part of the whole; only a partial perspective and view of the deeper reality.

And now we have the creature from the Empty, something older than God, or the Darkness.  A location with a personality who really wants to sleep.

Originally posted by crispychrissy

Okay but why should I care?

Outside of the fact that the Empty being a creature reintroduces scope to the universe?  There are older things out there than God, Monster, or Man and they’re awake.  This is why I also frequently clamor for the show to re-do the Fae Folk; again, Supernatural has sacrificed scope for theme over the years.  The monsters are all people, so the only way to get real monsters back is to go full on Eldritch.

But that’s not why they’re important.  Eldritch Beings, as far as SPN is concerned, are mirrors.

When we’re talking in terms of writing and storytelling, eldritch creatures reflect the characters and world around them.  If it’s a location, the set is designed, lit, and decorated so that it reflects someone or something; if it’s a character, they mirror themes or arcs.

This is why @floralmotif and I lovingly call two of the recurring sets Eldritch Monstrosities (the Bunker and one particular Diner).  The Bunker has internal illogical inconsistencies, and the diner has showed up at least from s4 to s12; most of the time the sets are identical, but the ways that they are altered/redecorated/relit act as emotional mirrors for the characters present, to an even greater extent than normal sets.  (This kind of mirroring does not happen in the ‘Hell’ set, ever, or Bobby’s house, or any of the other handful of recurring sets we visit).  It’s an extension of how the show naturally uses set design (like the ever-popular beer signs), they just spill over into this category because at some point their use/reuse passed the realm of logic and went full “okay how the hell does this even work in-universe.”

Originally posted by tributeofasgard

Amara was a mirror for Dean; a being consumed by rage because of loss, fighting to reconcile disparate parts of themself into one cohesive whole, who was searching for emotional completion (in all the wrong places).

Jack fully qualifies as an Eldritch Monstrosity, both in power scope and in how he functions in the story.  He’s the ultimate mirror right now; whenever he’s with a character he ends up reflecting their emotions, and he’s also mirroring a bunch of individual arcs all at once.  His powers and true nature are outside of everyone’s understanding right now; only the fact that he’s limited (and adorable) keeps him from appearing ridiculously terrifying.

And now, again, we have the Empty.  We have a being/location that automatically qualifies as an Eldritch Monstrosity by its nature (the anthropomorphic personification of the Void wants to have a nap), that is reflecting and mirroring the emotions of a character.  Only this time it’s explicit: the Empty is an actual dark pit of despair, beating Cas over the head with his failures and fears and all the reasons he blames himself; telling him to give in to the darkness, to sleep, to stop fighting.  It’s the physical manifestation of his depression.

I don’t know if the Empty will return: I hope it will, in some form or fashion.  I hope there are other things out there in the dark.  I really really hope my other crazy theory is right, and that Amara, Death, Billie, and the Empty are all aspects of the same Dark Being.  But for now, it’s served its purpose.  We’ve gained another layer of scope, which is crucial for a soft reboot like s13 is, and the Anthropomorphic Personification of Cas’ depression tried to beat him into submission and failed.

A theme I feel is never brought forward enough in the series is choices and the effect they have. Snape choose dark arts over his friendship with Lily, and eventually it cost him her as a friend and it killed her. Lily chose to die for her son, and it gave the wizard world the chosen one. Voldemort chose which wizard he thought best fit the prophecy, and destroyed himself in the process. Choices, and the consequences that follow, is a great theme in this series.

anonymous asked:

Oh wise vintagegeekculture, might I ask your opinion on Michael Moorcock's essay "Epic Pooh"?

I am American as all-get-out. Stranger Things is practically a documentary about my rural childhood; there were a million little sense memory triggers in that series for me. So there is probably a cultural context to that very very English essay that discusses a very very English relationship to lulling sentimentality and class and the countryside that I willfully concede that I am simply not grasping. The English seem to think entirely in terms of debating sentimental imagery: “Mother London” vs. the “Ploughman’s Lunch” and “Little Britain.” Althought it is a serious issue, listening to British debates on Brexit often felt like hearing to the “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra” aliens from TNG having a loud argument about who’s Mom loves them more.

But…from my perspective as an outsider and foreigner, I think the general point Moorcock makes is correct: Fantasy was created by men like Tolkien and Lord Dunsany who were violently hostile to the modern world and so their work very studiously avoided talking about the modern world except in opposition to it (for instance, the only person to push industrialization and scouring the countryside is an asshole wizard; the only person who talks like T.S. Elliot’s Londoners is the despicable Sméagol). Lord Dunsany was a great writer, but seems like a thin-blooded aristocrat, like a Brit Ashley Wilkes from Gone With the Wind, who even in the 1970s, wrote his stories with a quill pen and wore an ascot tie to book readings.

Moorcock is right when he says that fantasy often avoids reflecting the world around us, and that being overly sentimental about the past serves the interest of reactionaries (note that he did not call Tolkien and Dunsany and the rest reactionaries…at least in a way that was visible in their work – he did say that about Adams and Lewis though). The most important quote in that essay is “Ideally fiction should offer us escape and force us, at least, to ask questions; it should provide a release from anxiety but give us some insight into the causes of anxiety.” I mean, fantasy as a genre was so detached from “real world” issues that when someone like Tad Williams started to include something as fundamental as economics into his fantasy worlds starting in the 1980s, people treated him like a total genius (Which Tad Williams IS, incidentally - these days, people only really know Tad Williams, if they know him at all, as the inspiration for George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones).

One of the great themes of Moorcock’s work is the way that authoritarians use sentimental imagery of the past to manipulate people. If you read Epic Pooh, also read his other book, “The Dreamthief’s Daughter,” the opening third to half is set in Nazi Germany. It’s actually more helpful to understand the point of this essay to read “Dreamthief’s Daughter,” since, in the words of Francois Truffaut, “the only way to critique a movie properly is to make another movie.” Dreamthief’s Daughter starts with a “Good German,” von Bek, who is horrified that his Germany was taken over by Nazism, how they replace “self respect with a kind of strutting self-esteem.” At one point, our hero has to hide in the German countryside, and he mentions how sinister the small storybook German towns he passes through seem, romanticized by fascists after Hitler came to power, as they were pushed front and center as the “true Germany.”

Of all the books ever written about the Nazis and arch-reactionaries, Moorcock gets it the most right in “Dreamthief’s Daughter.” They were boring failsons, not supervillains. Rudolf Hess was described as the most irritating person to sit next to on the bus to a con and who believed magic and ghosts were real; von Bek said that “in my many adventures, I showed true courage only once: in not throwing Rudolf Hess out of my car.” Von Bek’s comments on Hitler himself: “An evening with Hitler was like an evening with an extremely boring maiden aunt.” He was also the first person I can think of to point out how reactionary fascists often have really bad taste, too: drawing imagery from bad comic operas and American movies about Rome. That last bit should be all too familiar to people who notice how many American reactionaries love the hell out of the movie 300 (a movie I really like too, incidentally, but it’s okay to enjoy something if you understand it).

Also, “Dreamthief’s Daughter” had a great finale: imagine a flight of dragons coming out to fight the Battle of Britain.

The point, that fantasy can be infantilizing, is a good point, but Moorcock is the weirdest possible person on the face of the earth to make it. Moorcock got famous by writing about brooding angsty albinos who cry all the time for the benefit of teenage heavy metal fans and dungeon masters in Reeboks. I love his stuff but that’s who he is, that’s the stuff that pays his mortgage, that’s his audience. His stuff is good but it reminds me of those White Wolf games in the 1990s that look silly and dated in retrospect because they trowel on the angst and transgression and put on airs (White Wolf, incidentally, was named after Moorcock’s greatest hero, Elric the White Wolf…and in the 1990s, White Wolf’s publishing arm dedicated itself to reprinting some of Moorcock’s less widely seen novels, a service for which I thank them very much). I am actually legitimately surprised that Moorcock never wrote a “sad sexy vampire” novel. God, can you imagine the kind of satire that the anarchic MAD magazine of the 50s would do of the Elric stuff? Elric screaming his soul is black at the breakfast table, while threatening to kill himself over a hangnail.